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My Master Key Experience Has Taught Me This So Far In Regard to Building My Business and Earning $56,298 to $561,447 Annually.

My purpose for taking the Master Key Experience is to build my business. It has taught me to focus on myself and access the power that lies within me. To think for myself so I would be free from the bondage of other people’s ideas about how I should live my life or build my business!

Master Key Experience Recap:

Week 3 of the Master Key Experience explained that thought is cause and experience is the effect.  Action is the result of conscious thought.  Habitual actions become automatic and that thought control them passes into the realm of the subconscious.  New actions become habitual, then automatic or subconscious. When you realize this, you have found the source of all power that will enable you to cope with any situation in line that may develop.

The subconscious mind is part of the Universal mind. The Universal mind is the is the creative principal of the Universe. This means the creative power is unlimited. It is not bound by precent of any kind and consequently has no preexisting pattern by which to apply its constructive principal.

The subconscious mind is responsive to our conscious will which means that unlimited creative power of the Universal mind is within the control of the conscious mind of the individual. It is not necessary to outline the method by which the subconscious will product the results you desire. You simply say what you desire not how you are going to obtain it.

 “What is the Master Key?”

The Master Key is intangible. It is powerful. It is the privilege of creating, in my own mind and in reality, a burning desire for what I want. There is no penalty for my use of the Master Key, but there is a price I must pay if I do not use it.

The price is failure. There is a reward of stupendous proportions if I put the key to use.

The Master Key Experience helped me access the hidden power within me to transform my life and business IN TO WHAT I WANTED…so I could enjoy the life I was meant to live!
  • Radiated my strength and self-confidence
  • Helped me finally discover my true purpose in life and business
  • Helped me find the power within me to trust in myself and my dreams
  • Helped me understand why my written goals did not work and what I could do about it
  • Helped me engage the power of my subconscious mind to reach my goals easily
  • Gave me hands-on help from certified guides to put my DMP plan into action

The Master Key Experience helped me decipher and determine my personal pivotal needs (‘PPNs’) which are essential for aligning the mindful requirement to achieve my Definite Major Purpose.

It helped me to have a clear appreciation and understanding of 2 of my 7 personal pivotal needs: Legacy and True Health.

The Master Key Experience gave me the secret that I can only get me to do anything and that I can not get anyone to do anythng no matter how beneficial it would be fore them.

As a result if will not help anyone build their own business or earn from $56,298 to $561,447 unless they are truly dedicated and committed to do so.

Let me explain.  

I purchased and read Think and Grow Rich many times.

The Master Key Experience pointed out if Napoleon Hill wanted me to know what the secret was, he would have told me in the book.   If he wanted to make money off of the secret, he would have done so in his lifetime.  

I read that book and thought about it many, many times. I read the entire book with an open mind.  The truth was that NO ONE could tell me what the secret is.

I discovered it cannot be given away or sold.

Do you want to know why?

Let me explain.

 There are several paragraphs from the Master Key System and Think and Grow Rich revealing clues as to what the secret is:

A peculiar thing about this secret is that those who acquire and use it find themselves literally swept on to success. However, as is often pointed out, there is no such thing as something for nothing. The secret cannot be had without paying a price, although the price is far less than its value.

The price is to work on yourself not others.

Another peculiarity is that the secret cannot be given away and it cannot be purchased for money.

Unless you are intentionally searching for the secret, you cannot have it at any price. That is because the secret comes in two parts. In order for you to get it, one of those parts must already be in your possession.

You must already be searching for it.

May I offer one brief suggestion that could provide a clue how the Master Key System might help you?

It is this:

Achievement, and all earned riches, have their beginning in an your ideas. If you are ready for the secret, you already possess one-half of it.

Therefore, you will recognize the other half the moment it reaches your mind.

So, the first half of the secret is being in search of it and being ready to receive it… which opens your mind to possibilities.  

The Master Key Experience and System made it clear the secret was what I wrote in my DMP and my performance of the elements in my DMP. 

Doing that would give me what I wanted because my subconscious would make it a reality

The secret begins with an idea in my DMP.

Part 2 is the action required to make that idea a reality.

The second half of the secret was my free will to do the work in my DMP.

The secret was to control and focus my thoughts on whatever I choose.  My DMP.

The secreat was to convince my subconscious mind to deliver what I wanted.

The secret was my ability to choose YOUR OWN purpose in life [DMP]… your mission…my personal power within me to make my own decisions, to stand by them and to do the work required to accomplish my DMP.


The secret is my particular DMP goal or set of goals that form the vision from which I define success.

The secret is defining: “hat I want.” “WWho am I”, “Why am I here?” or “What my DMP purpose in my life is?”  

The secret is defining: Why I am here and my purpose in life. My secret is WHATEVER I CHOOSE IT TO BE!  The secret to my success is my CHOICE that only I can make!  

