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Reitenbach-Kissinger Institute believes that most people never realize their full potential because they simply don’t understand the proper way to think. You see, when we work in harmony with Universal Laws and Proven Business Systems, we move beyond perceived limitations and can literally think and act our way into any result we desire, and live the life that we really, really want.

There are many diverse opinions when it comes to Network Marketing. Some people will swear by Network Marketing, whereas others will swear Network Marketing is a scheme where only a few make money and the ones on the bottom of the tier make little to no money.

One of the main issue with people who are against Network Marketing is that there is a potential for abuse by unscrupulous businesses that take advantage of them, pocketing their money and returning very little in the way of dividends to the investor.

If You Can Tell Us What You Want and We Will Show You How to Get It with Network Marketing.


Network marketing in business is a model that’s dependent on person-to-person sales of a product or service. It involves developing a team of people who work together to deliver the product’s message to a wide range of potential customers. The leaders of these teams are compensated for the products they sell as well as the products their team members sell.

It’s also known as multilevel marketing, referral marketing and consumer direct marketing. No matter what you call it, these are businesses where the best entrepreneurs can succeed – and even find their true gift.

[A]: What is Network Marketing, exactly?

Network Marketing is a business model that relies on a distribution network to build the business. Network Marketing business structures are Multilevel Marketing in nature, as the payouts occur on many different levels.

You might hear the terms Person-To-Person Marketing or One-on-One marketing, which are just other ways of describing Network Marketing.

Basically, network marketing involves the direct selling of merchandise or services. Some popular Network Marketing businesses you most likely have heard of include; Avon, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Amway and Herbalife Ltd.

Network Marketing distributes goods and services through distributors, which may include hundreds, thousands and even hundreds of thousands of distributions networks. Distributors may buy products from the company for pennies on the dollar, and then sell the products, or they may simply sell the goods and/or services for the company and receive a commission on the sales.


One of the best advantages of network marketing is that you will feel like your own boss – without taking on the responsibility of starting your own company. You’ll typically be able to work out of your home and make your own hours, giving you the flexibility that many entrepreneurs love, with none of the risks.

Another advantage is that you’ll gain skills you can use in any future endeavor, like developing instant connections with others, making persuasive presentations, cultivating and leading a team and effective follow-through.

The disadvantages of network marketing are similar to those for any sales business: It will take time to build your business, and a lot of people will tell you “no” before you start hearing “yes.”

Competition can be fierce, so you must always be a step ahead. Never forget that you are still an entrepreneur, even though you’re part of a network marketing business. You must strengthen your resilience, build your brand, market yourself and innovate – just as you would if you started a traditional business.


You’ll start your network marketing business by signing up with a reputable company. You’ll typically receive a “starter kit” with promotional materials, supplies and other items you’ll need to get started.

At first you’ll work underneath a sponsor who can show you the ropes, provide education and give you tips about the industry. Once you know everything there is to know about your product, you’re ready to start selling.

Most network marketing in business takes place face-to-face. All you need to do is talk to people! Let your passion shine through and use your communication skills to build rapport and get people interested in your product.

Here’s where the “network” part comes in: When you sign someone up, they become part of your team. You earn commission on their sales and on sales of any people that they sign up – and so on. The more passionate people you can find, the better.

[B]: What’s the difference between Network Marketing and Pyramid Schemes?

The great thing about Network Marketing is that it usually involves a small initial investment and can return high dividends on that investment. Usually, the original investment is only a few hundred dollars. This initial investment will allow you to purchase a product sample kit, and begin to sell the products to friends, family, and others.

The Multi-Level component of Network Marketing comes into play, in that most Network Marketing opportunities also ask their representatives to recruit other sales representatives. The new recruits are considered the representative’s downline, and they will usually generate income directly from their sales as well as from those whom they have recruited.

Some people may think this is the definition of a pyramid scheme, or believe that Multilevel Marketing (aka MLM) is synonymous with Pyramid Scheme. However, there is a massive distinction between MLM and Pyramid Schemes. You wouldn’t call Mary Kay Cosmetics, or AVON a pyramid scheme, would you?

Both of those companies are prime examples of Network Marketing or MLM companies. The distinction comes in how the company compensates its employees or distributors. When a Network Marketing company’s primary compensation is for recruiting rather than selling, then it could very well be considered a pyramid scheme, which actually, is illegal.

[C]: How does one get into Network Marketing and why should I consider it?

In most cases, you can sign up to become a Network Marketing Distributor online, by making an initial investment and completing an ‘Independent Distributor Agreement.’ When you do sign up with a Network Marketing company, you are not considered an employee, usually, but seen as a representative, a dealer or a consultant (depending on the type of company you are representing). You may even consider yourself as a business owner.

