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Belief turns dreams into reality. Belief turns want into do. Belief turns try into results

You Were Born Rich provides ways in which we can change our thinking to create more physical wealth in our lives. It also provides a superb transition from some of the earlier books on the power of thought & the Law of Attraction, written by some of the pioneers in the genre; people like Prentice Mulford, James Allen, Robert Collier etc. by adding some of his personal wisdom and a modern perspective.

You Were Born Rich

The You Were Born Rich Learning System is a program that has performed miracles in companies and individuals worldwide. It has helped 100.000+ people around the globe to improve their lives.

The Your Were Born Rich Learning System Unlocks the hidden and rich potential that allows you to achieve every financial, emotional, physical, and spiritual dream you’ve imagined for yourself. Especially when you combine it with the Master Key System, Master Key Experience and the Simple 6 System.

The You Were Born Rich Program, Master Key System, Master Key Experience and the Simple 6 System are open to anyone interested in growing and expanding themselves. Or improving their health, business, finances, emotional wellbeing, or relationships. They offer you proven tools and techniques to bring your vision to life.

Recently Richard Brooke sat down with Bob Proctor – THE BOB PROCTOR – in his video production studio in Toronto. Bob is a world-renowned speaker, expert on the Law of Attraction, and bestselling author of several books, including “You Were Born Rich.”   

Richard Brooke interviewed him, all on THE best ways for the average person to build wealth and wisdom. He laid it all out: the how, what, why, and the who of business.

BOB PROCTOR even said if HE had to do it all over again, he would build this business  over a seminar and coaching business.

And here is the FREE full interview link for you, your company, and your team.

Bob Proctor Interview with Richard Brooke – Bliss Business (

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Then Get Unlimited Access to the Most Trusted Business System

If you are interested in building a business with us, please review the following and contact us. Here is a summary of the Simple 6 Masterclass for successfully building your business.

You were born rich. How are you spending it? In fact, everyone around you was born rich. Now you say, “how could that be, I’ve got $500 in savings and I owe a fortune!” I’ve got good news for you and no, it has nothing to do with saving money on your car insurance. It has to do with taking 6 Simple Steps and spendng 4 hours with us which is absolutely free for you.

Zig Ziglar may be the master motivator, Mark Victor Hansen of Chicken Soup For the Soul, the master storyteller; Anthony Robbins may be the guru of personal development, but Mark Januszewski is the master thinker.

Thousands of entrepreneurs are earning their freedom and living their dream with this system. The Mastermind LIVE weekly online programs walk you through the principles of the Simple 6  – the way that Mark Januszewski  intended – and teaching you how to implement these principles in your life and business to attract abundance.

Napoleon Hill quote: Until a man selects a DEFINITE PURPOSE IN LIFE, he...

Day 1 – Lesson 1 – STEP 1: Definiteness of Purpose

There exists a formula for success in any venture.  

Most people in networking want to know what to say and how to find more people.  This was the same mistake we made while failing in our business.  Then, I found the Simple 6 program.

I learned all achievement is predetermined by a single factor.  Until that factor is altered, knowing what to say and having people to talk to will make zero difference.   It all begins with desire and authentic purpose.  In this 4-hour, interactive workshop you will uncover your purpose and learn what that single factor is that determines success or failure.  

Once this is done, your dreams will manifest.  This works 100% of the time for people who use.

REFERENCES: The success formula was based on these books.

The Success System That Never Fails.  

Definiteness of Purpose! – Napoleon Hill
Definiteness of Purpose – Napoleon Hill’s Master Course 1954
Definiteness of Purpose – Napoleon Hill, Neville Goddard, James Allen
Positive Mental Attitude - PMA - YouTube

Day 2 – Lesson- 2

STEP 2: Positive Mental Attitude

STEP 3: Written Plan of Action

The difference between success and failure is small… tiny, in fact.  But that tiny difference makes a huge difference in a person’s life.  We are speaking of attitude.  It turns out that all human beings, in order to survive, developed a genetic negativity bias. 

