Employee or Owner: Earn Your Freedom. Do Work that Matters! 

Choices: Break Free from the Biggest Challenges in the Workplace, or Build a Thriving, Successful and Highly Profitable Business That Gets Results

Do You Have and “Employee Mindset” or Entrepreneurial Mindset”?

  • Are you a new supervisor or an experienced manager assigned to a new team?
  • Are you experiencing overwhelm or self-doubt?
  • Are you uncertain of what you should do now?
  • Or are you a small business owner who needs to eliminate problems and improve your business dreams, desires and results?
  • Do you want to become a More Successful Highly Profitable Entrepreneur?
  • Do you want to improve you Employee Mindset” or Entrepreneurial Mindset”?

While the prime purpose of life is to have a great career and make a mark in other people’s life, most of us end up making the wrong career choices and go on to live a life full of frustrations and regrets!

While a career choice is as infinitely variable as chameleon’s skin, the two broad ends of the spectrum are clearly distinguishable – a corporate life or an entrepreneurial life. A lot of people stay blinded to one of the choices and take uninformed decisions.


A corporate job promises you a regular pay without having to worry about the company’s profit or loss situation. When working in a big organization, you are essentially a small part of a big well-oiled machinery, performing a specific role. This helps hone skills of that role, paving the way from specialist to perfectionist.

Due to corporate hierarchy, you may be able to find a mentor at workplace who could guide you through the struggles of work life! Speaking of personal life, corporate people give it much more priority than their entrepreneurial counterparts. Once you are at a job, your social status ought to soar high!


While financial security may be enticing, corporate life is something that is bound to get to you sooner rather than later. Corporate struggles and politics is something that almost everyone disproves of but eventually gives in to. You more or less end up living under a threat and avoid risks.

Corporate life makes you associate income directly with time. Employees are supposed to strictly adhere to all official protocols, listen to the boss, laugh at his insane jokes, and basically shun all control on your own views and suggestions. Even if you’re the boss, you have to follow protocols and maintain the hierarchy to the tee!


Entrepreneurship is defined simply as undertaking of an enterprise or new organization or revitalizing an old one. The grass is greener here due to absence of authority and thus, no restrictions. No pecking order, it’s a single team with a single purpose.

You not only learn to be an efficient team player and consequently lead by example but also, learn to multitask and improvise in varied fields, widening your scope and skillset by leaps and bounds.

With a cohesive team at your disposal, taking on risks head-on comes naturally and eventually becomes the modus operandi for most startups. In the process of managing a varied work-load yourself and taking on complex challenges, entrepreneurs tend to learn a lot about themselves.


Even though freedom is something irreplaceable, what it leads to in startups is irregularity. You may have a great idea but there’s no guarantee it’ll be the best sometime down the line. The work hours are completely erratic and thus, you might have to work harder at work and personal life balance.

And while there’s no direct boss or authority, entrepreneurs answer directly to someone even bigger – the customer. A customer is much more eccentric and unpredictable than a crazy boss.

To say the least, the two ends of the spectrum might slowly be converging together with trends indicating that the greener grass on the unconventional side may not be just false pre-tence. With ever changing market scenarios and shifting priorities of students, the changes may not be really paradigm but ones that were a long time coming.

Join the World of Super Leaders

  • Are you an employee, supervisor or an manager assigned to a new team?
  • Are you experiencing overwhelm or self-doubt?
  • Are you uncertain of what you should do now?
  • Are you a small business owner who needs to develop your Entrepreneurial Mindset” to eliminate problems and improve your business dreams, desires and results?

Over the years, we’ve developed a certain reputation:

  • Being no-fluff,
  • World class teaching + coaching,
  • And having some of the best systems and strategies in town.

So when we tell someone new-to-us that the inner work of uncovering your own “Employee Mindset” or Entrepreneurial Mindset” is just as important as the outer work of doing the physical “things” to build your life or business, we’re often met with surprise.

