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WE ARE ALL ABOUT YOU! Where Do You Want Your Career-Financial Roadmap to Take You?

How long will you live with your career/financial situation? Will it be to 100+/-?

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Why wait 20, 30, or 40 years to be rich when all it really takes is SIX-SEVEN?

If you’re worried about getting burned by financial programs that promise you’ll get rich quick — but you also don’t have the time or the patience to invest in a savings plan that takes 30 or 40 years to take advantage of the “miracle of compound interest” — then the MKS Master Key System Six-Seven Years to Seven Figures is the wealth-building approach you’ve been looking for.

This MKS Master Key System Coaching program contains the nitty-gritty, nuts-and-bolts information you need to start taking action and making money fast.

Why wait decades to start enjoying all the perks and benefits of wealth? Getting rich safely in a relatively short period of time is a goal that’s entirely achievable—and one that will transform your life forever. 

This unforgettable MKS Master Key System Coaching program will give you a practical, proven way to build wealth fast and start living well now!

When was the last time someone hit you with a $15,000 price tag? Perhaps it was at the car dealership, or you were engaged in a transaction involving around-the-world airfare on the most luxurious plane in the world.

The first time people hear those words, “that will be $15,000”, they almost fall out of their chair.

They were in a meeting with a life or business coach, and hearing what it would cost to work with them was heartbreaking — they know they want to change their life or business, but they had no idea that hiring a talented professional coach would cost as much as a car.

Deep down, they also knew that their decision to invest in themself had nothing to do with the coach—after all, a “no” to the coach was a “no” to the client and to and no to the client’s dreams.

The client wanted to launch a business. They wanted to live out a purpose—whatever that was for them.

But, $15,000??? All their desire for change and fulfillment couldn’t make money rain down from the skies. So, they started thinking:

  • How do I know if it’s time to hire a coach?
  • How will I benefit hiring a coach?
  • Is hiring MKS coaching worth the money?
  • Will I complete the following 5 Assignments?

5 Assignments to Change Your Destiny


Write out a script of your life income, in present tense, 6 months from today, with all the details of exactly how your life looks and feels earning a “six figure income”.

Post a picture of the homework in the group and tag your success advisor.

Calculate When You’ll Be A Millionaire

To figure out when I might be able to become a millionaire I tracked down a millionaire calculator.  Millionaire Calculator It allows you to put in how much you’re currently saving, and how long that contribution might take to become a million dollars. Essentially you input your current assets, the amounts you save and a few other pieces of information, and it tells you the number of years it will take to get 7 figures in the bank. FinancialFreedom_blog (pardot.s3.amazonaws.com)


Write out what you want. Write your SIX FIGURE INCOME IN SIX YEARS goals in the present tense, starting with “I am so happy grateful now that …” Then, repeat it to yourself while looking at yourself in the mirror for 5 minutes. Once you’re done, email a picture of your written goals into the MKS Master Key System group and tag your success advisor and let them know how this experience was. Email: mjkkissinger@yahoo.com 100% Secure. We Never Share Your Email.

Be a part of an engaged community of tens of thousands of like-minded individuals. Chat with your Success Advisor

It’s Time to Consider Hiring a MKS Master Key System Coach When

You want to live the life you really want to live. Create the business you only dream of.

This is YOUR life. And as far as we know, you have only one. You can be like most people and settle for what you think you can get and simply wish you could be, do and have more. Or you can choose to walk your unique path and swing for the fences because EVERYTHING you want is closer than you think.

The truth is, it’s already here.


There are these things called ‘Paradigms’ that are controlling and limiting basically everything in your life . . .your thoughts, your actions, and your results. No matter what it is that you want – your paradigm will either help you get there or keep you from getting there.Bob Proctor

Just look at your current results to determine which it’s doing for you. If you have a desire inside you, you have the ability to make it your reality. You just need to know what to do to make it happen.

Imagine finally believing in yourself.

Imagine stepping up to the plate with a legendary coaches and mentors at your side, walking you through, step by step, how to take a full swing at life.


