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Earn and Learn How to Become A Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly Starting With Nothing from our Coaches Who Have Earned Over $240,000,000

There are more than 20 million millionaires in the United States. Because many of them capture the attention of the press or become pop culture sensations, it might seem like becoming a millionaire is impossible for everyday people.

  • Do you want to become a millionaire starting with nothing? Building wealth and reaching millionaire status is a common goal among many people, especially in the United States.

It is very attainable if you look at it as a long game. Becoming a millionaire fast (within a few years) is much more difficult but absolutely possible. Becoming a millionaire can be easily achieved if you have time, discipline, knowledge and patience.  The Millionaire Maker Earl Shoaff Lecture – How To Get Everything You Want Out Of Life Before you can become a millionaire, it’s important to know what it actually means to become and be one and all the work required.

The truth is that you don’t need to develop the next tech unicorn or be a celebrity to become a millionaire. In reality, most millionaires are regular people, not all of whom bring home six- and seven-figure salaries. With a bit of common sense and discipline, you, too, can become a millionaire, especially if you are business minded. How to become a millionaire ~ Earl Shoaff

While the status of millionaire is alluring, aim to achieve financial freedom rather than arbitrarily aiming to reach the two comma club.

Financial freedom may require more or less than $1 million, depending on your unique circumstances. Use our guide to figure out how to Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly.

Regardless of the specific financial goals you decide on, your focus should be to listen to and follow the advice of people who have done it.

Would You Like to Get a Step-by-Step Game Plan to Help You Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly?

A Few Minutes of Your Time Reviewing these Materials Creates Life Changing Earning Results.

Are you looking at your bank account and wonder how can I be more financially independent or stable? How about how can I create a more secure future, for yourself or your family? 

You might be thinking, I have heard of you, but I’m not sure how you can help me, my life, my business or my finances.

I get it! I have been around long enough to see many coaches and leaders come and go. We have taken the lessons learned in the last 50 years in Personal Development, Traditional business and Network Marketing and Prosperity and taught programs that will help you gain knowledge, skill and motivation to ignite your life or business. We work with people from all walks of life and all levels of experience.

If you want to Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly, This is for You.

You don’t need to buy anything and there will be no sales pitch. This is simply life-changing complimentary information for anyone serious about changing their life, finances and business. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill, traditional automated information. If you are ready to join us after reading and listening to this information please let us know.

Wishing you and your Great Abundance,

The Reitenbach-Kissinger Success Institute

Michael Kissinger or Sydney Reitenbach

PS Sydney and I are passionate about helping people develop financial freedom and independence through proven personal development, business and wealth-building lessons that we’ve learned over the past 40 years. We teach and apply the principles of personal development, entrepreneurship, and small business.

TAKE THE FIRST STEP NOW…Listen, Learn and Apply the Proven Strategies You Need to Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly

These speakers, have earned over $240,000,000. They will Share Real Network Marketing Lessons. These are not interviews but step-by-step strategies to build your business.  Just click on any speaker’s name to access to today’s lessons.   

To Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly Check Tom and Denice Chenault Who Earn $1,000,000,000/yr

They don’t do it part time or full time. They do it ALL the time. Tom has had a varied and colorful past. From restaurateur to airplane salesman to stock broker he has done it all.

And it was a search for that elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. And then Youngevity and Dr. Joel Wallach came into their lives. And along with it came meaning and passion. The Chenault’s had finally found a way to positively impact the lives of virtually every one they met.

The Chenault’s have a deep interest in the lives of their fellow distributors, and travel around the country to train them to do the same. They believe that loving and serving others has been key to their success.  By investing in others and helping them to achieve their goals, They have found greater satisfaction in their careers. Find out more about Tom & Denice at

Their Seminar Lesson will cover: The Coffee Shop & “The Brick”

To Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly Check Ben Sturtevant Who Earned over $9,000,000

He has been involved in Network Marketing since 1997.  He was 19 and a junior in college when he was first introduced by his girlfriend’s father (BTW – she’s my wife now).

At the time he really didn’t know anything about it.  He just liked the guy’s daughter so when he asked me to go to a “meeting” to check it out. He thought, “Well, I guess I should go if I want to keep dating his daughter.”

He went and fell in love with it.  When that presenter reached the residual income slide in the presentation he was hooked.  He thought, “All I have to do is find 3 and they’ll find 3 and they will all find 3.”  We know the rest.

He went home that night and dropped $745 on a credit card (that he had no way of paying back) and started his journey in Network Marketing.

For the next 3 years he treated it like a hobby and it paid him like one.  In other words, he spent way more than he made.  In fact, after 3 years he had 24 bodies in his “business” and 23 of those he paid for to join (don’t ever do this).

It’s safe to say that he didn’t get off to the best start. He’s not going to bore you with excuses as to why.  The reality is that he didn’t take it seriously enough and didn’t make it a big enough priority in his life.

It wasn’t until after he got out into the real world (working in Physical Therapy) that he came to the realization that working for someone else wasn’t for him.  He wanted the freedom that Network Marketing could provide.  He also wanted his wife to be able to be home with his kids so he had to make something happen.

That’s when things changed for him  He found is “why” and when he promised his wife she would be able to be home with his kids he began to take his business seriously.

With that same company he was with for the previous 3 years, he decided to work it hard.  Around his 50 hour per week job in PT, he worked another 30 to 40 hours per week in his Network Marketing business.  Within 14 months of that all in effort he matched both his my wife’s and his income.

Of course, a success story wouldn’t be any good without some adversity.  In 2004 his first and only Network Marketing company decided to dissolve its Network Marketing division.  He was crushed emotionally and thought his life was over.  Thankfully he didn’t give up.  He committed to being successful and forged ahead.  Since that time he has built teams of over 50,000 and made millions of dollars of income.

Today he is a father of two amazing children and a husband to the most incredible woman in the world (my high school sweetheart).  They live in beautiful Santa Rosa, CA and are actively involved in their community.

He was fortunate to work with some amazing people and learned so much in this journey.  That is why he decided to create  He felt like there was a need from networkers to receive real training from people who have actually built a real business.  He hopes that you’re able to benefit from the information he has to share! Find out more about Ben at

In this session he shares exactly how he’s earned over $9,000,000 through recruiting and duplicating. 

Duplicating Properly Teaches Powerful Recruiting

To Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly Check David and Stacy Whited Who Earned over $4,000,000

David and Stacy Whited have spent the last two decades exploring the principles of creating an amazing marriage and raising world changing children. As multimillion-dollar earners in the direct sales and network marketing industry they have duplicated themselves by creating dozens of six figure and million dollar earners as well.

With their residual income, they have used their platform and wealth in the market place to combat fatherlessness and multigenerational poverty. They have been $20K/month earners for over 20 yrs teach how to win every appointment

Their Seminar Lesson will cover Winning Every Appointment

To Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly Check Ann Feinstein Who Earned in Excess of $25,000,000

Long-term top producer shares her brilliant piece on how to become a master at leverage.  OPM, other people’s minds, is the key to wealth and these four have earned in excess of $25,000,000…

Hello, my name is Ann Feinstein, and I want to extend my hand and say it’s so nice to meet you, as I really enjoy getting to know more & more people around the world; hopefully I will have that privilege with you.

Building relationships based on trust, good times and long lasting friendship are the essence of my life. I am passionate about helping people accomplish their lifelong dreams and goals to LEARN * EARN * GROW with the best Skill Sets for Success as a 25+ year personal success coach, inspirational public speaker and sales trainer, having mentored 1000’s around the world to achieving top producer levels.

Growing up in Bucks County, PA, with 2 younger brothers, my parents told us to go to college, get a good education and we would feel secure. Following their advise and graduating from Penn State University, I became a high school English teacher and Drama Coach living on my own in Allentown, PA. Those first two years out of school were a real turning point for me, as I soon discovered what it meant to scrape by on more month than money!

Jumping on an opportunity to move to NYC as Director of Research for a leading Park Avenue consulting firm, I met my first entrepreneurial mentor who told me: “Ann, the only security you will ever have in life is what you create for yourself.“

Reflecting back, that was a game changing moment for me in my early 30’s sitting in my 3 wall cubicle, feeling like a prisoner of that 40 story office building, contemplating what my next career step should be to break free!

