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Confidential Testimonials

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No amount of media coverage or advertising is as accurate or convincing as what you hear from the people who matter the most: a company’s clients. We’re proud of what our past and current clients have to say about their experiences.

From contractors, to manufacturers to retailers, their comments are posted here to help you learn more about what Michael Kissinger and the Reitenbach-Kissinger Institute can do for you.

If you are considering whether the Reitenbach-Kissinger Institute coaching services will benefit your business, review these testimonials and read about client experiences.


Testimonials are a type of review and social proof. They serve the same purpose (guiding potential customers and helping overcome objections), but they’re different in one big way: Testimonials are sought and selected.

Michael Kissinger had a long history in business, the construction industry and other industries.

He taught in the construction programs at Golden Gate University and San Francisco State University for over 16 years. These programs included Construction Contracts, Construction Law, Construction Collections, Professional Liability of Architects and Engineers and many more.

He taught over 1,000 construction business owners, architects and engineers.

He was also a contributing author in the Daily Pacific Builder for a number of years. For over 125 years, the Daily Pacific Builder has reported on and published construction reports, legal advertising and request for bid notices covering the Northern California and Northern Nevada regions. It is an adjudicated newspaper of general circulation that assists our customers in meeting their project’s legal advertising requirements. It also helps owners, architects, engineers and contractors gather competitive bids and material pricing to meet costing goals.

He also taught small business at Canada College in Redwood City, California for a few years.

He was a carpenter in Carpenter’s Union Local 22 in San Francisco, California where he went from apprentice carpenter to journeyman, to foreman, to superintendent to California licensed general contractor.



“Problems we were facing in our business included a severe cash flow crunch, quickly accelerating material cost, employees duplicating work and software programs. Michael Kissinger quickly analyzed our business and presented us with a successful plan of action.” Rebar Subcontractor

“Michael Kissinger could not have been a better fit for us. They quickly understood our requirements and worked toward improving our operations while being mindful of the staff. Their patience with us was appreciated and the key factor in our positive outcome. ” Contractor

“We are excited about the new procedures, controls and innovations that Michael Kissinger has initiated and implemented. We feel that these changes have already proven to be beneficial. We have begun to see more productivity in our operations area in the short time we have been working with. Preparing and implementing budgets and cash forecasting will allow us to resume good relationships with our suppliers and will provide us with the tools to keep our payables on track. ” Custom Home Rehabilitation

“There is no way to express the impact that Michael Kissinger had on my company and employees. We have learned so much in such little time and they have enabled us to see that we have so much more potential as a business and individuals than we ever realized. ” Contractor

“Michael Kissinger has been very professional and great to work with. If it wasn’t for their honesty and sincere concern, my company wouldn’t have moved forward. I am more-than-comfortable working with them. ” Contractors

“We are very pleased and satisfied with the service provided to us by Michael Kissinger. They have helped us reach and maintain our company goal. We have enjoyed working with them and are very grateful for what they have helped us to accomplish. ” Contractor

“I am most appreciative of Michael Kissinger ‘s willingness to handle the everyday situations that have helped us learn how to run the business. These included collecting payments owed, presenting information to the bank for a letter of credit and helping design a sales program. Mr. Kissinger has been very willing to work closely with us to help train my employees.” Contractor

“I could tell from the first morning on the job that the Michael Kissinger consultant’s participation in all aspects of our office operations that she was serious about helping our firm. His ability to assess conditions and make adjustments to improve operations was amazing and resulted in saving time and my money. ” Contractor

“Before Michael Kissinger ‘s arrival, I was almost at my wits end, but within one month I am positive that my company is on the right track to becoming profitable and successful. Michael ‘s insights on running a business have been beyond reproach and have taught me valuable lessons in areas such as personnel management and business finance. ” Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor

“With a joint effort from Michael Kissinger and myself, I know my business will grow and succeed like never before. The benefits now available for my employees will surely make them happy and be proud to be associated with this company. ” Heating and Cooling Contractor

“Because of Michael Kissinger we are excited about our future and have a new positive attitude on going forward and having control of our material and labor costs, managing inventory, marketing and running smoothly to ensure a positive cash flow. ” Homebuilder

“After utilizing Michael Kissinger, I have hope and feel better about where our business is headed. I have been taught invaluable lessons about how to make things better and how to run our company more efficiently. ” Plumbing Contractor

“With Michael Kissinger’s help, our company is now operating with an efficiency beyond even my own expectations of what I thought was possible in such a short time. I am personally looking forward to a lasting relationship with Michael Kissinger.” Painting Contractor

