Are You Manifesting Million Dollar Results?

Millionaires Create Results Using the Secrets of the Methods of the Millionaire Mind

These days it seems like everyone is trying to figure out how to become a millionaire.  What business should you start?  What stock should you invest in? But the secret to becoming a millionaire doesn’t depend on the stocks you have or the business you run.  What you need is a millionaire mindset.

And don’t worry.  You can definitely develop a millionaire mindset.  

All that is required is keeping the awareness and dedication to following these principles long enough that you re-wire your brain for success.

So, what goes on in the minds of millionaires?  I’ll let you in on their secrets.  

Let’s take a deep dive into their mindset so that you too can become a millionaire. AUDIOBOOK FULL LENGTH – Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker.

#1: Rich people believe “I create my life”. Poor people believe “Life happens to me”. Which person are you?

  • Every time you catch yourself blaming, justifying, or complaining, slide your index finger across your neck, as a trigger to remind yourself that you are slitting your financial throat. It will eventually work to alleviate the destructive habit
  • Do a “debrief.” At the end of each day, write down one thing that went well and one that didn’t. Then write the answer to the following question: “How did I create each of these situations?” If others were involved, ask yourself, “What was my part in creating each of these situations?” This exercise will keep you accountable for your life and make you aware of the strategies that are working for you and the strategies that are not

#2: Rich people play the money game to win. Poor people play the money game to not lose. Which person are you?

  • Write down two financial objectives that demonstrate your intention to create abundance, not mediocrity or poverty. Write “play to win” goals for your:  
    • Annual income
    • Net worth
    • Make these goals achievable with a realistic time frame, yet at the same time remember to “shoot for the stars.”
  • Go to an upscale restaurant and order a meal at “market price” without asking how much it costs. (If funds are tight, sharing is acceptable.) P.S. No chicken!

#3: Rich people are committed to being rich. Poor people want to be rich. Which person are you?

  • Write a short paragraph on exactly why creating wealth is important to you. Be specific
  • Meet with a friend or family member who is willing to support you. Tell that person you want to evoke the power of commitment for the purpose of creating greater success. Put your hand on your heart, look that person in the eye, and repeat the following statement:
  • “I _______ [your name], do hereby commit to becoming a millionaire or more by ________ [date].”
    • Tell your partner to say “I believe in you.” Then you say, “Thank you.”

#4: Rich people think big. Poor people think small. Which person are you?

  • Write down what you believe to be your “natural talents.” These are things you’ve always been naturally good at. Also write how and where you can use more of these gifts in your life and especially your work life
    • Write some or brainstorm with a group of people how you can solve problems for ten times the number of people you affect in your job or business now. Come up with at least three different strategies. Think “leverage.”

#5: Rich people focus on opportunities. Poor people focus on obstacles. Which person are you?

  • Get in the game. Consider a situation or project you’ve wanted to start. Whatever you’ve been waiting for, forget it. Begin now from wherever you ate with whatever you’ve got. If possible, do it while working for or with someone else, first, to learn the ropes. If you’ve already learned, no more excuses. Go for it!
  • Practice optimism. Today, whatever anyone says is a problem or an obstacle, reframe it into an opportunity. You’ll drive negative people nuts, but, hey, what’s the difference? That’s what they’re constantly doing to themselves anyway!
  • Focus on what you have, not on what you don’t have. Make a list of ten things you are grateful for in your life and read the list aloud. Then read it each morning for the next thirty days. If you don’t appreciate what you’ve got, you won’t get any more and you don’t need any more

#6: Rich people admire other rich & successful people. Poor people resent rich & successful people. Which person are you?

  • Practice the Huna philosophy “bless that which you want.” Drive around or buy magazines, look at beautiful homes, gorgeous cars, and read about successful businesses. Whatever you see that you like, bless it, and bless the owners or the people involved
  • Write and send a mutter or e-mail to someone you know of (not necessarily personally) who is highly successful in any arena, telling them how much you admire and honor them for their achievements

#7: Rich people associate with positive, successful people. Poor people associate with negative or unsuccessful people. Which person are you?

  • Go to the library, a bookstore, or the Internet and read a biography of someone who is or was extremely rich and successful. Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, Mary Kay, Donald Trump, Warren Buffett, Jack Welch, Bill Gates, Rich Devos, Jay Van Andel, Mentors on Network 21, or Ted Turner are some good examples. Use their story for inspiration, for learning specific success strategies, and most importantly, for copying their mind-set
  • Join a high-end club, such as tennis, health, business, or golf. Mingle with rich people in a rich environment. Or, if there’s no way you can afford to join a high-end club, have coffee or tea in the classiest hotel in your city. Get comfortable in this atmosphere and watch the patrons, noticing they’re no different from you
  • Identify a situation or a person who is a downer in your life. Remove yourself from that situation or association. If it’s family, choose to be around them less
  • Stop watching trash TV and stay away from bad news

#8: Rich people are willing to promote themselves and their value. Poor people think negatively about selling and promotion. Which person are you?

  • Rate the product or service you are currently offering (or you are planning to offer) from 1 to 10 in terms of how much you believe in its value (1 being the lowest. 10 being the highest). If your rating result is 7-9, revise your product or service to increase the value. If your result is 6 or below, stop offering that product or service and start representing something you truly believe in
  • Read books, listen to audios and CDs, and take course on marketing and sales. Become an expert in both of these arenas to a point where you can promote your value successfully and with 100 percent integrity

#9: Rich people are bigger than their problems. Poor people are smaller than their problems. Which person are you?

  • Whenever you are feeling upset over a “big” problem, point to yourself and say, “Mini me, mini me.” Then take a deep breath and say to yourself, “I can handle this. I am bigger than any problem.”
  • Write down a problem you are having in your life. Then list ten specific actions you can take to resolve or at least improve this situation. This will move you from problem thinking into solution thinking. First, there’s a good chance you’ll solve the problem. Second, you’ll feel a heck of a lot better

#10: Rich people are excellent receivers. Poor people are poor receivers. Which person are you?