We get it, because transforming how we think, act, react—and ultimately who we are in order to become the person we want to be, are not things that most of us are taught growing up.

Instead, We’re Taught this Overly-Simplistic “Employee Mindset” Formula

Put in the work, and get the results. And supposedly, what we think, feel, and believe have nothing to do with it.

Our goal today is to show you how that is completely false.

Starting with this question…

You were probably first taught to think this way by your parents, relatives, and/or teachers, right?

With all the respect and appreciation in the world for them, let us ask you this:

Do They Have What You Want?

Because if they don’t, why would you assume they know what it takes to get to where YOU want to be?

We know it can feel blasphemous to even think that.

Growing up, we were taught to revere our parents. So if they told us that the key to success was to study hard in school and work hard in a job, then they had to be right…right?

Except, why then were the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, who’d done what we wanted to do (and way more), talking about how important mindset is?

Early on, we had to learn to separate our love and respect for our parents, from the acceptance that they don’t know everything.

And that if we wanted to do something they hadn’t done, we was better off learning from someone who HAD done it.

The only problem was, while the successful entrepreneurs were talking about the importance of mindset, they weren’t talking about HOW they’d developed their own.

That meant we had to figure out the “how” for our self. While overcoming some very unique obstacles:

  • >> How to transform into a Successful Entrepreneur version of yourself while also balancing the Employee Mindset you need to keep until you can turn in your notice
  • >> Finding the motivation to build your business and persist when you already have a good-enough job to “fall back” on
  • >> How to understand what mindset even is…in a way that we, a practical, hard-working, middle-class people could understand
  • >> How to overcome the limited belief, money, and confidence paradigms our well-meaning, know-nothing-about-entrepreneurship parents had instilled in us
  • >> How to transform our mindset into that of a Successful Entrepreneur in a logical, step-by-step way we could wrap our head around. And then do. (Which did not include generic advice like “just believe.”)

Knowing how valuable this would be to every future aspiring entrepreneur, we documented every step of the way. Including how we used this process to speed past 6-figures before we left our jobs, sell out our first ever launch, and turn our business around after a series of 30 rejections in a row. Eventually, we became people “who had done it.”

The MKS Master Key Successful Entrepreneurial System and Program

Which is when we created The MKS Master Key Successful Entrepreneurial System and Program. To teach you everything we’d done, and our unique way of doing it. All in our logical, no-fluff style.

As a result, here are a few no-fluff results our client have experienced developing their Entrepreneurial Mindset”

  • You might want to take [the couching] as soon as it’s available to you. It’s very practical and EXTREMELY helpful. Before I do any work for my business, I go over some of the activities that came from it. And it has really made a difference.
  • I’ve been working so much on my mindset this past few 2 weeks and it is like the gates of abundance and opportunity have opened up for me. So here are my wins that I’m so proud and thankful to share:
  • I was able to bring my services to hundreds of new clients
  • This Program and System is fuel for your engine. Just opened an email and it is an invitation to speak. Just want to say thank you…It has given me a greater confidence in believing there is an audience to be reached.

If you’re thinking this might be exactly what you need, taught in the logical, no-fluff way that you need, by people who have been where you are and done what you want to do… But you’re still slightly unsure…

Then try this:

For just a second step into The MKS Master Key Successful Entrepreneurial System and Program. your version of yourself.

  • What did that version of the now you?
  • How did you get that “Mindset”?
  • What changed? Your “Employee Mindset” or Entrepreneurial Mindset”? If this coaching was part of the process, we’d love to support you in this transformation of a lifetime.

The 4-Question “Employee Mindset” or Entrepreneurial Mindset” Quiz

This 4-question quiz reveals everything you need to know about whether or not you’ll be able to successfully build your own business, break free from the 9-5, and have the life you want

Question #1:

When you think about your business right now, which group of emotions do you feel more frequently? “A”: _____ “B”: _____

Doubt: “Is this really possible?” “Am I wasting my time?”
Fear: “What will people say?” “What if I get rejected?”
Worry: “Why isn’t it happening faster?” “Why is it so hard?”

