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Getting and Keeping Wealth Consciousness

The “wealth consciousness” (or the “money or prosperity consciousness”) is more than just thinking that you are wealthy or that you have a “right” to be wealthy. Rather, it is . . . a way of looking at the world and seeing opportunities, possibilities, and avenues for wealth creation.

Have you ever heard someone described as having a “mind for business”?

Or that someone has the “Midas touch “?

What does that mean?

It refers to that person’s ability (talent, skill) to see a way to make an activity or product or service profitable.

Like Bill Gates.

The “secret” to Mr. Gates’ wealth is that he saw profit and a business opportunity where NO ONE ELSE saw one. At the time, the entire computer industry was focused on the hardware as the way to make money.

Mr. Gates pitched IBM on licensing his software (a revolutionary idea at the time) and he stipulated as part of the agreement that he could license that very same software to other companies. What did IBM do? They approved the deal because their thinking was that you made money with the hardware and not with the few cents in the licensing fee for the software.

That is the deal that began Mr. Gates’ rise. That was the deal that made him millions. And then billions.

That is the money consciousness.

Looking at a “deal” and making it a better deal. Get it?

A similar event occurred with Steve Jobs and Apple. They got many of their ideas from the Xerox PARC facility because Xerox did not see how those technologies could make them money. Thus one — Apple — had the “money consciousness” . . . the other — Xerox — did not.

You see, attaining wealth is not just a matter of gratitude nor of putting the Law of Attraction into operation. It’s a matter of looking at the things around you and seeing the economic possibilities with them, or developing a solution to a problem you (and others) have, and seeing the world with new eyes and asking yourself the question “How can I make it better?”

Look at the world around you like you’ve never before seen it. Perceive the value in it. Define ways that you can inject value into something. Finally, take what you’ve found and make money.

You will have found the “money consciousness.” Your potential is limitless, and investing in personal consciousness development is a way to harness your many talents.

Money consciousness and prosperity consciousness are not the same thing although you will occasionally see someone refer to them as if they are.

  • Prosperity consciousness is a focus on becoming prosperous, even wealthy. Money consciousness means becoming a person who is aware of the financial implications inherent in their daily activities.
  • Money consciousness is not focused on becoming rich as such, but on becoming money conscious, aware of how money affects your life and what the financial implications are in any particular activity in your life. Identify the questions you want to ask yourself in any situation that could potentially involve a financial obligation.

[1]: How to Build The Million Dollar Money Consciousness

How do your build a million dollar consciousness? How you do you create the feeling of being a millionaire.

ANTHONY NORVELL (1908–1990) was a popular writer and lecturer on How to Build The Million Dollar Consciousness, particularly the uses of visualization to bend reality to the individual’s personal will. He had a gift for making arcane ideas into workable, practical, and accessible methods. For many years, he lectured weekly at New York’s Carnegie Hall. Norvell How to Build The Million Dollar Consciousness – YouTube The Million Dollar Secret Hidden in Your Mind, originally published in 1963, was among his most popular works.

[2]: Take the Millionaires vow with me!

I now take the millionaire’s vow for riches. I recognize that there are infinite treasures in the cosmic cornucopia of riches and abundance. I draw upon the unlimited resources of the universe for my own enrichment. I desire unlimited supplies of money and material goods so that I may use my riches to help my family and to give something of value to the world.

I recognize that I am only a channel for the release of God’s treasures, for the enrichment of the world. I therefore vow that I shall do only good with my future fortune. I take an oath that I shall use money to help uplift those who are downtrodden. To liberate those imprisoned by poverty. To idealize the standards of the world. To strive to help children, the sick, the poor, the imprisoned, the blind and handicapped so they may know greater joy.

I shall use my money and earthly treasures to educate, inspire and uplift humanity. To help bring peace to the world. To banish discrimination and racial prejudice. To bring about equality for all and to use my supply and abundance for the good of humanity and the greater glory of God.

[3]: Prosperity Consciousness – How to use the power of your mind to create prosperity in your life.

How can we change the way we think to bring money into our life? Do you have a relationship with money? Are you giving yourself permission to be wealthy? Do you have deep subconscious blocks that are holding you back from true prosperity?

This is such a complicated and fascinating subject and I try to summarize all of the literature in Prosperity Consciousness – How to use the power of your mind to create prosperity in your life – YouTube. You can think and grow rich! I try to tell you everything you need to know to bring abundance and prosperity consciousness into your life.

[4]: Robert A Russell On Prosperity Consciousness

I AM PROSPERITY “Where is the money coming from?” “How am I going to pay the rent?” “How am I going to get a new car?” “Why don’t I get a better job?” “Why don’t I get on faster?” “Why don’t I get a decent salary?” “Why can’t I be successful?” “Why don’t I get ahead?” “Why am I always broke?”

Do you really want to know? Do you really want to do something about it? Do you really want to throw off the shackles of limitation and poverty?

Then prepare yourself for one of the most thrilling and interesting experiments you have ever made. When you picked up this link, you picked up one of the most important and valuable programs you have ever held in your hand.

You picked up a practical and usable technique that has enriched and revitalized the lives of thousands. You picked up a formula that has abundantly demonstrated itself. You picked up a method of demonstration that will work for anyone who will put it into practice. You picked up an idea that can transform, change, and improve everything in your world.

If you followed the instructions in this program and the mental soil was right, you started a vibration that will make all your dreams and wishes come true. You started a train of causation that will spread like wildfire until it touches every corner of your world.