  • Practice being an excellent receiver. Each time someone gives you a compliment of any sort, simply say, “Thank you.” Do not return a compliment to that person at the same time. This allows you to fully receive and own the compliment instead of “deflecting” it, as most people do. This also allows the giver of the compliment the joy of giving the gift without it being thrown back at them.   
  • Any, and I mean any, money you find or receive should enthusiastically be celebrated. Go ahead and scream out, “I’m a money magnet. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” This goes for money you find on the ground, for money you get as gifts, for money you get from the government, for money you get as a paycheck, and for money you get from your business. Remember, the universe is set up to support you. If you keep declaring that you are a money magnet, and especially if you have the proof, the universe will simply say, “Okay,” and send you more.
  • Pamper yourself. At least once a month do something special to nurture yourself and your spirit. Get a massage, a manicure, or a pedicure, take yourself for an extravagant lunch or dinner, rent a boat or a weekend cottage, have someone bring you breakfast in bed. (You might have to trade with a friend or family member.) Do things that will allow you to feel rich and deserving. Again, the vibrational energy you emit from this kind of experience will send a message to the universe that you live abundantly, and again, the universe will simply do its job and say, “Okay, “and give you opportunities for more

#11: Rich people choose to get paid based on results. Poor people choose to get paid based on time. Which person are you?

  • If you are currently in a job getting paid based on an hourly wage or salary, create and propose a compensation plan to your employer that would allow you to get paid at least partly based on your individual results as well as the results of the company
  • If you own your own business, create a compensation plan that allows your employees or even primary suppliers to get paid based more on this result and the results of your company. Put these plans into action immediately
  • If you are currently in a job and not being paid what you are worth based on the results you are producing, consider starting your own business. You can begin part-time. You could easily join a network marketing company or become a coach, or offer independent consulting services back to the company you originally worked for, but this time, paid on performance and results rather than only for your time

#12: Rich people think “both”. Poor people think “either/ or.” Which person are you?

  • Practice thinking and creating ways of having “both.” Whenever alternatives are presented to you, ask yourself, “how can I have both?”
  • Become aware that money in circulation adds to everyone’s life. Each time you spend money, say to yourself, “This money will go through hundreds of people and create value for all of them.”
  • Think of yourself as a role model for others – showing that you can be kind, generous, loving, and rich!

#13: Rich people focus on their net worth. Poor people focus on their working income. Which person are you?

  • Focus on all four net worth factors: increasing your income, increasing your savings, increasing your investment returns, and decreasing your cost of living by simplifying your lifestyle
  • Create a net worth statement and commit to tracking and revising his statement each quarter. To do this, add the current dollar value of everything you own (your assets) and subtract the total value of everything you owe (your liabilities). Commit to tracking and revising this statement each quarter. Again, by virtue of the law of focus, what you track will increase
  • Hire a financial planner who is highly successful and works with a well-known, reputable company. Again, the best way to find a great financial planner is to ask friends and associates for their referrals.

#14: Rich people manage their money well. Poor people mismanage their money well. Which person are you?

  • Open your Financial Freedom bank account. Put 10% of all your income (after taxes) into this account. This money is never to be spent, only invested to produce passive income for your retirement  
  • Create a Financial Freedom jar in your home and deposit money into it every day. It could be $10, $5, $1, a single penny, or all your loose change. Again, this will put daily attention on your Financial Freedom, and where attention goes, results show 
  • Open a play account or have a play jar in your home where you deposit 10 percent of all your income. Along with your play account and your financial freedom account, open four more accounts and deposit the following percentages into each:
    • 10 percent into your Long-Term Savings for Spending Account
    • 10 percent into your Education Account
    • 50 percent into your Necessities Account
    • 10 percent into your Give Account
  • Whatever money you have, begin managing it now. Do not wait another day. Even if you only have a dollar. Manage that dollar. Take ten cents and put it into your FFA jar, and another ten cents and put it into your play jar. This action alone will send a message to the universe that you are ready for more money. Of course, if you can manage more, manage more.

#15: Rich people have their money work hard for them. Poor people work hard for their money. Which person are you?

  • Get educated. Take investment seminars. Read at least one investment book a month. Read magazines such as Money, Forbes, Barron’s, and the Wall Street Journal. I’m not suggesting you follow their advice, I’m suggesting you get familiar with what financial options are out there. Then choose an arena to become an expert in and begin investing in that area.
  • Change your focus from “active” income to “passive” income. List at least three specific strategies with which you could create income without working, in either the investment or the business field. Begin researching and then take action on these strategies.
  • Don’t wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait

#16: Rich people act in spite of fear. Poor people let fear stop them.  Which person are you?

  • List your three greatest worries, concerns, or fears regarding money and wealth. Challenge them. For each, write down what you would do if the situation you fear actually happened. Could you still survive? Could you make a comeback? Chances are that the answers are yes. Now quit worrying and start getting rich!
  • Practice getting out of your comfort zone. Intentionally make decisions that are uncomfortable for you. Speak to people you normally wouldn’t speak to, ask for a raise in your job or raise your prices in your business, wake up an hour earlier each day, walk in the woods at night. Take the Enlightened Warrior Training. It will train you to be unstoppable!
  • Employ “power thinking.” Observe yourself and your thought patterns. Entertain only thoughts that support your happiness and success. Challenge the little voice in your head whenever it tells you “I can’t” or “I don’t want to “or “I don’t feel like it.” Don’t allow this fear-based, comfort-based voice to get the better of you. Make a pact with yourself that whenever the voice tries to stop you from doing something that would be supportive to your success, you will do it anyway, to show your mind that you are the boss, not it. Not only will you increase your confidence dramatically, but eventually this voice will get quieter and quieter as it recognizes it has little effect on you.

#17: Rich people constantly learn and grow. Poor people think they already know. Which person are you?

  • Commit to your growth. Each month read at least one book, listen to one educational tape or CD, or take a seminar on money, business, or personal development. Your knowledge, your confidence, and your success will soar! Millionaire Mind Intensive by T Harv Eker
  • Consider hiring a personal coach to keep you on track.
  • Attend the Millionaire Mind Intensive. This amazing event has transformed the lives of thousands and thousands of people and will transform your life too!

Overall, if you are not satisfied with the person you are contact us for a Free Discovery Session and we will help you become the person you want to be. We’ll provide you with good insights you need to implement and the action steps to become rich!  Call Michael 650-515-7545.

Millionaires Create Their Dream Results Using a Manifestation Journal. How About You?

You can manifest your dreams. You can manifest anything you want in life as long as you have a clear vision and believe it’s possible. Manifestation states that whatever you focus your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs on is what you will attract into your life.

Imagine thinking of something you desire on a deep level. Something you’ve always dreamed of. And then… You effortlessly make it come true.

Is it even possible?

Most people would disagree. That’s because they don’t realize they are always manifesting their reality. Even if it’s what they do not want. But, why would we manifest things we don’t want?

Well, this lies in the very nature of the universe. Everything in this physical reality is constantly being manifested. Right from the very atoms that create everything. Think of everything as information.