Write out the habits that are not serving you in SIX YEARS TO SIX FIGURES goal and burn them safely. Then take a picture of your burning ceremony.  Once you’re done, email a picture into the MKS Master Key System group and tag your success advisor and let them know how this experience was. Be a part of an engaged community of tens of thousands of like-minded individuals. Chat with your Success Advisor Email: mjkkissinger@yahoo.com 100% Secure. We Never Share Your Email.


Make a SIX YEARS TO SIX FIGURE decision and take action on one decision today that you have been procrastinating on that will help you get to your goal.  Once you’re done, email a picture into the MKS Master Key System group and tag your success advisor and let them know what your decision was and how this experience helped you.

Read the Decision Article 3 times and post your takeaways with your MKS Master Key Coaching Coach. DECISION ARTICLE PDF: https://bit.ly/Decision-BobProctor Act on one decision today that you have been procrastinating on that will help you reach your goal. Share it with your MKS Master Key Coaching Coach. Chat with your Success Advisor. Email: mjkkissinger@yahoo.com  100% Secure. We Never Share Your Email.

Be a part of an engaged community of tens of thousands of like-minded individuals.


[1]: Listen to the Magic Word audio by Earl Nightingale [(4) The Magic Word By Earl Nightingale ( Lead The Field Lesson 1 ) – YouTube and then post your biggest takeaways in the MKS Group and tag your success advisor.

[2]: Make a SIX YEARS TO SIX FIGURE decision and take action on one decision today that you have been procrastinating on that will help you get to your goal.   Write a description of the person you intend to become. How you want others to see you. Remember: “I am not who I think I am. I am not who you think I am. But I am who I think you think I am.” 

[3]: Use the “From What, to What, by When, Why” criteria to write goal statements. This is recommended to ensure you have specifics from which to create an action plan. This criterion indicates the desired future state you want to achieve.

[4]: Once you’re done, email a picture into the MKS Master Key System group and tag your success advisor and let them know what your decision was and how this experience helped you.

Be a part of an engaged community of tens of thousands of like-minded individuals. Chat with your Success Advisor. Email: mjkkissinger@yahoo.com  100% Secure. We Never Share Your Email.


MKS Coaching is perfect for you if you’ve ever said anything like:
  • “I want more out of life, but don’t know what to do.”
  • “I’m stuck.”
  • “I have goals, but they seem so far away.”
  • “I have a lot of good ideas, but never follow through with them.”
  • “I don’t even know what I want; I just know I want more.”
  • I feel like I was meant for more, I was meant to do great things.”
  • “I struggle to stay focused and constantly procrastinate.”

  • Is your life or business much the same today as it was a year or two ago?
  • Has there ever been a period where your life or business changed dramatically?

Maybe you shed a lot of weight… you landed your dream job or started a business… or you met the love of your life.

Those are the times in your life that you remember the date that this or that happened and how you felt.

Now picture the best time of your life and imagine what it would be like to have a year that 10 or 50 times better than that.

That’s what you can expect to experience in a coaching program. An excelent program is designed for your growth, your wins, and the achievement of your goals.

The best part is, we been doing this for decades – we’re not guessing at what works. We have a tried and true, proven system that helps you improve your life or business or career.

If you want to experience the best year of your life—for you and your family, this coaching is for you.

You’re ready to make a significant change or to improve some part of your life. But you’re struggling to do it on your own. You’re finding it challenging to stay on top of “all the things” to know or with motivation or mindset to reach your goal.

Whether the changes you want to make or the goals you want to achieve are related to your health, career, finances, business, relationships, or some other aspects of your life — we know it takes effort to make progress.

Striving for achievement, you read articles, download apps, buy books, courses, and products. Following blogs, chatting in forums, joining clubs and organizations, and attending conferences you’ve been trying to move closer to your goals.

Sometimes you found all the information you needed and took action without help from others. But you can probably name at least one important goal you haven’t met — even after trying different ways to accomplish it.

