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Kissinger and Reitenbach, two world-class experts will participate in the MKE Million Dollar Challenge and play an active role in the MKE community of forward-thinking professionals.

San Francisco, California: October 25, 2020/MKENewswire/–Namely, the leading platform for entrepreneurs and small businesses owners today announced Michael Kissinger and Grand Master Sydney Reitenbach, the top-rated University of San Francisco, Golden Gate University and San Francisco State University adjunct professors and business experts have joined as a formal advisors.

Michael Kissinger and Master Reitenbach are leading voices in how people should start and run a small business, personal development and Taekwondo martial arts.  In this role they will bring his deep expertise in small business, personal development, martial arts, academic insight, and passion for helping people across America become more successful.  They will participate in a number of MKE Challenge programs and keynote initiatives.

They were interviewed this week by the well-known trainer, Mark Januszewski.

They focused on

The Million Dollar MKE Challenge
Michael Kissinger – Business Development Director – Profit Builders Inc. |  LinkedIn

Mark J:  Michael and Sydney please tell us briefly about yourselves. Let us start with Michael. OK?

Michael:  I am a highly successful business owner, coach, consultant, Kukkiwon certified 4th Degree Taekwondo blackbelt, minister, former adjunct university professor at Golden Gate University and former US Army Special Forces Member with over 30+ years business experience.

People say, “I am a rising star in the Business, Taekwondo and Personal Development Industry.”  

I helped build one of the largest, business consulting company in America. We did $188 million annually. I helped over 5,000+ business leaders and helped their business become more profitable. If everyone followed simple business systems they could do the same.

I have been trained by over 300 New York Times Best Selling Authors. People call me the master of “systems.” I may be one the greatest business coaches or consultant of all time. My secret? I follow symple systems.  I am a resourceful strategic thinker and prolific writer. 

Mark J:  Sydney please tell us briefly about yourself.

Michael Kissinger - Director Of Business Development - Reitenbeach  Institute | LinkedIn

Sydney:  I am a Taekwondo Grand Master.  I have been studying and teaching Taekwondo most of my life.

I am a 7th Degree Kukkiwon Certified Taekwondo Instructor and National Champion.  I am one of the highest-ranking women in America.

I am a graduate from San Francisco State University.

I have been teaching at the University of San Francisco since 1976. 

I was instrumental in getting Taekwondo into the Olympics.

I have been the owned The Reitenbach Institute of Taekwondo in Daily City, California since 1971.  We have helped over 5,000+ students become more successful.

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Here are a few more of the high points from the Challenge interview.

Mark J:  Tell me Michael, what does it feel like doing what you do?

Michael:  Mark, it is difficult to put into words how heart-warming it is to be making a difference in so many lives and businesses. 

I know that you know the feeling of being a catalyst for people. Saving their lives or businesses or helping them to find and step into their dreams. The MKE staff and Davene were a big part of that for me with the MKMMA (Master Key Master Mind Alliance) program.  The MKE Challenge Program taught me many things. Among them were:

  1. Tell the Truth, Responsibly
  2. Focus on the Positive
  3. Honor, Champion and Celebrate Others
  4. Take Personal Responsibility for My Decisions and Actions
  5. Embrace Teamwork to Make My Dreams Work
  6. Collaborate with Others To Win
  7. Champion My Profession and All People and Companies in it
  8. Remain Present to Each Other and My Team
  9. Live as a Class Act
  10. Pursue My Mission, PPNs, Major Definate Purpose and Life with Integrity
  11. Live my life according to the 10 Scrolls by Og Mandino
  12. Live my life according to the ideas of Wallace D. Watles, Charles F. Haanel, Napoleon Hill, among others.

Mark J. What was your Million Dollar MKE Challenge?

Michael: For me it was to be able to create total freedom, liberty, and true health for myself and my wife, Sydney, and our family!

Most people do not know how to use their subconscious mind to create what they want. They do not know what they create within themselves they create in their reality.

At the time I started the MKE program I had to redefine my personal needs. They were true health and legacy. I had to tell my subconscious mind what I wanted it to create for me.

I told it to create an additional $2 million in cash and assets prior to 2023. To earn this money working in business for myself, but never by myself. To set my own pace to earn extra income with free education courses and the support. Not to work with “get rich schemes” or in a 9-5 jobs. To build my extra business to earn an additional $56,298 to $561,447 annually.

I told my subconscious to build a business to help others get:

* Financial Stability?  Financial Freedom


I told my subconscious to have me work with a $190 Billion Industry with over 20 million people in North America. To work with a corporation that had paid out over $55 billion in commissions since 1959. 

I told my subconscious to build a team of the most successful entrepreneurs in America ever.  I told my subconscious to to join me with businesses that had low risk, a low start-up cost, and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Mark J: What else did you tell your subconscious mind?

