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Are you ready to fill your life with more Health, wealth, peace, power, and joy?

Eighty-five percent of the world’s millionaires are men, according to GlobalData. Why More Women Aren’t Millionaires…Because they have No Loans, No Credit, No Funding.

Eighty percent of women entrepreneurs never make more than $50,000 in total annual revenue. 

All Women  Should All Be Self-Made Millionaires details a realistic, achievable, step-by-step path to creating the support, confidence, and plan you need to own your success and become the self-made millionaire the world needs you to be.

Only 10 percent of the world’s millionaires are women, making it difficult for women to wield the economic power that will create lasting equality.

[1]: 13 percent of men earn $100,000+ annually while only 6 percent of women earn that much.

[2]: For women who work in a corporate setting, only 1 in 5 people with high-paying executive positions are women, and only 1 in 25 are women of color.

[3]: 90% of the world’s millionaires are men. Only 10% are women.

[4]: Women own 51% of all businesses in the United States, but only bring in 4.2% of the revenue.

[5]: Men are 3.5 times more likely to reach the million-dollar mark than women.

[6]: There are 1,817 new women-owned businesses launched every single day.

[7]: 74% of people involved in direct selling are women.  What about you?

Whatever is stopping you from having seven figures in the bank—whether it is shaky confidence, knowledge gaps when it comes to wealth building tactics, imposter syndrome, a janky mindset about money (it is okay, we have all been there!), or simply not knowing where to begin—MKS coaching shows you how to clear every obstacle in your way, show up, and glow up.

How should women get started on building wealth?

Because there’s a Millionaire Woman inside every one of us, just itching to bust out… Here’s How YOU Too Can Become RICH From The Inside Out with MKS Coaching.

Ask yourself what is it I actually want. Then do the math on what it costs to get there.

Some women say, “I wanted a bigger house with a backyard for my kids. I also wanted to support my mother. I wanted to send my kids to extracurricular activities. Take vacations. Get a new car.”

Do the math on that, and realized you may needed to make three times what you’re making. It tooksome women two or three years from when they imagined that to when they had all of the things on that list. If you want to expidite that consider MKS Coaching. MKS Coaching will forever change the way you think about money and your ability to earn it.

MKS Coaching focuses on women earning more, building wealth and gaining economic power especially among those who have traditionally been left out of the high-income world like women of color, queer women and disabled women.

MKS coaching shares the lessons we learned both in our own journey to wealth and health and in coaching others through their own journeys to seven figures.

In MKS Coaching you will discover:

  • Why earning more money is not “selfish” or “greedy” but in fact, a revolutionary act that brings the economy into balance and creates a better world for all.
  • Why most of the financial advice you have heard in the past (like “skip your daily latte to save money”) is absolute, patriarchal nonsense.
  • An eye-opening history lesson on how women and people have been shut out of the ability to build wealth for centuries—and how we can fix this.
  • How to stop making broke-ass decisions that leave you feeling emotionally and financially depleted and start making million-dollar decisions instead.
  • Why aiming to earn $100K per year is not enough, and why you need to be setting your goals much higher.
  • Strategies to bring more money in the door and fatten your bank account immediately. (Including our 30 Days Challenge which hundreds of women have completed—with incredible results.)

It is time to construct an entirely new attitude about money, claim your power, and build the financial security that you need and deserve — so you can stop just surviving, and start thriving. Let us begin. Contact us now. Here’s why!

In Network Marketing 77% of distributors in the United States are women. Globally that number is 76%. Despite the fact that women make up the majority of Network Marketers, there are three big myths about women.

Myth #1: Women are not capable of building a big network. All they can do is find a few customers and sell some products. This is not true.

What is one of the key concepts of building a successful Network Marketing business? It is meeting people, talking to people, and building relationships. Who is better than women at doing all of this?

Women can strike up a conversation like that. Women give honest compliments to others and in two seconds, they strike up a conversation, and in a few minutes, they have a new friend. Women are amazing at building and maintaining relationships, which is the key to building huge networks.

Myth #2: Women are not capable of leading big organizations. All they can do is play a supportive role. Women not only give birth and raise children, but there are women leading countries and entire companies.