If you suffer from imposter syndrom, are uninspired, would like more guidance, and are ready to move to the next level or make a transformative change, but don’t know where to start -you might consider hiring a coach.

The fastest path to getting WHAT YOU WANT is achieved by setting the right goals…

And the fastest way to set and achieve the right goals is to Request our FREE Goal Setting Coaching Session and Guide!

We know what you want. Because it’s what we ALL want.

You see we truly believe that above all, what everyone wants in life is to be happy. And in order to be happy we need to set specific, measurable goals to make it far easier for us to achieve success in 5 key areas of our lives.

The first of these key areas is to achieve high levels of health and energy. Most people put their health first.

The second is to enjoy loving relationships. The more people you have in your life who love and respect you, the happier and more satisfied you live.

The third is to perform meaningful work; to be engaged in a business or a career that makes a difference. We are most fulfilled when we know we are contributing towards helping others in a positive way.

The fourth is to achieve monetary freedom. One of our chief responsibilities is to provide a comfortable living for our family, and then reach financial independence.

And the fifth is to express your individuality to use your unique abilities in a way that gives you deep satisfaction.

With a proven approach to goal setting, you are far more likely to exceed your own expectations in these five key areas of your life: Your health, your relationships, your career, your wealth, and your happiness.

We provide the perfect tools you can use starting NOW to excel in each of these five key areas.

Simply request a FREE coaching session and complete the 5 Assignments.

The moment you do, you’ll be able to:

  • Formulate specific goals in the 5 key areas of your life
  • Define precise measurable outcomes for each of your goals
  • Set deadlines for accomplishing each of your goals
  • Start working to achieve your goals with absolute clarity and conviction

We’re passionate about helping people find real happiness in their lives. And pure happiness begins once you set specific, measurable goals. And that’s exactly what the MKS Master Key System Coaching  helps you do, step-by-step.


To receive your FREE Session right now, simply contact us and complete the 5 Assignments. It’s entirely free of charge, but we believe the outcome could be priceless.

Enjoy your new happiness, health, and wealth.

Is Hiring a MKS Master Key System Coach Worth the Money?

When you can find almost any information you’re looking for on the internet, you might be questioning the value a coach can provide. If you can save money and try to figure out how to meet your goals yourself, shouldn’t you try that?

While you can certainly work toward your goals on your own, there are several reasons why paying for a coach is worth the money and can be a smart decision.

[A]: Working with a MKS Master Key System coach can:

  1. Help you discover what’s holding you back and find the motivation to move forward.
  2. Challenge your assumptions; help you find truth and meaning.
  3. Identify ways to capitalize on your strengths and manage your weaknesses.
  4. Increase your awareness and clarity to help you make better decisions.
  5. Clarify your priorities.
  6. Aid you in creating processes and structure.
  7. Keep you focused.
  8. Answer your questions quickly.
  9. Provide you with honest and personalized feedback.
  10. Challenge you to think differently and explore new options.
  11. Help you move out of your comfort zone to make changes and grow.
  12. Make you more accountable.
  13. Support you and boost your confidence.
  14. Improve your work-life balance and relationships.
  15. Help you achieve your goals sooner and set new goals.
  16. Save you time and money!

[B]: Hiring a MKS Master Key System Coach is likely not worth the money when you:

  1. Want someone to listen to your problem and explore your feelings. You may need a therapist instead.
  2. Don’t believe you need to change, nor do you want to. For results or change to occur, you need to want it.
  3. Lack goals, ideas, interests, or understanding of your strengths or weaknesses. You and your coach need a starting point.
  4. Aren’t willing to be vulnerable or take risks. Trusting your coach and a willingness to move out of your comfort zone are absolutely necessary for results.
  5. Won’t take the time or make the effort to do the work. Action on your part is essential, without doing the work you’ll get nowhere fast.
  6. Are looking for someone else to tell you what to do, solve your problem, or implement change. Coaches help you discover the answers and determine strategies and action steps, but they don’t do the work for you.
  7. Need specific technical training. Coaches aren’t classroom teachers. Find a course or hire a trainer to acquire specialized knowledge or skills.
  8. Have unrealistic expectations. The coaching process can be transformative, but there’s rarely an overnight success story. You get there by taking several steps along the way.
  9. Are pessimistic the coaching process will work. Don’t believe a coach will be committed to your success? Unwilling to fully trust their process to attain your deeply desired goals? Then coaching is not for you.

