MKS: Stop Wishing for the Life You Want

“Each human being is bred with a unique set of potentials that yearn to be fulfilled as surely as the acorn yearns to become the oak within it.” — Aristotle

As you begin 2021… Let’s share a few encouraging ideas to turn your dreams into mighty accomplishments.

We must remember that the majestic tree began its life as a tiny seed, much the same way that our greatest accomplishments began with a small acorn of an idea.

An acorn is a dream… It’s a symbol of strength, durability and potential which holds the promise of what it shall one day be. It reminds us that seemingly small and humble beginnings have the greatest growth potential.

Without a doubt, your little idea in 2021 is going to grow… we’re rooting for your acorn to turn into a mighty oak.  To do so, you must expose your goals, dreams and ideas to the elements of failure, rejection, and attack…just like the General Sherman has been exposedto rain, sleet and fire.

“The strongest oak of the forest is not the one that is protected from the storm and hidden from the sun. It’s the one that stands in the open where it is compelled to struggle for existence against the winds and rains and the scorching sun.” — Napoleon Hill

In the beginning…nobody’s impressed by an acorn. A little seedling hardly captures anyone’s attention other than your own.  But a towering beauty like the General Sherman with its elegant, far reaching branches supported by a super-sized trunk is a site to be seen.

People look at it in awe. They admire it, see the strength and are impressed by how huge it is.  But you must remember…it started as a tiny seed.

When starting…the odds are stacked against you. During this time you’re highly vulnerable and tempted to quit…to throw in the towel and give up on your little acorn.  That’s when you must shine a flashlight to your soul and inspect yourself for will, courage and commitment.

Growth of any type requires personal struggle and perseverance keeps hope alive. Amid challenges and uncertainties, and in the face of stern obstacles and setbacks… You need to keep moving forward, however tempting it might be to give up and let go of your dreams.

The truth is…no great achievement in your life will ever come without… Obstacles, physical limitations, the unpredictability of nature, Murphy’s Law…or resistance from the outside world.

“The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a dream. The oak sleeps in the acorn, the bird waits in the egg, and in the highest vision of the soul a waking angel stirs. Dreams are the seedlings of realities.” — James Allen

In 2021 roughly 97% of people will experience the same year again – or worse that they did in 2020.  Most people are totally disillusioned by making New Year’s resolutions in 2021.

First of all, I want you to know it’s not your fault. It’s so common it’s almost epidemic! We aren’t taught how to do this. And a lot of what’s out there is just a map of how someone else did it — and it doesn’t work for many others.

Maybe you too are overwhelmed by the thought of writing your Definite Major Purpose, developing a Positive Mental Attitude or creating a Written Plan of Action or joining a Master Mind Alliance.  

There are key principles and practices for creating a truly amazing, productive, successful life in 2021. And when you know how to align with them, THEY WORK 100% OF THE TIME.

For years we kept trying to do it like everyone else, and kept failing…until we broke down most of the expert’s success stories and discovered something…

“A Radical System for Creating Your Best Year Ever — Year After Year!”

Here’s the thing… there are several unconscious programs running you — designed to make sure you do NOT have a new year or new life…If you don’t understand and override these, you WILL have a repeat of last year – or worse, a decline.

The 3% that take a quantum leap do it differently. After taking the Master Key Experience and Think and Grow Rich Coaching you’ll be in that top percentile!

We’re telling you what we KNOW. We want to pass this knowledge on to you. The sad truth is most people never achieve anything close to what’s possible. Most people have bigger TV screens than their vision for life!

You don’t have to be like most people. That’s not your destiny…if you decide…

That’s why we’re committed to helping you turn this pattern around. There’s so much we want to share with you.

Make 2021 your best year ever.

No matter what 2020 has been, or the years before, you really can take a quantum leap. It might take a little hard work at times, but it’s much harder to NOT have a great year, right?

The year’s going to go by either way…you might as well discover how to make the most of it. We’ll show you how if you complete reading this message.

With 2021 getting started, we know you are setting New Year’s Resolutions. We make resolutions for a single reason: to improve our lives. So allow us to ask: How many of the following would improve YOUR life?

– Lose weight
– Make more money
– Make better decisions
– Boost your metabolism
– Find the man/woman of your dreams
– Mastering a foreign language
– Better performance at school
– Earning a promotion at work
– Improving your immune system
– Silencing your fear of failure
– Discovering your true passion
– Dating success
– Kicking your cigarette habit
– Striking a harmonious work-life balance
Coaching Can Help You!

