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Here’s what you’ve been missing! The Rich are Getting Richer – Now It is Your Turn to Thrive! Discover the Easy Change that gives you the OPM Shortcut to Life, Business Success, Wealth and Prosperity!

What if you could take the entire month off while earning more than you ever could from a “normal” job?  In fact, what if you could do it in any economy without any stress or worry? 

Imagine having the freedom to live your best life. What is the first thing you would do? Would you travel through Europe staying at 5-star hotels? Pay off all your debt? Spend afternoons at the park with friends? If you ask me, I love doing all those things. But there is something about spending guilt-free time with my family that lights me up.

[A]: What Do you Really Want?

Some people save $300 to $15,000 annually on taxes and up to $150,000 in 10 years, live longer and healthier, save $4,000 to $8,000 on medical expense deductibles and up to $40,000 to $80,000+ in 10 years, add a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands to their monthly or annual income in 10 hours a week and have fun, vacations, and time with people they love. Some people do not? Which person are you?

Whether you want to treat yourself to the finer things in life or hang out with people you love and not worry about money again…We can make that a reality. Please tell us what you really want?

Will you let us help You Live Your Dream, Save Taxes, Earn an Incredible Income, Get More Time for Fun, Create Success Faster, and Stay Healthy with Proven World Class Coaching and Products for Successful Living?

[B]: Before I Start Let Me tell You a Little About Me:

[1]: Let me tell you who I am, [2]: What my life was before this opportunity, [3]: What the challenges were I faced with my lifestyle, career, health and wealth, [4]: Who entered my life, [5]: What they said to me about this opportunity that compelled me to look at this, [6]: What is the new path is that I am on, [7]: What changed in my life, [8] What will change in the future, [9]: What I recommend you do. [10]: When I am done I will ask you for a decision about this.

[C]: This is what we can do for you:

[1]: Save You on Taxes:

Save you $3,000 to $15,000 annually in tax deductions through Congressional Mandate. A family with 1 kid the estimated deduction is $3,000-$4,000. A family with 3 kids the estimated deduction is $7,000 and $8,000. A family deductions with 3 or more kids the estimated deduction is $10,000 and $15,000 annually.

There are 2 requitements: [1]: You have intent to make a profit and [2]: You have to have proof of intent to make a profit. What you do is employ yours kids as independent contractors in your business and you pay them with debit cards. Then you take them to the store and purchase their items. This is the largest mandidated tax deduction permitted for small businesses.

The average American overpays their taxes by $4,500 annually according to Sandy Botkin is a CPA and former Attorney for the IRS who has taught hundreds of thousands of taxpayers how to save on their taxes with his Tax Reduction Institute seminars.

Most people start a business with us to create extra income can save $5,000 or more in taxes just by starting a home-based business! Something that is often overlooked is the massive tax savings that are available to you right away by starting a Home-Based Business. Sandy Botkin, nationally re-known tax advisor, says in his new book “Lower Your Taxes Big Time”! This tax savings deductable more than covers the costs of starting a new business with us.

So remember, when you join us, the government gives you from $300 to $15,000+ annually back in tax deductions.  In 10 years, that could equal $3,000 to $150,000+. This is congressionally mandated. Is this something you would like to do?

[2]: Save You On Health Expenses and Help You Live Longer:

Save you $4,364 on single, individual health coverage and $8,439 for family health coverage not included in insurance. [Insurance Deductibles]. A deductible is the amount you pay for health care services each year before your health insurance pays its portion of the cost of covered services.

One study found in 2020, the average annual deductible for single, individual coverage is $4,364 and $8,439 for family coverage. Keep in mind, individual health insurance plans’ deductibles vary considerably: some may be as low as $0.

Remember it could cost you out of pocked from $4,000 to $8,000+ a year not to stay healthy. In addition joining us your products and services could keep you healthy for life. Over 10 years that could save you $40,000 to $80,000.

Whether you start a business or not these insurance deductable more than covers the costs of buying health products in our new business. Is saving this kind of money something you would like to do?

[3]: Provide You With An Opportunity to Earn More:

Pay you from $280, $800, $2,500, $5,000+ monthly working 10-12 hours a week. People working with us earn from $56,298 to $561,447 annually based on their compliance with our systems and work efforts.

Would it be OK to explain to you how we do it?

We Apply the Time Leverage Business Formula Hypothetical to Determine
We are in the time leverage business.

What this means is: [1]: You put in 10 Hours = 10 Hours Doing the Same Thing [DTST]; [2]: Your team of 10 x put in 10 hours = 110 Hours [100 Team Hours + Your 10 Hours]; [3]: Your team of 100 x put in 10 hours that equals 1010 Hours [1000 Team Hours + Your 10 Hours].

[4]: Your team of 1,000 puts in 10 Team hours + Your 10 Hours = 10,010 Hours [ You? Put in Just 10 Hours]. In a perfect world you would be paid for 10,010 hours but you only put in 10 Hours.

Real Life Hypothetical to Determine Earnings:

If you reduced those hours by 75% the result would be: [1]: Only 20% of your team putting in 10 Hours. That equals 2000 Hours. That is 200 team members putting in 10 Hours a week. That would equal 2000 Hours from your team who put in 200 Hours + your 10 hours.

