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What Do “They” Have That You Don’t? The Answer Will Surprise You…

Any Person Who Knows and Understands the Answer to This Question Has an Inconceivable Advantage over the People Around Them … One That Will Make Them Happier, Healthier, and Wealthier!

There is a change that is sweeping the world…

This change is silently transpiring in our midst and is more important than any which the world has ever undergone.

This change stands unparalleled in the history of the world.

You’ve seen newspapers or watched news broadcasts that proclaimed headlines like these.

  • “In the Midst of a Recession, This Company Posted Record Profits!”
  • “While Consumer Spending Is Down, Sales of Luxury Goods Are Up.”
  • “One Man’s Story of Unemployment and Bankruptcy to Million Dollar Success.”
  • “Even in an Economic Downturn, This Business Keeps the Cash Register Cha-chinging!”
  • “Record Lay-offs, Record Unemployment, Record Foreclosures — and Record Bonuses!”

Sound familiar?

Of course they do. You’d have to be living underneath a rock not to have noticed what’s been happening all around us.

But what’s really happening?

Why are some doing so well while others are … not?

Why are so many struggling to make ends meet while others are living the high life?

What’s really going on here?

What do those successful people have that you don’t?

The answer is …


They don’t have anything that you don’t have.

They just know and understand something that you don’t. Not yet, anyway…

The Greatest Treasure in the Universe

A young man went to a guru and asked, “Why aren’t I successful and happy? Why don’t I have what other people have?”

The guru responded, “How can you lack anything when you own the greatest treasure in the universe?”

“How do I own the greatest treasure in the universe?” asked the young man, baffled.

“The place that question comes from is the greatest treasure in the Universe,” answered the guru.

For a guru, that answer was more straight-forward than usual. (They are usually quite the cryptic bunch.)

So, where does that question come from and what is the greatest treasure in the Universe?

It’s your mind. Your brain. Your thoughts.

It’s the You that is you.

If that isn’t making much sense to you, let the late Robert Anton Wilson explain it in a more straight-forward way.

Lift your eyes from this page and look around you.

Everything that you see is the product of someone’s mind.

Think about that for a moment.

The chair you’re sitting on, the computer you’re using, the house you’re in, the car you drive …

They’re not products of magic or luck, capriciousness or fancy.

They all began as an idea in someone’s mind.

Someone somewhere — someone who could have been you — had an idea and using the power of their mind brought that idea into reality. They changed the world!

And that’s happening every day.

People just like you are using only what is available to them — their greatest treasure — and attaining success beyond their wildest dreams.

The Absolute Truth About Action and The MKS Master Key System. Everything you have and everything that is around you began with a thought.

That was not — and is not — the entire process, though.

To attain something, you must . . .

. . . think . . .

. . . and then plan . . .

. . . and then do.

Action is required to bring to you your “own.”

A person thinking about writing a book will never “manifest” a book by thought alone. He must write the  book. He must . . .

. . . outline the book . . .

. . . produce a rough draft . . .

. . . edit that rough draft . . .

. . . let other people read and criticize what he has written . . .

. . . re-draft . . .

. . . re-write . . .

. . . edit . . .

. . . and repeat it all again and again until the book is . . .

. . . finished.

Action is part of the process that the MKS Master Key Coaching System and Program  espouses. It might not be the largest part; often, though, it is the most time-consuming and most difficult to perfect.

Yes, the MKS Master Key Coaching System and Program will teach, coach and mentor you how to think properly and correctly. And always with taking action in mind.

That’s why we offer you this coaching and system. To know the Truth is the underlying condition necessary in every business transaction or social relation.

Let us ask, “Want to become a Billionaire/Millionaire like Mark Cuban, Leonardo DiCaprio and the richest people in the world? Start today!

According To Fortune Magazine, Over 1700 New Millionaires Are Created Every Day.. But How Do They Do It?

They all began as an idea in their mind.

Someone somewhere — someone who could have been you — had an idea and using the power of their mind brought that idea into reality. They changed the world!

And that’s happening every day.

People just like you are using only what is available to them — their greatest treasure — and attaining success beyond their wildest dreams.