I soon realized that everything I had done up to that point … every skill I had worked so hard to develop both as a teacher and as a corporate consultant … and every step I had taken to expand my vision and determination to succeed … had prepared me for the next step that would change my life forever.

Along the way did I meet the love of my life, David, and together we discovered our ultimate purpose and vision to harness the emerging entrepreneurial trends in this global economy, together with the expansive breakthrough technologies where we would create powerful new multinational relationships and make a difference in the lives of so many amazing friends around the world!

My focus is to empower & inspire you to live your life to the fullest, create the reality you truly want for yourself, and to LIVE FULL OUT by discovering your Purpose, Passion and Posture. Find out more about Ann at

Her Seminar Lesson will cover: Duplicating With Leverage

Day 2 line-up: T

To Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly Check Tom “Big Al” Schreiter Who is a 8 Figure Earner, 40+ Years

Literally saved my career. He’ll cover recruiting… how to start the conversation.

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter has 40+ years of experience in network marketing and MLM. He has spoken in over 80 countries on using the exact words and phrases to get prospects to open up their minds and say “YES.”

His passion is marketing ideas, marketing campaigns, and how to speak to the subconscious mind in simplified, practical ways. He is always looking for case studies of incredible marketing campaigns that give usable lessons. As the author of numerous audio trainings and books, Tom is a favorite speaker at company conventions and regional events. Find out more about Tom at

His Seminar Lesson will cover: Rejection Free Recruiting

To Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly Check Debra Gebhardt Who is a $14,000,000 earner

She’ll show you exactly, step-by-step,  how to drive a line deep Debra’s strong drive and work ethic have led her to many exciting opportunities, both personally and professionally, throughout her life.

Over 20 years ago, she worked as head of a seizure unit in a children’s hospital. Although she loved what she was doing, she yearned for a profession that would allow her flexibility, creativity, time, and financial freedom. Most importantly, Debra wanted to make a more powerful impact on the world around her. “I believe we all want and need to feel a part of something much bigger than ourselves and give back something meaningful to the world,” she says. “It’s important to me to know that my time spent here is spent creating value that will benefit the lives of others.”

For Debra, the network marketing profession was her perfect match, and she dove right in. “This business model made sense and just felt right,” she says. “In traditional business, you struggle, work hard, and people try to hold you back because they don’t want you to threaten their space. In the network marketing profession, it’s all about helping others excel and working together as a team.” For Debra, being part of the network marketing profession was right in sync with her personal missions of giving back to others.

Her focus on others made her a natural leader, mentor, and thriving business builder. During that time, Debra helped open and develop many international markets which created a seven-figure yearly residual income, allowing her to retire in her 30s. Looking back, Debra says, “That was an exciting time filled with so many new experiences including tremendous personal growth, travel, and establishing incredible friendships that continue today.” Find out more about Tom & Denice at

Her Seminar Lesson will cover: Duplicating in Depth

To Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly Check Richard Bliss Brooke Who Is An 8 Figure Earner

Has earned millions… a trusted business advisor of mine. You’ll learn recruiting techniques that will have you talking to more people, as yourself, today...

From Chicken Chopper to Millionaire CEO at Age 30

Richard grew up on a cattle ranch in Chowchilla, California. His parents were affluent and educated, but Richard was a negative thinker. He hated high school, felt unworthy of love after his parent’s divorce, and barely graduated with a D average. So it was no surprise when his “ambition” led him to Foster Farms, the largest poultry plant in the world.

Richard began living life at the speed of 38 BPM (Birds Per Minute). His job was to cut chickens into parts as they flew past him on the production line. Ambitious and hard working, Richard dreamed of climbing the ranks and happily retiring after 40 years. With four years under his belt, Richard thought he was really cutting it – life, not chickens. It was 1977. Richard was 22 years old.

Then something happened that forever changed the course of Richard’s life. Foster Farms changed their policy to where only employees with a four-year college degree could advance. This led Richard to say yes to a new opportunity: Network Marketing.

Initially he struggled to figure IT out … how to find the right people, what to say and how to overcome the setbacks. Eventually through a rigorous investment of time and money in his own personal development he discovered that it was his own thoughts, beliefs and stories about himself that was holding him back. He changed them … changed them quickly and his business changed with them.

Three years later, at age 28, Richard had 30,000 active partners building with him.

Featured on Success Magazine at 37! In March 1992, at age 37, SUCCESS magazine featured Richard and his company on its cover. This was the first time a mainstream business magazine featured Network Marketing in a positive light. This issue outsold every issue in SUCCESS magazine’s almost 100-year history.

Bestselling Author

Richard is the author of the bestselling Network Marketing book “The Four Year Career®.” Four Year Career  Richard Bliss Brook’s The Four Year Career: 12th Edition; The Perfect Network Marketing Recruiting & Belief Building Tool; MLM Made Easy; Master Direct Sales Paperback – October 26, 2020

3 Reasons Why You Need The Four Year Career  Book:

#1. Create a Different Kind of Prospect: when a prospect reads The Four Year Career® … even just scans it … they will listen to a presentation with a level of respect and openness rarely experienced without the book.

#2. Make Prospecting Easier: asking prospects to read a 1-hour book is easier than asking them to listen to a presentation. People know a video is a sales pitch and they listen with that bias. People hold books as truth and education, and they read them with a neutral bias. Knowing that, it shifts your state of being when talking to a prospect … you are more confident and powerful. Sell the read vs. your program, and dramatically increase your enrollments.

#3. Help Recruit Recruiters Onto Your Team: recruiting recruiters is where exponential growth comes from. If you make the book a part of your culture by having prospects and new distributors on board with it, you up the number of leaders you attract who also see themselves as recruiters.

Featuring 10 success stories from top industry leaders including Ian Farrar from Purium, Luciano Fidalgo from Mannatech, Tara Wilson from LifeVantage, Tom Chenault from Youngevity, JJ Birden from Isagenix, Sarah & Tony Zolecki from Modere, Charlene Fike from Shaklee, Robin Packard from Xyngular, Wendy Bakke from Yoli, and Michael DiMuccio from Nikken.

Proven Generic Recruiting & Belief Building Tool

Have you ever gotten any of these reactions from friends, family or prospects when you’ve invited them to just take a look?

  • Umm, isn’t that like a pyramid scheme or something?
  • I had a friend who did that. They didn’t make any money.
  • Ugh. I don’t want to sell anything.

What if one powerful little book could take those objections and turn the skeptics into believers? The Four Year Career® by Richard Bliss Brooke is known throughout the Network Marketing community as the best first for prospects … especially to build the belief of the skeptics. This compelling, generic, non-company specific, easy-to-read book is the single best recruiting tool you can use to open the door and invite prospects to just take a look. It paints a clear and vivid picture of why and how Network Marketing will align with each person s unique vision including your own!

The Four Year Career® will also help you master the art of the invite and build belief in the incredible wealth-building opportunities of Network Marketing. And, now it’s even better than ever! Totally rewritten from front to back, the NEW Four Year Career® has a better flow, compelling new facts, and even more Aha analogies to help people get the why and how of Network Marketing.

Prospecting & Recruiting Made Easy

  • 30 Minute Read Super-fast read with easy-to-understand illustrations of the magic of Asset Income and the power of earning it month after month.
  • Recruit without Selling Instead of you having to explain Network Marketing and residual income, the book does it for you.
  • Overcome Objections Tackles the top myths of Network Marketing, even the pyramid one so that even your biggest skeptics will be open.
  • Champion the Industry Learn why Network Marketing is inspiring entrepreneurs to a new kind of business.
  • What it Takes to Build Successfully Outlines 3 basic activities to create a powerful four-year career and how to put their own future in their own hands … or not. Close Prospects with Ease Helps lead prospects to answer the important question … Is this for me? And naturally opens them to just take a look at your opportunity.

Hundreds of thousands of distributors have used this book to build belief, grow their businesses, and turn skeptics into Network Marketing believers.