[C]: Things to Look for in a MKS MasterKey System Coach to See if They are Worth the Money:

It’s essential to spend a reasonable amount of time and effort in finding the right coach. It will pay off in the end. You want someone who has the knowledge, skills, experience, and abilities necessary to assist you in reaching your goals. You also want someone you like and respect.

A good coach might not need to be an expert in a particular field depending on what you’re looking to achieve, but some experience is important.

Recommendations from others may get you off to a good start, but keep in mind, their coach may not be the best coach for you.

Also, remember that online coaching can be just as beneficial as in-person coaching, so don’t limit your search by location.

Once you’ve researched and created a list of potential coaches, set up a time to get to know them in person or via Skype or phone call.

Most coaches will offer a free introductory session to help each of you determine if you might enjoy working together.

[D]: Should I Hire a MKS Master Key System Business Coach?

You might consider yourself a rather business-savvy executive, but even the greatest business minds know that there is always room for improvement. If you are unable to swallow your pride and enlist external help from time to time, you are likely missing out on some fantastic opportunities to improve both your organization and yourself.

This is where the concept of a business coach may come into play. Even if you are one of the most successful individuals in your industry, there is a good chance that you can benefit from executive coaching. Unfortunately, many executives are too stubborn to hire a business coach, with only 1% of leaders doing so, according to research.

This is a shame because the same study shows that 90% of leaders will see improvement if they hire a coach. For those business owners, executives and management teams who are serious about improving their companies, business coaching is an essential tool in which to invest.

No matter how much you may think you know about the market, there is always a benefit to getting advice from an outsider and learning to see things from another perspective.

Coaches can help to evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses as well as the overall outlook for your company. While you may have a top-tier team of analysts and a meticulous hiring process, there are likely many things that are difficult to see from within the organization.

A coach, or even a team of coaches, can work with you and your team to develop objective measurements that could be extremely useful in determining the future success of your firm.

[E]: How can a MKS Master Key System business coach help you?

Although every coach takes a different approach and every industry has a varying set of requirements, there are some basic, universal ways in which coaches can provide an immediate impact. These include:

• Defining clear goals and visions: If you are struggling to define where you want your business to be in one, five or ten years, a business coach can work with you to develop realistic goals and define your personal and business visions.

• Developing relevant critical success factors and key performance indicators (KPIs): Perhaps you aren’t evaluating the performance of your company through an objective lens. Your business coach can come in and help put together crtical success factors and key performance indicators to truly assess your strengths and weaknesses. This will give you a good idea of any changes you need to make for the future.

• Measuring internal and external influences: As a business owner, you may be too close to your company to see some of the threats or advantages coming from both internal and external sources. A good coach will be able to bring them to the table, helping you make sound decisions that improve your overall performance.

• Helping you define your “why”: You are focused on your business, but there is a personal reason for doing this — this is your “why”. While you may know what this is, sometimes it’s difficult to articulate this without outside help from a business coach.

[F]: What sort of return on investment (ROI) do MKS Master Key System business coaches provide?

As always, the return on investment is going to be the most important metric when taking on new initiatives for your company. When it comes to business coaches, there are some very promising statistics that show the benefits of hiring one greatly outweigh the costs. Some of the most important numbers include:

• 53% increase in overall productivity

• 23% lowered costs

• 22% increase in profitability

• 61% increase in job satisfaction among employees and executives

• 34% reduction in client grievances

Conclusion: The numbers here don’t lie — business coaches are incredibly valuable for the organizations who procure their services. From the top to the bottom, overall satisfaction among employees is improved and executives benefit from stronger relationships and better performance in their respective markets.