The above is just a small sampling of the areas you can focus on this new year. We will be here this year to give you guidance and the right tools to help you improve any and all areas you wish. So, if you want to improve your life by leaps and bounds in 2021, and you want to save a fortune in the process, then you need to consider  “The Master Key Experience and Think and Grow Rich Coaching”.

Is Coaching Worth Doing?

Very much so. In fact, we would say “The Master Key Experience and Think and Grow Rich Coaching” is one of top coaching programs on manifesting ever written. And it is a great foundation on which to start your manifesting journey.

Many people found “The Master Key Experience and Think and Grow Rich Coaching” to be a key part of the puzzle when it came to manifesting the life they desired.

But do beware that this Coaching is only a part of the bigger puzzle. The rest of the puzzle is well covered on this program, so you are in the right place!

At the peak of Andrew Carnegie’s career, he crossed paths with Napoleon Hill (a journalist at the time), who he trusted to document the strategies that turned him into one of the wealthiest and most successful businessmen of all time.

“It was Mr. Carnegie’s idea that the magic formula, which gave him a stupendous fortune, ought to be placed within reach of people who do not have time to investigate how men make money,” Hill wrote in the preface of “Think and Grow Rich,” the result of his collaboration with Carnegie.

In addition to analyzing Carnegie, who became the richest man in the world after starting with little more than a penny upon arriving in the US from Scotland, Hill studied more than 500 self-made millionaires over a span of 20 years.

There is no mention of “money,” “wealth,” “finances,” or “stocks” within Hill’s text. He takes a different approach, focusing on breaking down the psychological barriers that prevent many of us from attaining our own fortunes.

Do you wondered if Napoleon Hill was right? If so, you are not alone. As a career-driven professional, chances are you are looking for ways to have a leg up on growing in wealth and influence through your life’s work.

Hill’s best-selling book on achieving success in our lives maintains its status even after his death in 1970. Why? Because his blueprint for wealth and abundance is captivating and clear. Why wouldn’t you be captivated by the concept of growing rich simply by using your thoughts?

Hill laid out thirteen principles for success in any line of work, summarized from interviews with many individuals who amassed great wealth. Think of his work as a dissertation from a qualitative longitudinal research project. There is a science to why it works.

Hill suggests that success starts with a burning desire. This burning desire relates to a definite purpose that is meaningful to you. It also becomes an obsession that your mind is already convinced will come to fruition.

When you pursue this meaningful purpose, two things happen in your brain.

First, you experience a more basic, compelling emotion that initiates passion, which often feels like intense enthusiasm and pride.

Passion is impulsive and instinctive, as it emerges from having an incomplete perception of the nature of reality. It can motivate you to survive past obstacles, but it is not a reliable guidepost to great achievement or fulfillment.

The emotional area of your brain is responsible for your passion with such intensity.  Our best life requires rational control over passionate appetites.

Second, you experience knowledge of a definite purpose, which is a primary and essential function for your fulfillment. A definite purpose clarifies your direction and your deepest, most objective reason why you want to achieve your desires.

Your brain’s prefrontal cortex is responsible for your pursuit of definite purpose. It drives all the higher-order cognitive functions, including self-mastery. This allows you to control your emotional impulses created by passion.

It is no coincidence that the first principle in “Think and Grow Rich” is to have a burning desire backed by definite purpose, not passion. It activates the prefrontal cortex that initiates persistent and consistent action toward your goals.

“Think and Grow Rich” involve visualization and human imagination.

Your subconscious programming is responsible for everything you have created in your present and future life. The conscious mind will not behave in a manner that is inconsistent with how the subconscious mind operates.

All of our beliefs, values, goals, and dreams have been programmed in the subconscious mind since birth. Subconscious programming influences our life outcomes, even if we are not consciously aware of it.

Research shows that your brain responds the same way to real and imagined scenarios. This means you can influence your subconscious mind through your imagination, and hence how you react and respond to your reality. Your subconscious mind is powerfully responsible for producing the majority of your life experiences.

This is why Hill’s next principles to success involve visualization and imagination.

The habits formed from applying these principles will reprogram your subconscious mind so that it produces future life experiences that are aligned with your definite purpose.

