MKS: Ready to make a change?

It’s been quite a year so far, hasn’t it?

If you’ve gotten off track with your goals, you’re not alone. The changes this year have left countless people completely off balance. But there’s still time to make it one of your best years – if you do some things differently now.

Things that help you change your thought patterns and raise your awareness.

Things that get you excited about your possibilities again.   

If you’d like to reverse course this year, here’s a proven way to do it.

A typical hero’s journey goes something like this:

  1. The hero is a character who struggles with a problem
  2. The hero meets a wise mentor who understands their problem
  3. This mentor gives the hero new insight, provides a plan, drives them to action
  4. Armed with newfound confidence and a plan, the hero faces their problem
  5. The hero overcomes the problem, realizes their potential, reaches their goal

Hero’s Journey Assessment:

Before we get started, allow me to explain what the “hero’s journey” truly is.  In the hero’s journey, the hero is presented with a problem or challenge that must be resolved.  The hero’s journey is a futures perspective activity to help describing a story a person is pursuing.

According to the Master Key Experience the Hero’s Journey has 12 Stages. It derived from Joseph Campbell’s book The Hero with A Thousand Faces.

Managing the process of personal growth and meaningful life change can be likened to what Joseph Campbell called the “Hero’s Journey”. 

The Hero’s Journey is a model for personal development. As the Hero traverses the world, they will undergo inner and outer transformation at each stage of the journey.

The outer journey includes all of the obstacles that the hero faces during his/her quest to reach his/her goals.

A Hero’s Journey centers on a chosen individual who has to go through a set of trials and reach a point of transcendence (or evolution) because of struggle and the persistence to overcome that struggle.

Every human being is designed to see the world as an adventure and to take their own Hero’s Journey. People believe intuitively that some things come together that will resolve the conflicts in their life. Thus the value of taking this “Assessment”.

Step 1: You are the Hero!

As you brainstorm your life or challenges, you should know where you are in your life:

  • What does your life, business or career situation look like?
  • Where are you situated? How are you really doing?
  • Why do you currently need a change?

Step 2: Your challenge

This is the big “What if?

  • What if what I am telling you were actually true?
  • What would your world look like for you if you could actually realize that “Big Goal” that you have set out for yourself?
  • What is your call to adventure you seek?
  • What is the big promise you are seeking?
  • Why hasn’t this been obtained?
  • Why haven’t you done it yet?
  • What is the pain that you feel now?
  • What will you need to add to your life so nothing will be left behind?
  • Are you conflicted about this?
  • What will be the effect of this change on your existing life?
  • Who in your world (or outside of it) can help you take this adventure?
  • Who will provide guidance for your life as you make this journey? Is it you? Is it your family? Do you even have that person? Is there more than one person? Can you get someone for this?
  • Will you need to conjure up an imaginary character to act as your mentor?
  • Who can stand in front of your world and credibly tell you that you are going on this journey together?

Step 3: Your rejection of the challenge

Step 4: Appointment of your mentor

Step 5: Your crossing into the unfamiliar

  • How will you cross into this new idea — this new adventure?
  • How will you lead you into this new unknown?
Road Map Project - Posts | Facebook

Step 6: Map the road of your challenges

  • Who will you align with?
  • How can they help you move forward?
  • What tests will you face in the unknown?
  • Who will be your naysayers?
  • What tests and challenges can you plan for?
  • What skills will you need to address?

Step 7: Your final challenge

  • What will you ultimately achieve?
  • What learned skills (or attributes) will you take into your final challenge?
  • What will that final challenge be for you?

This is the culmination of your story. In the larger sense, you may never want your (your hero’s) story to end. And this may be but one episode in your story. But this final challenge is what you have to overcome to get to the possibility of the “what if?

Step 8: Looking back on your past

Take a look back at your ordinary world. Your life is different now. How do you show that difference?

Step 9: Your final renewal

Your story is never going to end, and you are now ready to continue on your journey. But you may encounter new, formidable challenges now that you are a changed entity: 

  • What could ambush will your life face now that it is different?
  • What will people say about you now? — And how do you continue? 
Let's Remember to Celebrate!

Step 10: Your celebration

This is where you realizing your idea or dream. Celebrating. It is the final part of your Hero’s Journey or story. This is your new life story structure. You can also turn this structure of your life into a story map.  

The story map helps to organize your life across a timeline. It compels you to think of your life as “chapters” or “scenes,” and can help reveal the gaps.

It may resemble a high-level editorial calendar. It is structured with a focus on telling your complete story as you continue along your life’s path.

Your unique story is necessary for creating a more successful future life. Need help to solve your Hero’s Journey Challenges? Let us help you.

Hero’s Journey – Step by Step

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