“It has been a pleasure to work with Michael Kissinger and his consultant assessing the opportunities and challenges of improving the profitability of our new landscaping business and instituting changes that will ensure that we move quickly to reach these objectives. I have enjoyed working with Michael and I sincerely believe that we could not have repositioned the company without your insight, assistance and guidance. ” Landscaping Contractor

“Michael Kissinger worked closely with us to develop job descriptions, evaluations and human resource documents that mesh well with our company personality. He treated our personnel with respect while teaching us new ways of thinking and new ways of organizing our resources and financial records. I enjoyed his willingness to take the time to talk through the issues and concerns I have as the owner of the company. ” Electrical Contractor

“Michael Kissinger designed and installed systems such as budgeting procedures, estimating processes and cash flow procedures that will increase our profits and allow us to operate much more efficiently. They also educated us on these systems so that we can continue the flow of a successful business long after they are gone.” Landscaping Contractor

“When Michael Kissinger came to our business, we were faced with a serious financial crisis, dwindling sales, poor morale and were struggling to find our way out. We had an idea of where we needed to go, but did not have the tools to get there. Thanks to Michael, we now have those tools, a clear vision of where we are going and the proper attitude to get there. ” Landscaping Contractor

“The implementation of positive changes along with the upgrading of our accounting systems would never have gotten off the ground without Michael Kissinger’s help and guidance. Their knowledge of sound business practices and skill of using the tools available in business today enabled us to make the transition to a more professional operation ” Homebuilders

“Through the Michael Kissinger process of identifying operational flaws and methodically approaching the flaws with tools countervailing inefficiencies, success will be attained with proper implementation, monitoring and adjustments. Electrical Contractor “

“The plan Michael Kissinger developed was aggressive and entailed the necessary changes we needed to make as a company. We realize that we have a great deal to accomplish to take our company to the next level, but with the tools that Michael installed, we are well on our way to reach our goal. ” Electrical Contractor

“The way Michael Kissinger conducted the consultation has allowed us to continue with our daily work and business as well as ease into the changes that have been implemented. It is evident that our company is moving in the right direction due to the effort and concern Michael has put forth. ” Electrical Contractor

“We are a young company, just finishing our fourth fiscal year. Michael Kissinger provided a great education for my staff and me. I intend to be in business for a long time and this will keep us going strong. ” Masonry Contractor

“With the operational plans that Michael Kissinger laid out, I now can run the business instead of letting it run me. I will recommend Michael to other businesses in the future. ” Carpentry Contractor

“Michael Kissinger listened to and observed our needs, wants and desires. In listening and observing, Michael has repaired our business in all the right places. They have been wonderfully patient and precise with solutions. We now have the much needed tools to ensure success both financially and with our staff. ” Civil Engineering Company

“I can honestly say that I have learned a good deal about the financial and organizational health of my company in a very short period, particularly the services I need to help the company grow and prosper in the future. I was impressed with the degree of understanding and knowledge that Michael brings to the table and level of professionalism they gave to my staff and me. ” Land Surveyors

“Michael Kissinger has taught us the skills and given us the information necessary to manage our business properly. He took the time to listen to what we wanted to do and understand the goals we wanted to achieve and helped us to put that plan into action.” Contractors

“Michael Kissinger helped us identify several areas in which we may improve our profit. For once, we truly know what our overhead is and how to properly track costs. They also helped us to implement a workable cash flow program and get back on track with our vendors. We truly appreciate their knowledge and help in these areas. ” Electrical Contractor

“I would like to commend the Michael Kissinger for his professional approach and personal courtesy shown to us on our project. The financial planning and marketing strategies we have learned will facilitate growth in our company. ” Pool Installation

“Michael Kissinger’s consultant’s work ethic and accomplishments with our company’s reorganization was top notch. We were able to set our company’s annual budget, set up an accounting program and manage employees. Many more significant contributions were made, as well. ” Pool and Spa Installation

“My experience with Michael Kissinger was a rewarding one. The knowledge and resources we have received are invaluable. Our company has and will continue to benefit greatly from Michael’s consultation. I am impressed with the high level of professionalism each of their consultants exhibited while working with us. ” Windows, Trim and Vents

“Michael Kissinger helped us with the various financial aspects of our business including budgeting, cost control and teaching us to implement the plan in our daily business activities. I appreciate their patience while we gathered all pertinent documents and their willingness to stay and teach. Michael worked onsite with us during normal business hours and provided assistance to a variety of people in our organization. ” Contracting Company

“Michael Kissinger was brought in to help us cope with the problems of controlling expenses and in particular to develop shop rates, which aid us in estimating quotes with built in predetermined profit and cash flows to sustain debt service and growth. The development of a strategic plan with marketing and sales planning has moved us forward in those market segments to expand sales growth and profits. The flexible budget and planning system has improved our focus to control expenses and grow profitably. ” Remediation Management Company

