Simple Habits to Create a Lifetime of Health and Wealth

Daily Prosperity Habits that Make You Prosperous

Success isn’t created in a microwave, but a slow cooker crock pot.  What Are We Here For? One of the challenges of living in today’s fast paced, multi-tasking, don’t have time to smell the roses world, is that we miss the opportunity to see the miracles, the joy, the boundless good and the wealth, health and happiness that surround us.

We rush from one thing to the next with hardly a chance to savour any of it.  Our successes pass us by in a blur. We’re flicking through life as remotely as we do our television and we’re missing the point of the whole shooting match.

Have you noticed that as a society, material success, the search for wealth, health and happiness and instant gratification fill our airwaves and are in our faces on every magazine cover?

Life is full of winners and losers, based on someone else’s definition of what that is. And heaven knows we all want to be winners. Don’t we? Life Has A Purpose

But what are we actually winning?

Each demand we respond to is really one we place upon ourselves and yes they might all seem to be vital to our life, after all that’s what we’re told on a daily basis. But this is how you and I reach saturation point.  Lovingly called burnout.

Here’s a little secret if you have to convince yourself that this goal or that obligation is absolutely necessary when your inner self says otherwise. You should listen to your inner self.  It knows best.

Eleven Habits to Take Every Day to Manifest Prosperity

Wake up each day when you are finished sleeping.  

This isn’t said to sound cute or flippant.   The truth is alarm clocks were a terrible invention.  Your body has an almost miraculous ability to restore, rebuild, and regenerate itself – if you simply allow it to go to sleep when it’s tired and wake up when it’s ready.  Start going to bed early enough that you can allow your body to wake up naturally each morning in time to get to work and handle your daily responsibilities.

Speak a few affirmations out loud before you get out of your bed. 

If you’ve never done this before, you might feel self-conscious or silly, but the practice is anything but silly.  You actually program your subconscious mind with positive expectations for the day.  And the subconscious mind doesn’t question or analyze, it simply does what it’s programmed to do. The Mental Equivalent By Emmet Fox

Some of my favorites:

  • I feel strong, happy, and energetic.
  • I am blessed.
  • It’s a beautiful day.
  • I celebrate another day clean and sober.
  • Today is going to be amazing.

Make your bed. 

This is a secret weapon for prosperity.  Doing this is such a simple, easy action to take, but the upside is extraordinary. You start off the day employing self-discipline, snatch a quick win by accomplishing something right away, and send a message to yourself about your worthiness. And it makes the environment around you more harmonious. University of Texas Commencement Address – Admiral William H. McRaven

Take at least 20 minutes for personal development time.  

I believe the quality of your day is created before you ever leave the house in the morning.  When you start your consciousness vibrating at a higher energy, you attract people and circumstances throughout the day that are also vibrating at that energy level.  FINDING YOUR PURPOSE – HOW DO YOU FIND YOUR PURPOSE IN LIFE?

Meditate, pray, or read, listen to, or watch inspirational things.  You can increase the benefits you’ll receive from this practice exponentially, if you pair it with exercise.  Ex: listening to a podcast while you’re jogging or watching a video on the treadmill.

Drink in some fresh air and sunshine. 

This is vital no matter how busy your day is, and even more vital on the busiest days. Even if it means you have to do it from a balcony or sticking your head out of a window.

Eat living food.  (And drinks.)  

The equation here is pretty simple but profound.  Eat living food to live longer, eat dead food to die sooner.  Raw fruits and vegetables and fresh squeezed juices made from them contain living enzymes.  Pizza, pasta, candy, chips, cookies, crackers and other staples of our diet today are dead and contain no living enzymes.

Make a tangible demonstration to yourself that you are worthy and deserve prosperity. 

There are millions of people that simply can’t accept a compliment or a gift – from themselves.  This stems from worthiness issues. Even if it makes you feel uncomfortable at the start, you must treat yourself better, and demonstrate you believe in your own worthiness. 

On a regular basis you should treat yourself to a massage, spa day, or manicure/pedicure.  And every day you should give yourself something like a meditation break, candlelight dinner, or some fresh flowers.

Shut down your phone or other device 60 to 90 minutes before bedtime. 

The last thing you want to program your subconscious mind with before retiring is doom scrolling through social media.  After you turn off the device, leave it to recharge in a different room than where you sleep.

Before going to sleep, reflect on three things you are grateful about for the day.  

This is exactly the kind of thing you do want to program your subconscious mind with before retiring.  The more gratitude you express, the more blessings you will attract to you.

Do all nine of these behaviors every day and you’ll be amazed how quickly your life can be transformed.  You may want to bookmark this page or use the print or PDF buttons above, so you can review the list when needed.

Eliminate the 15 Money Myths that are Keeping You Poor

When it comes to managing your money, you’ve probably heard lots of advice. Friends, family, coworkers – you’ve probably heard a lot of different money views. Entering The Large Sums Of Money Mindset

While some of the tips you’ve received are likely helpful, there are also many money myths floating around that could easily lead you astray. Money Magnetism

That’s why we’re identifying these dangerous myths about personal finance so you can make sure you’re doing the right things when it comes to your finances daily. The Secret Science Of Attracting Money

Work on eliminating these myths from your life daily

Money Myth #1. I Don’t Make Enough Money to Save

Money Myth #2. Budgets are Painful

Money Myth #3. A Savings Account is the Best Place for an Emergency Fund

Money Myth #4. Your Salary Dictates Your Wealth

Money Myth #5. I Deserve This

Money Myth #6. It’s on Sale – It’s a Deal!