What we will do in this workshop is move away from quotes about having a good attitude and engage you in an exercise ensuring long-term positive mental attitude.   Hardest thing you will ever do, best thing you will ever do. 

We also know from the Success System That Never Fails that a vision without a plan is a fairy tale.  Everybody knows the difference between knowing what to do and doing it is whether or not we schedule it.  We will build a power week schedule during this lesson that you will customize for your lifestyle and your teammates will be thrilled to copy.

REFERENCES: The success formula was based on these books.

[1]: Napoleon Hill – Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) –
[2]: Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude – 1 – W Clement Stone, Napoleon Hill
[3]: A Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) – Napoleon Hill’s Master Course 1954
The Mastermind Alliance - NAPOLEON HILL - YouTube

Day 3 – Master Mind Alliance

Business Success Steps 4-5-6

Step 4: RecruitingRejection-Free Recruiting – 90%+ Say Yes
Step 5: Retail
Step 6: Follow-Up & Follow Through

This may offend some people, but we are willing to take that risk.  The methodologies being taught by gurus are not only ineffective, but they are also manipulative, unethical, and untruthful. 

Nobody that has ethics wants to contact people, pretend to be their friend or that you have similar interests when what you really are doing is hoping to pitch your stuff.  We did not like it. We are sure you do not like it and we know prospects do not like it.  Once you discover how all decisions are made in the subconscious mind, being transparent and proud will make you a fortune. 

More than 90% will say “yes” to looking with an open mind in less than 30 seconds.  That means you do not need very many people to talk to.  The only people who believe they need a lot of leads are the people selling them, and the people who do not know what to say to get a yes while being honest and transparent.  Rejection-free rocks!

Day 4SUCCESS: – Driving Volume and Building Teams

Step 5: Retail

Step 6: Follow-Up & Follow Through

Step 7: Duplication

If you are like most people, and that was the case with me, parts 5 and 6 of The Simple 6 will awaken your common sense and make you a lot of money.   I thought, while I was failing, that the money I wanted to earn was in sponsoring.  It is not. 

Spoiler alert!  We get paid on volume, not the number of distributors we have.  You cannot do the minimum and make the maximum.  What does that mean?  Would you rather have your teammates doing the minimum Autoship monthly or $1,000 each month?  No brainer. 

You will learn a skill we used to help each rep get 4-8 customers a month, 50+ for the year.  That is volume, everybody makes more money.  

 Follow-up and follow-through are where the huge money is in network marketing.  In 1995 we discovered that duplication cannot be taught, it must be caught.   Not only did this discovery lead to greater growth, but it also reduced our time commitment weekly to under 12 hours.  The 3-Deep Pattern creates more money in less time and fosters astonishing partnerships and relationships.

REFERENCES: The success formula was on based these books.

The Success System That Never Fails 

Think and Grow Rich:

Winners Prepare

Success is a by-product of perspiration and preparation. Part of the effectiveness of Mark’s training lies in his awareness of exactly who he’s working with – understanding the needs, wants and challenges of each individual so he can customize the interactive sessions to meet your specific needs. Your job? Come prepared.

By completing these 3 short steps in advance of the training – you will set yourself up to gain the very most from the Simple 6 masterclass, apply it and WIN 2021.

  1. For your eyes only. Short, highly enlightening self- assessment tool. Print the pdf, take the test, and score yourself. Be sure to keep your results for future reference. You will stun yourself when you repeat the test in 30 days and see the improvement in your GRIT score!
  • Color Code Personality Assessment
  • If you have not already taken our personality profile, go to and take the free Color Code test. You will get a primary color which identifies your core motives, strengths, and gifts. This is essential for maximizing the benefit of The Simple 6 and, more importantly, helping you apply The Simple 6 with your teammates.

What does all that really mean? You will, like thousands of Mark and Davene’s students, become incredibly self-motivated. And even a greater benefit is how easily you will be able to influence your teammates with winning patterns. Bigger teams, bigger checks, more fun in less time with no stress.

