MKE Week 3 Enlightenment!

The Myth of Enlightenment (or How to Not Delude Yourself) | by Zat Rana |  Personal Growth | Medium


  1. Financial Stability?  Financial Freedom?
  • Other: In my case I want to build my business and earn $56,298 to $561,447 annually and I want help others build their own small business and earn $56,298 to $561,447 Annually [My DMP]. I wanted to help others made an extra $250 a month, $800 a month or $2500 a month. It is not I do not want all those other things it is just I believe by building my business and helping others do the same I have all the other things. That is why I am having the Master Key Experience.
I am on week 3 of the Master Key Experience. It was an interesting week in the pursuit of my DMP set forth in Week 1 and 2.  Everything is starting to get easier. I am becoming more and more focused with my reading every day, the sitting for at least 15 minutes, etc. I am getting into a routine for creating my DMP. This week I worked on MY PPNs to help myself, family, and others and for liberty.  I also worked My MDP.

The insight shared about my DMP and MY PPNs in this week’s webinar was very enlightening and helped me in rewriting my DMP this week. I am at a point where I am amazed with my understanding “of my reality within is my reality without.”

I can see the connections being built with the exercises being conducted especially with the colors that’s linked to successfully completed chores, tasks and my PPN’s and bringing it to my memory when I identify the specific colors around me and in so doing reprogramming my subby.


In Week 3 I discovered why I have not been able to accomplish as much I wanted in my life or business. It gave me the missing parts to my life’s puzzle. I understood the concept,“My reality within is my reality without.”

What I did not understand was how to change it to what I truly wanted. It is the method of change that is most important.

I learned the result of each function of my life and each action was the result of my conscious thought that needed to be passed to my subconscious.  What I failed to acknowledge in my past life was the MKE method of change or manifestation.

For example,

When my thought becomes habitual my thoughts then becomes automatic.  If the habit is bad, the result is bad. However, if the habit is good [what I truly want] the result is good.
My conscious thoughts are then passed into the realm of my subconscious which is my creative mind connected to the creative Universal Mind.  It is my habits that make my thoughts become automatic.
My subconscious is creative and responsive to my conscious mind because of my habits.
When my new thoughts and actions become habitual and automatic, they are then passed from my conscious mind to my subconscious which then joins with the creative Universal Mind to create my reality.  
When I have the habit of mentally concentrating on the object of my desire in my conscious mind, I am impressing my desire on my subconscious mind and passing it to the creative Universal Mind.
It was not until I started the MKE program that I realize this.   
This was a major breakthrough for me.  In the MKE program I discovered the only method of all my manifestations required
1.    My thought
2.    My habitual focus
3.    My action to produce the result I wanted.  
This is the source of all my creative power to make my thoughts my reality.
MKE taught me that it is not necessary for me to outline the method by which my subconscious will produce the results I desire.  
I am to simply state what I desire habitually in my thoughts and take the necessary action to have those results produced.   
Then automatically my desire is then passed to my subconscious which is connected to the Universal Mind. The Universal Mind through my subconscious mind will manifest what I want.  
I am not required to say how I am going to obtain it.

This week’s lesson has been profoundly enlightening. The readings and activities continue to demand very focused attention.  Upon reflection I keep asking myself how I missed this training over the years of my journey.

Method of Creation: A thought, transferred from conscious to subconscious becomes translated to a physical action or reality.

With the Master Key System, I find my Bliss and the Courage to live it.  Knowing the Method of Creation, I am beginning to:

  1. Clarify and Focus on What You Want
  2. Clarify and Reach My Definite Major Purpose
  3. Enjoy the Life I Was Meant to Live

I did not want to make a major shift in your life. I did want to know how I could build my business and help others do the same.  Each week I take a leap of faith, and trust my intuition…

For instance, I asked one of my mentors if they would like a copy of my Definite Major Purpose in regard to our business.  I was surprised to have him ask me what a DMP was.  It surprised me even more when he seemed to discard it because we advocate Napoleon Hill’s Book think and Grow Rich.

Each week I read some passages two to three times to comprehend the texts. Each time it is like I am viewing something new.

My brain is such an amazing and mysterious organ. The physical connection between my brain and my solar plexus, and consequently, the conscious and subconscious described in MK 3.1 through 3.5 has me in awe.  

My brain, connected to my spinal cord, connected to my vagus nerve, connected to my Solar Plexus, connected to the rest of my body is incredible.

Having this understanding and a visual description of the transfer of thought to action to reality is so beneficial. It now makes much more sense to me how my brain makes the conversion.

