MKS-25: Coaches WANTED for Highly Paid Career

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This is for you ONLY if you’re a coach, an underpaid woman or an expert wanting to optimize your earnings. If that’s not you, we don’t want to waste your time today. 

But if you ARE… You’ll want to meet with us. 

We’ll be breaking down our all-in-one, rinse-and-repeat Master Key System Mastermind Alliance Coaching System–the Breakthrough Method for Building and Leveraging assetsts. 

This is the exact system we use to ensure: 

1. Our coaching programs are ALWAYS full and profitable

2. Our business has cash coming in EVERY month, annually and for life

3. Our Alliance partners and clients get RESULTS by replicating this process 

  • So if you’re a legitimate coach, an under earning woman or expert and you’re tired of being overworked & underpaid for your efforts… 
  • If you’re ready to “breakthrough” your current revenue ceiling and generate 5 or even 6-figure paydays consistently (with only a few days of actual “selling”)… 
  • If you’re ready to plug a sustainable system into your life or business that allows you to become a true CEO–not just another “internet marketer”… 
  • And you’re looking to spend more of your time providing value to–and continually growing–your audience and reaping the financial rewards of doing so (you know, the reason you get into this business to begin with)… 

The Master Key System Mastermind Alliance Coaching Intensive will be the most valuable coaching you spend on your life or business this year.

  • This is not another fluff-filled “challenge”… 
  • It’s not a boring program where we’re going to share our life story … 
  • And (full disclosure) we WILL be inviting qualified participants to work with our team and us at a higher level to get the support & accountability to actually get results with what we’ll be offering. 
  • Like anything in business, this Alliance does require work. 
  • If you’re at all interested in getting a fully-actionable “Mastermind Alliance” on optimizing your income, online business and financial future… read the rest of this page.  And have a little bit of fun in the process… what’s the point if it’s not fun.
  • This opportunity is limited to a team of 6-10.
  • Incomes are limited.

Discover eye-opening insights into the world of abundance blocks and how they prevent you every day from manifesting the wealth, success and prosperity you deserve.

Tap into your energy field and amplify your natural wealth and success attraction ability for the rest of this year… And beyond.

Discover the Prosperity Blocks that keep you in a scarcity mentality and how they subconsciously block you from manifesting wealth (even when you work hard and do everything else right).

Find out what you could be earning when your Prosperity Blocks are gone. We will show you the eye-opening truth if you have you been thinking about becoming highly paid, more successful and more abundant. A Person of Wealth, Impact and Influence.

Let’s meet and discuss what happens when you remove your Prosperity Blocks?

We will share a few real-life stories from past Master Key System Alliance Mastermind participants. You’ll be inspired, and understand that unlimited prosperity is just a decision and an energy shift away when meet with the Legendary Michael Kissinger.

Are you ready to consider the incredible power of wealth, achievement and success you’ll have as a Master Key System Mastermind Executive Alliance Coach.

Most of us have heard this or a variation of this…

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

Tony Robbins, Eben Pagan and Tim Ferris have all said it but we believe the originator was the late great Jim Rohn. The quality of the people you surround yourself with will have a profound effect on your life, your thinking, your business.

Are the people you spend time with helping you achieve this?

It is a fact that your lifestyle will generally reflect the lifestyle of the people you have in your life. That is why we want to meet with you and talk about How we can work together, help you and you becoming Master Key System Mastermind Highly Paid Executive Alliance Coach

Mind Power 365 (The Blessed Factory): Mastermind Alliance By: Napolean Hill

What is a Master Key System Mastermind Alliance Coach?

Napoleon Hill is often credited with being the originator of Mastermind Groups, but the truth is Mastermind Groups have been around much longer.

Mr. Hill had a very simple definition: The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.

“The Mastermind principle consists of an alliance of two or more minds working in perfect harmony for the attainment of a common definite objective. Success does not come without the cooperation of others” Napoleon Hill​ (1) The Mastermind Alliance – NAPOLEON HILL – YouTube

Ben Franklin is also famous for a Mastermind Group. In 1726, despite working from early morning to late at night in his print shop, Ben Franklin organized a meeting group called The Junto. This group met every Friday evening to debate questions of morals, politics, and natural philosophy, and to exchange knowledge of business affairs.

Two questions Franklin asked the group each week were:

“Who is thriving & why?” and “How might they be emulated?”

These are still brilliant questions today!

Look at what is working in your life or industry. Ask yourself, “why it is working.”

Then figure out how you might emulate this success in your own life or business. It might mean reformulating your products, adding new elements to your books and information products, or studying video sales letter transcripts to make your sales messages more compelling.

A Mastermind Alliance Coaching Group is for entrepreneurs or business owners who want to improve their life or business and who are willing to put the effort in.

