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“A man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts.”—James Allen, As A Man Thinketh.

Are you transforming your financial life?  Are you are stuck? Are you not getting the results you want because of your paradigms?  What are paradigms really? How are they formed? What does it take to change them so you can live a happier, wealthier, more fulfilled life?

In this message we answer those questions—and more—in a new and very simple way.

 Introducing – the “Stick Person”

This is an important message and is critical to understand the basics of your mind and life before we build on them. The stickperson may look like a cute idea, but the more we study it, the more it turns into a genie and the more it will radically bring order to our mind.

The Stick figure diagram was created by Dr Thurman Fleet in the 1930s but was later used and taught by Bob Proctor. It’s simple and yet so effective. When we understand it, we immediately grasp the underlying foundation of self-help—We have the power to change our thoughts and that means we can change our behaviours, life, finances, health, career, business or everything.

The idea behind the stick-person concept is that in our mind, we think in images. Think now of a bag. you are not dealing with “B-A-G”, you are probably seeing an image of a bag on the screen of your mind.

Think of a leaf. Again, an image of a leaf flashes on the screen of your mind. Fine. Now, think of your mind.

Do not be surprised if you either get an image of a brain, or nothing at all. However, your brain is not your mind, any more than your fingernail is. When there is no image, or an ineffective image, chaos and confusion sets in. In other words, we do not know how to implement what we are learning through all those self-development books we read and the million seminars we attend.

The stick person concept builds a model for the mind. This image removes the confusion and brings order, so that you can work with your mind. An example of the stick person is shown above. The upper circle represents the mind. This is divided into the upper conscious mind and lower subconscious mind. The lower circle represents the body.

The conscious mind is the intellectual part of your personality. It is the thinking and analyzing part of your personality. Your senses are hooked up to your conscious mind, shown as tiny antennae in the figure. They bring in tons of information from the books you read, the people you associate with, the media etc.

The conscious mind can accept or reject any idea. Ideally, we should question everything we hear or find out and ask if that information is useful for us and whether we want to accept or reject it. We rarely do that; we tend to accept most of what we hear without thinking.

On Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill:CHAPTER 12,THE SUBCONSCIOUS  MIND,THE CONNECTING LINK,The Eleventh Step toward Riches | Vanessa Hart's

The conscious mind can also originate ideas. We do this through the use of our 6 creative intellectual faculties, (imagination, intuition, will, memory, reason & perception) which we will discuss in further posts.

The subconscious mind is the emotional part of our personality. Any information that we impress upon our conscious mind over and over again, enters the sub-conscious mind and is deposited inside the treasury of the subconscious personality.

This part of our mind has perfect memory and remembers everything that we have ever encountered. 

The subconscious mind cannot reject any idea, it must accept what is impressed upon it. It does not matter if we impress thoughts of depression, doom and gloom or abundance and freedom, it just soaks it in. It then expresses itself through the body in the form of vibrations. 

The conscious awareness of the vibration we are in, is called feeling. The language of the subconscious mind is feelings. Whenever we feel happy, sad, or angry it is our subconscious mind expressing itself. is wide open and absorbing everything we say and do. 

The body is the physical part of our personality. The body is an instrument of our mind. It is constantly in a state of vibration, although we cannot see this with the naked eye. The vibration we are in is dictated by the thoughts we choose to impress repeatedly on the sub-conscious mind, and the thoughts already stored in our sub-conscious mind.

All our past programming (paradigm) resides in the subconscious mind. So, unless we impress our conscious mind with information like this over and over again, (so that it enters our subconscious mind) our past programming does (and will continue to) control our actions to an enormous degree unless they are replaced with supportive paradigms through conscious thought.

Understanding this stick-figure helps to really integrate the stuff we learn about the conscious mind subconscious mind and the body.

Our thoughts become our feelings, which become our actions, leading to our results. 

Every time you read or learn about the mind, imagine yourself as the stick person. Let your head represent your mind and from the neck down represent your body. Let the upper half of your head stand for the conscious mind and the lower half for the subconscious. Indeed, the stick person can be used for a better understanding of any self-help literature because all of them deal with the mind at some level.

What Is A Paradigm Shift?

We use these maps from Bob Proctor to explain how the conscious and subconscious minds interact in order to help you achieve the results you want.

You can break this idea into several stages.

At the center of the diagram is your mind and body. As you go about your life, you are constantly thinking.

The thoughts you know you are thinking are formed by your conscious mind and include everything from what you want to eat for lunch to whether or not you have enough money to make it through the month.

These conscious thoughts are influenced by two things: your subconscious mind, and the world around you. Of these, the subconscious mind has the more important impact, because the subconscious mind holds your automatic beliefs and interpretations about the events that happen. When you feel limited because you are staring at a bill you cannot afford, you feel limited because your negative beliefs are telling you how to interpret the situation.

This is important because your subconscious mind is a key factor determining your point of attraction. Your mindset determines what happens to you, for better or worse. Wherever you currently are – whatever your current situation is – your mindset has created it, by setting the level at which you attract your experiences.

This point of attraction then creates the world you experience. Your mind dictates how you act and respond to that world, and the cycle repeats.

Most people remain stuck in the same cycles for years, or even their entire lifetime.

The good news is that there is an easy way to shift your paradigm and draw your goals to you.

How to Shift Your Paradigm in 3 Steps

Shifting your paradigm does not have to be difficult. In fact, you can do it in just three steps.

The first step is to create a goal. We recommend having goals that are so big you have absolutely no idea how they are going to come.

The fact that you cannot predict when or how the goal will come is a positive characteristic, not a limiting one. So, think big!

Once you have your goal, the second step is to determine how you must think, feel, and act in order to have that goal. You must determine who you must become in order to live the life that includes your dream.

The key to understanding this step is to realize that your goal already exists. It simply exists at a level you cannot yet see. When you shift your mindset to become the person that already has the goal, you are changing your paradigm, and moving closer towards living the life you truly want. You can do this through a number of different techniques, including: visualization, positive affirmations, and autosuggestion.

Lastly, you have to act consistently from the point of view that your goal is already accomplished. This is the most difficult step for many people. It is easy to do a meditation or visualization to clarify your aims and feel positive energy about them, it is harder to transform that energy into a positive belief, and act from a state of certainty, even as the circumstances around you do not appear to match up.

If you do these three steps, however, you will be able to change your vibration quickly, moving from where you are to where you want to be, and that shift – the shift in your paradigm – will then create new experiences for you, which are more closely aligned with your desires.

To help you make this mental shift, you should listen to these videos and guided abundance meditation. They help you to visualize your aims and enter into the energy of your prosperity goals.

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[4]: The Science of Getting Rich

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