Money Myth #7. I Am Young, I Don’t Need to Think about Retirement

Money Myth #8. It’s Too Late to Get Started Investing

Money Myth #9. I am Not Making any Progress

Money Myth #10. You Need a Lot of Money to Invest

Money Myth #11. Investing is Too Risky

Money Myth #12. All Debt is Bad

Money Myth #13. Debit is Better than Credit

Money Myth #14. You Should Pay the Smallest Debt First

Money Myth #15. Buying is Better than Renting

 Become a Business Owner as a Full-Time Employee

You have a full-time job and a business idea… but you’re not quite ready to ditch a steady paycheck and dive headlong into entrepreneurial waters to work on your business full time. The Science of Getting So how can you gain some of the skills? Think And Grow Rich So how can you launch and run a successful small business?

Start a small business on the side.

You’ll be in good company: An estimated 44 million people in the US alone have a side gig, possibly because starting your own business, at least from an administrative point of view, is really easy.

Launching a successful business? That’s a lot harder. Especially when—and I’ve definitely been in this boat—you can’t afford to risk your steady paycheck from your full-time job. Guided Meditation Manifesting Your Dreams And Desires

I’ve talked to dozens of people who have started profitable side businesses across a wide variety of industries. Here’s what they shared about how you can start a successful business while still maintaining your full-time job.

Step 1: Commit to ensuring your full-time job will always be your priority.

Step 2: Commit to following a rigorous schedule.

Step 3: Commit to thinking big—but focusing small.

Step 4: Commit to relentlessly focusing on the bottom line.

Step 5: Commit to constant self-criticism.

Step 6: Commit to waiting longer than you think you should to quit your full-time job.

Simple Secret to Wealth, Health and Happiness

There is a simple secret to wealth, health and happiness…learn how to think.

This is the one true secret, the one cause for making and maintaining your ideal life.  You don’t need to be rushing around trying to be a winner based on someone else’s perspective. The Richest Man in Babylon

Everyone simply wants to be happy.  This underlies every desire we have, be it for greater wealth, health, relationships…anything.

Learning How to Think is the key.  The Master Key That Opens Doors To Metaphysical Miracles No pressure, no rushing around, no missing out on the joys that exist every single day. The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel Use the MKS Master Key System and Coaching. You will Learn How To:

  • Think of current experiences only in terms of happy outcomes.
  • Concentrate on what you want.
  • Not to think from old events or conditions.
  • Not to complain, only to decide what you’d rather have.
  • To choose your thoughts wisely.
  • To remember there is no power outside of you at work in your life.
  • To take care of the inner things and the outer will take care of itself.
  • That persistent thinking in one direction will take you there.
  • To see others experiencing the best and it will soon appear for you.
  • It is the time to feel happy and to be aware of joy.

As long as you can think, you can change your experiences.

2. Assumptions

Recently I was looking at someone who, in the old days I would have believed, needed to change and yes, sad to say, I would have worked on them thinking the world would be better if they would be different.

Well, at least my world would be.  And yes, I know that’s pretty cringeworthy…just keeping it real my darlings.

Today I’m looking at my reactions and recognizing that I’m not totally awake since I have an old mechanical, automatic, reaction that needs to be changed. Me that has to change…not the other person.

I don’t want to experience the fruits of that state, I don’t think they’d be sweet enough for me, and I have a super deluxe sweet tooth!

So I’m choosing to control my thoughts, and allow only those that conform to my ideal to flow from me, knowing that my world will reshape itself in harmony with any new thought I have, provided it’s a thought connected to a feeling.

Each time an old thought enters, instead of dwelling on it, I say to myself it’s just a thought and instantly the power it had dissipates and I can get back to my new, more lovely way of thinking.

I  can’t keep these old reactions and move into a new and higher state containing all the things I desire.

The person I desire to be, the ideal me that I have in mind, can’t be brought about without a change in my reactions to life.  If I’m faithful to this ideal my reactions will fit in perfectly so I know I’m on the right track.  If my reactions aren’t in harmony with this ideal then all I’m doing is thinking of it and it becomes a pointless exercise.

That’s not the kind of thinking that creates anything new.  Thinking as though I already were the person I wanted to be, the one who had what I wanted to have, is the only way.

Our very expectations of something, be it something we desire or not, is an act of creation. So I need to expect the best and that means keeping my thinking focused on experiencing only the best.  As defined by me, of course.  Your best might be something entirely different.

As my mentor Neville Gardner says “I have assumed that I am the man I want to be.  I am still assuming that I am he, and I will continue to assume that I am he until that which I have assumed is objectively realized.”

3. Live Authentically

If living a life that’s full of wonder and authenticity, of delirious happiness and joy, filled to the brim with meaning and purpose in a way that resonates with your heart and soul is what you desire then I challenge you to learn how to think.

Because living a passive life, without inner direction just won’t do the trick.

Learn More About How the MKS Master Key Plan Can Help You Get Lasting Happiness, Joy, Growth, and Fulfillment.

We love coming alongside people making their greatest contribution, and we’re excited to talk to you. Our calls are a lot like our work — curious and creative conversations to explore where you’re at and where you want to go. Based on the perspective we glean together, we’ll talk about what next steps might serve you best.

Thank you for your time in reviewing this information. I hope you understand how we have helped others and how we can help you.

Wishing you prosperity and success. Remember You Were Born To Win!!

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