Every atom, subatomic particle, cell, or strand of DNA. It all carries very specific data with instructions to follow. These instructions have one purpose. To seek balance and harmony, and it does this by evolving. It is our very nature to find order out of disorder, but there can’t be one without the other. Therefore, growth and development are intrinsic to our existence. Even if we don’t know it, we are all changing and evolving this very second.

The information in every atom doesn’t falter unless instructed otherwise. Manifestations happen here and there in an instant. It’s only when our minds take over that things slow down. Yet, the buffer between our conscious awareness and turning our thoughts into reality is a necessary component to our existence.

If everything we ever imagined manifested instantly, it’s likely we wouldn’t even be here. Just one thought or worry of our death and that would be the end of us. But it’s these exact thoughts of fear and worry that manifest things into our lives we don’t want. And our unwanted thoughts aren’t coming from our conscious mind, they’re coming from our habitual subconscious mind.

The repetition of past thoughts or events that evoked powerful emotions keeps us trapped in the known and fearful of the alternative. Part of the process is to recognize that the only place growth can happen is in the unknown and that we need to get comfortable with this unfamiliar territory.

This is what we want to help you with. We believe you can achieve anything you can imagine. If it’s physically possible, then it’s physically achievable. And if you can imagine it, then you can create it. If you’re ready, read on to discover how to manifest your dreams.

The Process of Making Your Inner Desires Happen in the World

To begin with, manifestation is the process of making your inner desires happen in the world. It is a deliberate attempt to actualize the dreams and aspirations that you nurse deep down in your heart.

Your dreams could be a happy marriage, financial freedom, sound health, promotion, or happiness. Whatever it is, manifestation is the act and process of making it happen.

People work day and night to manifest their dreams. They choose a saving pattern, sleep and work pattern, and even the friends they relate with just to make sure they actualize their dreams.

In the words of a Mexican author, Don Miguel Ruiz, ‘your life is the manifestation of your dream.’ In other words, the whole race of life is about manifesting our dreams.

To manifest their respective dreams, many people learn different arts and laws. They have training, mentorships and conferences. They even try mantras, yoga and mind training games. Yet, there is a large and powerful blankness between them and their dreams that they cannot bring themselves to conquer.

If you are one such person, you’re reading the final key that can change your life forever. You do not need to keep trying and pushing yourself to the wall. What you need is a manifestation journal.

What is a Manifestation Journal?

A manifestation journal is a place where you specifically write down your goals, dreams, and wishes to help them come true!

You can use a manifestation journal to visualize and plan out all of the things you’d like to bring into your life. You can even use it to script your dream life!

A manifestation journal is one of the most important pieces that you can create yourself. It is a piece of writing; a simple yet powerful combination of words that can initiate a life-changing effect in you.

It is not a piece of writing that can ever be bought, sold or tossed anywhere. It is a content designed by you to help you communicate with your insides.

A manifestation journal is a manuscript that you create to help you accomplish your dreams. It is a document that outlines the process to actualize your dreams one step after the next. Your manifestation journal is a letter to your subconscious mind and you may consider it a way to create a connection between your inner and outer environment.

If you have read all the Laws of Attraction and you are still unsure where to start, a manifestation journal is your perfect starting gate. It is an opening move to activate your manifestation journey and it can be a game-changer for you.

If you are reading this piece and you are yet to trust your guts on your manifestation process, you equally need a manifestation journal. It is a simple yet sophisticated weapon for every human.

How Exactly a Manifestation Journal Works

A manifestation journal is like any other journal. The spectacular difference is that therein, you document everything that can help you manifest your dreams. It is not a journal of health or literature. It is neither one for your daily reports and personal diary.

It is a journal for your dreams. You start writing in it by stating your exact dreams. You must ensure that you are specific and explicit about every dream put down.

Typically, you can split the journal into different sections and dedicate a section to an aspect of your life. For instance, the first section can be for your career. The next can be for your health, your family and the list goes on.

In each section, you must state the precise dream that you’re hard-driving to actualize. By way of illustration, your marital dreams may be to build a family of two healthy kids, a family that will stick together and remain happy, whatever may come.

With a dream like that, we can say that you have a clear picture of what you want. The more detailed the picture, the more effective the manifestation progress. You can do it this way for every section you create.

No rules are guiding the number of dreams you can have. There is nothing stopping you. You can dream as wide as the ocean and pack them up in the manifestation journal. The most important factor is to be sure that you are not duplicating any dream.

Also, be sure that they are valid dreams and you are willing to make every effort to manifest them. You should be sure that your dreams are realistic too. Even though the maxim; ‘we can achieve anything’ is true, humans must learn to face the reality of manifestation.

It is really important to be able to believe in your dream and have faith you can achieve it. This results in vibrating in higher frequencies, which according to the truth “like attracts like” will attract to you people, things and situations that will help you towards manifesting your dreams. So, make your dreams real!

Having a real dream does not imply that you will blend into the norms. That’s not it. Rather, it indicates that your dreams are SMART, where;

  • S indicates- Specific– You should have a specific dream.
  • M indicates –Measurable– Your dream should be measurable.
  • A indicates- Attainable– Your dream should be attainable.
  • R indicates- Relevant – Your dream should be relevant to a need in the world.
  • T indicates- Time Based– Your dream should be achievable within a time frame. As long as each of your dreams possesses these qualities, there are no holds barred on your dreams.

What Your Manifestation Journal Should Contain

#1. Your “WHY”

Having created a clear and concrete picture of the dream you desire to manifest, you must push forward. You must state the exact reason you want your desire manifested. You need to point the WHY.

  • Why do I want to make a billion USD before 50?
  • Why do I want a small and beautiful family?
  • Why do I want to live in Santa Monica or Atherton?
  • Why do I want to be the Executive Director in 7 years?

Take a minute and look for convincing reasons in your heart. You need to know why you really want these things to happen. Then, you should put each reason right under the appropriate dream in your manifestation journal.

Your reason for nursing each aspiration could be one or one hundred. Look for the most sensational and put them in your journal. It is sometimes difficult to find a reason for your dream. It appears more like a passion than something you can extensively explain.

This is bound to happen sometimes; you must be prepared for it. There is no vision without a dream. There is no dream without a trigger either. Push yourself to look deep down and find that trigger.

If you found no reason for something, you really should not be doing it. So, there have got to be some reasons and you have to find them and put them down. The real reasons will motivate you every time you think you are going to give up or stop trying.