Global Fortune 500 companies like General Motors, IMB, and Pepsi Co. are all run by women. So, how can you say that women cannot lead big organizations? See: America’s Richest Self-Made Women 2020 (

Myth #3: Women are not capable of creating true wealth. All they can do is earn an insignificant income. Studies show that they number of wealthy women in the United States is growing as fast as wealthy men.

In America, 45% of millionaires are women. Of those women, 60% of them earned their own fortunes. They did not receive an inheritance; they earned their wealth.

Some people estimate that by 2030, women will control as much as two-thirds of the nation’s wealth. These numbers are fairly similar on the global level. Many global companies have women as some of the top income earners.

These myths are simply not true about women in Network Marketing. Women make up a significant part of Network Marketing, and they will continue to rise to the challenge.

100+ Network Marketing Statistics Women Need to Know for Riches!

Business and Industry Facts

First and foremost, it is important to recognize how well the business is established around the globe and the gross revenue generated each year to put your foot down better in your line of work.

Let us see which all countries top the industry worldwide and how much money they pull in each year.

  • In 2019, the direct selling industry has made sales of about $180.5 billion.
  • USA becomes the global leader in retail sales with annual sales of $35.2 billion.
  • A total of $23.4 in revenue has been made in the Chinese market from retail sales in 2019., which stands in the 2nd position.
  • Korea maintains the third position among the retail sales list with $17.6 billion.
  • Germany and Japan hold 4th and 5th positions in the list with $17.4 billion and $15.6 billion, respectively.
  • The sales change in these countries in constant 2019 is China-2%, U.S-1.3%, Korea-2.4%, Germany & Japan-0.2% (in the order of retails sales value list).
  • A decline of 6.5% in revenue growth from 2018- 19 is observed this year.

It is quite obvious from the above statistics that direct selling is a booming business and helps people earn a substantial amount of income.

Product Stats & Insights

The most important ingredient in the industry that connects every group is the product. After all, the meaning and the goal of this business model is to sell products and if the product selling is not the goal then you have to take a close on it as it falls under illegal.

Among the products, there exist many categories and direct selling is the best available business model to reach them to the end-users, i.e., the consumers and then the customer-distributor conversion that helps product selling companies to make products distributorship revenue. A part of the revenue is shared with the distributors as commissions and bonuses depend on the marketing plan & criteria to achieve it, set by the companies.

The growth rate in sales revenue for each and every category displays one important agenda –popularity of the product. Companies can use the stats and customer suggestions to pull out the magnet and thereby acquire more customers. Just like the food processing companies use the awareness of human beings’ cravings and tailor the tastes of their food products to ignite the addiction or their taste interests.

Distributor Stats & Insights

Salespeople in the industry have a major role to play and they choose this role either as a career or as a secondary income source. The success of a direct selling company relies on its distributors, and it is a plain fact that they make a major contribution towards it.

The industry proves worth enough, the numbers in terms of distributors as well as the revenue suggests it strongly. People also find the industry a good choice after the retirement period.

Education is not a barrier in marketing but customer acquisition with a proper set of presentation ability is a must-need skill to acquire. The best thing about being a distributor is that they can work remotely with their own schedule.

[1]: Would you like to consider direct selling as an efficient part-time business opportunity? 83.87% answered yes to this question. Implies the acceptance of the business.

[2]: Would you love to work with greater flexibility even after the retirement period? 74% answered yes to this question. Implies the opportunity direct selling provides.

[3]: Do you prefer to work remotely? 84% answered yes to this question. Implies the ease with which direct selling can be initiated.

[4]: Additional FactsDirect selling income generation statistics and Distributor Achievements

  • 63% of participants join network marketing to make money by selling products to customers.
  • 25% achieves the desired profit they planned for while joining the business.
  • Out of them, 53% of people made more than $5,000 U.S dollars.
  • 39% of the people stopped being a part of the network marketing business and the reason behind the decision is to stop pitching directly to family and friends.

In 2017, record-breaking statistics have been witnessed in the industry with 116.7 million distributors.

  • Full-time distributors earn an annual increment of $300.
  • According to the surveys, 25% of participants made money through network marketing.
  • About 10% of distributors earn over $100 a week through their marketing efforts and skills.
  • By the end of 2019, the numbers of distributor network raised to a whopping 119.9 million around the world.

