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Ready to Change Your Results and Eliminate Top Business Challenges while Getting Entrepreneurial Success?

More than half of all American small businesses are less than ten years old. While ten years may not sound like a long time in terms of a career span, a single decade can bring about huge amounts of growth and development for a small business when business challenges are eliminated.

The data collected in our small business study looked at the top challenges faced by companies that have been in business for under three years, from four to seven years, from eight to nine years, and for over ten years.

[1]: The Single Biggest Lifetime Business Challenge: Cash

Ask any business owner what the one thing they need to for their business is, and you’ll likely hear, “more money.” The most highly reported challenge was a lack of capital and/or cash flow across the board for all businesses.

Sixty-nine percent of businesses in operation for under a year to three years reported lack of cash as their top problem. Every cohort had over 60 percent of business owners placing cash as their top challenge.

[2]: New Business Owners Struggle with Marketing and Advertising Efforts

Building a loyal audience base, spreading the word about your products and services, and establishing a recognizable brand all come with a monetary cost — a huge challenge for business owners who are starting from scratch.

Early-stage business owners (from under one year to three years in operation) reported marketing and advertising efforts as their second biggest challenge behind cash flow.

The category also showed up as a top challenge facing small businesses that were eight to nine years in operation, with just over 34 percent of business owners in that group reporting marketing as a challenge. The rate of business owners who felt marketing was a major business hurdle dropped drastically for businesses that have been operating for ten or more years — when a foundation for marketing efforts are most likely already in place.

It’s not surprising business owners starting their companies from scratch are focused on marketing, but these challenges do ebb and flow based on the company’s growth stage. Fortunately, there are steps companies at any stage can take to focus their marketing efforts and reduce the time and money spent on advertising.

When building a marketing program from the ground up, it’s a good idea for business leaders to begin by establishing large-scale business goals and continuously tying all marketing efforts back to those goals.

For example, if a company is focused on retaining customers already using their product, it’s essential to build content and communication channels that nurture the relationships with those customers.

[3]: Administrative Duties Pose an Unnecessary Burden

Another challenge for small business owners that seems to decrease over the lifetime of the business is administrative duties such as bookkeeping or payroll. Just under 30 percent of business owners who’ve had their doors open for less than three years reported administrative duties as a major challenge they face, which was the third-highest reported challenge for this group.

Almost 30 percent of business owners with a bit more experience, in the four to 7-year group, also reported this as a challenge, but with several other issues ranking as more difficult. The number of business owners who felt administrative duties were a top challenge dropped significantly for businesses in operation for over eight years.

It’s common for businesses to feel more in control of their administrative duties the longer they’ve been around. And it makes sense — often early-stage business owners are trying to tackle everything themselves from managing payroll to keeping track of all the books. More seasoned business owners are likely to have hired someone to take care of these tasks for them.

[4]: Recruiting Top Talent Proves a Struggle in a Strong Economy

With the U.S. unemployment rates as they are, it’s becoming more challenging for businesses to find and retain great employees. Our small business study indicated this is less of an issue for new business owners. About 24 percent of business owners in this group reported recruiting and retaining employees as a major challenge.

But hiring was the second-highest reported challenge for business owners who have been operating for ten or more years — almost 30 percent of people in the group indicated it was a top issue.

Many business owners don’t hire anyone to join their team for a several years permanently, and for a good reason — hiring employees is expensive. Studies have shown that, depending on role, it can take an employee anywhere from eight to 26 weeks to reach their full productivity.

And due to that learning curve, new employees end up costing the business between one percent and 1.25 percent of revenue. Taking all this into account, both new and seasoned small business owners need to focus on reducing the cost of hiring new employees. But how is this possible while growing a business?

[5]: Managing and Providing Benefits May Become a Bigger Challenge

The number of entrepreneurs who reported managing and providing benefits as a major business challenge followed a very similar pattern to those who reported hiring and recruiting as an issue — the longer someone has been in business, the more of a challenge it becomes. This makes sense since managing benefits is only relevant when there are employees to manage.

However, not nearly as many small business owners saw this as a top challenge. Those who have been operating their business for ten or more years were the largest group, at 13.5 percent. Only 11 percent of business owners with less than three percent saw this as a major challenge.