[G]: Making the most of your MKS Master Key System coaching experience.

Would it surprise you to learn, most people who hire coaches don’t prepare to be coached? Remember, you have an active role in the relationship too, and the more prepared you are, the better.

Not doing some candid self-assessment before investing in coaching will only make it harder and more time-consuming for both of you. And more costly for you.

Know what your bad habits are and know where you need help.

Ask others for input if possible, with questions such as:

  • What one thing do I do that you wish I would change?
  • What do you hear me complain about the most?
  • Where do you see me getting stuck the most?
  • How would you describe my organizational or productivity habits?

You will achieve far more if you know what your desired result looks like.

[H]: What is the Role of a MKS Master Key System Coach?

Even if you have never played a sport, you know coaches help prepare athletes to meet a goal successfully. The job of a coach is to teach, demonstrate, analyze, encourage, motivate, and more.

Coaches who help you meet life or business goals have a similar role. They ask questions, help you identify goals, work with you to create a plan, and structure a process to assist you in being successful.

But don’t think a coach will tell you what to do and how to do it. You’ll work with your coach rather than being their student. While you’ll learn from them, you’ll be an active participant in the process.

Coaches and clients usually create a short-term arrangement to work together. But the amount of time can vary depending on your goals and the progress you make toward meeting them.

[I]: Interviewing Your Coaching Candidates

Choosing the right coach is part chemistry and part process. It’s your life; you don’t want to spend valuable money or time investing in someone who’s not the right fit.

To help determine if you and your potential coach fit together well, ask pointed questions. Don’t waste time on coaches who behave as if you are lucky to sign up with them. You want to know if they can help you reach your aspirations, not theirs.

Explain to your prospective coach what you want to achieve, and ask what he or she could do to help you attain it.

Most of all, ask about their coaching process, philosophy, and core values. If you hear anything there that doesn’t align with your beliefs, they’re not the coach for you.

A few other points to keep in mind:

  • You want a coach who will assist you yet hold you accountable, not a buddy that will let you slide
  • A coach that makes you feel bad about yourself is abusive, not helpful
  • Coaches should be able to explain with specifics how they can help you, not just throw out flowery words about why you need them
[J]: Get Vulnerable and Build Trust

You’ll need to reveal information about yourself with your new coach so they can learn the real you, such as:

  • Where you currently spend your time and money
  • Which of your daily habits help you, and what ones get in your way
  • What growth methods you’ve been successful with (or not) in the past
  • If you have a support system
  • Have you worked with a coach or mentor in the past
  • Your preference for taking in information and receiving guidance

The more they understand what makes you tick, the more they can help identify strategies and action steps to help propel you forward.

[K]: Identify Your End Goal

You will achieve far more if you know what your desired result looks like.

Be realistic and ensure you are specific about what you hope to achieve. The answer “I want to make more money” is not a goal — it’s a daydream. Ditto for “I want to be the president of the company this time next year,” when you’re only two years into your career.

While there may have been someone who has achieved the latter, it’s not a realistic goal for the average person.

An accurate, realistic, and measurable end goal might look like this:

“Within six sessions, I want to identify which of my business ideas I want to pursue, create an avatar of my ideal customer, determine the services I’ll offer and the fees to charge, figure out a social media and marketing strategy, land my first paying customer, and learn healthy ways to manage the stress of being an entrepreneur.”

[L]: Reap the Most From Each MKS Master Key System Session

Your time and funds for coaching are not limitless. So, once you’ve identified your primary goal for coaching, look to what you want to accomplish each session. Estimate the number of meetings you need or can afford.

You may not have a clue, but attempt to plan your sessions, with one specific mini-goal per session. This can aid you in discussions with your coach at your initial consultation. You may ask for feedback and learn how realistic your expectations are.

Working towards specific goals for each session can laser-focus the process. For example, if you’ve decided to deal with your biggest habit — say “procrastination” — in session three, you won’t need to talk endlessly about it in meeting one or two.