#2. The Obstacles

Even though many law of attraction experts think that you should never list your problems in a manifestation journal, it appears to be important. If you do not list the possible problems you may encounter on the path, you are not being fair to yourself. You are showing yourself only half of the picture and you will give yourself reasons to be overwhelmed if the storm gets too intense.

So, you must look for the obstacles and print them out. You are not putting them down to frighten yourself out of your wits. Instead, you are trying to expose yourself to the possible difficulties you will encounter.

You are attempting to prepare yourself for what is coming. So, you will not be shocked when surprises spring. This is the paramount reason you should list the obstacles to your manifestation journal.

#3. Your Strengths

After listing the obstacles, your manifestation journal should contain your strengths that will help you overcome the obstacles and difficulties. It should highlight the advantageous features that you have and are most proud of. Your strengths are your peculiar abilities that can be useful when you chase your dreams.

They do not have to be physical or personal features. They could be your qualification, finances, a pool of friends or even your health. They are typically things that you will need along the path and you are grateful to have them.

To balance the cards, you must constructively look into yourself and pinpoint the features that you have to be grateful for. The more you think about your strength, the stronger you get. If you approach your weaknesses the right way too, you will not be obsessed with them. Rather, you will crack the code and penetrate your problems with your strength.

#4. Gratitude

Feeling and expressing gratitude is one of the most popular and effective manifestation techniques. Apart from enjoying the little things in life, creating a Gratitude section in your journal will skyrocket your energy and positive feelings on a daily basis and bring your dreams into your reality faster.

#5. Definitive Activities

Your manifestation journal must contain definitive activities. You should list out the processes you will follow to accomplish your dream. It is the final part where you must state the daily, monthly, and annual activities you will have to accomplish before your dream becomes reality.

Outside the new habits you must adopt, you have to create milestones to be accomplished. These milestones are simple targets that you must meet within a specified period. They are activities that when accomplished, can bring you closer to your dreams. You must create them too!

In a brief outlook, your manifestation journal must contain the following:

  1. Your clear and concise dreams.
  2. The exact reasons behind these dreams.
  3. The obstacles you will encounter on the path to actualizing this dream.
  4. The greatest advantages and skills that you have.
  5. The steps you will follow to actualize the dream.

With all of that said, it is important to master some facts many people do not know about using a manifestation journal. These lessons may appear ordinary. But they offer clues that can help you make the best of it.

Getting Started with a Manifestation Journal

What kinds of journals work best for manifesting? You can use ANY journal or notebook you want for manifesting journaling. Use whatever you have or whatever feels good to you! You can use:

  • A bullet journal
  • Your phone
  • An online journal
  • Microsoft word or a google doc
  • An app
  • A plain notebook
  • A piece of scrap paper
  • A fancy journal or notebook that feels high vibe to you
  • Post-it notes

The ONLY limit when it comes to manifesting with a journal is YOU. You do not need anything fancy to get started! It’s more important that you use whichever method feels best to you. You want to feel high vibe when you practice manifesting and know that it will work for you. That’s it!

What is the best manifestation journal?

The best manifestation journal is the one you will actually use! If you try manifestation journaling with an app or on your computer and you don’t get excited about it and find yourself avoiding it or forgetting, try it with a paper journal.

Or vice-versa, if you can’t seem to find the time to write in a paper journal, try using your phone or computer. There are all sorts of different manifestation journal methods, and you can use any of them with ANY of the above types of journals.

Try them all if you’d like! Otherwise, start with whichever one clicks for you. Use that method until you get bored or want to try something else.

Here’s a quick rundown of how to use a manifestation journal

  • Choose a manifestation journal method you’d like to try.
  • Choose a time to write where you’re free from distractions.
  • Set an intention. Calm and center yourself for a few seconds and set the intention that whatever you write in your journal is going to happen. Feel the feelings and excitement of asking the Universe for what you want and knowing that you’re going to get it!
  • Write in your journal, using whatever method you chose.
  • When you’re done, feel the feelings of having what it is that you wrote. If someone came up to you on the street and gave you exactly what you wanted, how would it feel?
  • Feel those feelings as you close your journal. It is done! This or something better!
  • Any time you think about your manifestation, take a moment to feel the feelings of it happening. Feel the excitement and happiness that you’re getting what you wanted. You can even schedule alerts in your phone for a few times a day to remind you to feel the feelings of having what you want.

Different Manifestation Methods

There are lots of different manifestation journal methods. Everything from visualization, scripting, writing down your goals every day, using the 369 manifestation method, creating a vision board, and more!. While this post will describe a lot of these techniques, just know that there’s not a wrong or right way to create a manifestation journal.

If you feel excited about using a different technique or you’ve come up with your own way of manifesting/journaling, then by all means do what feels best to you!

Scripting / writing as-if – The scripting manifestation method means that you write down what you want as if it’s already happened. One quick way to do this is to write it down as if you were telling a friend what happened.

Question/answer format – The question/answer format method is to ask yourself questions about your manifestation. Ask the question and let your higher self tell you the answers!

Often you can uncover things you didn’t even know you wanted. It also helps you uncover the limiting beliefs that might be holding you back. Or it can help you understand what you need to do to bring what you want to fruition.

Daily manifestation list – Write your dream list every day for at least 30 days. Try to do this every morning or every evening before bed. Write down 10 things and try to write them from memory, without looking at the previous day. This helps you anchor your desires and you might also be surprised that the list evolves over time.

369 manifestation method – write down the thing you want to manifest: 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon, and 9 times in the evening.

5×55 manifestation method – write the thing you want 55 times for the next five days.

11 11 method – write what you want 11 times, 11 days in a row.

You can also set a timer and do this at exactly 11:11 am or pm to put even more intention into the method!

Ask the universe – write a letter to the Universe, asking it to bring you what you want!

vision board – create a small vision board in your journal, taping or gluing images of the things you want.

Daily affirmations – write daily affirmations that affirm you are receiving what you want.

Gratitude list – write a daily gratitude list of the things you want to manifest, thanking the Universe for bringing them to you.

17 second manifestation technique – set a timer and concentrate on what you want for at least 17 seconds. This activates the Law of Attraction and starts the manifestation process.

You can use any and/or all of these methods. Or even come up with your own! Or use a different method every day! It’s your journal – do what works best for you!

Use Your Handwriting. Not A Computer!

All thanks to tech, you can write anything with a smartphone, tablet or mobile computer these days. You can create a notepad or use one of the vast drafting options available. As much as you have these options, you should never use any of them to create your manifestation journal. Use your handwriting.