A Mastermind Alliance Coaching Group is not a Networking Group or A Coffee Club – it is for individuals who are serious about growing their life or business and who have the discipline to follow through.

Business Integrity and Sharing sensitive info in Mastermind Coaching Groups

Successful Mastermind Alliance Coaching Groups are built on trust, integrity and sharing. Naturally the format of Mastermind Groups means that you and your fellow members will be sharing sensitive information.

It is important you understand the importance of holding a confidence. The Group facilitator will normally have established ground rules for the group that includes confidentiality. Typically what is said within the room remains within the room!

“The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best” ~ Epictetus, (the Stoic philosopher)


How To Become a Life Coach: Basic Skills and Knowledge

The mastermind personal development and business development coaching industries are the most rewarding and interesting industries I could imagine being a part of – and I think you’ll find the same thing.

According to Forbes the personal development coaching industry is an $15 Billion growing industry.

We would like to give you the opportunity to be a part of an $11 Billion growing industry with us.


“Be a Master Key System Mastermind Alliance Coach” This means: clarifying your goals and developing plans to achieve them for yourself and other through Master Key System Mastermind Alliance Coaching.

How to seek out challenging projects that will help you and your clients, partners or associates grow. It means having ways to work with teams to get results. How to set yourself apart with strategic thinking to get results.


Coaching industry- global demand for coaching - coaching info and trends

The financial benefits you’ll reap from Master Key System Mastermind Business Alliance Coaching runs between: $500-$2000 per business coaching session (which usually lasts for about an hour)

Noomii, the web’s largest directory for life coaches and business coaches, suggests: Most life coaches charge somewhere between $75 and $200 per hour. Business coaches tend to charge between $175 and $250 per hour. An executive business coach may charge around $400 per hour.

The hourly rate for an experienced business coach can cost around $200 to $750 an hour, with most business coaches falling in the $300 to $500 price range. Some business coaches will also agree to a set monthly rate that will cover your sessions, which might include follow-up phone calls and emails.

Coaching rates have stabilized, if not declined in the past two to three years. Rates will vary by type of coach. Estimates are that executive coaches earn about $325 per hour, small business coaches earn about $235 per hour, and life coaches earn about $160 per hour.

Typical Life Coach Earnings: $48,501 Avg. Salary-$1,100 Bonus-$15,000 Commission-$9,500 Profit Sharing.

Executive Coach earnings: $12,000 to $25,000 per client.

Life Coach earnings: $100 – $400 per hour, usually translating to $1000 – $4000 per client. See: Life coach salary might be, collected from Payscale.

Health And Wellness Coach make in the United States: The average Health And Wellness Coach salary in the United States is $59,501 as of December 28, 2020, but the salary range typically falls between $51,986 and $66,862.

Financial Coach make in the United States: The national average salary for a Financial Coach is $46,503 in United States. Filter by location to see Financial Coach salaries in your area. Salary estimates are based on 84 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Financial Coach employees.

In 4-6 months worming with us as a Master Key System Mastermind Executive Coach, your life can look completely different should you decide to become a Mastermind-Master Key System Coach.

We are accepting a limited number of Alliance candidates

True masterminds are typically very small (2-10 members with 5 on the average) and very focused. Large mastermind communities are similar, but not actually the same. They are a good place to find mastermind groups to join or peers to start your own.

The Surprising Reason You Should Hire A Life Coach

Who is Master Key System Mastermind Alliance Coaching For. It’s for people who’s looking to “Be a Coach, Not a Boss” while starting or growing their own business and/or others peoples businesses to the next level.

Let me ask you,

  • Are you doing everything in your power to lead your team or business to new heights, but find yourself hitting a plateau? 
  • Do you find yourself working long hours and sacrificing your personal life just to maintain the same revenue or income?
  • Or maybe you have big goals, but lack the energy to go after them, because you haven’t had a vacation in years?

If so, you’re not alone. 

Most entrepreneurs or business owners or leaders and hit a similar plateau at some point in their life, business or career. A moment when no matter what they do, they can’t seem to break through an invisible glass ceiling. 

They are driven by a great mission or a vision… but unable to turn it into a reality on their own.

But do you really need to hold all the answers, or push your team to execute and bring your vision to life? Here is a solution to all of that.

Most Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners or Leaders Are Still Relying On An Outdated Approach to Success, While Unknowingly Stalling Their Personal and Business Growth. 

Many of them have spent years on their own education and skill-building. They can plan a project to a tee, and calculate the resources required to bring that project to completion in record time.

But the truth remains:

No matter how great you are at what you do – you cannot achieve you goals alone.

Master Key System Mastermind Alliance Coaching is designed specifically for you if you are an entrepreneur, small business owner or in a leadership position or in the position to coach, support and influence entrepreneurs small business owners or the leaders of companies.