Michael: I told it to create in my reality exactly what I wanted. I am elated by my experience because it created my in my reality exactly what I wanted.

My subconscious created a legacy for my wife Sydney and my family that rendered support that made them feel safe, appreciated, and treasured.

I demanded my subconscious to produce ressults.

I told my subconscious to make healthy choices 24-7-365, to make me work out daily for 2 hours, and use my health and wellness knowledge and products to feel healthy, happy, and terrific all the days of my life. My subconscious made me one of the healthiest US military veterans at the VA in San Francisco.

As a result my passion grows daily for the MKE Challenge program.

Mark J:  Say more about the MKE program.

Michael:  The major difference between the Master Key Experience and the thousands of programs I have been involved with over the years is the MKE leadership, Davene and staff.

They fully explained to me how to get my subconscious to do its work. To work much harder. They were incredible.

Michael Kissinger - Director Of Business Development - Reitenbeach  Institute | LinkedIn

Mark J:  How did the MKE program unfold for you?

Michael:  At first, it was almost immediate. I knew in the first day of the program what I had been looking for over the years was over. I knew I had found it.   

As I learned the MKE methodology, my understanding became pretty gradual, even a bit frustrating. I decided to treat the MKE Challenge program as an adventure. It was helping me fully understand all the Metaphysical training I completed over the years but failed to get results from.  

Working with the weekly webinars and the feedback from a personal guides, over the first four or five weeks I was able to fine tune my Definate Major Purpose (DMP) in a way that I had never been able to do on my own in the past. 

And it is amazing – as the DMP began to come into focus and as I repeated the daily exercises to transfer the intentions of my conscious mind to my subconscious everything started to change.  Slowly at first, but then faster and faster!

Michael Kissinger - Director Of Business Development - Reitenbeach  Institute | LinkedIn

Mark J: Michael, how have you found such a high level of success?

Michael: I think because of my previous education, the studying of the Wattles, Hill and Haarel books for years and the MKE program. My ministry training and others.

I was already on the path. I needed the MKE program to make all the othr programs to work.

Mark J: How did you discover the MKE program?

Richard Bliss Brooke - Home | Facebook

Michael: Richard Brooke, the Authentic Marketer, referred me to the MKE program and the wonderful website: I entered my email at the MKE site and began to receive correspondence. Not long after, there were a series of free videos promoting the MKE program. I signed up.  I had no idea our lives were about to change forever.

Mark J:  Tell us a little more.  How did MKE Challenge continue to change you?

Michael:   I was surprised when it was explain to me how the MKE program could have such a profound effect.

It seems that my problems were deeper than I expected.  I learned that I needed to change how I think. How I approached my life.  Sydney wanted me to make changes.

The program created more and more changes.

It is an in-depth study of the book “The Master Key System by Charles Haanel, and Think and Grow Rich,” by Napoleon Hill. The Challenge combined focused on total change. I had studied many Metahysical masters for years. The MKE Challenge made me realize Sydney was right.

I needed to change my “blueprint,” the foundational program of my subconscious mind which was making incorrect decisions in our relationship. I had to battle with myself on a daily basis to get the MKE work done.  I was eager and determined to finish the MKE Challenge program I give it 100%. 

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Mark: Sydney, is that the end of your story?

Michael: Not even close.

Mark J:  What changed?

Sydney:  It is amazing.  People, things, and circumstances that resonated with our dreams started showing up in our livee.  People started wanting to hear what we had to say.  More people wanted to join our team and the ones already on our team began to catch fire! 

As a result of the MKE Challenge program, more money started to moving faster and more easily than ever before into our lives.

We developed a better relationship with eachother and with people who came into our lives. Our home life and social life became better and better. Audiences wanted to hear us teach. 

It was almost like becoming an overnight success after years of trying for great success. 

The ripple effect has been amazing as well. We are impacting people far beyond the ones we have connected with directly. We are growing daily.

Michael Kissinger – Business Development Director – Profit Builders Inc. |  LinkedIn

Mark J: What is the conclusion:

Sydney: We are so grateful for the blessings that we found in the MKE Challenge program. We asked to be allowed to work with the MKE leadereship in their future courses to help others to have what we got from the program! They agreed.

We are eternally grateful.  We are ready for our Super Bowl Year in 2023.

MKE promises that the programs in which you may invest from are worth far more than the investment. MKE’s goal is always for you to not only get the knowledge, but more importantly, the inspiration from these programs to get a major return on your investment. Try it for $1. If it does not work for you quit.

The best way we know to express our gratitude is to acknowledge the source and to Pay-It-Forward – and so we do and so we will!  Thanks MKE leadership and staff…

Mark J:  Thank you Michael and Sydney.

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