MKE: 2021’s Bizzare But True Frightening Facts-Blood-Curdling Tales

Strange events are occurring heading into 2021.  THE WORLD is collapsing. America is being taken over.  2021 is the year to PREPARE for something huge to come soon!  2021 was supposed to be a year full of hope and positivity, at least that is what everyone is looking forward to. Many people remained shut in their homes because of the pandemic, people are losing jobs and businesses are closing.

2021 has been declared by the United Nations as: International Year of Peace and Trust International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development International Year of Fruits and Vegetables International Year for the Elimination of Child Labor. 2021 is also the Year of The Ox.

2020 was quite a whirlwind of a year. Many people remained shut in their homes for the majority of the year because of the pandemic but that was not the only bizarre thing that happened. The United States has lost more than 194,200 people to the virus. … most responsible for shaping communications around the coronavirus.

From the United States to North Korea of all places, 2020 was marked with some really unexpected happenings.  From a deadly pandemic to a global movement for racial justice, the year 2020 certainly experienced its fair share of world-shifting events.  Some of the most bizarre events occurred in 2020 that have nothing to do with the pandemic.

2020 ended with Six Bizarre Events that changed the world – From the coronavirus pandemic to video evidence of UFOs, these are some of the bizarre events that changed the world, for better or worse.

Think back and check out these bizarre events that changed the world in 2020.

World in the grips of COVID-19 pandemic

1. World in the grips of COVID-19 pandemic

Nothing more bizarre than a pandemic could have hit the world. 2020 was marked with millions of infections and deaths because of the COVID-19 pandemic, as the novel coronavirus spread all over the world. Many countries enforced strict lockdowns and shut down schools, colleges, offices, and other institutions to keep the pandemic in check. The world literally came to a halt. 

2. Kim Jong-un’s presumed death

North Korean leader Kim-Jong un’s presumed death took social media by storm. With rumors circulating around his death, netizens started supporting his sister, Kim Yo-jong, to take reigns and lead the dictatorship.

3. Poland invaded the Czech Republic by mistake

In a bizarre turn of events, Poland briefly invaded the Czech Republic in what was later called a ‘misunderstanding’. Polish troops, in their bid to enforce pandemic measures, prevented Czech visitors from visiting a chapel, which was later found to be in the Czech territory.

4. UFO video evidence released

The Pentagon in the United States released three declassified videos, which turned out to be evidence of ‘unexplained aerial phenomenon’. Most people directly made a correlation with unidentified flying objects (UFOs). 

5. Locusts everywhere

As if the pandemic was not enough, swarms of locusts laid siege to Delhi and the National Capital Region in July 2020. The locusts are known to pay a seasonal visit to certain areas of the country but in a pandemic-hit country, it took everyone by surprise. A similar locusts attack in West 

6. The Dead and the Bizarre Released

Many strange and unexplained events have been documented in modern history, events that raise important questions and baffle world populations. “The Dead and the Bizarre are Here and All Around Us” was written by David A. Landry and published by Writers Republic. Offers Frightening Facts and Blood-Curdling True Tales. It offers up scores of new freaky facts, terrifying trivia, and stranger-than-fiction stories. 

Writers Republic

It is always frustrating when a person mysteriously dies because of gang attack on the streets of San Francisco and no one ever finds out what happened to them.

It is even more frustrating when the investigation of this death winds up uncovering clues that only raise more questions than they answer when the dead arises.

The Dead and the Bizarre offers the reader many unsolved mysteries which are much more unusual than your typical ghosts, bizarre tales of missing person cases or people coming back from the dead  or feature some very baffling twists and turns.

In each of these creepy cases, bizarre clues have been discovered which add a lot of confusion to the mystery and are sure to leave sleuths scratching their heads.

“The Dead and the Bizarre” is a collection of oddities that includes weird places, strange people, bizarre events, weird news, strange photos, and other odd stuff from all around America and the world

Given what is to come in 2021, it is perhaps a good idea to ease into things and start on a lighter note and read “The Dead and the Bizarre are Here and All Around Us”

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