The more engaged the distributors are, the more they earn. The numbers also suggest motivation among people who choose direct selling as a profession.

Here’s some more interesting facts about the distributors and some motivational facts.

  • 118.4 million people worked as individual representatives in 2018, a growth rate of 1.6% when compared to 2017 stats.
  • Direct selling representatives spend an average time of 30 hours per week.
  • 59% feel motivated to become a direct seller and 61% stay because of the flexible nature of the industry.
  • 48% joined as a direct seller with a goal for long-term supplemental income and 54% continued as a direct seller.
  • 35% of people find the industry as a short-term income and get motivated to become a direct seller whereas 29% of people stay long in this position.
  • 41% get motivated to become a direct seller by finding income potential and thereafter 50% continue in the industry.
  • 15.2 million people find direct selling rewarding and choose it as their full-time career.
  • 44.2 million people find it interesting to consider direct selling as a part-time career option.
  • Recent joiners in direct selling alone amounts to 60.5 million.
  • More than 60 million sales consultants work in the MLM industry.
  • 99% of direct sellers are high school.
  • 99% of direct sellers are high school graduates, and 52% among them are degree holders or college graduates.
  • Retail sales of an average direct seller was $5176 in 2019.
The New Trend – Couples as Distributors

The growth rate in sales revenue for each and every category displays one important agenda –popularity of the product. Companies can use the stats and customer suggestions to pull out the magnet and thereby acquire more customers. Just like the food processing companies use the awareness of human beings’ cravings and tailor the tastes of their food products to ignite the addiction or their taste interests.

Consumer Stats & Insights

Consumers are those end-users who ultimately use the products and remark their opinion at least in mind. If they are happy with the products then they will be using it until something new comes up that satisfies their needs by means of new offers from other competitors, finding more satisfying customers for other brands, or anything that triggers the interests.

This particular point has been constant trouble for direct selling companies and those who attained customer retention have survived for long. Product consistency needs to maintain throughout their existence and customer fulfillment is a major battle to compact around. The point of success lies in knowing your customer needs while implementing a customer=centric approach.

Different age groups have different levels of criteria that make them pick a product from different available brands. The success of a business is once all such age groups together choose your brand. If the senior citizens still argue over your product in the later period of their life in supermarkets or similar brick and mortar stores, then you can define a product as the best and evergreen product with never-ending trust.

  • In the U.S. direct selling prospects are diverse with 48% women, 35% millennials and 20% African Americans. *
  • U.S. consumers have positive perceptions towards direct selling, and this has remained stable over the past 10 years. *
  • 69% find supporting small businesses as an appealing attribute of direct selling. *
  • 67% are inclined to the personalized service that direct sellers provide. *
  • 46% of Americans would welcome contact from direct sellers regarding business opportunities on social media. *

Sales need to focus on the younger generation too as they are the future and having their trust in a product means a lot. More efforts have to be put forward for younger, older generations to collectively call business as a complete world-class choice! Similar sorts of actions have to be done on the gender side too, a balance has to be kept among them which lacks at present. A study can be made to find the cause and how to overrule it as a perfect solution which remains stable for the future.

  • 36.6 million customers have bought products/services from the network marketing model.
  • In 2020, 7% among the overall direct sellers is aged 18-24.
  • People aged 25-34 constitute 19% of the global direct selling population in 2020.
  • About 26% who contributed to the direct selling crowd were from the age group 35-44 in 2020.
  • 25% among the direct sellers were from the age group 45-54.
  • 23% of the direct sales consumers belong to the age group 55 and above.
  • About 75% of the customer/direct sellers are women and 25% are men. (’17)
  • 74% of the new customers are women and 26% from men. (‘19)
  • In India, about 5.1 million people are involved in the direct selling business which is nearly double that of the past 7 years, says global CEO, Qnet.
  • In 2016, 31% of consumers find direct selling highly favorable in the USA.
  • 91% of GenZers are interested in flexible income earning opportunities. *
Entrepreneur Stats & Insights 

The final entity or the important step in this ladder is the ‘entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs have to look into the system deeply from industrial history to the consumers’ reaction over the products. This particular group has to study a lot and at the end of the day, they go for industrial expert opinions and consulting.