People who reach success are not trying to succeed any more than people who reach failure are trying to fail. They both happen automatically based on our subconscious programming.

The scientific evidence for this lies in the part of our brain called the Reticular Activating System. The RAS is responsible for allowing important information through to your brain while filtering out anything unnecessary.

“The Master Key Experience and Think and Grow Rich Coaching” explores the power of the mind and the power of thought for the purposes of manifesting money & wealth but also for creating personal satisfaction and manifesting your general desires in all aspects of your life.

Manifesting money, wealth, riches, and prosperity takes more than reading one book. “The Master Key Experience and Think and Grow Rich Coaching” provides an amazing foundation from which to start your manifesting journey.

Most people need to start learning the fundamental principles and actions.

This Coaching helps you to manifest the life you want, including the money, wealth, and prosperity that you desire coaching you on the fundamental principles and actions.

“The Master Key Experience and Think and Grow Rich Coaching” is about using your mind more effectively. It examines how to use the power of your mind and the power of thought to manifest any or all of the desires, wishes and dreams you have, and turn them into reality. 

Manifesting is not always easy, and will take action, determination, patience, and hard work. However, if the desire you have is strong and you are willing to go all-in then you will succeed.

The Master Key Experience and Think and Grow Rich Coaching Formula

DMP + PMA+ WPOA + MMA+ Massive Action = Success

Start with your 2021 wants, needs, goal or desires. 

  • What is it that you want?
  • Is it a better or more successful business, career or job?
  • Would you like to work for someone who inspires you?
  • Do you want a great income or financial freedom?

To achieve your goal, you will need to shift your thinking from failure consciousness to success consciousness with the 13 principles of “The Master Key Experience and Think and Grow Rich Coaching”. It will focus on your:

1. Desire:

2. Faith:

3. Autosuggestion:

4. Specialized knowledge:

5. Imagination:

6. Organized planning:

7. Decision:

8. Persistence:

9. Power of the Master Mind:

10. The Mystery of Sex Transmutation:

11. The Subconscious Mind:

12. The Brain:

13. The Sixth Sense:

Who is this Coaching for?

You may think, based on the book title, that “The Master Key Experience and Think and Grow Rich Coaching” is only written to teach you how to manifest money. But, in fact, this Coaching touches on all aspects of manifesting your desires in general and creating the life you dream of.

It’s philosophy is a foundation to manifest success in your professional life, achieve your aspirations, and find happiness in your life. But if money is your primary goal, then this Coaching is a must-do.

Entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and those trying to get ahead financially will benefit greatly from “The Master Key Experience and Think and Grow Rich Coaching”!

8 Essential Coaching Skills For Leaders | CMOE

“The Master Key Experience and Think and Grow Rich Coaching” Includes:

· 14 live weekly webcasts including Q & A

· You also get a downloads of Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, and a 39-page companion workbook to complete during your study

· You’ll receive 1-on-1 support throughout the 14 weeks (and a certified guide)

· You also receive a Think & Grow Rich Member’s Area with access to all of videos, webinar replays, workbook and other valuable resources

· You’ll partcipate in an authenic Mastermind Alliance and get interacive support with our team and the community

Here’s our promise to you…
As long as you are willing to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes…
No one will be able to stop you from turning your acorn into a strong, resilient, deep rooted and towering oak tree in the same way that no force can stop the sun from rising or the tide from advancing.

The Master Key Experience and Think and Grow Rich Coaching Program was created to show you how to turn your dreams into mighty accomplishments… Faster and easier than you could ever imagine.

We want to hear from you! Do you feel like you did not have what you want in 2020? We would love to hear from you if you want substantially more in 2021. Contact:

Michael Kissinger

Phone 415-678-9965


Published by Reitenbach-Kissinger Business Success Institute

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2 thoughts on “MKS: Stop Wishing for the Life You Want

  1. Thank you for your kind comments. Yes, we do have the power within us. We just need to recognize t and apply it.

    The MKE has given us the tools to apply those principles to our own lives. You may want to lisgten to This is very powerful.

    I learned about it because I was a Unity Minister and was asked to be a Science of Mind Minister. As a minister we would focus on the Science of Mind. Much of what MKE is teaching us.

    Have a wonderful year in 2021 and beyond. God Bless.


  2. Michael, thank you for sharing those 13 principles. Yes, we have the power within us. From your blog rover friend John.


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