Richard is also the author of the personal development book “Mach2: The Art of Vision & Self-Motivation.” The principles in this book are what launched Richard to breakout success … and what landed him on that history-making cover of SUCCESS magazine.

More of the Story

In his 40-year career in Network Marketing, Richard has become one of the most sought-after trainers and coaches of our time. He regularly hosts a 1-day Live Your Bliss Workshop where he brings the principles of “Mach2” to life. He also hosts 4-day transformational retreats where he coaches small groups into a different state of being. Richard speaks to audiences in the thousands, including at Eric Worre’s Go Pro Recruiting Mastery Event and Sonia Stringer’s Believe Conference.

Richard is a former member of the Board of Directors of the Direct Selling Association, a senior member of the DSA Ethics Committee, and the man who brought you the incredible viral video series Super MLM Man.

The Happily Ever After …

One of the best gifts Richard has received from the profession is the gift of love. A speaking engagement led him to connect and fall madly in love with his wife, soul mate and partner for life, Kimmy.

Together, they own two global businesses and run them from their personal paradises in Lanai, Hawaii, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and Boulder, Colorado.

Through the work of Bliss Business, their Network Marketing tools, training, and retreat organization, they have made it their mission to share their knowledge on growing ethically with leaders from ALL organizations … because they know that we are all better together!

Find out more about Richard at

His Seminar Lesson will cover: Recruiting Authentically

To Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly Check Miguel and Masa Who Earned over $4 Million Dollars

They’ll show you why duplicating and recruiting must be done in tandem and,  more importantly… how to do it. Masa is from Slovenia, graduated from Oxford University and then got her PhD in Genetics. At the age of 27, she was faced with the disappointment of a low-paying scientific career: “She moved to Australia in 2004 with just two suitcases and $2000 in her pocket.”

Miguel is from Spain and he is a trained commercial pilot, but he found that aviation industry was always one of the first ones to get hit in any economic downturn. “After living for several years in both England and Dubai, he left everything to start a new life in Australia in 2005.”

Masa & Miguel found network marketing at the end of 2005, not even a year after moving to Australia with nothing but a couple of thousand dollars. They have built large organizations with 10,000s people worldwide. In addition, they launched their generic training platform called Pyjama Bosses in late 2014, which has led them to become authors, speakers and generic trainers.

Masa & Miguel have worked with leaders from more than 30 different network marketing companies and their passion and focus is helping leaders create customized team duplications systems to help them scale their network marketing businesses to 6- and 7 Figures. They live in Brisbane, Australia and travel frequently to support our worldwide businesses. Find out more about Masa and Miguel at

Her Seminar Lesson will cover: A System Is Mandatory

To Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly Check John Cini Who Earned Over $2,000,000.

His Seminar Lesson will cover: Recruiting and Fail-Safe Organization

  • “Million Dollar Whizz Kid” pushing $2,000,000.00.
  • Author of “Find Files Fast”, John shows how to use Google as an assistant. Never lose a lead or miss an appointment again.
  • How he’s build over 7000 contacts in his phone from people who said “no” to the business and, how to recruit effectively and fast.

To Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly Check Jimmie Jayes Who Earned over $4 Million Dollars

His Seminar Lesson will cover: On combining off-line and online methods to generate 30+ mega qualified leads, locally, a month is already blowing the minds of those listening.

He grew up in a traditional home with traditional advice about going to school and getting a good job. Even still, before he knew what the word entrepreneur was, he was starting businesses and solving problems.

When he was 21 years old someone asked him, “what would you do if time and money were no object?” His answer was, “I think I would just be a really good dad”.

At the time, he didn’t have a girlfriend, let alone a kid; but he knew that was important to him.

He grew up in a single parent family, and got very close to his mom. His mom worked part time rather than full time (as a nurse) so that she could be with him. She chose time over money. He can’t tell you exactly how his life is different today because of the sacrifices she made, but he knows for sure that he is a different person because his mom was there when he got home from school. She taught him to make his own decisions, and to believe in himself.

Then, as his mom got older, he saw that she didn’t have a lot of savings, or retirement, and he saw the effects of the sacrifices she made. He decided that he was going to be the type of parent his mom was, without being screwed financially at the end of it. He also decided that he wanted to give back to his mom and create some cool life experiences with her.

He is an entrepreneur recovering from “shiny object syndrome”. The first 5 years of being an entrepreneur he had been in 3 businesses and multiple investments. He did not have success at everything he did…in fact, he failed at most of them. But he did learn every time. And he did get up every time. (sometimes he laid on the mat for a few seconds) In hindsight, the problem was rarely the business; it was almost always him. He didn’t know how to work through the hard times of a business. Jumping from one business to another is fine if you want to be an entrepreneur, but its not a great plan if you want to be a leader.

Once you are leading, you have the responsibility of other peoples lives in your hands, and its hard to follow someone who cant make up their mind. Once he started to focus it only took 2 years for his income grew to 20 times his previous business high. In other words, he started making more a month than he used to make in a year and a half. Its just like a camera; what you focus on develops.

He is a husband and father. He is blessed with a funny, beautiful, and fun wife who is an amazing mother to his kids. Creating life experiences as a family, traveling together, and being together for the little “day to day” moments is what he is most proud of.

He set a goal 6 years before his son was born to be able to be a stay at home dad one day- and was able to honor it. He has never seen his wife or himself go to a job.

He didn’t know his dad growing up, so it is very important for him to have fun with his son, to teach him, and to create memories with him. Henry has traveled to more cool places in 4 years then he did in my first 28 years of my life. Some of his favorite memories with him is sleeping in their back yard on their trampoline on a Wednesday night. They just decided at 10pm that it would be a fun thing to do- and because he is his own boss, He decided to call in sick the next day. Those tiny moments are what make all the work worthwhile.

Now he has a beautiful baby girl named Emery to create life experiences with! He also have a little brother who is now 17. He is a miracle. He had 4 strokes before he was even born- he shouldn’t be able to walk, talk, or have any motor function. Of course when he was a baby, no one knew any of this, and no one told him; so he just started to develop like anyone else. He taught himself to talk, and to walk, and to do 90% of what everyone else can do. The left side of his body doesn’t always listen to his brain (including his left hand, left leg, and left side of his tongue) but he manages; and he has a huge heart. Find out more about Jimmie at

His Seminar Lesson will cover: Expand Your List With Targeted Local Prospects

  • Combining online & offline with Meet-Up App.
  • People who are interested in the benefits you offer will contact YOU.
  • Prospects happily pay you to meet them with a group of other like minded people.
  • The conversion rate on these leads is insanely great, off the charts!
  • Step-by-step instructions. Fun, fast and turns up people ready to buy and ready to join.

To Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly Check Andrea Waltz Who Earned over $4 Million Dollars

She virtually tripled his list and effectiveness with social media.  The same will happen for you when you apply what she teaches you Andrea Waltz is co-owner of Courage Crafters, Inc. and the creators of a ground breaking business building strategy called, Go for No! Along with her husband and business partner Richard, they have made it their mission to spread the “power of no.” They have done much of that using Andrea’s social media and online marketing expertise and engagement strategies. Their philosophies have been embraced by people in a wide variety of industries and businesses to rave reviews and amazing results. Find out more about Andrea at

Her Seminar Lesson will cover: Expanding Your List With Social Media

  • Best selling author of “Go for No“; Speaker at most MLM events.
  • How to use social media the right way. And avoid the biggest mistake.
  • Size means nothing if people are not responding.
  • You’ll quickly learn & apply four steps to grow a responsive list today.

 To Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly Check John Cini’s Who Earned over $3 Million Dollars

His specialty is staying organized.  He’ll show you how to never lose track of a contact, appointment[or any thing for that matter]. And how he’s put over 7000 contacts on his phone.  

John Cini is an Army veteran, got a real estate license at age 20, former FINRA registered rep, systems manager for a Chrysler dealership, and programmer at the US Census Bureau.  He’s worked full-time in direct sales since 1990, spending 17 years with Nu Skin Enterprises (publicly traded on the NYSE), where he was one of the first 400 people to earn $1 million with that company.  