In many cases, small businesses don’t offer benefits — either they feel it’s too expensive, or their part-time staff members don’t qualify. However, this could change, posing a greater challenge for small business owners.

[6]: All Entrepreneurs Need More Time in Their Day

A consistent challenge facing small businesses throughout their business’s lifetime is time management. The group with the lowest instance of reporting time management as an issue was new business owners with three or fewer years of experience. This could be for several reasons — either business hasn’t picked up speed yet, things are so busy it’s hard to notice time management is an issue, or new business owners may simply by running on adrenaline.

With just a few more years of experience, business owners who’ve been operating for four to seven years are certainly feeling the pressures of time management. Time management was the second-highest reported business challenge for this group at over 29 percent. Because businesses at this stage are typically more likely to be growing quickly and hiring a larger team, entrepreneurs may be spending more of their time on personnel or acquiring more capital than on actual business operations.

[7]: Investing Early in Support for Small Business

Even though the top lifetime challenges faced by business owners change over time, they all have two things in common: time and money. In most instances, business owners are trying to tackle challenges themselves to save money, and it causes a shortage of time.

Small business owners spend up to 40 percent of their time on tasks that don’t generate income, such as hiring. Reclaiming that time by investing early in software and relying on third-party providers for essential business needs will make time for entrepreneurs to focus on their areas of expertise, which is essential for company growth.

[8]: Small Business Profitability

One of the most important factors to measure a business’s success is profitability. Profitability for businesses in operation for up to three years was significantly lower than older businesses. Businesses in operation for at least eight years reported the highest percentage of profitability at 78%.

Businesses were more likely to be profitable the longer they were business and it’s not hard to see why — start-up costs can be difficult to manage, and it can take time to build up a client or customer base.

Start-up costs can be mitigated to an extend by choosing forms of small business financing with minimal rates such as an SBA loan, or by using funding that doesn’t require paying back, like Rollovers for Business Start-ups (ROBS).

[9]: Is the Risk Worth the Reward?

With small business longevity and survival rates what they are, many would say that starting a small business is risky. But, while there’s inherent risk in any business venture, we’ve seen first hand that a small business’s success comes down to preparation, planning, choosing the right business for you, and coaching or consulting, mentoring, etc..

Ready to pursue your happiness? Ready to be your own boss? Tired of how things are in your corporate office? Ready to pursue your passions?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it might be time to start “Thinking into Results.”

MKS Master Key Thinking Into Results Coaching is a powerful Transformation Process that Helps Your Small Business and Team Optimize Results

The MKS Master Key System Thinking Into Results Program for Small Business Owners and Leaders – unlocks the true potential of executives, leaders and teams is a 12 module coaching program that improves marketing, sales, operations, productivity, administration and profitability.

MKS Master Key System Thinking Into Results is a powerful paradigm shifting, coaching and educational program of coaching, lectures, self-reflection & team worksheets, and more.

The program reveals how to lead yourself and others, to master the mind and gain abundant professional and personal success.

The program makes a difference and produces results. Its interactive and proven curriculum includes modules like:

Defining and achieving goals – if you know how to reach the goal, then it probably isn’t the right goal

Understanding the difference between what you know and what you do – just knowing something doesn’t get results; you must change the behavior to change results.

How to understand and adapt to the unprecedented rapid changes taking place in the corporate world.

Identify and avoid toxic landmines that sabotage your thinking.

 • The magic of attitude – you must give energy to get energy back. It starts with you.

 • How to stop those around you from controlling what you think – with tools to reprogram participants to think great thoughts about themselves, their family, their job and the company they work for.

  • And Much more.

Improve, Develop and Practice New and Proven Skills in Your Business Because of MKS Master Key System Thinking into Results Business Coaching

Cognitive Flexibility

Judgment & Decision

Making Critical Thinking

Emotional Intelligence


Complex Problem Solving

People Management

Coordinating with Others

Leadership Service



Creativity & Innovation

Take the MKS Master Key System Thinking into Results Business Assessment and Challenge To Eliminate Major Business Challenges

It Could Add Thousands of Dollars to Your Bottom line!

