MKS: The Master Key Secret to Everything

Why “Some People” Make It (And How You Can, Too!) What is the difference between someone who “makes it” — that is, someone who gets what they want out of life and is what we would call successful — and someone who does not? We sure that you ask that question fairly often. I knowContinue reading “MKS: The Master Key Secret to Everything”

MKS-18: Building Your Field of Dreams with the Business of 21st Century

MKE: Building Your Field of Dreams. Do you want your dreams to come true? Are you sick of waiting around for success? DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Building Your Field of Dreams is a Deeper Belief in You. It is as though God is saying, ‘I have got more for you, Beloved. Do not settle. Do not live a little life. Live the life I put you here to live. There is so much more for you to experience. Do not settle for an inch less. Be the greatest you I intended you to be.” If you want to be the greatest you contact Michael. Phone 415-678-9965. Email:

MKS-17: Build the Business of the 21st Century With a Proven Training Program

Winning Formula: DMP + PMA + WPOA + MMA = BUSINESS SUCCESS Day 1 – Lesson STEP 1: Definiteness of Purpose-the Key to The Vault There exists a formula for success in any venture.  Most people in networking want to know what to say and how to find more people.  This was the same mistake weContinue reading “MKS-17: Build the Business of the 21st Century With a Proven Training Program”