Confidence: “I have set business goals and I know I’ll hit them”
Excitement: “I’m going to be leaving my job soon!”
Joy: “I’m finally doing something I enjoy while making a difference”

Question #2:

Let’s say you want to make some sales of your services or product offer. Are you more likely to… “A”: _____ ‘B’: ______

“A”: _____: Worry that you’d be bothering people if you pitched them, so you work on your website, feel bad about even mentioning your offer, and wait (and pray) for a client to find you.

“B”: _____ Confidently share your offer—and the price!—with everyone you know on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more because you know that people really need it.

Question #3:

If you’ve just hopped off a sales call with a potential client who didn’t end up buying from you, are you more likely to…

“A”: _____ Wonder if you’ll ever get another sales call and doubt if running a business is right for you. (And maybe you’re even thinking that you should just focus on your job.)

“B”: _____ Schedule a follow-up in your calendar, figure out what you can improve based on that conversation, and take focused action to get your next sales call.

Question #4:

Based on the actual progress you’ve made in your business to date, where do you see yourself in five years? (Be honest! This isn’t about where you want to be. We’ll get to that in a bit.)

“A”: _____ I’m still hating the sound of my alarm every morning forcing me to get up and go to work. And I’m still trying to build my business on the side, although it’s starting to feel more and more like a pipedream.

“B”: _____ I turned in my notice a loooong time ago and continue to consistently hit my business goals. I now have the freedom and flexibility to travel, spend time with my family, and live the life I’ve always wanted.

If You Said, “A” to ANY of These, Chances are…

You might be working your butt off trying to make this whole business thing happen, but no matter what you do you can’t seem to crack the “code.”

Maybe you just can’t figure out a profitable business idea…

Or, even if you have, you publish your social media posts and tell people about your offers, all the things you’re “supposed” to do, but still you’re met with crickets…

And your sales calls — when you can even book them — are a complete bust.

It’s rejection after rejection, and you have no idea why.

The ups and downs of this entrepreneurial roller coaster send you into a month-long existential crisis where all you can do is binge watch Netflix, eat every carb in the kitchen, and get lost in your own negative thoughts.

“Am I even cut out for this?”
“What am I missing?”
“Maybe if I just work a little harder…”

Eventually, you pull yourself together again, lick your wounds, and get back on the (business) horse, recharged and ready to pick back up where you left off…

Only to have the same thing happen yet again.

It breaks your heart every time, but you just don’t know what to do differently to break out of this cycle and create the results you want.

The BIG Secret We Uncovered

Most of us have been groomed all our lives to be employees. (So you can imagine why society, especially your employer, doesn’t want you to realize it.)

Think about it. You’ve probably been taught to…

  • Work towards goals that are set for you (like “go to a good school” or “get a good job”) instead of goals YOU want
  • Play it safe (“A job is how you pay the bills. Entrepreneurship is a pipedream.”)
  • Be a “cog” in the machine (“There’s no ‘I’ in team!”)
  • Not disrupt the status quo (“Don’t rock the boat”)
  • Be compliant (“Word hard and your manager will reward you”)
  • Be confident, but not TOO confident (“It’s ok to ask for a raise, but asking for too much is just greedy”)
  • Avoid failure (“Failure is bad. Period. The end.”)

In Other Words, We’ve Been Trained to Have an “Employee Mindset.” That’s literally the exact opposite of what you need to do to succeed as an Entrepreneur.

Traditional 9-5s promote you based on your ability to follow directions and fit in, but when you switch from employee to entrepreneur, how fast you grow is as much about your ability to break the mold as it is the actions you take.

As you can see, it’s a completely different skill. We call it “Entrepreneurial Mindset.”

How Can YOU Develop Your Own “Entrepreneurial Mindset?”