You started a flow of prosperity action that will drive every condition of penury, want, and lack from your life if it is not impeded by thoughts of an opposite character.

You opened the door to the source of all achievement, wealth, power, success, discovery, invention, and material gain. This idea is so big, so powerful, and so irresistible in its action that it will magnetize everything in your life and cause everything to vibrate in harmony with it.

It will draw success, work, opportunities, and beneficial activities of every sort to you. Its vibration is so strong that it will demagnetize everything unlike itself. Its power is so great that it will penetrate and dispel every inharmonious condition.

It spreads its light, its vitality, its riches to every part of your world. It is Omnipotent and Omniscient. If you are lost in a maze of false beliefs, the idea will bring you to your goal.

If you are in the poorhouse, it will take you out. If you are financially flat on your back, it will lift you up. If you have reached bottom, it will take you to the top. If your faith is weak, it will make you strong. If your attitude is right, it will accomplish all things through you.

It will activate good—amplify power—increase income—attract opportunities—release riches—cancel debts—stimulate business—enlarge consciousness—prevent failure—strengthen faith—nourish aspiration—clarify vision—generate peace—heal disease—solve problems—increase ability—stimulate imagination—fulfill desires—recoup losses—remove barriers—eliminate hardships—release substance—dispel fear—neutralize worry—fire ambition— harmonize discord—destroy doubt—close gaps—intensify realization—integrate the mind—better conditions—purify judgment—substantiate claims—break fixations— loosen tensions—open doors—penetrate appearances—reverse negatives: in short, it will realize the fulfillment of all your desires. _ Robert A Russell On Prosperity Consciousness – YouTube ROBERT A RUSSELL I AM PROSPERITY.

[5]: The Secrets Of Prosperity

In this episode I try to go back over what we learned and provide greater clarity, understanding on your path to inspire you to become the richest most powerful creator that you can become, manifesting large sums of money coming to you easily and quickly in increasing quantities from multiple sources on a continuous basis in the best interest of all that you get to keep. These are the secrets of prosperity. The Secrets Of Prosperity – YouTube

[6]: How To Attract Prosperity

One of the wonderful things about reality creation is that you can use these techniques to attract prosperity. I have discussed this in detail on many levels through the teachings of Neville Goddard, Joseph Murphy and Vadim Zeland. Some of the best teachers on this subject come from the new thought era. In this episode we read how to attract prosperity as explained by Orison Swett Marden and Florence Scovel Shinn. Orison Swett Marden and Florence Scovel Shinn How To Attract Prosperity – YouTube Two incredible new thought teachers whose writings were amazing and helped so many people to find prosperity.

[7]: Magnetizing What You Want

Drawing the objects, forms, money, and people you want into your life is easier when you work with energy and magnetism before you take action. Creating with energy is done by getting quiet and relaxed, and then bringing images, symbols, and pictures of what you want into your mind. Magnetizing What You Want – YouTube

Magnetizing what you want requires generating a magnetic force to draw things to you. You work with energy and magnetism all the time, though usually not consciously. You can learn to consciously work with energy and magnetism to amplify the power of your thoughts and create what you are picturing. A few moments of energy work, combined with magnetism and done with a sense of clarity about what you want, can create greater results than hours of hard work.

[8]: Sleep and Grow Rich – Deep Sleep Hypnosis – Wealth and Prosperity Programming

One of the best uses of deep sleep programming is to adjust your wealth mindset. Sometimes it is difficult to change our core beliefs about money. By using sleep programming you can fundamentally alter your beliefs about money and develop a prosperity consciousness that will change the world around you. Suddenly you will have new ideas and opportunities. Large sums of money will begin to come to you increasing quantities from multiple sources on a continuous basis. Sleep and Grow Rich – Deep Sleep Hypnosis – Wealth and Prosperity Programming – YouTube

[9]: Guided Meditation I Am Prosperous

his is a simple meditation, with the the repetition of the phrase I am prosperous, repeatedly in both ears binaurally which induces deeper trance induction and thus enhancing the effectiveness. Guided Meditation I Am Prosperous 111hz 777hz – YouTube The music by Mettaverse as always will elevate you to a higher plane of prosperity consciousness.

[10]: The Financial Abundance Meditation

The Financial Abundance Meditation. The beginining is designed with 30 minutes to get you into that state of prosperity, wealth and abundance. The whole vast world is within you. You can meditate and grow rich by assuming a state of wealth and inviting the energy of abundance into your life. Guided Meditation: The Financial Abundance Meditation (With 300+ Affirmations and Subliminals ) – YouTube The affirmations at the end are played binaurally so that you hear different affirmations through both ears inducing subliminal suggestions while placing you in a dominant state of wealth that you allow, deserve and transform into continuously by creating a prosperity consciousness. You can play this in the background while walking or while working out at the gym. This is incredibly effective if you do it continuously. This is also designed as a perfect sleep meditation with no loud sounds at the end.

[11]: Transforming into higher states of consciousness, abundance and prosperity. Guided Meditation:

In this guided meditation I take you on a deeply relaxing journey through higher states of consciousness and visualize a life of magnificent abundance and prosperity. Guided Meditation: Transforming into higher states of consciousness, abundance and prosperity. – YouTube You should feel super relaxed, clear, recharged, aligned and primed once you take this journey. 3 Step Guide to Financial Freedom_page 13 (richdadworld.com)


Start thinking in abundance. Start working to become the person who’ll achieve the big goal(s) you promised yourself. And then imagine how your future self will look back a year from now and think, “This was my best year ever!” 

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