MKE: Reasons to Start the Master Key System in 2021

[Q]: WHY Study The Master Key System? [A]: A New Life and Awesome Future Napoleon Hill wrote to Charles Haanel expressing his gratitude for the course and recounting its influence on his bestselling works. Here is a copy of the letter Napoleon Hill sent to Charles Haanel: April 21, 1919. Mr. Charles F. Haanel, St.Continue reading “MKE: Reasons to Start the Master Key System in 2021”

MKE: A New Year Prayer for You

A New Year Prayer for You and Yours The New Year can often bring a mixed bag of emotions and memories for many of us. The events of 2020 including a pandemic, racial tensions, joblessness, and political battles created an unprecedented time of unrest and anxiety. While some may have just experienced the best yearContinue reading “MKE: A New Year Prayer for You”

MKE 2021: Your Year of Miracles

Make 2021 the Best Year of your Life! The Master Key system exercise this week is to concentrate on Harmony, to concentrate so deeply, so earnestly, that I will be conscious of nothing but harmony. What exactly am I to concentrate on? The harmony of the Universal Mind, the Mind of Man, the Universal Laws,Continue reading “MKE 2021: Your Year of Miracles”