According to a Forbes publisher, Nancy Olson, handwriting increases neural activity in certain sections of the brain. It is not particularly different from meditation because it connects the present activity with your insides – your mind.

When you write, your brain is participating in the activity. It processes and dictates the points that you write, it reads and assimilates at that same time. This is a clear indication that writing is enough a way to prompt cognitive concentration. It is a way to evoke your psychological participation too.

According to Dr. Claudia Aguirre, mindful writing rests the brain, potentially sparking creativity. You should not be surprised to learn that it sharpens the brain, too. You may derive strength from the fact that Ernest Hemingway, J.K. Rowling, Kafka and several others were notable writers who had access to typewriters and some computers. Yet, they preferred to write some of their pieces with pen and paper. It turns out such pieces are usually their best. While writing with a computer is not a terrible decision, writing with your hand has given better results in cases like this.

Meditate And Act

Your meditation journal is a complex document that is not filled out of the blues. It requires provoking thoughts, creative imagination and careful analysis. You need to meditate as you fill the manifestation journal. Develop 360 thinking and carefully evaluate everything you are putting down. Confirm that they are facts only, and the solutions you came up with are achievable. Do all of this thinking before filling your manifestation journal. Add to that, you must take action. Create a system of reward and punishment for every dream you accomplish and those you are yet to actualize.

Manifestation Journal Tips for Beginners

▶ Give it a try. You can’t begin manifesting on purpose if you never try! Commit to trying it for a couple of months, using whichever method sounds good to you. If you need a good place to start, try the 11 11 method. It will help you make using your journal a habit!

▶ Believe it can work for you. Even the tiniest sliver of belief that it could work for you gives the Universe a chance to prove you right!

▶ If you need help remembering to use your journal every day, set an alarm on your phone.

How often should you write in your manifestation journal?

It depends. Obviously, if you’re using one of the methods that tells you how many days to write, you want to follow that method. So if you’re using the 369 method, you would write in your journal for 33 days. If you like using your journal every day, or once a week, or once a month, do it! You can write in it multiple times a day, too, if you want.

There’s no right or wrong way to do it – it’s YOUR journal. It’s your link to the Universe and higher self, so use it as often or as little as you need. If you find that you can’t get momentum and nothing is happening, and you’re only using it once a month, then try using it more often. As you use it, feel the feelings of having what you want. Feel the Universe working on your behalf. Set your intentions and feel the energy shift!

How Do You Charge a Manifestation Journal?

How Do You Bless a Manifestation Journal?

You can charge or bless your manifestation journal by setting a specific intention. You are infusing your manifestation journal with the intention that it will work for you. Here’s how:

  • Before you start writing in your manifestation journal, sit somewhere quiet.
  • Hold your journal in your hands.
  • Feel the feelings of the journal working for you.
  • Feel the feelings of the Universe bringing you everything you write in your journal.
  • Feel the excitement, the peace, the KNOWING that your manifestation journal is going to help you bring your manifestations to you!
  • You can even say a silent prayer to the Universe, asking it to bless your journal so that everything that comes to you is for the highest good.

Here’s an example of how to bless your manifestation journal:

Thank you, Universe, for helping my manifestations come true. I intend for everything I write in this journal to come into my reality. I intend that everything I ask for is for the highest good of everyone involved. It’s always this, or something better. Thank you!

If you want, you can even cleanse your journal with a sage stick or palo santo before setting your intentions. This will clear any energies from others who might have touched your journal before you bought it.

You can also charge your manifestation journal by:

  • Setting it out under the full moon, with the intention that the moon’s energies are going to boost your manifesting power.
  • Putting it under a crystal that you’ve programmed with your intentions.
  • Place it next to a candle that you light while you’re journaling, with the intention that the fire will activate your dreams.

What happens if a manifestation journal doesn’t work?

Why would a manifestation journal not work?

There are definitely times when a manifestation journal doesn’t work. This actually applies to manifestation in general, not just a manifestation journal itself. The reasons why a manifestation journal don’t work are usually:

▶ You didn’t give it enough time.

Your manifestation just hasn’t happened YET and you’re looking for results too soon.

▶ You didn’t believe it would work.

You have to be open to it actually working for you. Yes, if you start a manifestation journal assuming it won’t work it still could. But it will work a lot better and a LOT faster if you have even the teeniest belief that it could work for you. The Universe can’t go against your beliefs and override your free will.

▶ You’re focused on not having what you want.

Sometimes when we want something to manifest, we’re more focused on NOT having it, rather than having it. It’s a small, but important, distinction.

For example, focusing on not having enough money is different from focusing on having plenty of money. One is reaffirming not having enough, the other is affirming having enough. See the difference?

▶ You’re focused on it not working.

If you are concentrating too much on whether or not the manifestation is coming, you’re focused on it not working. You’re reaffirming “it’s not working, it’s not working.” Instead of focusing on ‘it’s working, it’s working!”

▶ You are being too specific.

What you want might be able to come in a different way than the way you’re focused on.

For example, if you want more money, you might be focusing on getting a raise at your job instead of allowing the Universe to bring you money in a different way. Be open to the Universe surprising you! What can also happen is that you actually DID get what you wanted, but because it came in a different way you didn’t notice it. Maybe your partner got a raise through their job so the money came to you, just not in the way you wanted.

▶ You didn’t really want it.

If you aren’t excited about your manifestation or you don’t put energy into it, you might not have enough momentum. Or it could also be that you don’t really want the thing you say you want. If you aren’t being honest about what you want, you are putting mixed signals out into the Universe. No one is going to see your manifestation journal but you, so be truthful about what you really want!

All in all, the key to making a manifestation journal work for you is to believe it will work for you!

Keep using your journal as part of your manifestation practice as long as it feels good to you. There is no right or wrong way to manifest unless you give up (and even then you are manifesting, just not on purpose!)

Millionaires that and Use The 12 Secrets of the Millionaire Mindset

The 12 Secrets of the Millionaire Mindset:

  • Money is Everywhere
  • There is Enough for Everyone
  • Cash Flow is Queen
  • Take Ownership of Your Life
  • Action over Debating
  • Leverage is Key
  • Failure is a Necessity
  • Have a Beginner’s Mind
  • Cash is King
  • Clarity is Vital
  • Estate Planning is Essential
  • Solution Oriented

The Millionaire Mindset

These 12 principles of the millionaire’s mind is the secret sauce you’ll need to start incorporating into your daily life if you too want to join the millionaire’s club.  Secrets Of Millionaire mind T Harv Eker Let’s take a closer look at each of these principles.

