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I had a friend once that always used the phrase, “I wish I could, but…”

I’d ask him to go fishing, skiing or camping with me, and I’d always here an EXCUSE.

“I wish I could, but I’m too busy.”
“I wish I could, but I’m too tired.”
“I wish I could, but I don’t have the money.”
“I wish I could, but I don’t know how.”
“I wish I could, but I have to mow the lawn.”

Here’s the bottom line.  If you REALLY wanted to, you’d do it.

Instead, he’d ENVY the fact that I’d go and do something…when he could have easily just DONE it himself.

I see people ENVY the success of others OFTEN.

Envy is an ugly thing that eats away at your soul.  

Here’s the definition just to be clear.  Envy is defined as “a feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else’s possessions, qualities, or luck.”

Not a pretty thought.  At all.  In business and in life, people do it all the time.  They WISH, they envy, and they make excuses.

“I wish I had his skills.”
“I wish I could talk like her.”
“I wish I had a house like they did.”
“Man…that sure is a nice car.  I wish I could afford one like that.”
“I wish I had his body.”

  • If you REALLY WANTED SOMETHING, you’d do it.  If you really wanted to have better speaking skills, you’d speak or taking a speaking class.  
  • If you REALLY wanted to make money in a career or a business, you’d get off your butt and take action.  
  • If you really wanted to have a better house, you’d save and save until you could do it…or you’d do something different that enabled you to earn more, in order to save more.

You need to turn your WISHES into ACTIONS.  Stop wishing and start doing.

One step at a time.  One action at a time.  One day at a time.  One dollar at time.  One skill a time.  One call a time.  One speech at a time.

Only YOU can DECIDE what is possible for you.

Stop wishing. Start doing.

What if you found out that you only have a few days to live, would you pursue your dreams?


This is life, your life is filled with circumstances and you have 100% control.

You can wish that you had better parents.

You can wish that you have a stronger body and intellectual mind.

You can wish that you made better decisions.

You can wish that you married differently.

But how is simply wishing changing anything?

You are just as worthy, deserving, and capable to create and sustain extraordinary health, wealth, happiness, love and success in your life or business or career as any other person.

What You’ll Learn In The MKS MAser Key System Coaching Workshop:

  • Understand how to set the right kind of goal
  • Learn the two secrets of success
  • Learn the only thing that’s holding you back every single time
  • Learn how to break out of the lowest levels of awareness.

What’s Included:

  • Once you register, you will get your own individual access to a Success Advisor who will help you with your own journey to success.

A complimentary coaching call to help you solidify a goal or direction in your life.

About Michael Kissinger

A number of years ago, I had reached a point in my life where I had just HAD it.

Granted, some parts of my life were solid. I had a wonderful wife … I was raising three great sons … I was a respected businessman… But, oh my gosh, I was so worn out.

I was told that I’m a man, and I’m a good helpmate, and I am a provider, I had responsibility to provide for my family, my business, my clients and … I didn’t want to buy into that anymore, because the life I have, wasn’t the life I wanted. It was the life that I was told I should have.

“The life I have, wasn’t the life I wanted. It was the life that I was told I should have from the time I was small.”

I was exhausted running my businesses, working 50 or 60 hours every single week.

I was frustrated with the fact I had no time for myself. I couldn’t sit down to a hobby if I’d even had the space in my brain to think of one.

And I was downright irritated.

All this work … all this ‘doing everything right’ … how could I be working this hard, creating the “right” life by all appearances… and still only have THIS to show for in my life? So, I made the decision that something had to change.

“How could I be working this hard, creating the “right” life by all appearances… and still only have THIS to show for in my life?”

I wanted something different. Initially, I wasn’t even sure what that “different” looked like, but once I hit that wall and made the I’m-NOT-backing-down decision for change, I found myself drawn to one of my coaches and mentors, Bob Proctor.

He not only challenged me to dream a bigger and better life for myself, but actually believed that I could have anything I wanted.

He and many other of my coaches taught me the simple science of my mind.

I was in a prison that somebody else made for me, but the door is wide open, and I could walk out of it. Soon as I learned the door was open, I walked out. I just didn’t know that the door was open.

Now, I’ve set a goal for myself to reach as many people as possible, to influence and teach them that through the power of their mind, they can literally create the life that they have always wanted with effortless ease. No more wishing for the live you could have.

Stop Wishing, Start Doing

The only cost here is your time. 

You’re not obligated to take the next step with us in order to book one of these calls.  Most people find these sessions to be the most valuable call they have ever had because we go to the root of the issues and provide easy, simple, proven solutions to make this year their best year ever!

What people say!

“I HAD NO IDEA THAT ONCE THE LID WAS LIFTED OF THE BOX THERE WAS A WORLD THAT I NEVER KNEW EXISTED. My life has been changed in so many ways! I feel as if before I started to study their information, I was living in a box. — Clayton

QUITE SIMPLY ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS I’VE EVER MADE. This program will change your life for the better and show you how to accomplish whatever you set out to do. I encourage you to educate yourself and give this program to yourself. – James

Keep It for FREE with Absolutely No Risk Whatsoever

If you’re unhappy with the coaching for any reason, simply send us a written notice telling us “WHY” and you’ll get your money back courteously, promptly and without hassles.

Decide now if you really want to make a change, contact me now.

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Michael Kissinger

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Phone: 650-515-7545 

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