Well, that’s what we set about figuring out next. In the process, we…

Read over 100 books on the subject.
Hire coaches to specifically teach us this skill…
Applied and tested everything we learned…


Nothing changed.

Because the truth is, contrary to popular advice, developing Entrepreneur Mindset is NOT *just*…

  • Being optimistic or repeating affirmations (yeah, try repeating “I will make $10,000 in my business in the next 3 months” and see quickly the money shows up. *Not.*)
  • “Hacks” like…Just be more confident (how do you “be” more confident?)
  • Meditation…(20 seconds into meditating, I’m either dozing off or worrying about my to-do list)
  • Woo-woo tips like “trust the Universe.” (What does that even mean?)

However, after having realized that without fail, every successful entrepreneur talks about developing “Entrepreneur Mindset” (even if they don’t call it that), we knew we couldn’t afford to NOT figure this out. So we continued researching, learning, and testing.

And bit by bit, we figure out a process for making the 4 shifts to master our own “Entrepreneur Mindset.”

The MKS Master Successful Entrepreneurial System and Program Gives You Everything You Need to Develop Your Own “Entrepreneurial Mindset

“MKS Master Key Entrepreneurial Mindset System Coaching Helps You

  • 10x your confidence and build massive, unshakeable trust in yourself, so you can squash those sneaky doubts for good and finally know with certainty that your success isn’t a maybe. It’s an inevitability.
  • Go from frustrated and afraid to showing up confidently and fully in your business every. single. day. Without being afraid of looking stupid or not getting responses. (Although when you share content from a strong Entrepreneur Mindset, people are naturally attracted to it and pay attention.)
  • Stop feeling salesy about even hinting at having something to sell and instead start feeling GOOD about making sales because you’re owning the value you bring to your clients. (Potential clients will sense this too and WANT to buy from someone who’s confident in how they help their clients.)
  • Outsmart your Employee Mindset so you push out the bad habits, overcome your doubts and fears, and create new beliefs that skyrocket your results faster than you could ever imagine
  • Reframe rejections and learn how to let “no’s” and failures stop bothering you because you finally see them for what they are — an opportunity for you to stop holding yourself back and forge another (better) path forward

It’s specific. You’ll get exact scripts, exercises, and examples of how I personally used the exercises.

It’s fast. You’ll be able to finish the coaching sessions in less than 40-60 minutes. And the exercises won’t take much longer. It’s truly that simple. (And you’ll start seeing results right away.)

And it’s practical. You won’t find any fluffy nonsense.

The 4 Simple Shifts to Break Free from “Employee Mindset” and Build your Own “Entrepreneurial Mindset.”

With MKS Master Key “Entrepreneurial Mindset” System Coaching You’ll

Shift [1]: Get Clear on Your Major Purpose and Goals

As soon as you complete the first module, you’ll start feeling more clear, confident, and excited about your goals.

Plus, you’ll discover the #1 mindset shortcut to engineer more sales and bring in more sales monthly as a entrepreneur nobody had heard of.

You’ll discover a top exercise for “tricking” our selves into achieving our big, scary financial goals and hitting 6-7 figures in business.

Shift [2]: Develop Rock Solid Confidence in Your Goals

To hit your goals, you have to truly believe they’re possible. (And no, just telling yourself to believe doesn’t work.)

That’s why in this coaching module you’ll get the proven, smack-’em-down exercises for permanently deleting your doubts and replacing them with new beliefs that bring you confidence, cash, and clients (This will save you years of agonizing and overthinking).

Plus, we’ll also show you the most powerful exercise we’ve found for transforming your relationship with money (so you stop feeling guilty about making sales and start feeling confident and GOOD about charging delicious prices).

Shift [3]: Quash your negative fears and beliefs

After this coaching module, you’re going to feel like a new person who has finally quieted your fears, doubts, and negative doubts. How?

With Employee Mindset, we have deep-seated, negative beliefs and thoughts that have been drilled into us over decades.