Once you are ‘in’ you can start making money by selling merchandise or services directly, and will also start making commissions on the sales of those you recruit. So, to succeed, you need not only to dedicate to selling the product or service of the company but should also be ready to sign up and train others to sell these products and services.

You can definitely generate a hefty income through Network Marketing, but ONLY if you are willing to put in the effort to generate leads, train others, and make it your focus to get the word out.

Network marketing is ultimately not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, as it requires an ample amount of work and effort to make it work. However, if you are willing to put in the work, it could be the door to your financial success.

[D]: Does anybody really make money in Network Marketing?

The short answer to the above question is “ABSOLUTELY!” However, many people have attempted to get into Network Marketing and haven’t been willing to do the work necessary to see dividends on their investment.

They go into it thinking it will be easy, that they can just sit back and start raking in the cash. When they discover it takes work and diligence to make it work, they often are taken aback and simply give up.

On the other hand, many people have gotten into Network Marketing and have made a fortune from it. People such as Clarke Broome, who signed up as a sales rep for a health company, and is now worth millions.

Alternatively, Jim Floor, who made an investment in Amway, and put in the hard work and time necessary. He is now considered an ambassador of the company, having made his fortune there, and spends much of his time helping others grow successful.

These are only a couple of examples of people who went from struggling with their finances to being financially secure, and continuing to make a fortune. There are hundreds of more examples of people who have literally gone from rags to riches through Network Marketing.

However, it should be emphasized that these people did not just sit back and collect money, they had to put in the hard work and dedication necessary to grow their network of sales, as well as doing the work required to get the word out and represent their companies.


[E]: Can I make money with Network Marketing?

I’m sure you’re wondering now; can you actually make money with Network Marketing? The answer is “YES”, you can, but only if you are willing to do the work to grow your network, to really sell the product or service. You have to really believe in yourself and the service or product you are selling if you are going to achieve any level of success.

You do not only have to be willing to SELL to the end consumer, you definitely have to be willing to put in the time and effort to train others, and to get them ENTHUSIASTIC over the product or service as well.

It takes some time and dedication, but if you believe in yourself, you believe in the product or service and are willing to put in the hard work, you CAN succeed beyond your wildest dreams in Network Marketing!

[F]: Is Network Marketing really a good business?

  • Simply because 100% Yes , a network marketing career is a great option. Network Marketing is a smart business. A smart way to achieve financial freedom, but it only works if you do the business in the right way. Read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki to know why network marketing is one of the best career options to opt for.

[G]: What makes someone a great Network Marketer?

  • #1 Desire. All success starts with desire. …
  • #2 Coachable. Everyone will tell you they are coachable,until their coach suggests they do something they don’t want to do.
  • #3 Willing to Work. …
  • #4 Discipline. …
  • #5 Consistent and Persistent. …
  • #6 Positive Thinker. …
  • #7 Influence. …
  • #8 People Skills. …
  • #9 Always Learning and Growing. …
  • #10 Servant Leaders. …

[H]: How do you attract prospects into your business?

Are you in Network Marketing Business or thinking about starting one then? This is an important question that you may have on your mind. In Multilevel Marketing, it is crucial to lure people beyond your small circle of friends and family.

To be a successful network marketer, you have to build your business from scratch, manage your network, and grow your business. While MLM Software may help you manage your business efficiently and error-proof, building the right people circle will always depend on you.

Even if you are part of the most extensive network marketing business, there is a chance that you may not be able to get high-quality leads without the right approach. You might have several successful products and services for selling, but without leveraging network marketing, you won’t be able to recruit people and will be nowhere close to being successful.

Here are the nine Network Marketing tips for recruiting people to your business successfully –

  • Make a Decision to Not Give Up
  • Develop an MLM Recruiting Mindset
  • Make Friends
  • Develop Good Habits
  • Be Prepared at All Times
  • Be an Engaging Storyteller
  • Listen to Your Prospects and Ask Questions
  • Have a Magnetic Personality
  • Dream Big and Nurture It

[I]: Is Network Marketing a good investment to make?

  • The great thing about Network Marketing is that it usually involves a small initial investment and can return high dividends on that investment. Usually, the original investment is only a few hundred dollars. This initial investment will allow you to purchase a product sample kit, and begin to sell the products to friends, family, and others.


1. This survey helps us tailor the training, hitting your needs specifically…

Let’s start with your name & email.