First Key Business Principle:

Profitability, Return on Investment and Cost Reduction

Q: Are You Satisfied with Your Profitability and Return on Investment in Your Business? A: Yes: _____ No: _____

MKS Master Key System Thinking into Results Business Coaching instead of giving participants information on how to do their job, this powerful session shows participants how to identify and change individual and team paradigms that prevent them from moving forward on their needed or required return on investment. They learn how to implement productive practices that will close the gap between what they already know, what they actually do and how they’ll received profit generating results.

Second Key Business Principle:

Goal Setting & Achieving

Q: How Are You Doing on Your Business Goal Setting? Are You Achieving Results in Your Business? Yes: _____ No: _____

MKS Master Key System Thinking into Results Business Coaching helps you with the process of setting and achieving both your individual and team goals as coached in this session. It allows participants to easily align themselves to the organizations vision. Participants are encouraged to think big and set both personal and professional goals that organically grow into bigger team goals that bring your organizations vision and strategy to life.

Third Key Business Principle:

Productivity & Efficiency

Q: Are You Satisfied with Your Productivity & Efficiency in Your Business? Yes: _____ No: _____

MKS Master Key System Thinking into Results Business Coaching in this session coaches and teaches participants how to change habits, and will have your team working together to replace negative group habits with productive ones.

Fourth Key Business Principle:

Peak Performance of Employees

Q: Are You Satisfied with the Peak Performance of Your Employees? A: Yes: _____ No: _____

MKS Master Key System Thinking into Results Business Coaching in this session coaches and teaches employees how their mind works, without this knowledge behavior changes will be temporary. Business Owners and leaders are encouraged to take a close look at their daily habitual actions to see where they can become more productive. Business Owners and Leaders will gain valuable insights into how their team members operate at a subconscious level and how it affects overall results

Fifth Key Business Principle:

Innovation & Proactive Thinking

Q: Are You Satisfied with the Innovation & Proactive Thinking of Your Employees? A. Yes: _____ No: _____

MKS Master Key System Thinking into Results Business Coaching coaches and teaches Leaders how to think and how to analyze their thinking. Most people think that they think when all they are doing is re-arranging existing memories and ideas creating mental activity in their mind. This session helps Business Owners and Leaders to better understand their mental faculties and how to strengthen them for better decision making, productivity and improved confidence

Sixth Key Business Principle:

Creating Powerful Teams

Q: Are You Satisfied with How You or Your Leadership are Creating Powerful Teams in Your Business? A. Yes: _____ No: _____

MKS Master Key System Thinking into Results Business Coaching coaches participants to understand that to be more efficient and confident they have to change the image they have of their business, themselves and their team. Teams are strengthened through the emphasis of cooperation rather than competition.

Seventh Key Business Principle:

Overcoming Barriers to Success

Q: Are You Satisfied with How You or Your Leadership are Overcoming Barriers to Success in Your Business? A. Yes: _____ No: _____

MKS Master Key System Thinking into Results Business Coaching coaches and teaches in this session participants what happens when faced with change and how their thinking in times of change can limit themselves and the team. As business owners and leaders understand what happens when they are faced with change they learn to overcome the naturally occurring associated fear.

Eighth Key Business Principle:

Aligning to the Company Vision

Q: Are You Satisfied with How You or Your Leadership are Aligning to the Company Vision of Success in Your Business? A. Yes: _____ No: _____

MKS Master Key System Thinking into Results Business Coaching coaches coach and teach the connection between beliefs and behavior. Underlying limiting beliefs are identified so that participants can change the root cause of results. Instead of focusing on behavior to create change, this session hones in on the underlying beliefs that are the root cause of behavior.

Ninth Key Business Principle:

The Attitude & Mindset of High Performing Teams

Q: Are You Satisfied with How You or Your Leadership Developing the Attitude & Mindset of High Performing Teams in Your Business? A. Yes: _____ No: _____

MKS Master Key System Thinking into Results Business Coaching coaches coach and teach participants on a complete definition of attitude. This session explains what attitude is and how to improve it for greater productivity and profitability. This session coaches and teaches business owners and leaders how to focus on and change their mindset about situations in their organization that aren’t going well. They learn to have greater control over any situation reducing personal stress levels.

Tenth Key Business Principle:

Effective Leadership

Q: Are You Satisfied with Your Leadership or Your Teams Leaderships in Your Business? A. Yes: _____ No: _____

MKS Master Key System Thinking into Results Business Coaching coaches coach and teach participants develop qualities of leadership in addition to understanding what it means to be a good follower. Emphasis is on the creation of a positive environment where business owners and employees are appreciated for the work they do, promoting collaboration across divisions, departments and functions.