[M]: MKS Master Key System Coaches Do Not Come With “Get Rich Quick” Guarantees

A coach’s job isn’t to “fix” you. Instead, a coach can help you remove blockages, so you’re free to proceed towards your goals without further obstruction. She can help you strategize, analyze, and come up with a viable plan you can put into action.

Remember, coaches do not do it for you: They help you by providing tools and direction to achieve the goals by yourself.

[N]: Identify Your Communication Preferences

Are you more comfortable with telephone, Skype, or in-person sessions? Do you prefer hard copy online or audio information? Whatever your learning and communication preferences, make sure your coach is on board with them.

Learning in a way that feels natural to you — one that stimulates your brain and helps you retain maximum knowledge — is essential to getting the most out of your coaching sessions.

[O]: Think Big

You’re investing a significant chunk of your time and possibly your money into your sessions. Don’t think in terms of “tweaking” or “fine-tuning,” think in terms of making transformative changes. For example:

[P]: MKS Master Key System Questions for Money Mindset Blockages:

  1. How do you care for and respect your money?
  2. If you had unlimited money – how would your life change?
  3. Describe your relationship with money in 5 words or less.
  4. What was your money story growing up?
  5. What does it mean to you to not have enough money?
  6. When have you felt at your richest?
  7. What in your opinion is a good amount of money to earn?
  8. What would you do – if you ran out of money tomorrow?
  9. What to you is the purpose of money?
  10. How do you feel about money today?

Your coach should guide you in a systematic, realistic way, so every step feels manageable.

[Q]: Prepare

Don’t scramble at the last minute before each coaching session. Ideally, at least a day in advance, review the topics you would like to discuss. Tap into your thoughts and feelings from your last session.

  • Were you:
  • Elated?
  • Frustrated?
  • Dismayed?
  • Determined?
  • Consider how you are currently feeling:
  • Did you achieve or make progress on your goals from the last session?
  • If not, what got in the way?
  • Make a list of your desired discussion topics and highlight your absolute priorities.
  • Identify what can be tabled to the next session if you run low on time.

Be ready for each session and arrive a few minutes early if it is an in-person meeting. Get comfortable. Bring a notebook and pen or pencil. Or if your taking notes on a computer or tablet, make sure it’s charged. Review your list of topics and questions and be ready to make the most of your meeting.

[R]: Work Your Plan

You can analyze and strategize endlessly. But, if you don’t take action on your coach’s suggestions, you’ll just be throwing away time and money. Remember, the work is up to you. Your mentor or coach doesn’t do it for you.

If you find yourself procrastinating, discuss it with your coach right away. Figure out if there’s something they can help you with. If something isn’t clear to you or if your old fears are getting in the way, tell your coach.

These things can be dealt with; it doesn’t matter what’s causing an issue; you simply need to commit one hundred percent to take action. Then put your nose to the grindstone and do the work. You will reap the rewards.

Taking charge of your life includes taking charge of your learning and growing. Be prepared to fire your coach if he or she is not helping you do that.

Find a coach who will move you out of your comfort zone, and help you grow with guidance and support. Someone you’re comfortable with who is willing to guide you and be proud of your development.

[S]: Investing In Yourself By Hiring a MKS Master Key System Coach

The right coach can facilitate your learning and development, nudge you in the right direction, and help you level-up. They are a partner beside you, to help you realize your potential and become who you want to be.

Coaching can massively cut down the time to reach your desired outcome because you won’t waste time running in the wrong direction or focusing on the wrong things.

In addition to saving time, the money you invest in coaching can effectively protect you from spending more money because of obtaining results much faster than what you could achieve alone.

Not everyone needs a coach nor wants one.

If you do, know that investing in yourself by putting money towards a coach could be one of the smartest investments you make. When you pay for coaching, you’re declaring you are worth the money, energy, time, and support necessary to be an achiever of goals and dreams.

Finding the right coach, making the most of each coaching session, and working the plan you develop together will help ensure you made a wise investment.

Ready to get started? Contact us.

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