It stands to reason that my conscious thought and demand on the subconscious can create whatever I choose for my life.

Three weeks into MKE, I am still learning incredible things.  Things I studied for a long time.

The future years of programming myself are going to take a little longer to debug.

Over the years I learned incredible things about my mind, but it was not until the MKE application process did all my training come together.

The idea that my subconscious being part of a Universal Mind lets me understand why so many people fail in life and why I had so many challenges in accomplishing what I chose in my life.  98% of people have no idea or understanding of these ideas. It is like Og says… the only way to get what you want is to get rid of old

In week 3, I was required to do the following to implant my DMP into my subconscious mind and have it become my reality. The reason for the activities were to change old habits and to impregnate my subconscious mind with new thoughts and ideas I wanted as shown in my DMP and PPNs.
1.    Read Scroll 1 of the Greatest Salesman in the World
2.     Read the Blueprint Builder 1x daily
3.      Read my DMP 1×3 Out Loud with Gusto
4.       Read the Master Key Chapter 3
5.       Sit for 15 minutes or more to complete exercise 3
6.       Read both sides of my “Chore Card” 3x daily look for Red. Look for Blue
7.       Use the Master Key Experience Companion app for my smart phone
8.       Schedule activities with my family
9.       Visit other MKE member’s blogs
10.      Get into the Alliances Area and Mastermind
11.      Submit my DMP
12.      Make my Blog entry by Friday
13.      Set up About Me Page on my Blog
14.      Register for Webinars
15.      Watch the Webinar/News

My Opinion of the Master Key System in Week 3

In my opinion, Mark and Davene, Guides and Staff, are game changers. I was impressed with Master Key Experience and System in Week 1 and 2.

Week 3 was enlightening. I am just amazed how this week’s training; the continuous reading exercises have changed my thinking and have they have become easier to do now. This training program is becoming a habit and literally a part of my daily life.

Aloha & Welcome,

Michael Kissinger

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4 thoughts on “MKE Week 3 Enlightenment!

  1. Thank you for your kind comments. I think we may be having issues on my DMP. As you ca tell mine is set in concrete. I joined the Master Key Experience to get the answers to Nine Questions. In essence, “will you leave the Rat Race to Make Six Figures?” I have a life of interesting accomplishments. Maybe my reason for taking the Master Key Experience is get to know how other people think and act. I have never cared about that. My wife says, “I do what ever I want when I want and I get it done.” We’ll talk later. Have a great week.


  2. So great to read this: “This training program is becoming a habit and literally a part of my daily life.” I really appreciate how you share your insights into what you’re learning each week and how you’re applying what you’ve learned. You’ve obviously put a lot of time and effort into studying these concepts over the years and your enthusiasm shines through! 🙂


  3. Thank you for your kind comments. It get easier everyday.

    I remember when I started many years ago these types of materials were very difficult to understand.

    I have been studing and teaching these materials since the early 80’s.

    I used them to sve my son Clayton’s life after he was attacked by a gang and died.

    I fully encourage you to work hard in this program. It will pay off. It will take time for your understanding but it works.

    This was materials from the New Age Metaphysical Age movement which began in the 1850 and lasted until the 1950’s. Most New Age Teachings are based on these materials. There are thousands of books and audio programs covering the Master Key System.

    A Few of the Authors I have studied in depth.

    Charles Haarnel
    Wallace D. Wattles
    N, Hill-Think and Grow Rich
    Jim Rohn
    Bob Proctor
    Tony Robbins

    PS. I studied over 300 Nightengale-Coent New Your Times BEst Selling Authors and teachrs over the years.

    Some their books I read, underlined, circled, etc over 100 times.

    The Master Key System and Experience is the best because Mark J and staff actually have you do the work.
    The thing to keep in mind is that unless you do the exercises Mark J and Staff recommend you will learn alot but it may not be effetive or get the results you want.

    No matter how hard you may think this is your Soul will never let you quit.

    Wishing you the best on your journey.


    I learned some of these materials in

    [1]: IT WORKS! The Famous Little Red Book That Makes Your Dreams Come True! [Law of Attraction]

    It Works-The Book:

    [2]: How to put ‘It Works’ to work for YOU! By Brad Jensen (2006)


    [1}: How to Get What You Want- Wallace D Wattles-

    [2]: Law of Opulence-Wallace D Wattles

    [3}: The Science of Being Great- Wallace D Wattles

    [4]: The Science of Being Well- Wallace D Wattles

    [5]: The Science of Getting Rich- Wallace D Wattles

    [6]: Wallace Wattles Meditation: A Mental Exercise

    I wish you the very best.


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