In 1998 his story was published in the book, “Your First Year in Network Marketing,” by Mark Yarnell.  In 2009 he was one of the top 20 earners with DubLi, in 2013 he was #8 in startup revenue with North American Power, and in 2016, he built a downline of over 5000 people in 8 months, generating over $2M in revenue, and was one of 3 people to receive the company’s “President’s Award.”

 John has been on the rep advisory board of 3 companies.  In 2010 he wrote the book on how to organize your computer, “Computer Chaos Control,” which sold copies in 7 countries.  He is active in his church, has a 9-year-old daughter, and plays basketball every Thursday night. Find out more about John at

His Seminar Lesson will cover: Expand Your List With Targeted Local Prospects

  • Combining online & offline with Meet-Up App.
  • People who are interested in the benefits you offer will contact YOU.
  • Prospects happily pay you to meet them with a group of other like minded people.
  • The conversion rate on these leads is insanely great, off the charts!
  • Step-by-step instructions. Fun, fast and turns up people ready to buy and ready to join.

To Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly Check Mark Davis Who Earned over $4 Million Dollars

He is the coach’s coach when it comes to speaking and presenting.  You’ll love this piece and feel confident presenting Mark Davis is an international speaker, trainer and social entrepreneur whose passion is to inspire people to communicate. Mark’s experience and passion lie in speaking and training.

During Mark’s career, he has: Spoken for more than 20 years in 20 countries and led classroom training with translation Written 5 books on Public Speaking
Developed online strategies for key networking leaders around the world. Led organizations in the profit and non-profit sectors, Mark is also passionate about coaching and making a positive social impact.

Mark is the Director of Melbourne Education and Training Centre Pty Ltd, a registered company in Australia. METCentre provides publishing, writing, speaking and training consulting services around the world. Find out more about Mark Davis at

His Seminar Lesson will cover: How to Present Your Business

  • Best selling author of 7 books on presenting.
  • Mark is the “secret weapon” of great MLM trainers & presenters.
  • You’ll learn how to present effectively to 1 or 25,000 and have fun!
  • 3 tiny tricks that will instantly boost confidence and your closing ratio.

To Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly Check John Milton Fogg Who Earned over $20 Million Dollars

He is the author of The Greatest Networker In the World, has a great piece [and booklet] on the art of listening. Selling is listening… and John breaks it down for you. 

John Milton Fogg is a writer, editor, educator, speaker, radio talk show host and mentor- coach.

He’s the author of the Network Marketing classic, The Greatest Networker in the World, which has sold more than one million copies around the world. He’s been called ‘The Napoleon Hill of Network Marketing’ and he’s been involved in Direct Sales for more than 30 years.

John has spoken to 25,000 people in Moscow’s Olympic Stadium and to groups around the world in Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Dubai, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and throughout the United States.

John has written or edited more than 20 books including The Greatest Networkers in the World— Twenty-one ordinary people who became millionaires in Direct Selling and the true stories of how they did it. John co-founded Upline magazine. His latest book project, SPEAKING & LISTENING— You Don’t Listen & You Talk Too Much, will be published in 2017.

John was 69 years old in January of 2017. He has two adult children: Rachel 35 and Johnny 31. He lives with his violin and Zumba-teaching wife & partner Katyusha and their two girls, Eleonora Milena, age 15 and Anais Polina, age 11, and Mishka the Schnoodle where he rides the country roads on his classic Honda motorcycle just south of Charlottesville, Virginia USA. Find out more about Johm at

His Seminar Lesson will cover: Why Recruiting Begins With Listening

To Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly Check Jerry Scribner A Million Dollar Earner.

You’ll love Jerry’s rejection- free recruiting lesson [and you’ll love him too]. We had a lot of the same challenges years ago and Jerry solved the puzzle. He’s proof that the old saying “nice guys finish last” is a lie. Here is the full transcript of Jerry’s Lesson Just CLICK HERE

Jerry Scribner knows the value of personal development. As a young man growing up in central Michigan he wanted more than anything to be a professional athlete. Jerry dreamed of playing for his beloved Detroit Tigers, Lions, or Pistons and becoming a champion. Jerry had a lot of heart, he refused to give up, but normal talent. His sports career ended in high school. Always the dreamer, he set out to be a millionaire by age 30, it didn’t happen. So Jerry went to college at age 31 and entered corporate America. Over the years his dreams diminished and he “settled” for an average job, home, debts, and life.

In 2007 a friend asked Jerry to watch a short online video regarding network marketing. It made sense and Jerry launched his business on a spare time basis. The first thing his friend did was send him a personal development CD by Jim Rohn. That single act of kindness propelled Jerry to seek his own journey of personal responsibility. Jerry became a devout reader of personal development books. He was always listening to CD’s in his car that would teach him how to be a better person and he decided to associate with the kind of people he longed to be. Jerry has been blessed to have met many great people who have become a part of his networking business.

Because of the success of the people in his networking “community”, Jerry and his wife Monica and their two daughters, have lived a blessed life. His “purpose” is to help families totally eliminate debt from their lives. “We had serious economic needs when we found our Networking business,” Jerry says. Jerry considers himself a “normal guy” who focused on studying the success of others. Today he continues to build his networking “community” and teaches people how to get rid of debt and the personal development principles that have enriched his life. Find out more about Jerry at

His Seminar Lesson will cover: Recruiting

  • Million dollar earner.
  • Only person in the history of his company to win BOTH top awards.
  • You’ll learn how “tiny questions” change everything – prospects promptly demand information.
  • You’ll receive dozens of “tiny questions” and suddenly be recruiting, without fear or rejection, today!

To Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly Check Roger Boger Who Earned over $15 Million Dollars

He has earned over $15,000,000 and his 4 points to the recruiting mind set will get you excited.

Roger earned:

  • 1966 – Earned B.S. in biology
  • 1969 – Earned M.S. in cellular biology, taught at Ohio State University, Wright State University
  • 1971 – Was a Fellow in research at Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA
  • 1972 – Earned D.D.S. from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA
  • 1981 – Became a Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry (FAGD)
  • Received Advanced certification in Branemark Implant Dentistry
  • Member ADA, PDA
  • Active over the years in commercial and residential real estate as an investor and developer
  • Certified Professional Ski Instructor (P.S.I.A.-E.)
  • Past President of many Dental Organizations
  • Practiced dentistry for 26 years in Easton, PA
  • Retired from dentistry in November, 1998
  • Board Member , Ohio Medical Chamber of Commerce
  • Partner, The Ohio Cannabis Institute
  • Founding partner of Apical Corporation, committed to Private health management and global wellness. Co-Chair with DeSoto Jordan ( who ran Ross Perot’s health systems out of Texas )

1981 to present

Lecturer both nationally and internationally on Health & Wellness. He has spoken in Japan, Canada, France, England, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Russia and the Caribbean, among other places.  He has lectured on Energy Medicine nationally.

Dr Boger has authored articles for journals for people involved in the distribution of Wellness Products and journals for marketing. He has recorded many audiotapes, videotapes, CDs and DVDs to mentor people who are involved in similar businesses.

Dr. Boger created a Wellness Center called Lifespan, The Center for Integrative Health, on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina and is constructing others.  The unique concept includes traditional, alternative and wellness approaches to help people make the best lifestyle changes that will ensure long and healthy lives.  His plans include constructing these facilities in many global locations. 

Each venue will have a focus on Integrative medicine and each facility will be Feng Shui consistent in its physical plant design.  This, along with his professional network marketing career that included a Royal Diamond rank with Nikken and earned the rank of Consultant of the year for North America, Presidents Club member and Millionaires Club member. Real Estate investment, creating aggregation type business models for global domination in health care and authoring his current book “Your Einstein Complex Awaken Your Inner Genius” is in alignment with his life’s purpose. 

The next book entitled “Blue Print for Millions” will be released later this year.  Active in television, a wellness topic show, “Dr. Roger and Karen Behind the Curtain” on Telos Digital Television Network  on Digital, Cable and Internet TV was aired for many years. The show was viewed in over 35 countries. His show was also featured on Dr TV stations and radio programs originating from Florida. 