Money is Everywhere

First off, all millionaires and billionaires even believe in one simple fact: Money is everywhere.  You can easily reach out and grab it if you want. And if that’s the case, why wouldn’t you just reach out and take it?  So it’s no surprise that people who believe in this become wealthy.

Because if there is money everywhere , you won’t be afraid to go after it. Furthermore, you will know that you will get it because it is all around and easily accessible.  The underlying belief here is that the possibilities are endless.  There is an unlimited amount of ways that you can make money. And if you can be open enough to that, you will eventually be successful in making the money you desire.

There is Enough for Everyone

Part of having a millionaire mindset is the belief in abundance.  The basis of an abundance mentality is understanding that there is enough for everyone.  And I do mean everyone.   You don’t have to feel bad for taking a slice of the pie because there are plenty of pies to go around.  And when you realize this, you won’t be afraid to go all out.

You won’t hesitate to make money and make loads  of it because money is everywhere and there is enough.  So you don’t have to feel like a bad guy taking money from the poor.  Because you’re not.  You are taking the money that is already there.  And there will still be more for everyone else.

Unfortunately, most of us are stuck in the mentality of lack.  Believing that if we get something we are taking it from someone else.  And that’s why we haven’t been able to attain wealth.

We need to make that mindset shift and truly believe that there is enough for everyone.  Only then will we be ready to receive the abundant wealth that is all around us.

Cash Flow is QUEEN

Having money is all well and good but there comes a time when you realize that cash flow is queen.  Because the flow of money that you have coming in is the life blood of, well, your life.  

If you have no money coming in, you have nothing.  You are broke.  Literally. That’s why, one of the first things you’ll want to do on your way to millionaire status is to make sure you have cash flow.  And not just any old cash flow but one that is diversified.

Getting a salary from your day job is great but do you have passive income? semi-passive income?

One thing that millionaires know and live by is the fact that trading your time for money is not a recipe for success.  You need to find a way to make your money work for you. That way you can earn money in your sleep.

If you ask any millionaire around, they will tell you that they have multiple sources of income.  Not just one.  And you should too. Just remember that the key is cash flow.  So always be aware of how much money you have coming in versus how much money you have going out.

Take Ownership of Your Life

If you are guilty of blaming others for your misfortunes, that has to stop now. Like.  Right Now.  Otherwise you can kiss your dream of a wealthy life goodbye. Because what millionaires know and live by is the fact that you are the creator of your life.  

You are where you are today because of the choices you’ve made, the habits you’ve developed, and the people you’ve surrounded yourself with. By blaming others, you are giving your power away.  So stop.  Take control of your life now.   And start steering it in the direction you want to go.

Remember, in this life you get to choose your destiny.  Let that sink in.  Isn’t it empowering?  I am the master of my fate.  Isn’t that much better than ‘woe is me’? Step into your power.  And take control of your life today.

Action Over Debating

Analysis paralysis.  Have you heard of it? It is something I’m guilty of way too often for my liking.  I get caught up in analyzing decisions and thinking about how each one could play out.  All in an attempt to choose the BEST one. And maybe you too sometimes get caught up in researching the latest marketing trends or side hustles to make money.

You may try to find the best plan of action, the one that aligns with you most and you feel you can do easily.   Then you tweak and fiddle and finagle it some more, all with the intention of making a good plan better. But all the while, you’ve done nothing to actually move yourself forward or make progress towards the goal you seek.

It’s great to think and to analyze.  But if you get stuck in this process, nothing will ever change.  Millionaires know this.  So they tend to have a propensity towards action.

Zig Ziglar once said,

“You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.” To be an achiever, you have to be an action taker.  If you do nothing, you will achieve nothing. So if you want to remember one thing, it’s this.  Act.  Don’t think.  Well, at least not too much.

Leverage is Key

Most millionaires did not get to where they are now by themselves.  They had family, friends, colleagues, and mentors that encouraged them and supported them along the way. There is lots to do on the way to millionaire status so you need to realize that you can’t do it alone. To join the ranks of the millionaire club, you’re going to need to learn how to leverage not just your network of people but your time and your money as well.

Leveraging Your Time

When it comes to time, you definitely don’t want to waste yours.  Time is the most precious thing we have and it is limited.  To develop a millionaire’s mindset, this needs to be at the forefront of your thoughts.

So how should you be spending your time? There are some things you are good at and enjoy doing.  And some things that you aren’t. This is what millionaires know and use to make decisions about what they choose to focus on and do on a daily basis.

Millionaires are constantly asking themselves these questions:  

What is the best of use of my time?  How can I use my time such that everything else becomes easier for me?  What things can I have someone else do instead?

So, what is something you do best?  And what things do you need to delegate?

Letting go of control of certain aspects of your life is hard but necessary.  This is especially true if you are a business owner looking to expand and grow your business. Time is finite.  Learn to leverage it.

Leveraging Your Money

Funny fact, when millionaires invest or take on a risky endeavor, many do not do it with their own money.  After all, why risk your own money when you can risk someone else’s? Think, bank.  Friends.  Or other millionaires who simply don’t have the time.

When it comes to your money, you want to make sure it is protected.  For instance, if you want to delve into the world of real estate investing, know that you don’t have to and shouldn’t use all of your money.

Use the bank’s.  Take out a loan or ask friends if they want to invest with you and work out a deal to pay them back.  With interest, of course.

This is the basis of how you can actually get started in real estate investing with absolutely no money down.  Because if you are willing to trade your time to look up the best deals around, you will be able to find someone willing to put up the money to make it happen. To invest, all you need is money.  No one said it has to be yours.

Failure is a Necessity

“Failure is but the opportunity to begin again successfully.” 

To join the ranks of the top 5% there is one thing you’re going to have to get really comfortable with.  Failure. Sadly, we learn early on in life that failure is bad.  We are ridiculed at school for asking stupid questions or getting an answer wrong.  When we fail, we are subject to punishment from our teachers or our parents.

Unfortunately, because of this, we begin to view failure negatively and aim to avoid it at all costs.  Even if it means giving up on a dream. We let the fear of failure stop us.  But that is not the case with millionaires. Because they know that failure is good.  That failure is, in fact, necessary if you want to be successful.

Take it from Thomas Edison:

“I have not failed.  I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”   

We need to shift the paradigm surrounding failure and actually celebrate it for what it is.  You taking a chance on something important to you.  Taking that risk to achieve your goals.  