Name: _____________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________

Phone: ____________________________________________________________

Email: _____________________________________________________________

 2. We only do 5 things in Network Marketing 

1] Get names and numbers
2] Contact people and ask them to look at our stuff
3] Show ’em our stuff 
4] Collect a decision
5] Show the ones that say “yes” how to get started

True__ False: __ Not that simple [so, really, this is another way to say “false”]

Anything you’d like to add? _________________________________________________

 3. Are you currently with a network marketing company?

Yes… I am working 1 network marketing deal

Yes… I am in more than 1 network marketing deal

No, never done a network marketing deal… looking to learn how then pick a company

No I am currently not working a networking deal but I have done 1 or more

Anything to add? _____________________________________________________________

4. Your earnings last year in network marketing PER MONTH were:

Under $1000 per month

Over $1000 and under $3000 per month

Over $3000 and under $5000 per month 

Over $5000 and under $8000 per month

Over $8000 and under $11,000 per month

Over $11,000 per month

Comments? What amount do yu want to make?

5. How long have you been in Network Marketing? 

My first year

1-3 years

3-5 years

More than 5 years

Any thing you’d like to add? ________________________________________________

6. I understand that you’re asking questions to prepare for this intensive training. The information is so you can customize it.

I am new to this concept and will be happy to do some homework to prepare. This is a whole new concept to me and it makes great sense.  

YES!  I want to get prepared so I can learn, retain and apply the information.

I’m sort of buying the idea but, really, isn’t it your job?  I’ll think about it

It depends on what the homework is.

This is nonsense.  If I’m going someplace [hotel, online, etc]  to learn something my job is to show up on time, be polite and be open to ideas that I may be able to use.  Your job is to teach us.  

Something you’d like to add or share? _______________________________________________ 

 7. My training is from… 

My up-team and sponsor have trained

My company has a standardized training system

Lot’s of leaders in my company have sites with trainings on them

I follow some gurus, google stuff and follow generic trainers others have told me about

All of the above

Some  of the above

Probably all of the above but I really don’t know “what” to do day-to-day or “how” to do it effectively

Need to tell us more? 

 8. My biggest challenge to starting or building the business is…

Fear… scared to death that I will mess it up

I can feel the energy slipping away even though I think the presentation is OK

Collecting a decision. Stalling on their part leads to stalling on my part. I would love to learn how to instantly fix this.

Objections… All the great sounding rebuttals I hear and try just don’t seem to work

I know how to explain the plan, product, company… do it well but the closing ratio SUCKS!! 

I use a company video and the results are poor 

My upteam presents and while I appreciate it, the results are far from what I hope for 

Comments: Fire away: ______________________________________________________________

 9. How many hours are you committed to each week in your business?

Under 3









10. What is your color for the colorcode quiz? [If you haven’t taken it, please do so now. Click here, take quiz, return and finish this “prep” survey.





Other (please specify)

11. When you hear things like… “40+% of the people we enrolled did not know the name of the company till they filled out the application”… and, “rejection-free recruiting” … and … built a 6-figure income in 12 hours a week…

I think it would be great but have a hard time believing it

I think all things are possible but… 

A crock of bulls&$t 

I believe one of those might be possible but even that is a big maybe

I believe that you can teach us all 3

fire away with any thoughts you might have

12. Have you been through other Network Marketing Programs? Which ones?



13. Have you taken the Grit Test? GRIT TEST (simple6masterclass.com)

I have not taken it yet

I have not taken it and probably won’t 

I haven’t taken it yet, but I will

I took the test

If you took the test, please tell us your score. _________________

14. ColorCode … what color did you come out as…





Haven’t take it yet

Comments? ___________________________________________________________________

16. Have you ever been to a network marketing training, conference call, event, etc., where you were asked questions and given homework to prepare? 



Once in a while something was requested but nothing like this.  

How do you feel about preparing for a workshop, doing work and being asked in detail about your business, habits and challenges? 

17. There are two ways to plug into the training.  You can view it once you join the group on Facebook as a live stream or you can come into via a zoom webcast… so you can interact, ask questions live and be fully engaged.  

This option, coming in via the webcast/zoom will help you retain 40-50% more that just viewing.  It will require just 1 more tiny step, registering for the webcasts daily… [request the link for day 1]

I “get it”… that by being live with Mark and hands on support is the best option, I’ll be registering for the webcasts

I’ll just watch it on the livestream, glad it’s an option

What other options for viewing would you like to see?  

18. When it comes to learning environments…

I like powerpoint presentations 

I like just a speaker/teacher/trainer… no white board, no powerpoint

I prefer a combo of the stuff above… some just the speaker, some powerpoint and some white board

Got an option you like not mentioned here? 

19. Anything to add?  Things you’d like us to cover?  Challenges you personally have?  This question does not require an answer.  

Join us to get started to make this your best year ever to build a life, career, business, or financial assets in just a few days with our signature, expert, proven world-class systems and see your dreams become a reality!

Start thinking in abundance. Start working to become the person who’ll achieve the big goal(s) you promised yourself. And then imagine how your future self will look back a year from now and think, “This was my best year ever!” 

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