  • Steve Jobs, who began life as an orphan, started Apple Computers from his adopted parents’ garage. Today that company is worth over $400 billion dollars!
  • Howard Hughes, born to a well-off family, didn’t want to follow in the family business because he had ideas of his own: He wanted to design and fly planes. His ideas made him one of the wealthiest men of his time.
  • Richard Branson was born in a hospital for children with special needs. Since then, he’s founded over a hundred different companies under the Virgin name, he’s circumnavigated the globe in a hot air balloon, and soon he will be providing trips into space with Virgin Galactic!
  • Ray Kroc, a lowly milk shaker machine salesman, didn’t invent McDonald’s, but he had the idea — the idea — that would make it a multi-billion dollar, international restaurant phenomenon.
  • George Lucas, an unknown film-maker from California wanted to make a “space opera.” In 1977, Star Wars was born.
  • Harland David Sanders, better known as Colonel Sanders, was past the age of retirement and practically broke when he pursued his idea of making fried chicken with “eleven secret herbs and spices.”
  • Mark Zuckerberg saw that people wanted to socialize online and he had an idea to make that possible. From his college dorm room he started Facebook.

Those are just some people you might be familiar with.

There are many, many others who are not so famous doing amazing things, too.

They’re people just like you.

They come from all walks of life and all parts of the world. They start businesses, they program computers, the open restaurants, they develop medical treatments, they invent devices, they make movies, they sing songs, they discover new markets…

No matter how different they are and how varied their beginnings, they all share one thing in common.

They all started with one thing and one thing only.

It’s the same thing you have.

The exact same thing.

So, let me ask you…

Why aren’t you using your mind — the greatest treasure in the universe — to attain the things you want?

Take an Honest Look at Yourself …

  • Are you cashing in on your thoughts and ideas and are you getting full value for them?
  • Do you eat well? Sleep well? Allow yourself to relax?
  • Do you attend to your business or job considerations and still have enough time for your family?
  • Are you as healthy as you’d like to be?
  • Is your day well organized?
  • Do you have enough time in the day to accomplish what you want to?
  • Is your sleep deep and refreshing without dreams of fear or worry of any kind?
  • Do you always awaken vigorous and refreshed?
  • Is each one of your days fulfilling?
  • Do you look forward to each day?
  • Are you building into your life the things that will benefit you both mentally and physically?
  • Do the people you meet do what you want them to do? Do they feel towards you as you wish them to feel? Do they think what you want them to think?
  • Do things come to you easily and without tremendous effort?
  • Are you confident of the results of your efforts?
  • Can you focus on a problem to the exclusion of everything else?
  • Can you unravel, disintegrate, and disassemble a problem in order to see every phase of it so that you can find the solution — definitely, conclusively, and finally?
  • When you solve a problem, can you dismiss the matter and turn your attention to something else?
  • Is your mind at peace and free of worries, troubles, anxieties, and doubts?

Here’s the deal. If you want to…

  • earn what you are truly worth 
  • look forward to each day with renewed vigor and energy …
  • solve the problems in your life with ease …
  • become fearless 
  • have people respond to you positively …
  • and free your mind of worry and doubt …

then you are about to discover how you can become all of that and much more.

And you’ll do it all with what you already have in your possession — the greatest treasure in the Universe.

You just have to unlock it…

Tap into the Same Resource That “They” Do

Imagine that you are no longer a play-thing of fate and circumstances.

Instead, imagine that you are the captain of your destiny.

Imagine that the “times” no longer dictate terms to you, but that you take advantage of the times in which you’re living and that you thrive — no matter what!

Imagine that your life is full and rewarding and that you are admired and respected because of who you are and what you do.

The knowledge, wisdom, and methods in the Complete MKS Master Key System Coaching Program and Course will help you accomplish all of that.

The Complete MKS Master Key System Coaching Program and Course has everything you need to learn how to harness your amazing potential and turn it into attaining your goals and dreams.

The Complete MKS Master Key System Coaching Program and Course has everything you need to tap into the very same resource that created massive fortunes, built empires, and even changed the world!

Request your FREE Discovery Coaching Session and you’ll quickly discover…
  • Why the amount of people who become millionaires every year is increasing rapidly
  • The simple ‘hack’ we used to shorten the process of becoming a millionaire and how to start using it today
  • Plus a bonus coaching session that brings it all together so you can move forward with 100% confidence!

Here are but a few of the additional ideas you will discover in this tremendous coaching.

  • You will discover your own system for success — one that never fails.
  • How to invest your time wisely. (This is one of the most important ingredients of success!)
  • You will find shortcuts to improve your efficiency.
  • How to get the people around you to follow you and say “yes.”
  • You will now know when to quit — and when to drive forward.
  • How to clear your brain of the incessant chatter so that you can focus and concentrate with clarity and ease.
  • How to eliminate timidity and fear.
  • How to become a bastion of courage.
  • You will find methods to relieve tension. (Imagine yourself being relaxed and at peace at all times.)
  • You will learn about the Natural Laws that govern our life: the Law of Attraction, the Law of Growth, the Law of Love, the Law of Abundance, and the Law of Service.
  • And much, much more!