That’s why you’re going to love the powerful “excavation” technique that’ll uncover and eliminate the blocks you don’t even realize are sabotaging your success right now.

Plus, we’ll also show you the tried-and-true “courtroom” exercise for logically attacking, dismantling, and shutting down your biggest negative thoughts and blocks.

Shift [4]: Constantly Get Faster and Bigger Results

Because developing and maintaining your Entrepreneur Mindset is a skill, that means you can also get better and better at it. Which will in turn lead to bigger and faster results.

In this module, I’ll show you how to not only master your Entrepreneur Mindset for good, but also how to use it to continually hit every new goal you set.

Your friends and family will wonder at your newfound confidence, motivation, and focus (not to mention actual results). You and I will know what caused it.

The MKS Master Key Entrepreneurial Mindset System and Coaching Program is for you if…

  • You are ready to stop chasing each shiny new tactic or strategy, hoping that it’s the one that’ll finally change things, and are instead ready and open to learning the top skill successful entrepreneurs credit with their success
  • You know you’re missing something (and it’s not “work harder”) that’s holding you back from having a profitable business
  • You want to build a business and lifestyle you love, not one where you’re stressed, scared, and unsure
  • You learn best with tangible steps and exercises that make sense, not cliché advice that makes you raise your eyebrows and wonder if it’ll really work

It is a Powerful Transformation Process

It helps Entrepreneurs, Individuals and Teams go from where they are to where they want to be, not just once, but over and over again.

The MKS Master Key Successful Entrepreneurial System and Program – unlocks the true potential of executives, leaders and teams is a 12 module coaching program.

  • It is a powerful paradigm shifting, educational coaching program of coaching, lectures, self reflection & team worksheets, and more.
  • It reveals how to lead yourself and others, master the mind and gain abundant professional, business and personal success.
  • It makes a difference and produces results.
  • Its interactive and proven curriculum includes modules like:

Defining and achieving goals – if you know how to reach the goal, then it probably isn’t the right goal

Understanding the difference between what you know and what you do – just knowing something doesn’t get results; you must change the behavior to change results.

How to understand and adapt to the unprecedented rapid changes taking place in the corporate world. • Identify and avoid toxic landmines that sabotage your thinking.

 • The magic of attitude – you must give energy to get energy back. It starts with you.

 • How to stop those around you from controlling what you think – with tools to reprogram you to think great thoughts about yourself, your family, and your company

Entrepreneurial Mindset” Skills You’ll Develop

  • Cognitive Flexibility
  • Judgment & Decision
  • Making Critical Thinking
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Self Awareness
  • Complex Problem Solving
  • People-Business Management
  • Coordinating with Others
  • Leadership Service
  • Orientation
  • Negotiation
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Profit Optimization

12 Entrepreneurial Mindset” Principles You’ll Learn and Apply and Optimize

  1. Business Principle: Goal Setting & Achieving

The process of setting and achieving both individual and team goals as taught in this lesson allows participants to easily align themselves to the organisations vision. Participants are encouraged to think big and set both personal and professional goals that organically grow into bigger team goals that bring your organisations vision and strategy to life

2. Business Principle: Return on Investment

Instead of giving participants information on how to do their job, this powerful lesson shows participants how to identify and change individual and team paradigms that prevent them from moving forward. They learn how to implement productive practices that will close the gap between what they already know and what they actually do.

3. Business Principle: Productivity & Efficiency

This lesson teaches participants how to change habits, and will have your team working together to replace negative group habits with productive ones.

4. Business Principle: Peak Performance of Employees

This lesson teaches employees how their mind works, without this knowledge behavior changes will be temporary. Leaders are encouraged to take a close look at their daily habitual actions to see where they can become more productive. Leaders will gain valuable insights into how their team members operate at a subconscious level and how it affects overall results

5. Business Principle: Innovation & Proactive Thinking

Leaders are taught how to think and how to analyse their thinking. Most people think that they think when all they are doing is re-arranging existing memories and ideas creating mental activity in their mind. This lesson helps leaders better understand their mental faculties and how to strengthen them for better decision making, productivity and improved confidence

6. Business Principle: Creating Powerful Teams

Participants will understand that to be more efficient and confident they have to change the image they have of themselves and their team. Teams are strengthened through the emphasis of cooperation rather than competition.