Failure is actually the spring board of success. The point of failure is to give you an opportunity to learn and grow.  And if you learn and grow enough, there is no way you can NOT be successful. If you can’t tell, I LOVE quotes and this one by Denzel Washington is by far is one of my favorites.  

“Never be discouraged, never hold back, give it everything you’ve got.  And when you fall throughout life, remember this.  Fall Forward.”

The Beginner’s Mind

The key to long term success is to approach everything in life with a beginner’s mind that is open to learning new things. Because, the thing is, if you believe you know it all, you close yourself off to all the possibilities that surround you.  You stifle your learning and, ultimately, your growth.

Everything is always changing.  Life is change.  So if you are going to be able to handle what life throws at you, you need to be open to everything that comes your way.

No one can know everything.  That includes you.  And when you understand that you don’t know everything and are willing to keep an open mind, you learn more and grow more.

And as Warren Buffet says: the more you learn, the more you earn.

Cash is King

Yup.  There’s no way around it.  To be a millionaire you’re going to need money. Cash is everything in this day and age.  And if you can’t respect it, it will not come to you. Part of respecting money is watching how you speak about it and about people who have lots of it. So it’s time to check your beliefs.  Are you always speaking negatively about money?

What is key here is to watch your thoughts and actions.  Really take the time to dig up those unconscious beliefs you may have learned from your parents or your environment growing up. These are the things that could hold you back from building the wealth you desire and deserve. Cash is king.  And you should respect it as such.

Have Clarity

With any goal, vision, or dream, you must be clear in your intention and in your desired outcome.   What is it specifically that you want to accomplish?  What are the metrics that will let you know that you have accomplished your goals?

You really must be clear on what it is you want to achieve.  Because without it, you could easily find yourself running in place and going nowhere. If you can get clear on what it is you actually want, then you give yourself a focus.  And from there you can make the necessary plans to achieve it.

So don’t just have a dream or a goal or a vision but have a specific dream, a measurable goal, and a concrete vision.  Because that will allow you to actually achieve them. Remember, having clarity gives you a path that you can map out and follow.

Estate Planning is Essential

Another thing that millionaire minds do well is planning for the future.  On their road to riches they made sure they took the time to plan their legacy. What is it that you want to leave behind?  How much money do you want to leave to your children or grandchildren?  How do you want to go about leaving it to them?

By thinking through these questions and making plans well in advance, millionaires or soon to be millionaires are able to use their money more efficiently and preserve their wealth for generations to come. So, at some point on your journey, you’re gonna need to start thinking about your legacy.   Then get with an estate planner and hash out them deets!   Trust me.  Your children, grandchildren, and so on down the line will thank you for it!  Plus, you will sleep easy knowing everything is taken care of.

Solution Oriented

The most important thing that millionaires know for sure is that you need to give in order to get.  You can’t make money by only worrying about yourself and always looking to take, take, take. Millionaires are able to get where they are by giving.  They see the problems in the world, and they try to solve them. And it is in finding a solution to these problems that they are able to make money.  

This is by far the most important of all the principles.  If you want to be rich, if you want to be a millionaire, you need to learn how to solve problems. And not just any old problem.  But big problems.  Problems whose solutions would have an impact on the world around us.   Because the bigger the problem, the more valuable the solution.  And the more value you can give to people, the more money you can make.

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Lesson 1: Your thought patterns will determine your wealth

In this world, some people seem to have the Midas touch to turn everything into money. Some people make some money, but then get cocky and lose it all in awful investments. Others don’t invest a penny and go broke easily in their lifetime.

Many people think as long as they acquire financial management knowledge, they will automatically become rich. However, the reality is their wealth depends not so much on skills or hard knowledge but their unconscious thought patterns deep-rooted in their mind.

We all have a specific thought structure in our internal “hard drive”. Millionaires’ hard drives are programmed for wealth. Our childhood experiences or role models like our parents will shape our thought patterns, which will, in turn, affect our behaviour. And our behavioural patterns will influence our wealth level later in life.

Most people are programmed to make a low income. That means while many people have the potential skill to get rich, only a few people can get rich at the end of the day. This is because of the poor mindset. Therefore, if you want to become rich, you have to overwrite the old thought patterns with millionaire thinking.

Lesson 2: Your thought patterns about money are shaped by what your parents taught you

Think about your mind like a computer. The most important software was installed in childhood. That includes what our parents told us about money, which is permanently saved in our minds.

You should have probably heard of your parents or teachers saying something like “Money is the root of all evil”, “You can’t buy happiness”, “Money doesn’t grow on trees” etc. All these sayings are ingrained in our minds and become our money blueprint.

You can either accept these ideas or reject them. Most people accept them whereas some rebel against the ideas. However, those who rebel against them don’t actually want to get rich. They just want to feel superior to their poor parents. And their behavioural patterns are still greatly influenced by their parents. Without going through the right transformation process, they will lose money quickly even if they work hard to earn some.

On the contrary, those who are lucky to learn that “anything is possible with money” at a young age will make money much easier. Because they have the motivation to be free and independent through money.

Lesson 3: You unconsciously copy your parents’ way of making money

Our attitude towards money is not just based on what our parents say, but also on the behaviour of our parents. The way your parents make money and handle it will have a subconscious impact on you.

For example, when you were a kid and asked your mum for money, your mum would ask you to find your dad. So you would get the impression that man is in charge of finance and women cannot manage money.

Our experience of observing our parents’ behaviour in childhood would store in our subconscious mind. And when we become adults, we would subconsciously imitate the behavioural pattern of our parents in making money.

The author told us his own story as an example. The author’s father was a builder and made money by buying and selling houses. But then his father would invest the profit into new projects and lose all the money. Subconsciously, the author emulated his father in his early business endeavours and failed as a result. At that time, he didn’t understand the root of his failure.

Human beings are creatures of habit. It’s hard to change our behaviour after we learn it. We can only get rid of our parental thought structures by making ourselves aware of them and consciously changing them.

Lesson 4: Before changing your thought patterns, perform a self-examination

If you are now not at the level of affluence you desire, it’s never too late to change it. Very likely, it is because you have a bad unconscious inner setting.

To become more financially successful, the first step is to recognise you have a thought pattern that keeps you from getting rich. To break the pattern, the next step to do is to recognise where this thought pattern comes from. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What habits and behavioural patterns did you learn from your parents? What impact did they have on you?
  • What thought patterns do you follow?
  • What’s level of affluence are you programmed to achieve?
  • What unconscious strategies do you use to maintain your bank account?

