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The foundation for living an extraordinary life is discovering the unique purpose for which God created and gifted you. Your ultimate purpose in life will always be related to glorifying God, as Elijah’s life illustrates.

Creating a life plan can help you feel more in control of your life and provide a clear path toward the things you want. The process of making a life plan starts with creating a document to record your thoughts and ideas either with pen and paper or electronically. However you choose to document your life plan, make sure it is easily accessible where you will remember to review it often. Use this guide to help you make a life plan.

What is an MKS Life Plan?

A life plan is a roadmap for your life that helps you prioritize what is important to you, make decisions based on your priorities and move toward the life you want. It should provide a clear path for your life, but it should also be flexible. As your life changes, your values and priorities may also change.

A life plan is a living, breathing document that requires periodic attention to ensure it accurately reflects your life. It is your own personal guide to how you want to live, what is important to you and what you need to do to achieve the life you want.

A Life Plan creates a roadmap for your life, through a facilitated journey that helps you gain clarity on where you are, where you want to be, and the key steps to get there.

Why is an MKS Life Plan Important?

A life plan is important to help you take control of your life and your future. In creating a life plan, you identify your values, what is important to you and what you want in your life. Then, when faced with decisions, you measure your options against your values and choose the option that best aligns with your priorities or that moves you forward on your chosen path.

Whether it’s a simple decision such as spending money on something you don’t really need versus saving your money to fulfill a dream of starting your own business, or a major decision such as a career change, a life plan helps you clearly decide what is right for you.

Every one of us, at one time or another, asks deep, foundational questions about identity, vocation and purpose:

Who am I? What am I called to do? What are the right next steps to get there?

Many of us try to answer those questions with personality assessments, skills inventories, and conversations with close friends and mentors. Those can be helpful starting points, but the biggest questions of life deserve an intentional, integrated process led by a master Guide.

The MKS Master Key System Life Plan does just that, leveraging the power of the MKS Master Key System Process for your life. Together with your Guide, you’ll begin by discovering where you truly are and what brought you here, then move to create a visionary future that is rooted in truth and clarity about where you want to go. Finally, you’ll create an action plan with tangible next steps, designed to help you make your greatest impact. How To Control Your Destiny By Anthony Norvell)

Through the MKS Master Key System Life Plan, you’ll be guided with powerful questions and accessible tools to masterfully surface insights, create clarity, and ultimately lead you to breakthrough.

We Believe Great Success Starts with Great Process; Ours Starts with You!

How We Make a Life Plan With You

Creating a life plan is one of the best things you can do to identify the things you most want in your life and develop the strategy to make them happen. The Secret Here are the steps we take with you to help you create a life plan:

  1. Create a vision.
  2. Perform a self-assessment.
  3. Prioritize your life.
  4. Identify your values.
  5. Establish goals.
  6. Outline an action plan.
  7. Complete Implementation.

1. We’ll Help You Create a Vision for Your Future Success

Allow yourself to dream big. Imagine what an average day in your ideal life looks like. Imagine where you work, what kind of work you do and the income you earn. Imagine your relationships with friends and family.

Maybe your ideal life means gaining new skills to find a more fulfilling job. Maybe it is honing your skills to increase your marketability and find a higher paying job. Maybe it’s working from home to spend more time with your family.

Imagine the kind of person you want to be and how you want others to perceive you. For example, you may want your colleagues to know that you are reliable in delivering your work. You may want your manager to respect you as someone punctual in meeting deadlines and accountable for your quality of work.

Think about the things you want to improve in your life. This can include different areas in life, such as finances, career or health. It may entail some weaknesses you want to overcome. Consider how you will measure your improvement and define success. Clearly define what success means to you

2. We’ll Help You Perform a Self-Assessment to Create Your Best Future

To perform a thorough life assessment, you need to be honest with yourself and what you want. A life assessment includes considering factors like the roles you have in life, your satisfaction with different areas of your life and your various strengths and weaknesses.

Reviewing your life from different perspectives allows you to develop a holistic evaluation. Practice self-reflection to clarify your roles and satisfaction in different areas of life. If you struggle with assessing your strengths and weaknesses, ask several people close to you who will give you an objective opinion.

Everyone fills different roles in life. Brainstorm a list of the different roles you play. Examples of roles include student, coworker, employee, manager, entrepreneur, volunteer, spouse, parent and sibling. In the next step, you’ll prioritize these roles and identify the values you want to bring to each one.