“Our business has been in the family for almost 100 years and I was deeply concerned that we would be out of business in a few short years. Now, with Michael Kissinger’s help, I am excited about the future of the company and its profitability. My sons and daughter are excited about being a part of growing and viable company. ” Plumbing Company

“I truly believe that the information I have received from Michael Kissinger will make me more profitable. From the incentive program, to the setup of our new accounting system, to the liberation of my time, I thank you for all your help.” Landscaping Company

Civil Engineering Consultants

“The information that was provided to us by Michael Kissinger was well researched and presented. They provided a good representative picture of our firm’s strengths and weaknesses. Michael’s coaching services were quick, intense and well executed. “

Automotive Services

Auto Body Shop

“My experience with Michael Kissinger has been phenomenal. He helped me understand the business and gave me tools to become a confident general manager. I will definitely call upon him again in the future when my business reaches the next level.”

Auto Repair

“We thank Michael Kissinger for all the vital business knowledge that we have obtained through him. Our business of 10 years had flat lined and was lacking direction, structure and focus until Michael came in with the tools and knowledge to take our business to the next level. We now feel that we can manage and grow our small business into the corporation it should be. “

Automotive Sales

“The entire project helped us to identify strengths and weaknesses, create a plan to strengthen our core management structure and implement the process into our company in a smooth and timely manner. Working with Michael Kissinger forced our company to confront the actions necessary to strategically position itself for the targeted goal. We certainly would not have made such quick and decisive actions for improvement without his guidance.”

Auto Service

“From the project, we have gained so much knowledge of the way a business is supposed to be run. When we started this project, we had no idea what was involved in running an effective business. We had no reporting systems to provide me with accurate information. We have involved all our employees in the process of change. We have structured new management teams and are doing a better job of working together.”


“After 23 years of running my own business, Michael Kissinger has given me the tools to run it successfully. Michael has been a pleasure to work with. He has been very patient and kind in his training approach. I appreciate the way he listened and took different approaches in helping me understand unfamiliar financial concepts.”

Auto Body Shop

“I would like to extend a thank you to Michael Kissinger for helping us mature and grow in a short period of time. Together we analyzed the organizational infrastructure and implemented a cash management plan. Before this project, my level of financial understanding was not strong. However, thanks to Michael and his incredible accounting knowledge, I now am able to understand all financial reports and statements.”


“Michael Kissinger’s hard work has not only developed a clearer understanding of our financial records but has been reflected through changes in the attitude of all our employees. His instruction and training on managerial roles have enabled us to communicate and guide our employees in an uplifting manner. Everyone, including myself, is extremely grateful for this service.”


“When we started Michael Kissinger’s program, we had no idea what was involved in running an effective business. We had no reporting systems to provide accurate, up to date information. Michael has provided our family business with a great deal of knowledge to create a professionally managed organization.”

Business Services
Security Systems Company, Business Service

“Michael Kissinger has been a great resource, mentor, coach and friend in this process. He gave me a shoulder to lean on as well as an opportunity to discuss my vision, plans, strategies, and dreams. He empowered me to make many of the changes I have wanted and tried to implement in the past. He enlightened my managers and employees of the importance of change, accountability results and the passion to change this company.”

Security Systems Company, Business Service

“We sincerely appreciate the professional and courteous manner Michael Kissinger supplied input and guidance regarding our business circumstances. The advice given is to the point and of great value to us. “

Design Company, Business Service

“We are a creative type of business so creating structure, definition, business operations and financial procedures are not our strengths. Because of Michael Kissinger, both my employees and employers have more confidence in the company, its future and potential individual income.”

Security System Installer, Business Service

“Michael Kissinger has been a joy to work with. His knowledge and expertise in business management and financial operations is superb and his ability to integrate sound business principles with our unique and specific strengths and weaknesses has truly opened our eyes to areas of previous ignorance, passiveness and neglect.”

Control Technology, Business Services

“Because of our fast growth and lack of previous business experience, we quickly became disorganized and rarely had the proper information to make decisions. These issues are the reason we hired Michael Kissinger. He gave us the methods we need to implement in order to reorganize our company and continue to grow in the future.”

Technology Learning Centers, Business Services

“Michael Kissinger has done a very good job of getting our company focused on what we need to put us in a profitable position. He provided financial tools that will help us better manage our business on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. We are now more organized than we’ve been in many years.”

Wholesale Distributors

“The restructuring of our organizational chart, the development of a business plan, the implemented changes in sales, purchasing, accounting and operations all have had a very positive impact on the profitability of our business.”