7. Business Principle: Overcoming Barriers to Success

This lesson teaches participants what happens when faced with change and how their thinking in times of change can limit themselves and the team. As leaders understand what happens when they are faced with change they learn to overcome the naturally occurring associated fear.

8. Business Principle: Aligning to the Company Vision

Learn the connection between beliefs and behavior. Underlying limiting beliefs are identified so that participants can change the root cause of results. Instead of focusing on behavior to create change, this lesson hones in on the underlying beliefs that are the root cause of behavior.

9. Business Principle: The Attitude & Mindset of High Performing Teams

Participants are given a complete definition of attitude. This lesson explains what attitude is and how to improve it. This lesson teaches leaders how to focus on and change their mindset about situations in the organisation that aren’t going well. They learn to have greater control over any situation reducing personal stress levels.

10. Business Principle: Effective Leadership

This lesson helps participants develop qualities of leadership in addition to understanding what it means to be a good follower. Emphasis is on the creation of a positive environment where employees are appreciated for the work they do, promoting collaboration across divisions, departments and functions.

11. Business Principle: Profit Through Service

Emphasis is on giving with no expectation of return, service to others. Leaders and their teams are encouraged to do more than they are paid for. This creates a culture of doing more than is expected and promotes positive working relationships.

12. Business Principle; Team Problem Solving

This lesson lays out the steps for a quantum leap leading to a dramatic uplift in performance. It introduces guidelines to create teams of people who work with understanding and in harmony towards achieving a unified goal. This process helps create results in a magnified way free from struggle and confusion.

Program Facilitator

Lead Facilitator: Michael Kissinger-

Michael is is the creator of Reitenbach-Kissinger Institute. He Helps and Empowers CEOs, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & US Veterans Become UNSTOPPLEABLE in Business or Life or Career. He is a Coach ★Strategist ★Expert ★Author ★Helping 10K+ Businesses Solve Problems. 650-515-7545

He specializes in delivering high-impact, practical and integrated training and coaching. He has taught business owners, entrepreneurs, individuals and teams in across America how to reprogram their mind for success.

He is passionate about building self-awareness in organizations and individuals globally. He is well regarded for his ability to empower individuals and organizations to make their personal and professional goals a reality.

His coaching and workshops can be tailored to your specific needs to ensure you and your organization moves from where you are to where you want to be.

He believes that as an individual makes personal shifts, organizations also begin to shift, resulting in increased employee engagement, enhanced leadership capabilities, uplift in sales and a winning edge in the market place.

He is on a mission to help organizations and individuals thrive and to be an integral part in building a world where more people experience exponential growth through self mastery.

He see’s self mastery as the cornerstone to peak performance and knows that through self awareness, people finally step up in life causing a positive ripple affect in their organization, business, career, team, family, social circles, community and the world we all live in.

With his skills and expertise, Michael provides an abundance of knowledge and experience to his clients and his mission is to help clients unleash their full potential and achieve their organizational and personal goals.

About Reitenbach-Kissinger Institute

Reitenbach-Kissinger Institute teach organizations large and small how to unlock the hidden potential of their people helping them achieve personal mastery, group flow, and open the door to limitless possibilities.

To make bold moves and leverage people in your organization for exponential growth it’s essential to understand mindset, it is after all the built in feature that creates optimal performance in individuals and teams.

It is mindset that determines the level of contribution people make to the bottom line, it not only affects how everyone responds to your vision and leadership, it is also influencing the culture, innovation, sales and employee engagement levels.