Consider different areas of your life such as career, finances, personal development, community, health, relationships and faith. Look at each area of your life and rank your satisfaction in that area on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being ‘needs a lot of work’ and 10 being ‘best’.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses. These can be either technical skills or soft skills. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses allows you to decide where to focus your energy—which weaknesses to improve or which strengths to highlight.

3. We’ll Help You Prioritize Your Life for Success Optimization

Now that you have identified the roles you play in life, the areas you want to improve and your strengths and weaknesses, you can prioritize these to discover what is most important to you.

Review your list of roles and reorder them according to what is most important in your life. For example, your role as a parent or a manager may be more important to you than your role as an employee or student.

Also, prioritize the areas of your life to identify what is most important to you. For example, your health and family may be more important than your work or hobbies. When prioritizing areas of life, it’s also important to consider how different areas are related. For example, you may prioritize family over finances, but some financial goals are necessary to care for your family. Establishing that one is more important to you does not decrease the value of another; it simply indicates the areas you want to focus more attention on.

Prioritizing your roles and the areas you want to focus on will help you identify your values and non-negotiables when it comes to your career. For example, if your family is among your top priorities, you may prefer a career with a good work/life balance that requires little or no travel for an organization that is close to home and respects employees’ non-working hours.

4. We’ll Help You Identify Your Personal Core Values

Comparing how your life is now and what you want your life to be will help you identify your values. Allowing yourself to feel and analyze the difference clarifies your core values. The person you imagine yourself to be—with the life you imagine—lives by these values. They represent who you are as a person even if you’re still working to realize them.

When you identify your values and what is important in your life, they become a measuring tool for every decision. Decisions become much easier because you can clearly see what does and does not align with your values. For example, you might value work that is gratifying and serves your purpose more than you value the size of your paycheck. Understanding this helps you narrow your job search to opportunities that are more gratifying instead of any position with a higher salary.

5. We’ll Help You Establish Your Goals for Proven Success

Now that you have an idea about the life you want and what is important in your life, establish high-level goals for the person you want to be. These goals are the things you want to accomplish over several months or years. They may include things like achieving an executive-level management position or earning a specific annual salary within a certain timeframe. They may also include obtaining a job with income and the freedom to vacation with your family twice a year.

For each role and area of your life, consider the big goals you want to accomplish, but also make them realistic. You will want to ensure they are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely.

6. We’ll Help You Outline an Action Plan to Create a New Destiny

Your high-level goals are the person you want to be and the things you want to achieve in life. Now you need to reverse-engineer those goals to identify action steps that align with your values and move you forward.

These action steps are your ground-level goals for actions you take to achieve your high-level goals. For example, if a high-level goal is to change careers, a ground-level goal may be to obtain training and practice skills for the new career or start hobbies that help you build new skills. Your action plan is the steps you need to take to work toward the life you want.

7. We’ll Help You Implement Your Action Plan So You Reach the Top in Life or Business

The benefits of an action plan are simple: you have now outlined what action steps and what resources are needed to reach your stated project goals. By having this all collected in a single document, you can more successfully plan out how to execute your life plan.

People get overwhelmed by life management jargon when having to plan out a project, but the word action everyone can understand. The fundamentals to implementing you life action plan requires application of these basic steps:

1. Define Your Life Goals.

2. Define Your Life Objectives.

3. Define Action Steps.

4. Identify and Prioritize Action Items.

5. Define Roles & Responsibilities.

6. Allocate Resources.

7. Set SMART Goals.

8. Set a Timeline for your Action Plan.

9. Write an Action Plan Template.

10. Use a Life Management Tool.

MKS Master Key System Life Plan Facilitation

2-Day Live Facilitation

Our flagship MKS Master Key System Life Plan experience is a 2-day facilitator-guided deep dive into all of your life (personal, family, vocation, and community). Over the last 40 years, our team of Master Life Plan Guides have guided tens of thousands of people through our signature process. We use proven tools and questions to lead you to clear perspective, the discovery of truth, and then create a plan and map to move towards your desired future vision.

Ready to Live Your Life Plan?

A Life Purpose is not simply to be discovered; it is to be lived out in every domain of life. We invite you to access these free resources to help you manage your Life Plan. We also encourage you to explore more of our Life Plan offerings below.

MKS Master Key System Life Plan for Couples

3-Day Live Facilitation

Our MKS Master Key System Life Plan experience for Couples is a 3-day facilitator-guided process. Each person is guided through the full Life Plan process, to gain clarity on their own turning points, talents, heart, and purpose. In the Couples process; Life Purpose, Values, and Vision is then integrated, so you can move forward with shared clarity and focus, for greater impact together. There’s nothing quite like it.