You Can Become A Highly Effective- In Demand-Remarkable Alliance Coach

Whether you want to become a highly sought-after boss, owner, or personal development coach or business coach, build a thriving career within your organization, or take your own business to new heights – the Master Key System Mastermind Coaching Program will help.

It’s a 24-week hands-on, deep-dive training and coaching to equip you with a coaching, business and leadership opportunity and skills you need to transform , into a remarkably effective leader who inspires top team performance and creates extraordinary personal and business success.

17 Reasons WHY To Join the Master Key System Mastermind Alliance Coaching

1) Create deep and lasting connections with incredible people. 2) To Challenge Yourself; 3) Accountability; 4) Brainstorming; 5) Mastermind Feedback; 6) Mastermind Support; 7) Mastermind for Focus & Clarity; 8) Better Decision Making; 9) Increased Confidence; 10) Creativity; 11) Increased Profits; 12) Discover New Business Partners and Cross Promotion; 13) Mastermind – Think bigger; 14) Masterminds Expand Your Skills; 15) Masterminds and Helping Others; 16) Mastermind Hot Seats; and 17) New Business Ideas

What makes a good Master Key System Mastermind Alliance Coaching Group?

The synergy of energy, commitment, and excitement that participants bring to the Master Key System Mastermind Coaching Group. The beauty of mastermind groups is that participants raise the bar by challenging each other to create and implement goals, brainstorm ideas, and support each other with total honesty, respect and compassion.

Here’s What You’ll Be Able To Achieve as an Alliance Member. You’ll

[1]: Master Business Coaching  And Entrepreneurial Skills: Whether you need to coach yourself or your clients or team through business challenges, this will equip you with the exact skills you need to facilitate profound change and transformation for your business, other businesses, team leaders, entire teams and companies.

[2]: Grow a Business X10 Faster: Whether you choose to go full time in your business or grow an exceptional career for or within other companies, you’ll always have the most powerful business growth systems and strategies available at your fingertips.

[3]: Enhance Team Performance: Attract great talent, while building and managing an A-Team. Help any team perform and collaborate at their highest level while quickly resolving conflicts

[4]: Elevate Leadership Skills: Master the skills that separate great leaders from ones who are merely good, so you can promote excellence and build mission-driven business that last.

[5]: Develop Executive Coaching Skills: You’ll learn how to masterfully coach yourself,, leaders and executives through their most challenging personal, business and leadership challenges. Plus – you’ll be able to support them in optimizing their own performance, fast-tracking their business growth and increasing their bottom line.

[6]: Develop Networking Business Coaching Skills: You’ll get a program covering the following topics: Vision, Establishing a Manor Definite Purpose, Developing a Positive Mental Attitude, Goal Setting, Creating a Written Plan of Action, Creating and Maintaining a Mastermind Association, Prospecting and Lead Generation, Taking Action Now, Showing the Business Plan, Follow Up, Confidence, Referrals, Accountability, Positive Self Talk, Sales Physiology, Effective Follow-Up, Navigation, Phone Techniques, and much more.

Evercoach by Mindvalley presents: Coaching Mastery

Here’s How the Master Key System Mastermind Alliance Coaching and Training Works

  • Weekly Coaching, Content And Training
  • Weekly Live Classroom Coaching Sessions
  • Weekly Interactive Peer Coaching Sessions
  • Personal Coaching Assessments
  • Done online-in person-on the phone or Zoom

Who We Are

Michael Kissinger is a coach, consultant, business analyst, former university professor, entrepreneur and mentor to People Who Want to Successfully Work for Themselves. He has 30 years experience and is known around the world as the author of the popular Blog site Living Your Beautiful Life Master Key Coaching where you will find biweekly or monthly success tools for growing yourself, your wealth and your business. Reference: MKS: Michael Kissinger Professional Summary – Live Your …

Coaching in the workplace: Examples and benefits

Let’s Meet and Talk to See if the Alliance is RIGHT For You.

Now, you can partner with us and benefit from our skills, reputation, trial and error and expertise. We’d love to talk with you to share more details, discuss your goals and determine if this is right for you.

During that meeting we will:

  • Get to know you better.
  • Discuss what you want to achieve. 
  • Go over the details of our programs as well as the financial investment involved. 
  • Determine if these programs are a good fit for you. 

Our events, programs, products, and videos are enjoyed by millions around the world every day. Tens of thousands of people around the world already attend or watch our events each year, and buy our services, programs, products and books.

Hundreds of businesses, large and small, use our programs to facilitate positive, profound, permanent change in their employees. Hundreds of thousands more need these programs to improve themselves and their companies’ performance and success.

Year after year we offer the newest, most effective personal and business development coaching programs for executives, sales professionals, employees, business owners and other seekers will continue to come to us for our coaching and training.

Take this seriously. It’s such a rewarding and lucrative opportunity, industry and business to be a part of.

