MKE Week 19: Kick Off Your New Era of Prosperity

A New Era of Prosperity for You!

2021 Could Kick Off a New Era of Prosperity for you. But First, there will be some bumps. The next few years could be a boom time, like the 1920s or 1950s, for the survivors of the pandemic. Will you make a difference in the years ahead? Will it be a boom time for you? Or will you be limited?…

MKE Week 18: Gain Access to America’s New Gilded Age

Tycoon. The word comes from Japan, where it means the equivalent of shogun. But long ago America confiscated the title. It was in the U.S. that tycoons became paragons of power and influence. American tycoons swung deals, not swords, and changed the business landscape forever. The Gilded Age was the greatest era of tycoons. AtContinue reading “MKE Week 18: Gain Access to America’s New Gilded Age”

MKE WEEK 17: “You are gods!”

In Part 17 of the Master Key System it states, “The kind of Deity which a man, consciously or unconsciously, worships, indicates the intellectual status of the worshipper. Ask the Indian of God, and he will describe to you a powerful chieftain of a glorious tribe. Ask the Pagan of God, and he will tellContinue reading “MKE WEEK 17: “You are gods!””