Natural Gas Distributor

“Michael Kissinger understood our needs and were able to identify and address the problem areas efficiently. He was a great help getting our company back on

Granite and Marble Distribution

“I personally have been working a great deal with Michael Kissinger and feel that he has been able to motivate and educate both my partner and me. He has proven to us that the possibilities are real and attainable. “

Fuel Distributor

“With the help of Michael Kissinger, we have been forecasted a prosperous future. I appreciate the suggestions and plan to sustain this growth through budgeting, business plans, job descriptions and marketing strategies over the next few years. “

Coffee Distributor

“Michael Kissinger was able to successfully point out the strengths and weaknesses in all aspects of our organization. In the few weeks that Michael was working for us, he has created a new business philosophy for our management. By instituting an annual profit plan and budgeting system we will be able to actively manage our sales revenue, cost of goods sold and operating expenses.”

Supply Co

“I am writing to let you know how pleased we have been with our decision to bring Michael Kissinger’s services to our business. He did an excellent job in adding structure and systems which enable us to see and resolve the issues that most need our attention. His knowledgeable instruction in the new systems that we now have in place has made all the difference.”

Tire and Supply

“Michael Kissinger was a great asset to our office personnel, as well as wonderful, professional addition. We have learned a great deal about our company, what we were doing wrong and how to correct those mistakes. Michael provided us with a great service.”

Clothing Store

“I requested that Michael Kissinger come in to help my company overcome its weaknesses and become more profitable. He surpassed my expectations and took a genuine interest in my company. We immediately began to see results. “

Apparel and Supply

“Due to Michael Kissinger’s help, I have made great progress in my business. I now have the tools that give me the ability to see manage my money. He was very honest in working with me and within my cash flow so that we can bring this project along. He interacted with my employees professionally and effectively and enjoyed their input regarding how to successfully run the business. I would look forward to working with him again.”

Furniture Store

“Michael Kissinger provided us with a valuable service. We are now able to accurately determine our break-even, cost and price our products and confidently execute all other tasks. The project has been a success. Not only does my staff have a better understanding of their responsibilities, but they also now understand how they affect other departments, cash flow, profitability and the

Appliance Co

“When I hired Michael Kissinger, I felt my company was at a crossroads and in order to make sure the company went in the right direction I decided I needed some outside help. Michael did an excellent job developing a plan tailored to our company and accomplished all the goals that were set. I am extremely satisfied with the performance and would recommend Michael’s company in the future. I am confident that I now have an ally in the business work, and I have the confidence to set future goals for the company and accomplish those goals. Thank you again.”

Hardware Store

“We have seen a continued increase in our end of year gross sales. This has always been a good feeling for us, but in the past few years we had become increasingly concerned about having a positive cash flow. If the sales were there, where was the cash? As this question was again weighing heavily on us, a phone call from Michael Kissinger happened. Since Michael, my husband and I have felt like the floodgates have been opened to us. We have been introduced to the tools that will give us the capabilities to run our store as a more updated entity. “

Computer Repair

“Michael Kissinger offered solutions to many of the problems that were keeping my company from running smoothly and kept it growing. It was a very enlightening experience and I look forward to working with them again. “

Healthcare Services

“Michael Kissinger has developed some very useful financial tools that were easy to learn and were implemented into the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly business plan. Michael’s approach to creating these tools is something I consider extremely innovative, and I am impressed with their ability to detail each tool for our business. “

Home Health Services

“Our business contracted with Michael Kissinger because we had failed as management to implement our ideas. Moving forward, Michael mapped out a thorough strategy including financial, management and employee considerations to meet our goals of increasing efficiency and profitability for the company. “


“Michael Kissinger operated in a very professional manner when identifying our areas of concern. They also worked to rectify our concerns in a way that was easy for my staff to understand. “

Misc. (Hockey Leadership Program)

“Michael Kissinger has been a very positive force, knowledgeable coach and a mentor to all our staff. He has been an inspiration to me, and I am very grateful to him for that. He has made my life better and ultimately his input and action has changed lives of all our employees. I thank to Michael for his professional service he provided. You have made us a better company. “


“In a matter of three days Michael Kissinger was able to understand the problems and started working on a new business plan to reorganize our company. He was able to completely restructure the way we were managing our business. By addressing each item with this knowledge and foresight with the plan that Michael devised, I was able to work an 8-hour day instead of the 14–16-hour days that I had been working and I still remained under control. “

Dry Cleaner

“It would have taken us years to accomplish what we did in just a few weeks. We not only have all the tools in place that we need to be successful in the future, but we also understand those tools. I value working with Michael Kissinger as one of the best investments I have ever made. “

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