I believe that is why Napoleon Hill would not tell me what the secret is and that is why nobody else can tell you what it is.



Remember Hill said in his book that, “if you are ready for the secret you already possess half of it.”  

  • The first half of the secret is to choose my destiny for myself.
  • The second half of the secret is my free will to choose my own destiny and do it.  My subconscious mind will make it my reality.

Hill said, “he’s never known anyone who applied the secret who didn’t become successful.”  

Over 98% of the population do not have a clue as to what they want in life… They have no DMP. The remaining 2% who do have a DMP are busy making their DMP happen, through action and persistence!

Hill said, “EVERYONE who knew the secret was literally swept away to success and riches.  

The Master Key System says, “When I know my own secret… many doors of opportunity will open for me and my path will become clear.

Hill and the Master Key System say, “I can either CHOOSE to be rich or CHOOSE to be poor.” Either way I am right!

I have absolute control over only one thing, and that is my thoughts.

This is the most significant and inspiring of all facts known to humans. It reflects our divine nature.

This ability to control my thoughts is the sole means by which I may control my own destiny. If I fail to control my own mind, I can be sure I will control nothing else.

My mind is my spiritual estate. I must protect and use it with care to the divine royalty I am entitled. I was given my will power for this purpose.

My mind control is the result of my self-discipline and habits.

I either control my mind or it controls me. There is no halfway compromise. The most practical method for controlling your mind is the habit of keeping it busy with my Major Definite Purpose [DMP] backed by a definite plan.

That is why the Master Key Experience had be write out my DMP, my PPNs, read the Master Key System, the Greatest Salesman in the World and other things.

The Master Key System records those who achieve noteworthy success, have control over their own minds and completed their DMP.

I exercise my control and direct it toward the attainment of my DMP. Without my control and completing my DMP backed by a definite plan nothing is possible for me.

The Master Key System and Experience proved to me that I was wrong in helping others change their lives.

I may have had a logical excuse for not building my business as I desired.

That alibi is now obsolete because I am in possession of the Master Key that unlocks the door to my life’s success and riches.

My Master Key is intangible, but it is powerful.  It is my privilege of creating, in my own mind, a burning desire to build my business, earning the sums designated and helping others do the same. However I can only do it for me.

Richard Brooke said to build my business is like leading a herd of cats. What he meant is nless we are al on the same path nothing will happen for me to complete my DMP

The Master Key System and Experience has shown me there is no penalty for the use of my Master Key, but there is a price I must pay if I do not use it. The price is failure.

There is a reward of stupendous proportions if I put My Master Key to use by completing my DMP. It is the satisfaction that will come to me when I conquer myself and force my subconscious mind and life to pay whatever I ask in my DMP.


To be successful I must follow the major parts of the Carnegie and Hill Secret:

  1. Convince my subconscious mind of your DMP.
  2. Use the Steps from Think and Grow Rich to convince my subconscious mind to produce the result I demand.
  3. Convince my subconscious of my MASTER MIND’s help to accomplish my DMP
  4. Apply the Master Key System and Secret to my life and DMP

To apply the Secret to my life and complete my DMP I must complete these steps:

  1. Have a desire to complete what I wrote in my DMP
  2. Have complete faith, trust, or confidence in the secret
  3. “Plant the seed” through Autosuggestion in your subconscious
  4. Develop and have knowledge [facts, information, and skills] to complete DMP
  5. Form in my imagination new ideas, images, or concepts to complete DMP
  6. Have a detailed plan for doing or achieving or completing my DMP
  7. Mak a final decision to achieve my DMP
  8. Complete my DMP in spite of difficulty or opposition- Persistence
  9. Use my mastermind for brainstorming, education, peer accountability, support

Aloha & Welcome,

Michael Kissinger

Phone 415-678-9965



The Master Key System is a personal development book by Charles F. Haanel that was originally published as a 24-week correspondence course in 1912, and then in book form in 1916. The ideas it describes and explains come mostly from New Thought philosophy.

[1]: The Master Key System in 28 Lessons (Complete) 

Based on Andrew Carnegie’s famous formula for money-making, Master Key to Riches has been revised for the 21st century. As well as explaining the practical philosophy for success, in this inspiring book Napoleon Hill describes the key that will convert all your past failures into priceless assets and lead you to the attainment of the twelve …

[2]: Napoleon Hill’s Master Course 

Published by Reitenbach-Kissinger Business Success Institute

Reitenbach-Kissinger Business Success Institute helps entrepreneurs and small business owners and their families live better lives, create success faster, build their businesses and assets they love while creating unlimited incomes or profit. Join us. Risk Free Satisfaction Guarantee

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  1. I really enjoyed reading all the ways you’re linking the Master Keys to what Carnegie and Hill wrote. “I have absolute control over only one thing, and that is my thoughts”–so many good things shared in this post and your enthusiasm about learning them and putting them into action shines through! 🙂


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