Then, you should write down how your role models such as your parents handle their money. And ask yourself what are the sayings or words of your parents rooted in your mind? For example, did your parents always say “we can’t afford it”? Do these words affect your behaviour in life?

After that, you should analyse your current financial situation. The money you have right now shows the level of wealth you’re programmed to achieve. That enlightens you on what programs you have in your mind.

With this thorough self-examination, you should have a good idea of how you’ve been programmed about money. Now you have to believe that you have the option to change the inner settings by flipping the switch in your brain. You have to replace the old thought patterns with the new ones that would guide you towards wealth.

Lesson 5: Break your thought patterns with new principles and behavior

Knowing the theories of wealth creation is not enough. You have to overwrite the old program about money in your mind, not just save or add new information into it.

To remove the old ideas ingrained in our minds, we have to find new and better principles about money and spell them out like a mantra. When you speak the principles of rich people out loud to yourself every evening, these will gradually imprint in your mind.

And finally, you would be able to exchange your old way of thinking for the millionaire way of thinking.

In addition, you have to make conscious behavioural changes. Human beings are creatures of habit. You have to change your habit if you want to make money work for you. You have to train yourself to behave in the right way.

For example, when you see a handbag on sale, you would be programmed to think you should get it. But if you use your new program, you will stop it and be aware that you’re in debt and hence shouldn’t spend money on luxury for the moment.

By affirming your thoughts verbally and taking actions on a regular basis, you will be able to unlearn the poor thinking patterns and learn to think and act like a millionaire.

Lesson 6: Take full control of your fate if you want to get rich

To be financially successful, you have to be in full control of your financial life. Poor people yield their control of income to others while rich people always retain the power in their own hands.

It’s weird that many poor people like gambling. They like using their salary to buy lottery tickets and hope to become rich by luck. If you want to be rich, you shouldn’t gamble like the poor.

Poor people like to play the victim and blame others such as the government, the employer or the economic environment. You’ll remain poor if you don’t realise the one who decides your financial success is yourself.

So if you find yourself complaining and putting the blame of financial distress on others, you should remind yourself that you should be responsible for your success.

And to break this thinking pattern, you should regularly do some analysis on your transactions. You should question if you should do more research before making any investment or if you should spend less on luxury.

To make a change, stop complaining and focus on what you can make changes to become wealthy.

Lesson 7: Millionaires have a positive attitude about money

Poor people always have the notion that virtue and wealth cannot coexist. In fact, to get rich, you have to like money.

Poor people have too many negative thoughts about money. They are afraid that somebody will like them just because of their money. Some even think money will make a person become bad. They also fear that work and responsibility come alongside wealth. All these thoughts will block their way to wealth.

In contrast, rich people always look for good opportunities for profits. They are always optimistic that they can make the money back despite the risk. Your wealth will grow if you don’t fear obstacles and actively seize opportunities.

Another important thing is that you have to like rich people in order to get rich. Many poor people envy and despise rich people. In that way, they will never become one of them. They don’t understand rich people can give them valuable advice to get rich.

So to become a millionaire, you need to adopt a millionaire’s way of thinking. Think positively about money. Admire rich people and learn from them.

Lesson 8: Make an unconditional commitment to get rich

Poor people always put limits on how much they can commit or sacrifice to get rich, so they always stay poor. Rich people are always committed to wealth that they’re willing to work 14 – 16 hours a day and sacrifice freedom during the process.

Remember, wealth will only grow if you yourself grow. Rich people always challenge themselves and stay out of their comfort zone. They keep studying, attending seminars and reading books to improve their wealth strategies.

To begin with, by making money, you can get a job in the industry you are passionate about. Learn everything about the industry before you can start your own business. For example, work in a restaurant and learn from your manager before you open up a restaurant chain.

Lesson 9: Think big if you want to become a millionaire

Poor people just wish to have a secure income while rich people don’t set a limit on that. The universe will fulfil your wishes. So the limit you set for yourself matters.

If you want to become a millionaire, you have to think big. Big thinking means big actions, which will lead to big money.

So if you want to get rich in business, ask yourself, “how many people can you reach or serve with what you’re doing?” To get rich, you have to consciously decide the size of the audience you want to reach.

If your business is personally rendered service like a hairdresser, you will at most make a sufficient amount of income to sustain your life.

Millionaires don’t like to set limits for their businesses. And they know time is a limiting factor. So they don’t like the idea of being paid based on the amount of working time. In other words, they don’t make money by selling time. Rather they like to be paid based on the quality of the result. Therefore, instead of working as a hairdresser, they would aim to become the owner of a chain of hair salons.

So you should learn to think big. If not, you should surround yourself with ambitious people. They will influence your thinking and show you how to become successful.

Lesson 10: Handle your money properly and make it grow

To become wealthy, you have to manage your money in a disciplined way. Many people think a high salary is a way to become rich. But the wealth should include the cash value of all possessions. So your savings and investment gains are also important elements of your wealth.

You need to have a long-term financial plan that strikes a good balance between income, expenses and savings.

You also need to have a passive income stream such as returns from stocks or funds. You’re recommended to split up your income into different bank accounts. 50% of income should be set aside for overhead costs. 10% of income should be reserved for investments in order to earn passive income. Moreover, 10% should be used for entertainment or enjoying your life.

To accumulate wealth, you have to keep your cost of living down. If you keep buying luxuries, you cannot become rich. You have to think about the long term and forgo immediate satisfaction.

Lesson 11: Believe in your value if you want to become rich

Rich people know their value and think they deserve to be rich. Poor people always don’t believe in themselves. They tend to think that they are unworthy.

Rich people know how to promote themselves and their business because they are convinced of their value.

Many people are told that it’s not right to “toot your own horn. But in the world of money, if you don’t toot your own horn, who will? There is nothing wrong to promote yourself.

Think highly of yourself and treat yourself to something you deserve, such as dining in an expensive restaurant or going to a high-end gym. To become a millionaire, you have to feel like a millionaire. That way, you will believe in yourself and persuade others to believe in you and hence your business.

Final Summary

Our wealth level is limited by our thought and behavioral patterns formed during childhood. 7 Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (T. Harv Eker Interview)

We can only change it by consciously recognizing it and actively adopting new principles or attitudes of a millionaire.

You can’t become a millionaire unless you take action.  And you are doing that now by learning the secrets to having a millionaire mindset. 

A step, which is necessary if you want to take your finances to the next level.

So write these principles down and start to live by them.  They will help you not only on your journey to receiving the financial riches you desire but also in your ability to truly love the life you live.

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