Eleventh Key Business Principle:

Profit Through Service

Q: Are You Satisfied with Your Leadership or Your Teams Profitability through Service in Your Business? A. Yes: _____ No: _____

MKS Master Key System Thinking into Results Business Coaching coaches coach and teach emphasis on giving with no expectation of return, service to others. Business owners and leaders and their teams are encouraged to do more than they are paid for. This creates a culture of doing more than is expected and promotes positive working relationships, greater productivity and profitability.

Twelfth Key Business Principle:

Team Problem Solving

Q: Are You Satisfied with Your Leadership or Your Teams Problem Solving in Your Business? A. Yes: _____ No: _____

MKS Master Key System Thinking into Results Business Coaching coaches coach, teach and lay out the steps for a quantum leap leading to a dramatic uplift in performance. It introduces guidelines to create teams of people who work with understanding and in harmony towards achieving a unified goal. This process helps create results in a magnified way free from struggle and confusion.

MKS Master Key System Thinking into Results Executive Coaching Helps You and Your Small Business Eliminate Your Major Life or Business Challenges Quickly

  1. As your Executive Coach you get experienced executive coaches that Eliminate the Single Biggest Lifetime Business Challenge: Cash; New Business Owners Struggle with Marketing and Advertising Efforts, Administrative Duties that Pose an Unnecessary Burden, Recruiting Top Talent that Proves a Struggle in a Strong Economy, Managing and Providing Benefits that May Become a Bigger Challenge, All Entrepreneurs Need More Time in Their Day, And More.
  2. To eliminate these challenges we offer you and your business at least five+ years of Executive coaching experience. We offer to work hourly and transition your business as your needs require.
  3. To eliminate these challenges we help you transform your business by partnering with you to understand your needs and deliver high-quality solutions to improve your leadership skills and performance and ultimately achieve your desired business growth.
  4. To eliminate these challenges we apply industry best practices, frameworks, approaches, and assessments to coach and help leaders and their teams to build capability, agility, and resilience to tackle the toughest challenges.
  5. To eliminate these challenges we help you to look for opportunities to provide additional support and identify opportunities to expand your business and its profitability.
  6. We are passionate about helping your company eliminate these challenges and achieve massive growth and impact in the world. We are on a mission to help Companies grow to new heights through world-class coaching and training.
  7. As your Executive Coach, we coach you on leadership and growth strategy using our growing curriculum of growth playbooks.
  8. We support you across a variety of channels, including 1-on-1 zoom calls, email, our Facebook community, and group coaching calls. We are responsible for holding our clients accountable to execution and helping them implement these strategies.
  9. As your Executive Coach we will focus your success and results. We’ll work closely with you to get better results.
  10. As your Executive Coach we focus solely on coaching and empowering your business to eliminate your top challenges and to optimize your sales, marketing, administrative duties, operations, productivity administration and profitability.
  11. As your Executive Coach We Offer You:
  • Excellent project and management coaching skills to help you thrive in you fast-paced environment
  • The ability to bring clarity to and taking action even in ambiguous situations.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Able to work with you virtually. Have a slight preference to be in California.
  • Strong ability to translate leadership theories into practical steps.
  • Making sure to document coaching interactions effectively within required timelines.

As your Executive Coach Consultant, or Mentor We’ll Help You:

  • Develop customized growth and leadership strategies
  • Hold you accountable to execution and help you navigate roadblocks
  • Engage with you through various channels, including email, our Facebook community, and 1:1 Zoom calls
  • Develop and maintain positive relationships with you, ensuring your ongoing satisfaction and success
  • Collaborate with you to ensure you receive exceptional service
  • Keep you up-to-date on industry trends and best practices related to your growth and leadership
  • Continuously evaluate and improve your business strategies to ensure you receive the best possible service
  • We work with companies, owners and founders with 4-6 employees doing from $450,000 to $5 million annually
  • Proven track record of success as an Executive Coach
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to build and maintain positive relationships with you
  • Strong understanding and application of business development, growth and leadership best practices. Strong leadership and coaching skills to motivate and inspire you to greater success and profitability, and time management so you manage you and your priorities more effectively. Willingness to continuously coach and improve, and share proven business knowledge and insights with you