He is currently developing a central hub facility in Columbus, Ohio which focuses on an holistic approach to total wellness. This facility will provide treatment, prevention applications and education to those who enroll in the many mini venues contained in that system. Certification of integrative medical centers will occur at the Columbus , Ohio site in preparation for assimilating current centers into the Apical Corporation network of service providers to medium to large size corporations .

Roger and Karen currently reside in Columbus, Ohio.  Roger has two sons. David is the Vice President for global business development for the Flexicon Corporation.. He has two sons Luke and Owen. Roger’s son, John, is a Gastroenterologist, returned from Afghanistan practicing in Pennsylvania at the Geisinger Hospital.  John’s wife, Anja, is a physician in Pennsylvania.  They have a son Samuel and daughter Lily. Find out more about Roger at

His Seminar Lesson will cover: Recruiting

To Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly Check Sandi Cohen Who Earned over $5 Million Dollars.

What you’ll learned from Sandy dramatically will improved BOTH your retention and production.  She can turn you from a good networker to a great one. Sandi and Ed are best selling contributing authors, international speakers with a huge national and international following. They live by the mantra, No One Left Behind.

Sandi and Ed reside in a prestigious Nevada community, Lake Las Vegas and Ed is an avid golfer. Sandi and Ed are fiercely committed to guiding others to achieve financial and spiritual success and achieve P.O.M. (Peace of Mind) so they too can Live Life As It Should Be!

They have been on a path of mentorship for over two decades when they realized they could help others through what they learned from their experiences. Sandi and Ed have lead by example to hundreds of thousands, and personally mentored 48 families to achieve million-dollar status.

Sandi and Ed are Co-Founders and Board members of the ANMP (Association of Network Marketing Professionals), and featured in an Amazon best seller, and several other publications. Sandi was awarded the prestigious honor of being Woman of the Year by the peers in their current company.

Sandi and Ed are both graduates of Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. Culminating a degree in Pharmacy for Ed and Sandi, BSc. in Education. Ed served six years in the Army Reserve. Find out more about Sandi at

Her Seminar Lesson will cover: Questions That Create Meaningful Dialog

  • Network Marketing Legends. Earned over $5,000,000.00.
  • Best selling contributing authors & international speakers.
  • Duplication Queen; From bankrupt to dream life.
  • Outstanding, useable right now, step-by-step simplicity.
  • The 5 questions, including the key question, that vitalizes your recruiting!

To Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly Check Andy “The Duke” Who Earned over $9 Million Dollars.

Docus has earned over $9,000,000 with his no nonsense, common sense methods. This session should trigger the proverbial “palm slap-to-forehead” and you’ll be asking, “why didn’t someone tell me this before?” 

It is said that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Well Andy really cares and that is why he offers his services to travel the country and share his building skills on how to succeed with the un-franchise and make your dreams come true.

 Even with a promising future in electronics, Andy knew that he had an entrepreneurial spirit. He acquired a four-family, and three family apartment buildings. An auto body shop, used car dealership, and an auto service facility were soon to follow. By age 30 his success was impressive, although it came with a price… there wasn’t much time left to enjoy life.

 In late 1994, Andy was introduced to Market America. Ten months later, Andy was earning $5000 per month through his Un-franchise on a part time basis. When his income approached $10,000 per month, Andy sold most of his real estate holdings, with the exception of one of his apartment buildings that he had grown very fond of, and Andy made Market America his sole income.

Within a year and a half of starting with Market America, he was free from the 45 year plan. Andy is now a certified trainer with Market America, and a proud part of the speaker’s bureau. Andy is a multiple challenge winner including but not limited to, The Presidents challenge, North East Regional challenge and many more.

Andy is a Field Vice President with Market America earning between $36,000 and $45,000 per month and are living a lifestyle that many only dream of. He and Jodie are also part of Market America’s Advisory Council and The Million Dollar club.

Andy and Jodie now reside in Oswego NY, and also has a second home in Manchester NH (Where he is from ) that they frequent , NOW THAT’S FREEDOM. Andy and Jodie spend the majority of their time in June, July, and August vacationing, and at Lake Winnipesaukee in NH where they have a summer place in a small community.

Some accomplishments since embracing Market America include the purchase of a 28-foot off shore style speedboat, a Mercedes S550, and a Bentley Continental Flying Spur, In addition, he is doing more living per year, each year than he had ever done in ten. Also recently he and the love of  his life Jodie bought a 4000 Square foot 3 story Italianate style 7 bedroom home built in the 1860s.

His training is focused on Recruiting, Sponsoring, Follow-up, and Building the ABC pattern. He believes that with Market America, when building a group, ”THE DEEPER YOU GO THE FASTER YOU’LL GROW”, and he will show you the methods he has used to build a stable, secure group. Find out more about Andy at Get Andy’s Four Step Process Recruiting & Sponsoring and Four Step Process Doc

His Seminar Lesson will cover: Duplication Accelerates By Delaying The Enrollment – Stunning Idea

  • Earned over $9,000,000.00.
  • Built a machine by focusing on duplication before enrollment.
  • You read that correctly! He shows you how to set duplication in motion pre-enrollment.
  • You’ll learn four easy steps to having duplication in motion BEFORE the new rep enrolls.

To Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly Check Dr Jean Pierre Who Earned over $4 Million Dollars.

He is a 4 million dollar earner and will share with  you how to recruit professionals like doctors and lawyers.  

Dr. Jean Pierre Desroses started his first MLM adventure in early 1984 while completing his medical studies in Paris. Made some good money with it and met his wife Regine in that first Company. Got married, had 4 children and decided to go full time in Network Marketing.

Moved to another MLM Company in 1988 and became Diamond in 1995. This Company collapsed in 1996, leaving him and his family bankrupt. Lived on welfare for a year and got back on his feet again in 1997.

Founded his own MLM Company in late 1997 and went bankrupt a second time 6 months afterwards. Got back full time in the medical field for 10 years, working in Hospitals and then started his own medical practice as an MD, all the while still involved in 3 other NWM deals.

Got back again to top earner status in 2007 and sold his medical practice that same year.  Has been living off Network Marketing since 2007with his wife Regine who retired from her midwife career in 2000, and 3 children still at home.

Jean Pierre Desroses loves the personal development, the financial rewards and the positive impact on countless lives that this industry has enabled him to witness throughout these last 33 years. Most of all is the feeling of gratitude for being part of this wonderful movement that brings out the best in people. Find out more about Jean Pierre at Get Jean Pierre’s Download

His Seminar Lesson will cover: Recruiting Professionals Is Easy

  • Earned over $4,000,000.00.
  • This medical doctor shows you how easy it is to recruit doctors and other professionals.
  • A technique, so simple, to get prospects to talk about & sell themselves while you say nothing!
  • You’ll be able to use this today; makes prospects excited about the follow-up meeting with you.

To Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly Check Mark Perry  Who Earned over $4 Million Dollars.

He has earned over 4 million in the last 7 years and makes recruiting millennials simple, fast and easy.  He recruits and motivates sales people utilizing the Mastermind philosophy molding like-minded individuals who believe in goal acquisition, in the spirit of perfect harmony without violating the rights of others. The entrepreneur creates successful people by changing their minds from misguided ideas to sound sustainable time tested principles that work with little or no effort. Find out more about Mark at

Her Seminar Lesson will cover: Recruiting Millennials & Everybody Else

  • Earned over $4,000,000.00 in the last 6 years.
  • Mark set millennials as THE market and figured out how to relate to them.
  • You’ll learn how to easily get them off cellphones & into conversation.
  • You will learn the “palm-slap-to-the-head” technique that converts prospects to reps in the blink of an eye. [why didn’t I know about this?]

To Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly Check Pat Petrini  Who Earned over $2 Million Dollars.

He is a millennial, earned his first million before age 25, best selling author of Morning Miracle for Network Marketers. Out of high school, Pat began working with an international direct-sales company. He quickly rose through the ranks breaking numerous sales records and eventually became the top producer in the company out of tens of thousands of other reps.