Reitenbach-Kissinger Institute specializes in developing optimal performance mindsets and increased self awareness. We have developed, and work within, our Peak Performance Framework to offer, design and implement world class programs.

We will show you how to uncover and change outdated paradigms, glitches in thinking, unhealthy unconscious bias and limiting self talk within individuals and teams. Understanding, identifying and transforming these ingrained blocks significantly increases everyone’s ability to experience exponential growth and peak performance

Reitenbach-Kissinger Institute has worked across America to help shift mindsets and move people from where there are now to where they REALLY want to be.

Entrepreneurial Mindset” Results Include

Authentic Leadership – Leaders better understanding themselves and confidently encouraging team members to tap into their dormant potential.

 • Growth Mindsets – Team members being open to and excited by the opportunity that change brings. • Can do Attitudes – Increased confidence allowing team members and leaders to step out of their comfort zone.

 • Cohesive teams – Team members choosing to work together instead of competing against each other.

Achieve Self Mastery and Team Peak Performance

Increase efficiencies with job specific Technical Skills

Strengthen partnerships with Interpersonal, Soft Skill and Emotional Intelligence training

Maintain a vibrant workforce with Health & Well being Initiatives

Build firm foundations for success with Self Awareness

A Final Notes

We’ve seen too many smart, successful people fail to achieve their dreams.

Not because they didn’t work hard enough. Or because they didn’t want it enough. Or because they didn’t have something worth sharing with the world. (we truly believe that every single person or business, and that includes you!, has something special and unique to share.)

The only reason they stayed stuck while others (who maybe even weren’t as hard working, determined, or motivated) successfully claimed the life or business they wanted was because they hadn’t developed this one skill

Developing your “Entrepreneur Mindset” is like learning any skill. In the beginning, it can feel a little scary, a lot unsure. But once you learn it, the results are so rewarding.

A few months from now, we want you to be emailing us about how much your life and business has changed after you developed this one key skill.

Here’s what I’ll leave you with…

As Einstein said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and expecting different results.” If you’re still reading this, things are most likely not going the way you want.

  • Are you going to keep on doing more of the same things that aren’t working?
  • Or are you willing to step into your successful entrepreneur self and get the help you need?

You’ll Never Stop Growing Your “Entrepreneurial Mindset”

It’s unbelievable how many people, small businesses and firm owners we speak with tell us their life or firm sucks the life out of them. They spend too many hours producing too little income. Flying by the seat of their pants, hoping they don’t miss a deadline under the weight of all they have to do. Clients are running them ragged, and payroll is pounding on the door. Now you can end all of that!

Need Support?

Making seemingly impossible things happen in any area of your life or business is our specialty, and we have a proven process that goes against much of what you’ve learned about manifestation and goal achievement in the past.

Over 25,000,000 achievers have now used MKS Master Key Coaching and System, the world’s #1 system, for self or business improvement. We’re grateful for this year and opportunity to serve you.

I know what you are thinking. Whose is this picture of? This is a picture of me when I was jumping with the 10th Special Forces Group. Like you I had to Break Through My Upper Limits.

Please enjoy the above programs! Wishing you and yours a wonderful New Year!

We hope you’ll deepen your practices of journaling, tracking your habits, setting your goals, and watching inspirational classes with us this year and beyond. 

Let’s make the year extraordinary, together.

Cheering you on, always!

Join a “Year of MKS Master Key Mastery Coaching Programs and Systems”.  We’ll spend the first Mondays of the Week with you taking you through advanced personal growth, business growth, profitability optimization and productivity so you can win this year and every years you are in business.

These are just a few tips to look out for when considering Breaking Through Your Upper Limits.

We personally believe this is the best way forward if you are looking for a Breaking Through Your Upper Limits. This is for people who have a dream or desire to be financially independent and are willing to put in the hard work to do so.

Wishing you prosperity and success. Remember You Were Born To Win!!

Michael Kissinger and Sydney Reitenbach

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