As an online entrepreneur for the past 40 years, tons of people have asked us how we went from scraping to creating our own thriving digital business.

“I completely recommend Master Key Master System Coaching to anyone who wants to improve their life.”

The Master Key System Coaching Program is revolutionizing my life. I completely recommend the Master Key System Coaching Program to anyone who wants to improve their life. Heather — New York City, NY

That’s why we put together this no-cost, deep dive coaching session so you can discover the same crucial keys that will help you launch your own business so you can level up your entire life!

On-going Support and Coaching

Exclusive & Unlimited
Coaching & Support

One of the things that makes the MKS Master Key System Coaching Program unique is the fact that you receive unlimited and on-going coaching and support.

If you ever have a question about something in this coaching, if you ever come across something that confuses you, you can count on the fact that the answers are only an e-mail or phone call away!

In other words, you have someone at your disposal to answer all your questions and ensure that you are going about things the correct way.

“Thank you so much, for your words of wisdom …”

Thank you so much for your words of wisdom … I just never knew about all this awesome stuff out there to open one’s mind and find peace and prosperity.
Edith V. — Australia

Whether you have ten questions or ten thousand, all of your questions will be answered! You will not be left on your own.

This aspect of the MKS Master Key System Coaching Program is massive! People have paid three or four times the cost of the entire Complete MKS Master Key System Coaching Program just for limited coaching. You’re going to get unlimited and on-going support — for as long as you choose to use it!

That’s pretty awesome, isn’t it?

“I owe these successes in large part to the guidance I received from the MKS Master Key System Coaching.”

I’ve made amends with my ex-husband, become personally debt-free, developed a business plan, secured start-up capital of $150,000, and successfully opened my own office. I owe these successes in large part to the guidance I received from the MKS Master Key System Coaching Program.
Dr. Mano A. — Wilmington, DE

So contact us ASAP so you can get your free session now!”

Experience the Complete MKS Master Key System Coaching Program and Exceed All of Your Previous Ambitions and Hopes!

The Complete MKS Master Key System Coaching Programis your passport into a new life — a life of success in place of failure and happiness in place of drudgery.

Here are just a few of the things you will learn, experience, and encounter with the Complete MKS Master Key System Coaching Program

  • You will gain a complete understanding about how your dreams become reality.
  • You will see how and why the Law of Attraction really works and begin to see the effects of it almost immediately.
  • You will learn a novel way to attain your ideal weight that doesn’t include diet pills, fad diets, or starving yourself.
  • You will remove doubt and fear from your life by learning how to “train your brain.”
  • You will discover the importance of having meaning in your life and you will be given the exercises that will help you to find it.
  • You will learn the techniques that the world’s elite use to build fortunes and empires.
  • By learning about the power of concentration, you will understand why many smart people never reach the heights of success that less intelligent people do — and how you can avoid the same fate.
  • Learn how merely wanting to “make money” is not enough to really succeed at any business venture. In fact, it will only lead you to failure.
  • Discover how negative self-talk can be quickly eliminated and replaced with positive self-talk that will aid you in attaining your goals and dreams.
  • Putting your plans into action will be easier and will happen at an unprecedented pace.
  • Results will come to you quicker than you ever imagined.
  • Goal setting will become a snap!
  • Attaining your goals will become almost second-nature.
  • You will see that whatever happened to you in the past is of little consequence now. You will look toward the future with an up-turned chin and the will of a giant.
  • There are three laws awaiting to work for you. Learn how to tap into their power so that you can realize your goals, dreams, and desires.
  • By defining yourself and your goals, you will seemingly magnetize yourself to success and opportunities.
  • You will understand why the mantra “Work smarter!” is the new “secret” to success in any endeavour.
  • When you learn the process of making your dreams real, you will be able to apply it to any aspect of your life — personal, financial, or business.
  • You will see that learning and improving your memory can be greatly aided just by relaxing.
  • While reading is important, you will discover that it is even more important to know what to read.
  • Do you procrastinate? You won’t any more. Once you have clearly defined wants and goals, you will discover energy and a will to action within yourself that you never knew existed!
  • Everyone has a “million dollar talent” that they are not using. You will discover yours by doing one exercise and you will see how you can put it into action almost immediately!
  • You will learn the difference between day-dreaming and goal setting, and how one will earn you ten times more than the other.
  • Problems that you currently have will dissolve from your life as you release the fluff and get to the good stuff.
  • You will encounter fewer “speed bumps” in your life.
  • Have you ever heard the phrase “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the fist step”? Or “You eat an elephant by taking one bite at a time”? Once you learn how to take a problem or a goal and dissect it into its component parts, you will be able to surmount or attain anything.
  • You will see that as you stop lying to yourself about things, you will be able to see clearly and thereby see opportunities and chances to attain your dreams.
  • Not only will you be able to take responsibility for your mistakes, but you will also begin to really take responsibility for your successes, something which many people are too shy or too afraid to do — but the successful are not.
  • With the good out goes the bad! Become a powerhouse by putting your good traits and skills to use and by eliminating your bad traits.
  • You will see that the problems that you will encounter are easily surmountable and that they are your “stepping stones” to success rather than indications of things gone awry.
  • Your life will be fuller, richer, and more purposeful than you ever thought possible.
  • You will not only possess the keys to true success, you will also know which keys unlock which doors!