We have a collection of programs all designed for different purposes so keep in mind that during your appointment, we will ask you specific questions about your goals so you can pursue the program that will best serve you. 

By scheduling your appointment, the expectation is that you are ready to jump in and start working with us on your life, career, business or financial goals. 

Simply inquiring about this shows that you are doing more than just wishing for a better life, you’re acting on it.   

To set up your Alliance meeting send us an email. We’ll keep an eye on our inbox and you’ll be contacted within the next 24 hours. Then we’ll discuss your career, personal and financial goals. If you have any trouble booking, just give us a call with the best times to reach you.

You’re Protected With a 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Remember you don’t have to say YES right now. You only have to say MAYBE. Meet with us on Zoom or the Phone or in Person. Then go through the materials for 15 days risk-free from the day the training starts.

This means you can try our Alliance Coaching Programs completely risk free.

Then, you can decide whether to join us or not. If you’re not over-the-moon with your potential results, simply tell us and we will never discuss this with you again.

Within the next 24 hours, contact us to go over details.

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Michael Kissinger

Sydney Reitenbach

Phone 415-678-9965


Disclaimer Our vision is to help you bring your biggest dream into reality. As stipulated by law, we cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools, or strategies. Your results are completely up to you, your level of awareness, expertise, the action you take and the service you provide to others. Any testimonials, financial numbers mentioned in emails or referenced on any of our blog or web pages should not be considered exact, actual or as a promise of potential earnings – all numbers are illustrative only, as we are sure you understand. That being said, we believe in you and we are here to support you in making the changes you want for your life and giving you methods, strategies, and ideas that will help move you in the direction of your dream.

PS. Request a FREE Master Key System Mastermind Alliance Meeting if you want to join us in the $11 billion personal development or business development industry. These industries needs people like you.

PPS. Coaches Wanted for Highly Paid MKS Mastermind Alliance Career

Youth Coaches Needed!! – Merton Football Club

If an executive coach makes between $12,000 and $25,000 a client, then let’s be conservative and say you charge $15,000 per client. Put in real person words, if you get 8 clients per year, you are making $120,000 as an executive coach. That’s less than ONE client per month.

Note: We like to think about things in terms of months because a business is based on recurring revenue – months, quarters, years. To have a real business you need to have a steady revenue that you can predict. 

Even in hard times it’s possible to make more than you expect. 

Life Coach Salary: The Definitive Guide - Coach Foundation

We polled coaches in three big coaching industries, dating, executive, and business, and  they all saw growth during COVID. In fact, their growth in 2020 – averaged across all three industries – was well above 50%. So if you are telling yourself you can’t start a coaching business now, PLEASE STOP. 

Back to salaries: For life coaches let’s be conservative again, and say that you are making $1500 per private client.

If you get three clients a month, you are making $4500 per month, $54,000 per year, conservatively. That tracks with Payscale, for the most part.

The median family income in the US is actually ~$68,000 per year, according to good folks at the US Census Bureau. 

So if you alone are making $54,000 per year, you are doing not too shabby!

And keep in mind, that’s conservative. What if you were getting $3,000, $4,000 per client per month? Now you are making $144,000 per year in addition to your current ongoing job income.  

Given that coaching has a more streamlined sales process, you don’t have to convince tons of people in HR and contract through a big company. MKS Mastermind Alliance Coaching is cheaper for individuals to purchase, it’s sometimes easier to acquire clients.

Become a Coach Member

Our Mission: We empower people, small business owners and entrepreneurs to effectively build their business and to communicate with a highly skeptical, media-blitzed people by using progressive business and marketing strategies that produce tangible and highly profitable results. (2) The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace D Wattles – YouTube We help people apply this science to their life, business or careers. (2) Science of Getting Rich 90-Day Challenge with Mary Morrissey – YouTube

We will help you uncover the pain points of your ideal audience, differentiate yourself from your competitors and focus your valuable resources on your company’s strengths and benefits. This will enable you to constantly be on the lookout for new opportunities and never stop growing and profiting.

Disclaimer Our vision is to help you bring your biggest dream into reality. As stipulated by law, we cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools, or strategies. Your results are completely up to you, your level of awareness, expertise, the action you take and the service you provide to others. Any testimonials, financial numbers mentioned in emails or referenced on any of our web pages should not be considered exact, actual or as a promise of potential earnings – all numbers are illustrative only, as I am sure you understand. That being said, we believe in you and we are here to support you in making the changes you want for your life and giving you methods, strategies, and ideas that will help move you in the direction of your dream.

Published by Reitenbach-Kissinger Business Success Institute

Reitenbach-Kissinger Business Success Institute helps entrepreneurs and small business owners and their families live better lives, create success faster, build their businesses and assets they love while creating unlimited incomes or profit. Join us. Risk Free Satisfaction Guarantee

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