Is that necessary? Yes, it is but to an extent this article can help you to look around the whole system without many dilemmas. The reason behind it is that the article is written purely based on facts and statistics and have omitted any data that does not have an accurate basement to stand for.

As an entrepreneur, you can use the data above to find and sketch a pattern that lets you dominate the business, no worries! We can help you with that part and make you clear with more facts. However, there are more things you have learned before we help you come up with a solution.

  • 77% of Americans are interested in flexible, entrepreneurial/income earning opportunities. *
  • 88% of Millennials are interested in entrepreneurial opportunities. *
  • 79% of Americans consider direct selling as an attractive option for entrepreneurial opportunities. *
  • Direct selling requires only a minimal start-up cost of $82.50 when compared to other industries. *

Direct selling has been and will always be the best platform to do business for your products and take in as a business model for marketing them to consumers. Let us see some interesting stats that might help you to analyze if the industry is suitable for you or not.

  • 5.1 million people found entrepreneurship opportunities in the direct selling industry.

The below table lists the top 10 earners in the network marketing industry along with their company and income details.

The New Normal in the Direct Selling Industry

1.    Face-to-face meetings v/s Online meetings

Not to mention, face-to-face meeting is vital to establish a strong relationship with your distributors as well as customers. It has always served as the easiest way to effectively communicate with them, and to build a bond of trust. But due to the restrictions imposed on such gatherings due to the outspread of pandemic, it has become difficult to form a fruitful connection with the client.

Thanks to the advanced online meeting facilities available in today’s tech world, it has been able to simulate a real experience with extra ordinary audio and video qualities. With its help, direct sellers are successfully hosting online parties and knowledge transfer meetings, to keep the community together strongly. Since this method has been able to gratify customers, it is one of the reasons why direct selling is able to withstand the covid-19 crisis.

2. Offline sales vs Online sales

Most of the direct products were sold offline since it was comparatively easy to demonstrate the product and also to have a one-on-one conversation with the customer. Since it has become difficult to carry out the same selling process now, more and more direct sellers are moving to the online platforms to set up their virtual stores. Not only the selling process is simplified, but also the sellers are able to get more insights about the customer behavior and their preferences to a greater extent. Online sales also help in expanding the customer base without any geographical boundaries, which offers a great opportunity for business expansion as well.

3. Word-of-mouth vs Digital marketing

Right from the time direct selling flourished, most of the marketing part was done offline through word-of-mouth. It had an upper hand in productive sales establishment, since the review about a particular product came from a known person or a peer group. Most of such talks happened during social gatherings and similar occasions.

But in a situation like what we have now, marketing that happens in such a fashion has drastically reduced. Instead, sellers are now more focused onthe Latest trends in marketing and sales into their business. Online campaigns, co-branding, point of purchase (POP) marketing, programmatic advertising, etc. are some of the strategies commonly deployed.

4. Physical back-office vs Online back-office

The successful implementation of work from home scheme has made companies rethink the need for an expensive office space, since most of the companies could get their work done in WFH method with a great reduction in running costs. To enforce this without any flaws, companies are moving to virtual back-office platforms, which integrates all essential features needed to run a company as if it were running offline. The betterment in technology has also made this approach seamless.

The world is moving to a new normal. People who found it extremely difficult to cope up with the changes in the beginning, now handle it with ease.

Nobody knows when exactly this crisis would end and till then, the best thing we can do is to adapt and overcome.

Women are increasingly taking center stage in business, and in the sixth annual list, Forbes is shining a spotlight on the 100 richest self-made entrepreneurs, executives and entertainers in the U.S., up from 80 a year ago.

These trail blazers, worth a collective $90 billion, have started or helped expand companies that do everything from build rockets to create snowboards to make Covid-19 tests. America’s Richest Self-Made Women 2020 (

The pandemic has been kind to some, including Zoom Video Communications’ finance chief, Kelly Steckelberg, who debuts on the list as shares of the work-from-home staple quintupled during 2020. Others, such as cosmetics whiz Anastasia Soare and the cofounders of skin-care firm Rodan + Fields, have been less fortunate, as the quarantine hurt sales of some beauty brands.

So, it is important to be informed about these possibilities to get your business through this hard time. We have done our best to incorporate the most useful information into this write up. The turn is now yours. Stop waiting for the right time. The best time is NOW!

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