MKS Take Job or Start a Business?

Choices: The right choice between starting up a business or having a job is crucial at the start because it will be very hard to make the switch at a later point in time. For this reason, it is important to audit yourself. Get a handle on your personality, your values and your skills to really getContinue reading “MKS Take Job or Start a Business?”

MKS: The Science of Getting Rich!

Get a Proven Easy Step Plan To Become Financially Free Quickly? The APA (American Psychological Association) came out with a study showing that money is the #1 reason for people’s stress, worry, anger, and depression. Have you ever had a money challenge and felt any of these emotions? We are guessing you have. Do youContinue reading “MKS: The Science of Getting Rich!”

MKE Week 1: The Master Key to Personal Freedom

Are you seeking the Master Key to Personal Freedom? Less than 5% of people in America have financial independence. I want to make a prediction. You see – without knowing ANYTHING about you or your situation at alI know one thing for sure. You have a deep desire for financial freedom. Right?

I mean… it doesn’t even need to be said; Is there a living, breathing person on this planet right now who doesn’t want to be free in time and money?
Who wouldn’t want to be able to freely spend their time: However they want…- Wherever they want…- With whoever they want…But here’s the truth: Less than 5% of people in America have financial independence.. If you want financial independence contact Michael. Phone 415-678-9965. Email: