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It’s TIME… to transform your DREAMS into REALITY. Your GOALS into ACHIEVEMENTS. Your THINKING into RESULTS the Way Warren Buffett Does.

Breaking Barriers in Today’s Diverse World and Turbulent Times with Reitenbach-Kissinger Institute MKS Master Key System Coaching.


Are you progressing to the business of your dreams or are you at a plateau? 

Are you ready to stop the excuses and start getting results?

Feeling stuck? 

If you feel stuck, it’s because you know:

1. You are capable of more
2. You are aware of this capacity for more

Wanting more is the first step to achieving more.

If you are discontented with your life, business, finances, profession or career, relationships, employee performance … You have found the right place to take the next step.

We all have challenges and obstacles in life or business or career, but it is all about how you push through what’s holding you back. If you want something out of life or your business and you do not know how to achieve it, the MKS Master Key System Coacing program is made for you.

High-Performance Mindset Coach -Michael Kissinger can help you break through all those mindset blocks and achieve the success in life or business you have always desired.

For over 30 years, Michael has been developing and building experience in many industries, from Construction to Retail to Health Economic Strategic business development, management to sales and marketing.

All of this business experience, lead him to recognize that the key to any progress in business or life is ultimately a person’s mindset.

He began to study various types of ways to support his business clients. It was not until he studied the science of mind, that he truly made the quantum leap. He now works with the globally recognized Master of Human Potential Experts which has led him to amazing opportunities.

Your life or business isn’t bad, in fact its average and comfortable, but there’s just one problem: You know deep down that you want more?

We understand that. 

Your subconscious mind knows your true potential and will continue to push you by putting a dream in your heart. 

People stop their dream because a source of anxiety or because they don’t know how to get there or because of fear.  They don’t think they can ever get there for some reason. But it doesn’t have to be either of those for you. 

We teach,mentor and coach our clients Charles Haanel’s MKS Master Key System. We provide proven tools for goal achieving using your mind to produce positive results that stick.


  • We help people and organizations to unleash the great potential they have and improve their results and performance, teaching them how to use the MKS Master Key Coaching System, by unlocking their success DNA, become truly aligned and connected with the company goals pooling their collaborative and creative energies to solve problems and produce greater results.
  • We help them to become true leaders that inspire and lead others. You will enjoy collaboration and eliminate internal competition. GO GIVERS vs go getters
  • We help companies get the greatest return on individuals (ROI) by giving people the tools and resources to close the gap between what they know how to do and what they do, by addressing the real cause of all results–Paradigm. We utilize the Return on Individual and your investment from any past, present and future trainings and investment in people.
  • We help individuals (company employees) use all these principles to all areas of their life to have total fulfillment—happier individuals make for better employees.
  • The MKS Master Key System Coaching Program is the first in the world leadership coaching program that works on both arenas for professional growth within the organization and for personal development at individual self-made, program leaded Multimedia Session
  • We’d love to talk to you about your business goals and all the tools you can use to make them real.
  • There is a formula for goal setting and goal achieving that is as reliable and repeatable as mathematics. 

The MKS Master Key System Coaching Program we teach to our clients over 24 weeks is this complete success formula.  You can apply it to every aspect of your life or business. 

* Achieve financial goals.
* Achieve business goals.
* Achieve relationship goals.
*Achieve career or relationship goals.

We’ll start working together on one of your top goals to teach you the process over 24 weeks.  Once you understand the formula, you can go right down your list of goals and dreams one or two at a time until one day you realize you’ve woken up to a life or business you once thought was impossible to have.

“We become what we think about all day long.”
-Ralf Waldo Emerson

You can successfully bring your business ideas to life.

1. Setup a free intro session

2. Talk with a MKS Master Key Coaching System Coach about your goals

3. Get Started Achieving Goals

4. Get One on one Coaching

5. Get Small Business Coaching

6. Get Corporate Group Coaching

The vision of the Reitenbach-Kissinger Success Institute is to significantly improve the quality of lives or businesses globally by elevating the quality of thoughts individually.

​Michael Kissinger has decades of experience helping people change the internal program that runs in all our heads generating our thoughts and actions. 

Once this program is changed, the results in our lives follow naturally and easily to line up with the new program of thoughts.  We have demonstrated the success of this method over and over again across the spectrum of industries, career stages and personal goals around the globe.

​The MKS Master Key System is a proven process to identify the internal program determining your thoughts, establish a clear vision and goal to work towards, install a new internal program of thoughts to ensure you easily and naturally achieve your goal.

This is not a program of will-power and struggle, it is a process of alignment with your goal resulting in your vision of success for yourself manifesting around you.  We will lead you through all steps with exercises to start making progress on your goals right away.

What people say!

“If you’re thinking about using the MKS Master Key Coaching System as a training and coaching tool, stop thinking about it and take action. It will be one of the safest and surest investments you will ever make”

Keep It for One Month with Absolutely No Risk Whatsoever

If you’re unhappy with the coaching for any reason, simply send us a written notice telling us “WHY” and you’ll get your money back courteously, promptly and without hassles.

Decide now if you really want to make a change, contact us now.

Sydney Reitenbach

Michael Kissinger

Phone: 650-515-7545


Phone: 650-515-7545 

 Email: mjkkissinger@mjkkissinger



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