Our Custom Offering for Teams

2-Day Live Facilitation

The MKS Master Key System Life Plan Retreat can help your people reach new levels of impact.

MKS Master Key System Life Plan Retreat for Teams

We guide you to a shared understanding around the different talents and purposes within the team, and how these can be optimized and cultivated. We guide you to strong alignment around each person’s thinking and wiring, so that each leader is positioned to make their greatest impact. Together, we set the foundation for personal development growth plans, and help you leverage these discoveries and ensure high performance.

MKS Master Key System Life Plan Will Help You To

  • Gain powerful insights from the themes and patterns of your life story
  • Discover your unique talents and how they connect with your heart
  • Understand what drives you and where you do your best work
  • Prioritize your time and energy into each of the domains of your life: personal, family, vocation, and community
  • Focus on what is most important in your life and move forward with confidence

MKS Master Key System Life Plan Clients

The MKS Master Key System Life Plan has helped tens of thousands of people, from every arena of life.

I divide my professional life into halves; before Life Plan and after. While I was ambitious before, I was distracted and lacked focus. The MKS Master Key System Life Plan helped take my shot-gun life and turn it into a laser. I’m more focused and on task than ever before. And grateful.

I did a MKS Master Key System Life Plan many years ago. I can’t recommend the process enough. It is an incredibly clarifying and telling experience for anyone at a crossroads or just looking for more purpose and meaning in their daily life.

The Power of a Great Question

[1]: How is the MKS Master Key System Life Plan Different From Other Life Planning Processes?

The unique approach of the MKS Master Key System Life Plan process is the attention we devote to getting perspective. All too often, the temptation is to move straight to planning.

In the process, which has been around for 40+ years, we spend up to 70% of our time getting clear perspective across every area of your life – your backstory, your current reality, your talents, your heart, and your thinking; and across every domain of your life – personal, family, vocation, and community. 

Only when you have clear perspective do we move to planning.  We don’t just guide others; all of our Life Plan Guides have themselves gone through the process and are living out their own Life Plan; we only guide others on a journey that we ourselves are on.

[2]: What’s the Best MKS Master Key System Life Plan Option For Me?

All of our offerings can help you to craft a plan for your life that activates your life purpose and moves you toward your life vision. Our recommendation is always for our customized 2-day experience (3-days for Couples) facilitated in person with one of our MKS Master Key System Guides.

There’s nothing quite like setting aside dedicated time to strategically pause from life to discover what’s truly unique about you and to put a plan in place for moving forward. If the full MKS Master Key System Life Plan experience is beyond your means for now, our self-guided Life Plan Launch option is purposefully crafted to help you to discover your unique creative purpose. Each MKS Master Key System Life Plan experience is designed to guide you towards increasing levels of clarity around your identity, purpose, and impact.

[3]: How Much Does a MKS Life Plan Cost?

The MKS Master Key System Life Plan experience is an investment of time, effort, and resources, and is crafted to pay dividends throughout the rest of your life. The 2-day Life Plan is $6,000, and the 3-day Couples Life Plan is $9,000.

For those in full-time nonprofit we offer discounted pricing that reduces the cost of the 2-day Life Plan to $5,000, and the 3-day Couples Life Plan to $7,500.  

The cost of our MKS Master Key System Life Plan Retreat offering for teams is set once we’ve customized the approach for your team. We are honored to come alongside you in your Life Plan journey; nothing matters more to us than guiding you to make your greatest impact in life.

[4]: How Do I Get Connected with a MKS Life Plan Guide?

We will connect you with one of our team of Guides who will speak with you by phone to learn more of your story and determine the best path forward. We continually engage with our Guides to ensure their work is of the highest quality.

We are deliberate in matching the right Guide with each client to create the greatest leverage of your time and investment into you MKS Master Key System Life Plan. Sometimes the Guide is in the same geographic area as you, but not always; fit is more important to us than location. We also offer opportunities on Zoom or over the phone.

Learn more about how the MKS Master Key Life Plan can help you discover your purpose and fabulous future

We love coming alongside people making their greatest contribution, and we’re excited to talk to you. Our calls are a lot like our work — curious and creative conversations to explore where you’re at and where you want to go. Based on the perspective we glean together, we’ll talk about what next steps might serve you best.

Thank you for your time in reviewing this information. I hope you understand how we have helped others and how we can help you.

Wishing you prosperity and success. Remember You Were Born To Win!!

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