From there, Pat partnered with a leading network marketing company and became the youngest ranking leader to build an organization of thousands of people around the world generating millions of dollars in annual product sales.

Pat has been selected as one of the “Top Mentors” in the direct-selling industry by a leading industry publication, he has spoken internationally to crowds of thousands and he has consulted with many network marketing companies on compensation plan design, duplication model development and field leadership strategies.

He and his wife, Emily, operate a successful real estate investment company that specializes in both short-term and long-term investment property and Pat runs an online course ( that teaches people how to build wealth through real estate investment. Find out more about Andrea at

His Seminar Lesson will cover: Duplicating Starts In The Mind

  • Earned over $2,000,000.00.
  • Best selling author of MLM book, “The Miracle Morning for Network Marketers“.
  • The morning habits you’ll get, and an amazing technique for anyone, any age.
  • You’ll find that there are only four things we do to duplicate.
  • You’ll learn those four things and how to do them.

 To Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly Check Melody Johnson  Who Earned over $2 Million Dollars.

She explains why most people don’t get production or duplication and shows you exactly how to set in motion the steps to earn big money and have the time to enjoy it.  What are you waiting for?

Its questions like this that set Melody apart as a coach, speaker and teacher.  Melody has been showing network marketers how to expand themselves and their business for over 35 years.  She was first exposed to this profession when her Auntie’s joined their first network marketing gig back when she was just a kid. 

Melody fell in love with the network marketing concept back then. Maybe it was lining all those boxes and bars of soap up, maybe it was the hope she heard spark when they talked about it.  Whatever it was, Melody’s attention was caught and she went on to build a million dollar MLM business.

Success didn’t happen with her first try. However, as she delved into several different companies and products lines, she pressed on with determination. Dreaming first of an extra $300 a month, a possible $1000 per month, eventually expanding her vision as her business grew.

Author of ‘Network Marketing Basics’; Melody sticks to a simple nuts and bolts solution in her approach to training.  She believes it takes personal growth, self-awareness and the understanding of self-determination more than anything else in this profession to create success. 

While product choice, companies and compensation plans are also important, one can find success in every company, old and new. But it is you and you alone that determines your ability to succeed in any endeavor; especially one that asks so much of your inner self.

 It is that focus that Melody brings to all of her coaching and training classes.  Her mentorship style commands the best of you and empowers you to achieve your smallest and greatest goals.   She has trained groups of 3-3,000, spoken to audiences of 10-10,000 and coached beginners to top ranking leaders. She raises up stars!

And it isn’t just her network marketing experience she brings to the table.  Melody has extensive experience in management and entrepreneurial accomplishments.  She has sat on several charity and marketing boards and you’ll often see her volunteering or doing a walk-a-thon in her Crocs.  J

What does that all mean for you?  Improving your game with Melody proves to not only be possible; it will also be a lot of fun.  You just might dance your way to the next level in one of her classes.  Not only will she teach you the fundamentals of building a solid, successful Network Marketing business, you’ll begin to understand what stops you from moving forward. .

You’ll begin to fall in love with who you are and further define your character. You’ll see this profession in a whole new light and fall in love with it too, just like Melody did.  Wouldn’t you love to do what you do every day in a way that is meaningful for you?  In a way that changes your perspective and allows you to see yourself and the world differently?

Melody dreams of changing the face of network marketing by moving towards a kinder, less aggressive style of building that focuses on creating instead of competing.   Wouldn’t you like to touch the lives of those around you and impact your world in a positive way? Find out more about Melody at

Her Seminar Lesson will cover: Nuts & Bolts of Duplicating

To Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly Check Mike Boggs Who Earned over $4 Million Dollars.

Michael Boggs started networking at the age of 19 and went full time by the age of 21. Boggs has surrounded himself by some of the top producers and trainers over the past 18 years, such as Bill Britt, Mark Yarnell, Mark Januszewski, Enrique Garibay, Troy Dooly, Mike Dillard, and many more.

Under the helm of Mark Januszewski, Boggs become one of his youngest Master Trainers at the age of 25.  Using Marks training, Boggs would go on to create a million-dollar income.

Along the way, Boggs has become one of the best phone prospectors of all time, and provided unique training perspectives to many. Boggs has help hundreds of people create extra and full- time incomes from home.

In 2007, Boggs began to consult in the Networking Arena in assisting companies with marketing and training.   Boggs began to discuss with Enrique Garibay about a low cost personal coaching program, and a free live prospecting training every month.   Since then Boggs, has worked with hundreds of network marketers around the world assisting them with their training and marketing.

 In 2008, Boggs began his quest to create a software platform unlike any other.  Becoming certified to program in 17 different programming languages and the ability to read another 10. This would catapult him to launch in 2013 an Alpha system that was able to reach people in 96 countries in under 12 months

 Currently, Boggs is still active inside and outside of network marketing and still provides consulting and coaching to both individuals and companies alike. Even at a young age, Boggs brings to the table unparalleled training, marketing, programming and leadership to all that want it. Find out more about Mike at

Her Seminar Lesson will cover: Duplicating Quickly

  • Earned over $4,000,000.00.
  • Earned 7 figures before age 30 plus two pizza franchises.
  • This master duplicator will show you how to get reps checks, fast.
  • Once they believe it’s real, acceleration happens.
  • You’ll learn easy, straightforward steps in minutes & gain that elusive momentum

To Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly Check Tom Holden Who Earned over $3.5 Million Dollars.

He has weather immense and brutal blows from life… Why is he smiling?  Over 3 million bucks and a skill he shares about eliminating “no shows.” That information will instantly make you  more effective. Imagine, no more “no shows”!

His Seminar Lesson will cover: How To Get 100% To Show Up

 To Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly Check Luc Griffet Who Earned over $1 Million Dollars.

He is from France. He shows you how to build unshakeable trust with your team so transitioning is painless. LUC GRIFFET has been trained as an engineer in computer sciences, and started working as an employee for about 10 years, then went to an entrepreneur career. During the next 15 years, his passion for his consulting business and the related 70-80 hours/week of work nearly created a fatal break between him and his spouse and three children.

That’s when he discovered network marketing, in 2003. Four years later, he definitively stopped his consulting career to work “full time” in network marketing, which represented an average of 20-30 hours per week. The result of this dramatic shift and time savings was a totally new life style with greater harmony in all areas of life including family.

Having worked 12 years with the same network marketing company, he decided in 2015 to move to another company, due to the financial and ethical decline of the first company. The shift between the two companies has been a valuable lesson for him and some of his partners Find out more about Luc at

His Seminar Lesson will cover: Building Trust & Loyalty

  • Special session to address common challenges you may face at some point. Even if you never face changing companies, building this way will make you more money.
  • Luc’s thoughts about trust, consciousness and other dreams are imperative. If your reps trust you, they will take your coaching and be happy to stand with you in times of….

To Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly Check Kimmy Merrill Brooke Who Earned $2 Million Dollars

Kimmy Brooke’s The Four Year Career® for Women: Fifth Edition; The Quick Network Marketing Reference Guide; Recruiting & Belief Building Tool; MLM Made Easy; Master Direct Sales 

She  shows you how to get the prospect to both understand MLM and close themselves before you even meet with them to show the business. 

Kimmy is a transformational coach, retreat leader, keynote speaker and author of The Four Year Career for Women®. She grew up in Hawaii, the fifth generation of Hawaiian residents. Kimmy is an accomplished water woman, volleyball competitor and surfer. She is a graduate of University of Colorado at Boulder where Hailey her daughter is now following in her footsteps.

In 2010, Kimmy launched her entrepreneurial career building a Network Marketing team from her base in Honolulu. Her team grew to over 20,000 spanning 12 countries within four years. Her inspirational style, vision, self-motivation and work ethic have impacted the lives and careers of thousands of other entrepreneurs around the world.

In 2014, she married Richard Bliss Brooke and together they lead leadership retreats on the island of Lanai, coaching programs virtually worldwide and are part of a movement to empower women on the other side of the world thru Women United for Change. Kimmy and Richard live in Lanai, Hawaii, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and Boulder, Colorado. Find out more about Kimmy at

Her Seminar Lesson will cover: Recruiting With Purpose And Poise

To Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly Check Mark Januszewski Who Earned over $10 Million Dollars

Mark Januszewski is internationally acclaimed for his riveting, power-packed workshops with universal business value for aspiring entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to improve their life.

