MKS: The Power of the Kybalion I

The Kybalion is the key to taking control of your life and living the life that you truly desire. The philosophy laid out in this coaching and book constitutes the basic principles of the Hermetic art of mental alchemy. These basic doctrines deal with the mastery of mental forces. When you learn to apply universal laws, you will possess the Master Key to performing mental transmutation.
The Kybalion empowers the individual practitioner to adjust vibrational states from one to another. Essentially, by studying the laws in The Kybalion, you can change your reality by changing your mind. If you want to study the Power of the Kybalion contact Michael-Phone: 415-678-9965 — Email:

MKE: Dead Men Talking

A mysterious conversation between Michael Kissinger and Charles “Freddie” Kohl the Ghost of the Kohl Mansion. According to CBS News pollsters, nearly half of the U.S. adult population believes in ghosts. Certainly, there are many noted incidents of famous U.S. ghost sightings which include: Abraham Lincoln, John and Abigail Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Betsy Ross, AlContinue reading “MKE: Dead Men Talking”