Get Whatever You Truly Want?

Are you ready to create your own reality?

Reality Creation or the Reality Revolution is the Mind-Blowing Movement to Hack Your Reality to Bring You the Great Results You Truly Want to Achieve regardless of what it is.

Our world is undergoing a reality revolution.

More and more people are discovering the power of their minds to shape the world around them, faster than ever before.

The question is: How do you create the reality of your design?

The Reitenbach-Kissinger Success Institute wants to help you find the answer.

After walking away from a near-fatal attack on his son, Michael began a fanatical search and journey for answers.

He deepened his research into parallel realities, quantum mechanics, and consciousness to uncover what happened in Clayton’s narrow escape with death.

Along the way, Michael discovered a series of techniques capable of creating profound transformation of Clayton’s life and the life of others.

In the MKS Master Key Coaching Reality Creation Program Michael introduces you to the techniques that have helped thousands of people around the world to find lasting love, create wealth, create new careers or businesses, or revitalize health and wellness.

With these programs, you will learn how to surf through parallel realities and unlock the power of your mind through a mix of researched and science-backed proven techniques like:

1. Qigong:

It is a mind-body exercise form that uses meditation, breathing, and movement to increase energy and enable the body to heal itself. The exercise and healing techniques used were developed in ancient China and Tibet. It is practiced for a variety of reasons and has countless health-related benefits.

2. Quantum Jumping:

A technic that can be used to reprogram the subconscious mind to positive expectation in your reality. Use it to easily manifest wants, wishes and desires.

The techniques include [1]: Consciously controlling the mind. [2]: Efficiently working with visualization. [3]: Cleansing negative emotions. [4]: Understanding your possibilities, reality, and life frame.

It is a way to rearrange your belief system. It is a meditation and visualization technique that is simple to use and unique. It uses unique guided imagery, deep meditation, and the results of years of study to train you to tap into the power of advanced dimensions of your mind – to accomplish any things.

3. Energy Work

A form of alternative medicine that relies on the idea that the body is filled with and surrounded by energy fields that can be manipulated.

By working with these energy fields, we believe that we can promote harmony and balance for their clients, addressing specific medical conditions in addition to easing emotional distress. Energy work takes a wide variety of forms.

4. Reality Tran-surfing:

Attempts to show you how the universal laws work and how you can use them to manifest or create anything you want. Most of us are pretty ignorant of them. We only see what has already been reflected in our reality.

What we are seeing and using is our five senses to detect our reality.

Reality Trans-surfing is the effect of using the universal laws and the law of cause and effect to create whatever you want regardless of what it it.

Instead of chasing to manifest things, what Reality Tran surfing gets us to do is just say, this is what I want, to take internal action and know that you have it. Know that it is in the space of variations. It is there.

Now you can ask for it, by clearly stating, ‘This is what I want.”

Then your higher self and the universe, goes and brings it to you.

The world will meet you halfway. Science is coming to an agreement with this referring to a system within the brain called the Reticular Activating System.

Whatever we are looking at, giving attention and awareness to, your RAS will go to work and bring you MORE of that or what you want!

Your awareness and emotions are key!

It is a mental practice that allows you to gain control of your current circumstances and start living your life in a truly deep and meaningful way.

It shows how what you are seeing with your eyes, hearing with your ears, everything that we are experiencing right now is the effect of your thoughts.

The world you see is a reflection starting within.

The secret… you choose what you see with your subconscious mind. This is a sophisticated approach to controlling that image, your reality…

If you are ready to create an incredible reality for yourself and others in life, career, business or finances. Contact us.

We want all of that for you. And we’ve designed the Coaching, System, Plan, Steps and Mentoring.

This Program will help you get it faster and easier than any other program.


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When I first met my mentor, I was told that if I followed exactly what he asked me to do, that I could have anything I want…and know something? I had zero belief in myself, but I believed that he believed in me.

You see, the very same opportunity presents itself to you right in this moment… We will show you step-by-step on how to build a business teaching others this material; and making a dramatic increase in your income doing so. I’ve done it myself, and we want to teach you to do the same thing right now.

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