He is frequently referred to as “The Trainer’s Trainer.” He has worked with Members and Students from all 50 states and 14 different countries. Workshops conducted as far away as Thailand and Europe have fostered 54 consecutive sell-outs worldwide, in less than 2 years.

  • Mark failed 5 times in network marketing, stepped away from the industry before returning to the networking industry due to a 50% pay cut in 1993. What followed was a very a successful run with Market America. “He was in the top 50 earners and ‘retired’ in 1997, collecting residuals for more than 12 years.”
  • Named Trainer of the Year in 1998 from 80,000 candidates. • At MBC Mark hit Diamond, Top Pin Level in record time, 4 months, while still cashing checks at Market America. • He built 3 others companies to top-tier pin, collecting from 4 MLMs at once. • Joined XanGo in 2004 within 12 months hit 100K Select, climbing into the top 50 earners from over 1.25 million reps worldwide.
  • All six successful runs were built from scratch, never “herding” reps from deal-to-deal. • Creator and Author of wildly successful Go90Grow© training course. • Creator and Author of the hugely successful The Master Key Mastermind Alliance© course. • Co-author of the controversial book, “Taking Charge, Ending the Self-help Hustle and Heartache.”
  • In 2010 Mark released all network marketing interests and began consulting for that industry. • Today? Semi-retired and living beachfront in Kalaheo, Kauai, the western most island in the Hawaiian archipelago.
  • Today? Semi-retired and living beachfront in Kalaheo, Kauai, the western most island in the Hawaiian archipelago. • Co-author of the controversial book, “Taking Charge, Ending the Self-help Hustle and Heartache.” “Here’s the important part, in each new venture he never taken anyone one with him. Each organization is built from scratch. “
  • Successful Network Marketer for over 20 years. Love the industry, hate the rip off artists. Let’s tell the truth.
  • Has a dual degree, English & Education Trained by W. Clement Stone (The Greatest Salesman in the World, by Og Mandino was dedicated to W. Clement Stone) “Not many self-appointed guru can claim this!”

He wrote: Standing Tall: Acquiring the 13 Riches of Life effortlessly.

Everybody knows there are hundreds of self-help books that promise life-changing information, happiness and affluence. It is an $11 billion industry. These books give us hope, especially those that are artfully peppered with rags-to-riches stories.

This is not one of those books. Let’s face it, the hope fades a few weeks after we finish the book and very little, if anything, really changes.

So what kind of book is this? It will challenge you but with challenge comes change. As Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, [3 million books sold], declared, “”How to build character?

Mark J shows us how in this story of personal development. Warning. Working through this book takes effort, but the result will last a lifetime. A great book.

“The Discovery: A chance meeting in 1994 led Mark to a discovery. The discovery? That an easy to make and easy to keep promise daily would lead to a skill making change effortless.

Little did Mark know that chance meeting and keeping a promise daily would also lead to the 13 Riches of Life, move him from bankrupt to beach front and doing what he loves daily. The promise is really is easy to keep and it’s easy not to keep. That’s the challenge.

At the core of the discovery was a very simple idea. We must grow in character before we can acquire authentic wealth that last and perpetuates. At that meeting Mark was handed a hand-written version the Ancient Verities and The Map to the 13 Riches of Life. He was told the Map to Riches was of no value if he did not master the Verities, grow his character and stand tall in the seven basic truths that yield wealth effortless.

The Work: Mark had read lots of “those self-help books” and found, while some offered a good thoughts or ideas, there was no daily plan. Everybody knows a vision without a plan is a fairytale.

What really sets this book apart in addition to the Seven Basic Truths the truly wealthy know is a specific, daily plan in the form of a 98-page workbook. The workbook, available in all additions, guides you with a very short checklist so anyone can master the Verities and then effortlessly navigate The Map, also included, to the 13 Riches in Life.

Let’s Make It Easy For Everyone: A survey was conducted to discern what would be the best way to make the book and workbook available. Some people wanted the workbook included in the book so the charting of their progress and the material were together.

Others felt it should be separate because they did not want to write in a book. And, a third group, those who enjoy ebooks, would have the daily plan [it appears in all versions], but no way to do the writing required to acquire the 13 Riches.

Instead of trying to find the best choice, Mark decided to make it easy for everyone. If you write in books, grab the paperback version. If you don’t like writing in books or really enjoy ebooks, just head over to and you can download the workbook instantly.

“Simple 6” System 

Mark’s also created the legendary “Simple 6” System.  

Based on the work of his former trainer, W. Clement Stone, and Napoleon Hill, “The Success System That Never Fails“,  The Simple 6 are six simple behaviors that have generated legions of heroes in network marketing.  The years have proven this principle based system works 100% of the time for 100% of the people who put the behaviors in play. “All the success we’ve been blessed with is a direct result of the Simple 6”.

To Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly Review Mark Januszewski Network Marketing Audios

Free Network Marketing Skills By Mark Januszewski

PLAY ALL 302 videos Last updated on Apr 8, 2020 Play all Shuffle We love to share what was so freely given to us – Check out all these FREE Network Marketing Skill

The step-by-step skills training in these videos will make THE DIFFERENCE in the growth and success of your Networking business.  BUT only if you and your team learn, practice and apply them consistently.   Invest some time – your return will be huge! Especially if you work with us.

To Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly Check Bob Proctor Who Earned 25+ Millions of Dollars

Bob and his wife, Linda, has hacked the Network Marketing mystery and earned millions of dollars while living with time freedom.

They have have an extensive background in corporate America, in teaching and training those people. What attracted you into Network Marketing? He built a Net worth is $20 million.

When you’re doing something that’s out of the ordinary, your mental programing, your paradigm, will try and stop you. If you want to win, you must keep going. Your paradigms may be masked in complacency, fear, worry, anxiety, insecurities, self-doubt, mental hurry, and self-loathing – the result is keeping you stuck…locked in a box and starved of your dreams and ambitions.

To change your life – you must change your paradigm. The change is not easy, but it’s worth it, and the results are lasting. Bob Proctor, in conversation with Dan Strutzel, will show you his proven methods for doing so. This book will synthesize Proctor’s decades of study, application, and teaching to: 

  • Explain what paradigms are and how they guide every move you make
  • Teach you how to identify your paradigms
  • Show you how to make your own Paradigm Shift
  • Help you transform your finances, health, and lifestyle when you change your paradigm
  • Guide you on how to replace a paradigm that doesn’t serve you well with a new one that frees you to create the life you really want. 

Bob will break through the myth many people have about success-that long hours and hard work are sufficient to achieve lasting success. Because without changing your paradigm, no amount of hard work and long work hours will make a measurable, lasting difference in your success.


  • How your current perspective could be costing you opportunities that could be bringing you financial independence.
  • The 3 most common income earning strategies.
  • The top earning strategy that I use to create financial independence and abundance.
  • And how you can begin applying the top income strategy to create a life of freedom that you love.
  • Learn more about Bob:

When asked, “Is network marketing a good source of income? He said, “I see that there are two sources of income in life, one psychic, one material. The psychic income is the satisfaction we get from how we spend our days. We should earn enough money to provide the things we want and live the way we choose. Network Marketing, for the most part, offers that person the opportunity for both”. To learn more about Bob and Linda review An interview with Bob Proctor from Networking Times Magazine

To Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly Check Eric Worre Who Earned over $30 Million Dollars

Eric Worre, the world’s most watched and most trusted resource for Network Marketing training and support, has earned an immense reputation. 2022 estimates suggest that Eric Worre Net Worth is around $30 million.

The Eric Worre monthly Network Marketing Earnings are around $30K. That said, Eric Worre yearly earnings are around $360K. The majority of the earnings are from his MLM business. GO PRO 7 STEPS TO BECOMING A NETWORK MARKETING PROFESSIONAL There are 7 skills you must learn if you want to become a network marketing professional, and this guide book will teach you each of these 7 skills

To Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly Check Jim & Nancy Dornan Earned $350,000 per month and over $125 Million Dollars in the Business

They began an Amway business in 1971. After their son Eric was born with severe birth defects they rapidly built one of the largest Amway businesses in North America.

