MKE Week 3: Jobs vs Business Ownership

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I am starting my week 3 of the Master Key Experience.  Week 2 was an interesting week in the pursuit of my Definite Major Purpose from Week 1.

When I first began the Master Key Experience and my online journey of self-discovery and change, I was asked the questions, “What is my true desire of your heart and what is your main purpose on this earth?”  The answer was clear. Build my A business for myself and for people who work with me.

Over the past weeks, I have received thought provoking comments from the training webinars and required readings. They have punctuated the importance of digging deep within me, grabbing hold, and pulling out the innermost obsessions of the heart.   As I thought about it my answer was always clear, “Build my A business.”

My goal was to retrain the subconscious mind to forget the past and years trying to get my A business built.  Over the years I have spent hours thinking about it.  I attended functions, listening to programs, spending money and performed the majority of the things I need to do to build my A business. 

There was something wrong. It hit a stone wall until I took this course.  I took this course for the sole reason which was to build my business.  It was to get rid of the stone wall that was stopping me from building my A business.

After starting the course, I have been consistent with the brain-train exercises. They have actually started tearing down that stone wall from my subconscious mind and are replacing the thoughts that were preventing me from taking the required action to build my A business.

In these 2 weeks, I learned that by consistently, repeating the Scrolls, My Definite Major Purpose, the Self Confidence formula and the PPN cards I was changing.  The stone wall was coming down.  I was giving my subconscious mind action steps and positive thoughts that would result in the building of my A business.

All of this created an excitement in my life and spirit!

The starting of the 3rd week it was particularly refreshing to see that the efforts to get the weekly assignments completed showed up in my business and other areas of my life.

Rewriting my DMP (Definite major purpose) has to lead me to have a greater mental understanding of my A business.

Each morning I do my readings, I arise with vitality and vigor. It is exciting because I know my stone wall is coming down. It has been challenging to complete all the tasks in my daily routine, but I have done them.

My Master Key Experience is about my new life and business.  I am creating it by rewriting my DMP, reading the scrolls, reading the materials, reading the cards, and doing the work.

Previously in my past life, I learned principles that I applied and manifested. However, I was not always able to sustain those results or teach them to others so they would win in life. The Master Key Experience is a program of how to. It is also a do program.  There is no fooling around. The 15 minutes of sitting in stillness helped me this week to let go and be in the moment. It helps me to visualize the business I am building.

MASTER KEY SYSTEM RECAP: Week 2 of the Master Key System told me of and why the operation of my mind is carried on by two parallel modes of activity. My conscious mind and subconscious mind.  The System explained why my thought processes of my subconscious are the theater of my most important mental activities, why ease and perfection depend entirely upon the degree in which I cease to depend on my conscious mind.

The System explained the origin of all my great thoughts and ideas and why I find myself endowed the tact, instinct, courage, and inspiration.  It told me that my subconscious mind is a mental storehouse of 90% of my thought origination, how my subconscious mind may be placed under supervision of my conscious mind and in keeping my conscious mind under control. It told of why being familiar with the Universal laws govern my subconscious mind and why my subconscious mind enables me to accomplish what I want, to achieve and become what I want and why all other people fail.

My Definite Major Purpose Revisited:

The insight shared about the DMP’s in this week’s webinar was very enlightening and helped me in rewriting my own DMP and create my Cards.

I am at a point where I am amazed by my DMP. I cannot wait to read it daily.

I can see the connections being built in my mind with the exercises being conducted especially with the colors on my PPN cards, and the information that is linked to successfully completed chores, tasks.

 My PPN’s are bringing it to memory when I identify the specific colors around me and in so doing reprogramming my subby.

I can sense a change in me already and it is only the starting of week 3.  I am excited to see what is coming next… I am Happy & Grateful for my Master Key Experience.

Restatement of My Definite Major Purpose

Week 1 and 2 of the Master Key Experience focused on my Definite Major Purpose:

·       To Build My Business and Earn $56,298 to $561,447 Annually.
  • To build my business to rank of EDC for the purpose of earning a substantial income and being experienced to teach my business to others.
  • To build a Diamond Business with 100 downline Platinum, to have a team of more than 1 million people and earn more than $3 million annually.
  • My Major Definite Purpose consists of several parts. People want to work with me because I am a No B.S. Professional. I provide great coaching, mentoring, training, and support to my team through our easy, proven, world class system. I always lead by example.
  • My Major Definite Purpose Mission Statement: is to help my team get healthy, wealthy more prosperous and abundant.
  • My Personal Pivotal Needs are Legacy for Clayton and Sydney and True Health for all of us.

Addition of the Master Key System Week 2 Chore and DMP Cards

My Chore Card Statements: “I promise to manifest Legacy ad Health”. Read 25 times daily

My DMP Card Statements started with my Daily Actions. Read 25 times daily with “I will Do It Now!”

My Major Definite Purpose Single Daily Business Building Action Requirements 

  1. Connecting
  2. Inviting
  3. Presentations-Showing the Plan
  4. Follow-Up
  5. Enrollment
  6. Getting Others Started
  7. Recognition
  8. Business Education
  9. Personal Development

Completion Report on My Master Key System Week 2 Assignments:

  • Completed reading Part Two of the Master Key System multiple times     
  • Still sitting 15 minutes following directive with my mind and listening to MK recordings.
  • Reading and Modifying My Definite Major Purpose
  • Reading Scroll #1 of the Greatest Salesman #1-3 times a day
  • Reading 1x my BPB daily out loud
  • Reading my chore index card 3x daily, celebrating and feeling it
  • Reading my action card 3x daily
  • Submit my Revised DMP with PPN in membership area on Thursday
  • Posted my Blog Post by Friday.
  • Joined Marco Polo Mobile

My Opinion of Master Key System Week 2

I was impressed with Master Key Experience and System in Week 2. I am just amazed this week how the continuous reading exercises have become easier to do now that it is becoming a habit and literally a part of my daily life.

Aloha & Welcome,

Michael Kissinger

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2 thoughts on “MKE Week 3: Jobs vs Business Ownership

  1. I like how you said: “The Master Key Experience is a program of how to. It is also a do program.” Great job keeping up with your daily readings and the sit! You’ve got this! 🙂


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