Success, however you choose to define it, is possible. It is not something that is reserved only for “them.” Every day, people just like you are moving toward and attaining incredible successes in all areas and fields of life.

Let’s take a look at just a few people — just like you — who used this amazing philosophy to achieve the life that they wanted…

Some People Who Have Unlocked the Doors to Success Using This Coaching

Changing the World One Voice at a Time

Katrina was working a “crappy job in a crappy office with a crappy boss.” Her talent — and degree — as a singing teacher was going to waste.

She decided to change that. She used the knowledge and wisdom she learned from The MKS Master Key System Coaching Program and started her own voice studio.

Today, she has a full roster of eager students — and a waiting list of people who want singing lessons! She has been featured in her local newspapers. She is known in her community and frequently works with theatres and performing companies as a consultant or voice coach. One of her students even sang the National Anthem at the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament!

She is changing the world one voice at a time.

She is happy and busy doing what she loves — and it’s all because she used her “greatest treasure in the Universe.”

The Doctor Is in the House!

Dr. M. dreamed of having her own office — her own practice — ever since she graduated from medical school. After working for other doctors, she finally decided that she was really going to put her talents to use.

With nothing on her side except her brains, her charm, and her knowledge of The MKS Master Key System Coaching Program’s philosophy of success, she secured the capital she needed to open her practice — $150,000!

Even more amazingly, within a year, her office was booming!

Today, she is planning on opening more offices so that she can accept and treat more patients. Dr. M. is now the master of her own destiny — and the future looks very bright indeed.

“What a joy it has been to find that someone so many years ago worked out the precise formula that goes so much farther and explains what we had tapped into.”

Now, you have brought this MKS Master Key System Coaching Program forward for us to study, incorporate, and bring more joy and abundance of all good to whomever will want to learn. I love sharing this. It really is about healing and is a form of detouring (negative thoughts) and teaching folks that they can heal in all areas. Thanks for your hand in this! This is truly fun. Karen C. — Salt Lake City, UT

How Much is Obtaining the Key to the Life You’ve Always Wanted Worth to You?

Every day, people pay $20, $50, or even $100 just for one book.

They pay hundreds — if not thousands — of dollars for coaches and consultants, for seminars and meetings.

They waste their time with untried or phoney methods that not only leave them bankrupt, they leave them disgruntled and empty. Hopeless.

It shouldn’t be that way. You should have access to the knowledge and wisdom and methods that are tried and true. You should be able to ask questions and get coaching to help you apply what you learn properly. You should have everything you need so that you can attain your goals and dreams.

That’s what we did here with the Complete MKS Master Key System Coaching Program. It has everything you need to unlock yourself and become a success.

All FEES are negotiable depending on wants and needs of every person or business.

All coaching comes with a Satisfaction Guarantee. The Reitenbach-Kissingr Institute, Sydney Reitenbach and Michael Kissinger, and their associates, partners and affiliates firmly believe in the effectiveness of the MKS Master Key System Coaching Program requires hard work, the power of positive thought, and the execution of a proper philosophy — and that, more than anything, is what we are selling, teaching and coaching.