In the late 1980s and early 90s Amway began to expand and the Dornans decided there was an opportunity to develop a support system to work with Amway internationally.,. In 1990 they founded Network 21 with a goal to build a business system “that ignores borders and languages”. Initially based in the US and Australia, Network 21 expanded rapidly in Eastern Europe, China, Indonesia, Turkey, Philippines and later India.

Why is Jim Dornan so famous?

  • Jim headed what is probably the largest networking organization in the world, Network 21, and did so often outside the limelight, avoiding the controversy which seemed to plague some other Amway leaders. The Dornan‘s network encircles the globe, with turnover that only a handful of individual network companies exceed.

Who is Nancy Dornan and why is she famous?

  • Nancy Dornan is one of the highest earning multi-level marketing leaders in the industry today. She is known for her prowess in the industry as well as her philanthropic work. Nancy and her late husband Jim Dornan are responsible for launching Network TwentyOne, a support organization that guides distributors joining the Amway business.
  • Network 21 is currently led by Nancy alone after her husband’s death in 2013. The couple began working with Amway in 1971 and when the company’s name was expanding even beyond America, they saw an opportunity to lend support in building a larger international brand.
  • Today, Nancy earns approximately $350,000 per month. Her estimated lifetime earnings are said to be at $ 125,000,000, according to Business for Home.

What You’ll Learn from them and N21

  • How to win every appointment
  • Driving a leg deep and strong
  • The “Invisible Close
  • The Art of Listening – it is the money shot
  • Getting people started the right way
  • How to get new people that crucial first victory, fast
  • Building your brand and following on social media, quickly
  • How to generate 5000+ local targeted, ready-to-join leads, monthly
  • How to have local leads come to you
  • How to present your business without sounding “salesy”
  • Discover “The Brick” – why the first pin level is all that big earners focus on

To Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly Check Jim Rohn Who Earned over $500 Million Dollars

Having grown up a dirt poor farm boy in Idaho and dropping out of college, he went on to become one of Idaho’s leading scientists. With Shoaff as a mentor, he started seeing that he could achieve what he dreamed of and showed that he was capable of doing so.

Within just six years, Rohn earned his first fortune, then lost the millions he had made. What was Jim Rohn’s net worth at death? Rohn spent much of his live advocating for the power of self-discipline, and he delivered his seminars for more than 40 years. He died in 2009 with a net worth of more than $500 million dollars.

Mr. Rohn shared that he was an Idaho Farm boy from humble beginnings whose success took him around the world. He was introduced to health and nutrition and Network Marketing early in life. And network marketing is where he learned that you can start at the bottom and go to the top, part time. It revolutionized his life.

Jim Rohn is one of my mentors and an all-time great in the world of motivational speaking, personal development and entrepreneurship.

Here’s is how he closed his amazing seminars… “We have a chance as human beings to participate in the miracle process. You can go do this everyday as often as you wish.. changing somebody’s life. Learn more about How to Take Charge of Your Life – Jim Rohn Personal Development

To Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly Check the Top 200 MLM Earners in Network Marketing

Good business happens when you build good relationships. Your networks are good enough when people trust and have confidence in you. Network marketing earners are famous for making millions of wealth by leveraging their ties.

Multi-Level marketing often known as network marketing, is a business model that is based on human relationships. MLMs consider human ties to be their most valuable asset.

The most successful direct selling organizations use MLM as their best strategy. They have a clear understanding of how MLM works and how to succeed in it. Network marketing has changed the lives of many. All these people began with a strong vision and contributed consistently to the growth of their network.

These people had strong and reaping marketing strategies to sell their products as well as to grow the networks under them. They showcased great leadership power, strong communication skills, and above all a personality rich enough for people to trust and join them.

Most of the above highest paid network marketers have built their fortune by beginning their MLM journey through their humble network of friends and family. They keep track of MLM statistics and are skilled in foreseeing the future. This helps them to successfully develop plans and strategies that can win them long networks in the market. They are skilled in predicting MLM incomes and are vigilant, alert, and quick to take action against challenges faced in network marketing. Who are the Top Earners in Network Marketing Business? Top 200 MLM Earners in Network Marketing 2022

Who Earns Millions? Who Earns Zero?

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between people who succeed in Network Marketing and those who fail miserably? 

In an interview with top investment manager Ray Dalio, he said that the top 1/10th of 1% of the population’s net worth is equal to about the bottom 90% combined. Tim Sales: Who Earns Millions? Who Earns Zero? – Direct Selling Facts, Figures and News

He called this the “wealth gap.” When he was describing what he thought the main societal problem was that led to this wealth gap, he said, “Twenty-two percent of the high school population is either disconnected or disengaged.”

That comment spoke to me, because I’ve been in the industry of network marketing for 30 years, and I’ve found this factor of being connected and engaged in learning, to play a key role in whether you make millions or not in network marketing.

To Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly Check Tim Sales and His Team Who Earned over $1 Billion dollars

From the Navy to Network Marketing

Tim’s early career, prior to Network Marketing, was as a member of the elite US Navy EOD unit (Explosive Ordinance Disposal). He worked for 11 years, alongside his teammates, defusing live bombs in the Pacific. As you can imagine, there is no room for error in this position and ever detail must be mastered.

Tim learned quickly how to master tasks and do them right…every time. He learned that it took practice, drilling, more practice, more drilling and even more of the same to become an expert in any profession. He applied this strategy for mastery to his network marketing business.

Towards the end of his tour with the US Navy, he joined an MLM in 1989. His introduction to MLM was rather simple…he answered an ad in the Washington Post. He started part-time while he was still finishing his tour and after two years committed to his venture full time.

After only five years, he was earning over $150,000 a month from network marketing and his team had grown to over 56,000 people.  More than 2,400 new distributors per month were entering from 20 different countries.

Tim’s successful experience and knowledge has made him a much sought after trainer, speaker and advisor. More so, he has become a legend in our industry.

Tim Sales is a trainer, author and speaker who has been in the Network Marketing Industry for over 30 years. Tim has worked with thousands of leaders, consulted hundreds of Network Marketing companies and taught a Network Marketing Certification Course at The University of Chicago, Illinois.

Tim has a passion for teaching and his pragmatic approach to training has helped hundreds of thousands of Network Marketers have success in their business.

During his 30 year career as a Network Marketer, he has led teams that have done over $1 Billion dollars in sales. He had the honor of, being interviewed by Larry King.

He wrote Brilliant Compensation and Professional Inviter, two of the most popular training products in the industry, to equip entrepreneurs with the skills to become network marketing professionals and top leaders within their companies.

Tim is a die-hard advocate for the network marketing industry and is here to help network marketers to get the results and success they are looking for. For more information visit:


Learn More About How the Reitenbach-Kissinger Institute Systems and Plan Can Help You Get Lasting Happiness, Joy, Financial Growth, and Fulfillment


We love coming alongside people making their greatest contribution, and we’re excited to talk to you. Our calls are a lot like our work — curious and creative conversations to explore where you’re at and where you want to go. Based on the perspective we glean together, we’ll talk about what next steps might serve you best.


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Thank you for your time in reviewing this information. I hope you understand how we have helped people around the world and how we can help you.

To Become a Million Dollar Earner Easily, Simply and Quickly Join the Reitenbach-Kissinger Success Institute

Success is dependent upon many elements. You should be able to identify the opportunities that are available to you. If you want to be successful in Multi Level Marketing, it’s wise to learn and take influence from the inspiring network marketing success stories.

Hope this gave some much-needed inspiration for all those doubtful people about the real potential of network marketing. These are just a few tips to look out for when considering an opportunity.

We personally believe this is the best way forward if you are looking for a successful business. Amway is a business for the many people who have a dream or desire to be financially independent and are willing to put in the hard work to do so.

Wishing you prosperity and success. Remember You Were Born To Win!!

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