How many hours did you put in? You put in only 10 Hours for the week. If you get paid weekly at $2 an Hour you would have earned $4,000 a week or $16,000 a month. If you reduced these figures by another 70% you would be earning $5,000 a month or $60,000 annually for only 480 hours annually [40 hours a month x 12 months equals 480 hours for the year].  Would you like to get started earning this kid of money?

[4]: Give You a Risk Free Investment to Start:

A few hundred dollars to get started with No Risk. Keep in mind that the start up business package and your monthly autoship products may also be totally tax deductable.   Remember to get those tax deductions you have to have [1]: an intent to make a profit and [2]: proof of intent to make a profit.

[5]: Give You 100% Personal Guarantee:

A 100% Money Back 90 to 180 Days No Risk Personal Satisfaction Guarantee.

[6]: Give You Complete Coaching and Mentoring:

We want you to know if you join us you are not in business by yourself. We are here to help you every step of the way. Do you think we can do this together?

[7]: Accept Your Decision:

Is this something you would like to do? See for yourself how it is possible.  There is absolutely NO RISK!

[8]: Help You Successfully Get Started:

Are you thinking you should get started?  There are 7 ways to get started. [1]: Register, [2]: Subscribe to coaching, [3]: Build a list, [4]: Schedule a get started session, [5]: Set your goals, [6]: Engage your coaching team, [7]: Decide how much you want to earn, when you want to earn it, what you will do to earn it, schedule your time to build your business,  and [8]: Get started. 

[9]: You Can Do This! 

When you join us you will see what we did, how we did it and how you can get those same results.  You are already doing it but have not been getting paid for what you are doing.

It does not matter what you do for a living. These ideas can save or add thousands to your income… And turn you into a millionaire within 2.5-5 years.  Is this something you would like to do?

[D]: That Brings Us to the End:

You know how plans like this they always make some big emotional plea and tell you that you should spend more time with your family, retirement funds are short, that most people are broke at age 65… would it be OK if we didn’t make an emotional pitch here and just told you what the next step is?


We’ve been doing this for years and people always fall into 5 groups… so the next step is simple. Please let us know which group you are in… whichever group you are in, that’s the final answer. 

No one is going to tell you why you should be in another group. We promise you… and we’ll keep our promise if you’ll just let us know your decision. Fair enough? Are you OK with that?”

Group 1 – these are folks who see this as a really nice way to make an extra 1500 or so a month, have some fun and like the idea of making some very nice extra money from home very, very part-time… if that describes you we welcome you to the team…

Group 2 – This group wouldn’t touch this with a 10-foot pole… they don’t care that Buffet, Trump, AT&T, Sprint and Kyosaki love this model… their noses are so far up in the air that if they go out when it’s raining… they may drown… and I’m pretty sure they’ve already left [chuckle]

Group 3 – This group has no interest in the business or making extra income but want to try the product. Since customers are what drive our business, we love being able to get you the product delivered right to your door and REALLY welcome you!

Group 4 – This sort of described me… It sounded good but I had some reservations and questions….to this day my wife and I are so grateful to Harry who answered all our questions, and I had several….but he was so patient and made sure I got the answers I needed to make a decision…..then, to my surprise, worked with me to teach me, step by step what to do and it changed our life…

Group 5 – we rarely have anyone in this group… these are the type o folks who “see it” and the huge potential… they are going to build it fast, big and right now…
and make a ton of money…

[E]: So let us know if this is you.

If you want to start a new life, career or business that can thrive in any economy, then this is a must do. It does not matter if you are 70 years old, working full-time, and have zero business experience. Even if you are doubting yourself or worried about what is going on… We can change the way you look at improving your life and show you proven ways to rapidly ramp up your earnings.

[F]: Thank you for letting us share this with you. Let us know which of the 5 groups you are in… again.  If you’ll just extend that courtesy, honestly letting us know which of the 5 groups you are in, we will keep our promise and accept your decision.

Need help? Contact us.

Sydney and Michael Kissinger

Phone 415-678-9965


PS. Have you ever wondered why you are the way you are? What makes you different than others? How to understand others more clearly?

Color Code Personality Assessment- TAKE THE TEST:

ColorCode Personality Science


(2) What is the Color Code? – Taylor Hartman Color Code – YouTube


Transform your life or business with hands-on help from us. Here are some questions we hope you will answer as you work with us. As we work together in your transformation you answrs are very important. As you go through phase of our coaching and training ask yourself these questions monthly to see how far you have progressed:

Earnings Disclaimer. Check with your CPA or tax advisors on any tax issues you may have.  We are not CPAs or tax advisors. Nor are we doctors or health professionals. We recommend you check with your CPA, tax advisor, attorney, doctors or other professional if you have any questions or concerns. 

While we make every effort to ensure that we accurately represent all the products and services reviewed on this Blog and in our oral and written statements and their potential for income, it should be noted that earnings and income statements made by Your Beautiful Life, Michael Kissinger and its partners, agents, asspcoates, advertisers/sponsors are estimates only of what we think you can possibly earn. There is no guarantee that you will make these levels of income and you accept the risk that the earnings and income statements differ by individual. Earnings are based solely on your individual efforts and results. We assume no liability for your efforts or results.

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