A Brief Note from the Coach Michael

Thank you for taking the time to learn about what you have — “the greatest treasure in the Universe” — and how you can truly unlock it. The more many years that we have been teaching, coaching and mentoring the Complete MKS Master Key System Coaching Program have been among the most exciting of my life.

One thing that makes it so is hearing from people like yourself who use this amazing philosophy to do amazing things. From opening businesses to getting the big promotion to building insanely loving relationships, I’ve heard it all — and it makes me very proud that I have offered something that has such wonderful effects in the world.

The Reitenbach-Kissinger Institute beieves “You must first have the knowledge of your power; second, the courage to dare; third, the faith to do.”

We look forward to hearing about them.

You Made It All the Way Here!
So Here’s Something Just for YOU . . .

A FREE Discovery coaching Session to see if this coaching is right for you. Contact us now. Send us your name and email address. thank you

The Master Key System Coaching Program will give you the knowledge of your power. That, in turn, will produce within you the courage to dare — to dream big and aim high. All that’s left is for you to do. And you will. I’ve seen it time and again. You can and will do great things.

I look forward to hearing about them.

Have fun …

Sydney or Michael — Phone: 650-515-7545

“It has changed my life and I will forever change the lives of others because of it.”

I have had The MKS Master Key System Coaching Program and am now developing a consulting business that will help local small businesses succeed. I firmly believe and have been experiencing the truth of the Master Key. I too will be using The Master Key System in all my endeavors to help people grow their careers and their lives…. I have read a lot of books in my time but none of them can measure to the MKS Master Key System Coachng Program. It has changed my life and I will forever change the lives of others because of it. Mark Price –Arcadia, CA

“Our appreciation is immense.”

My wife and I have been reading aloud and discussing passages all morning quite forgetting our normal work. To say we read with delight tells only half the story as the coaching is also deeply challenging and one might even say, awesome in it’s implications. Thank you for the magnificent job you have done in bringing this great service to a wider public. Our appreciation is immense. Peter S. — Australia

“I have been taken to a whole new level.”

I am incredibly excited about the Master Key System Coaching Program. I have studied “mind stuff” for years including what I thought was the best at the time…That was before I came across The Master Key System Coaching Program. I really like that you did not make any changes in the meaning like is done with so many of the classics, including Think and Grow RichI had accomplished quite a bit using these principles before the MKS Master Key System Coaching Program, but I have been taken to a whole new level. Thank you for exposing me to this great work.
Dennis — New Zealand

“IT’S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I just wanted to let you know that I have started going through THE MASTER KEY System Coachig Program.  IT’S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Linda W. — Miami, Florida

“[N]othing is beyond the reach of the MKS.”

I have had a tremendous change in the environment in which I live and move and have my being, if you know what I mean. I have, within the last few months, achieved a life-long dream of returning to live in my hometown of West Chester, Pa where recent years have seen the real estate prices go way beyond the scope of most of the people I grew up with to afford to live here. Of course, I realize now nothing is beyond the reach of the MKS Coaching Program. The whole thing has occurred so naturally, the Universal Mind always works through the most practical Media available and as I really know now there is nothing Mind can’t accomplish. As Haanel said, “We have nothing to do but to convince ourselves of the Truth which we desire to see manifested in our lives”. Magic words indeed! That makes a really good affirmation, by the way! Andrew — West Chester, PA

“…A great help and inspiration to me over the years.”

 This has been a great help and inspiration to me over the years. Joe S. —
United Kingdom

“I have urged my friends and all I meet to participate in the MKS MAster Key System Coaching Program!”

THANK YOU for getting the word out there about our beloved Master Key. I have urged my friends and all I meet to DO IT! After all, how could one ever say all the good things it incorporates in one’s life for them? It is AWESOME!!! Heather —
New York

“I have been astounded by the ability to shape my own destiny based upon the methods disclosed within.”

I bought did The MKS Master Key System Coaching Program a while back and have been astounded, not only by the insights, genius, and gloriously concise style of the program, but at the ability to shape my own destiny based upon the methods disclosed within. I appreciate your time and I appreciate all you have done to bring this coaching to the public eye. Shawn D. — Denver, CO

Do you Know Anyone Who Needs MKS Coaching or Consulting Services?

Join us to get started to make this your best year ever to build a life, career, business, or financial assets in just a few days with our signature, expert, proven world-class systems and see your dreams become a reality!

Start thinking in abundance. Start working to become the person who’ll achieve the big goal(s) you promised yourself.

And then imagine how your future self will look back a year from now and think, “This was my best year ever!” 

Thank you for your referrals.



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