MKS-22: WANTED-US Vets or Spouses Seeking to Launch New Career*

Here’s how to change your career when you have no idea what you are doing. When you are on active duty, it seems like every American employer wants to hire veterans. Yet once you transition, it may seem like you can’t even get an interview, much less a job offer. Are employers hesitant to hireContinue reading “MKS-22: WANTED-US Vets or Spouses Seeking to Launch New Career*”

MKS-20: WANTED:  Small Business Seeking Financial Solutions*

Wanted: Small Businesses Seeking Debt Solutions. We’re looking for small business owners facing debt collectors or possible bankruptcy due to the pandemic seeking debt relief. There are many media sources reporting there is a new reckoning for small business owners.These media sources are reporting as the Pandemic Recedes, Small Businesses Face a New Plague: Debt Collectors. Creditors may have held off collecting unpaid debts, but rest assured, they’ll want to get paid. The worst of the pandemic may be over, but many small businesses are headed for a reckoning. Need help contact Michael Phone: 415-678-9965 Email:

MKS-21: WANTED-Men/Women 50+ to Launch New Retirement Solution*

WANTED-Men and Women over 50+ to try this new retirement solution .

It’s a great solution to not only ask about before you attempt to add an extra income stream to your life or go into business for yourself, but it’s also something you’ll likely ask every single week/month you have a job.

Let’s explore your answer. Contact Michael – Call 415-678-9965