  • Take the Survey!
  • Once you have completed steps 1 and 2…
  • Make sure you have 50 index cards
  1.  Official Masterclass Launch Schedule and links.
  • Power Week pdf Download Power Week Here 
  • Lesson 1 Workbook and Action guide pdf 
  • Lesson 2 Workbook and Action guide pdf 
  • Lesson 3 Workbook and Action guide pdf  
  • Lesson 4 Workbook and Action guide pdf
Winning Formula 3d Words Speedometer Best Strategy Stock Illustration -  Illustration of solving, planning: 46013041

Winning Formula


Simple 6 Masterclass Highlights

Replay of Lesson 1

Definiteness of Purpose.

This one is about how to discover your purpose.  Highly interactive.  Bring 6-10 index cards, blank sheets of paper and the workbook.  You will discover the Key to The Vault and be pleasantly shocked at how easy networking gets once you have purpose.  Stuck veteran?  Brand new to the industry?  It all begins with earnest desire.

Replay of Lesson 2

Converting Definite Purpose to Written Plan & Positive Mental Attitude

In this interactive workshop you will employ proven scientific methods and engaging exercises to permanently set yourself on the path to a positive, productive, abundant mindset.  You will also develop and schedule a customized, written power week to supercharge your new success journey immediately.  Bring to class the index cards you filled out in the Lesson 1, plus 30-40 additional blank cards and the Lesson 2 workbook.

Replay of Lesson 3

Rejection-Free Recruiting; 90%+ Say Yes

Whether you are a veteran or new to the industry, this session will rock your world!  Watch your confidence soar as you learn the principles and simple skills that Mark has taught thousands of highly successful networkers. Bottom line… put the FUN and integrity back into recruiting and watch your commissions (and your teammates’ commissions) soar.  Bring your Lesson 3 workbook, blank paper, and 10+ index cards

Replay of Lesson 4

Driving Volume and Building Teams

In this interactive session you will learn how to drive big volume (and income) using a simple skill that anyone can duplicate effortlessly. The real magic in networking lies in effective duplication of simple systems. Experience the thrill of everyone on your team doing the same thing. Bring the Lesson 4 workbook and blank paper to the session.

Training “Pay-It-Forward” or Pay Programs to Build and
Drive Your Business to Achieve Your Dreams In 2021
Program [1]: Think & Grow Rich Challenge


  • You will get 14 live weekly webcasts with Mark, including Q & A
  • You also get a download of Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, and a 39-page companion workbook to complete during your study
  • You will receive 1-on-1 support throughout the 14 weeks (a certified guide just for you!)
  • You also receive a Think & Grow Rich Member’s Area with access to all of Mark’s videos, webinar replays, workbook, and other valuable resources
  • You will participate in an authentic Mastermind Alliance and get interactive support with Mark, his team, and the community
  • BONUS: Access to all content from Day 1 of the Simple 6 Masterclass (Definite Major Purpose), including webinar replay and workbook

Get all this

Most Popular

Program [2]: Go90Grow® PLUS

Lifetime Membership


  • You get everything in Option 1
  • You also get the Simple 6 FULL Masterclass (all replays, workbooks, resources)
  • You receive Go90Grow’s complete suite of network marketing skills, including 3 full modules of instruction, 4 BONUS modules and other valuable resources
  • Over 60 videos to walk you through step-by-step, exactly what to say and do
  • You also receive all outlines and scripts for each skill and presentation – so you can train!
  • Gain immediate access to our robust Member’s Area with all videos, worksheets, scripts, the community, and other valuable resources
  • You will receive 1-on-1 support throughout the 14 weeks (a certified guide just for you!)
  • You also get interactive support with Mark, his team, and the Community
  • PLUS++ Weekly live webcast support and Q & A on the skills
  • SPECIAL BONUS! Receive 2 Full Memberships When You Get Go90grow®! (one for you, one Scholarship to give away)

Get all of this for 3 EZ payments

Program [3]: Elite Mastermind Invitation

Work 1-n-1 with Mark for 12 months

Limited slots available. Mark only works with 10 individuals… First come, first serve basis.