MKS Master Key System Thinking into Results Facilitators

Lead Facilitator:

Michael Kissinger- Helps and Empowers CEOs, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & US Veterans Become UNSTOPPLEABLE in Business or Life or Career. He is a ★Coach, ★Consultant, ★Mentor, ★Business Owner ★Strategist ★Expert ★Author ★Helping 10K+ Businesses Solve Problems, Reduce Costs and Develop Greater Profitability. 650-515-7545

He specializes in delivering high-impact, practical and integrated training, and coaching. He has taught CEOs, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & US Veterans, individuals and teams around the world how to reprogram their mind and businesses for success.

He is passionate about building self-awareness in organizations and individuals globally. He is well regarded for his ability to empower individuals and organizations to make their personal and professional goals a reality. His coaching and workshops can be tailored to your specific needs to ensure you and your organization moves from where you are to where you want to be.

He believes that as an individual makes personal shifts, organizations also begin to shift, resulting in increased employee engagement, enhanced leadership capabilities, uplift in sales and a winning edge in the marketplace.

He is on a mission to help organizations and individuals thrive and to be an integral part in building a world where more people experience exponential growth through self-mastery.

He sees self-mastery as the cornerstone to peak performance and knows that through self-awareness, people finally step up in life causing a positive ripple effect in their organization, business, career, team, family, social circles, community, and the world we all live in.

With his skills and expertise, Michael provides an abundance of knowledge and experience to his clients. His mission is to help clients unleash their full potential and achieve their organizational and personal goals and dreams.

MKS Master Key System Thinking into Results Firm

The Reitenbach-Kissinger Institute teaches CEOs, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & US Veterans, individuals and teams around the world how to unlock the hidden potential of their people helping them achieve personal mastery, profit flow, and open the door to limitless possibilities.

To make bold moves and leverage people in your organization for exponential growth it is essential to understand mindset, it is after all the built in feature that creates optimal performance in individuals and teams.

It is mindset that determines the level of contribution people make to the bottom line, it not only affects how everyone responds to your vision and leadership, it is also influencing the culture, innovation, sales and employee engagement levels.

Reitenbach-Kissinger specializes in developing optimal performance mindsets and increased self-awareness. We have developed, and work within, our Peak Performance Framework to design and implement world class results for our clients.

It will show you how to uncover and change outdated paradigms, glitches in thinking, unhealthy unconscious bias and limiting self-talk within individuals, teams and organizations. Understanding, identifying and transforming these ingrained blocks significantly increases every business’s ability to experience exponential growth and peak performance

Reitenbach-Kissinger has worked around the world to help shift entrepreneurial mindsets and move small businesses from where there are now to where they REALLY want to be.

MKS Master Key System Thinking into Results Changes You’ll See in Your Life or Business

Authentic Leadership – Leaders better understanding themselves and confidently encouraging team members to tap into their dormant potential.

 • Growth Mindsets – Team members being open to and excited by the opportunity that change brings. • Can do Attitudes – Increased confidence allowing team members and leaders to step out of their comfort zone.

 • Cohesive teams – Team members choosing to work together instead of competing against each other.

  • Increase efficiencies with job specific Technical Skills
  • Strengthen partnerships with Interpersonal, Soft Skill and Emotional Intelligence training.
  • Maintain a vibrant workforce with Health & Wellbeing Initiatives
  • Build firm foundations for Success with Self Awareness

Need Help to Become a Million Dollar+ Business this Year?

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Making seemingly impossible things happen in any area of your life or business is our specialty, and we have a proven process that goes against much of what you’ve learned about manifestation and goal achievement in the past.

Over 25,000,000 achievers have now used MKS Master Key System, the world’s #1 system, for self or business improvement. We’re grateful for this year and opportunity to serve you.

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Please enjoy the above programs! Wishing you and yours a wonderful New Year!

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Let’s make the year extraordinary, together.

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We personally believe this is the best way forward if you are looking for a Breaking Through Your Upper Limits. This is for people who have a dream or desire to be financially independent and are willing to put in the hard work to do so.

Wishing you prosperity and success. Remember You Were Born To Win!!

Michael Kissinger and Sydney Reitenbach

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