  • You get everything in BOTH Packages 1 & 2
  • You also get 9 Individual Mastermind Calls with Mark – $6,750 value (nine 1-on-1 appointments spread over the next 12 months)
  • Receive 1-on-1 coaching as Mark breaks down your business in detail and helps you develop a customized plan to achieve your goals in 2021
  • You will also receive:
  • 3 Group Mastermind Calls (you will be meeting with Mark every month; 9 times you will meet with him 1-on-1, 3 times with the group to keep on track)
  • 1-hour live webcast with your team
  • 1 additional webcast on colors, profiles
  • 2 Go90Grow® Scholarships to give away [$1200 value]

If you are ready to move to 6-figures in 2021… Giddy-up! Only 10 slots available

Program [4]: Go90Grow PLUS Program Details

Go90Grow Business Building Modules

These 4 easy to follow, beautifully laid out modules guide you through the most powerful business building course available today. All skills and trainings are presented in compelling video format, with companion worksheets to follow along in everyone. You also receive several BONUS modules and additional helpful resources.

Module 1Business 101

Most people start network marketing part-time and have personal responsibilities and obligations. This module gives you a step-by-step guide to set up your power week and maintain harmony in your household while you build a lucrative business! 101 is brief, but crucial.

Module 2- Framed Firelighters

Rejection-free recruiting! This module will show you how to get 80% of prospects to say ‘YES’ in less than 60 seconds.

Module 3- Hero’s Journey Skills

The more decisions we collect, the more money we make. The Hero’s Journey skills will teach you how to collect positive decisions from prospects all day long… effortlessly. and eliminate those frustrating “no-shows”. You will discover an entirely new, fun, and fulfilling way to converse with people that quickly engages them in their own dreams, sparking hope and curiosity.

Module 4 -Coaching

This is where the BIG money lives. Once you are ready, this module guides you through how to teach and grow a huge, solid business that will pay you for years and years to come.

Bonus Modules

Bonus Module 1- Think and Grow Rich Challenge

This is where the BIG money lives. Once you are ready, this module guides you through how to teach and grow a huge, solid business that will pay you for years and years to come.

Bonus Module 1A- LIVE Skills Calls

Live, interactive role-playing, Q & A and open lines for 90 minutes.

For 11 weeks over the next 90 days! Mark opens the lines, role plays with you, solves your problem and practices with you. Do not forget, it is a lifetime membership and each year when we reopen enrollment you are treated just like a new member.

Bonus Module 2- FULL Simple 6 Workshop

Permanent access to all content from the 4-day LIVE Simple 6 Masterclass, including webinar replays, videos, workbooks, and other resources.

Bonus Module 3-Social Media Digital Networking Course – Generate 5,000+ Names

Includes 6 live webcasts with live Q & A on name generation, social media Step-by-step from blogging to social media to massive traffic

Bonus Module 4- Virtual Diamond Mine – endless supply free leads

Systemized, personalized and highly effective way to tap into local area business owners and keep the flow of quality leads pouring into your funnel.


We have been teaching virtual Masterclasses based on these ideas and principles for a long time.

These are in-depth, weekly, six-month interactive programs where we teach and work with our most ambitious students—people who are serious about creating lasting wealth and achieving their most fervent goals.

Some people—people who started right where you are now—wondered if we could actually help them become wealthy. They wanted to know what is possible. So, I thought I’d share this with you now…

We started the class this summer, and we recently heard from a woman who doubled her income in just one month from implementing these mindset principles we’re teaching.

This Masterclass is not for everyone.

However, if you’re serious about creating time and money freedom, we hope to see you in our interactive, virtual classroom soon!

Contact: Michael Kissinger

Phone: 415-678-9965


Published by Reitenbach-Kissinger Business Success Institute

Reitenbach-Kissinger Business Success Institute helps entrepreneurs and small business owners and their families live better lives, create success faster, build their businesses and assets they love while creating unlimited incomes or profit. Join us. Risk Free Satisfaction Guarantee

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