MKE WEEK 14: Restore You Blessings

Open your hearts and souls to abundance, laughter, and kindness this Holiday Season.

May you be “Awakened” to your blessing like I was this Holiday Season

The Master Key Experience over the past 14 weeks brought me where I believe I am having a Golden Buddha “Awakening”.  As you read this message you may have a Golden Buddha “Awakening” and discover your blessings

The Story of the Golden Buddha.

In 1957 an entire Monastery in Thailand was being relocated by a group of monks. One day they were moving a giant clay Buddha when one of the monks noticed a large crack in the clay. On closer investigation he saw there was a golden light emanating from the crack.  Historians believe the Buddha had been covered with clay by Thai monks several hundred years earlier to protect it from an attack by the Burmese army. In the attack, all the monks had been killed. It wasn’t until 1957 that this great treasure was actually discovered.  (2) 01 Golden Buddha – YouTube  This video tells the Golden Buddha story and explains its meaning. You will be surprised what t has for you.

What happens over the course of our life however is that we pile layer upon layer of clay over our own Golden Buddha. The heaviest layer of clay is of our own doing – it’s our own limited thinking and our unconscious conditioning. The other layers of clay get added on from external influences (parents, schools and teachers, bosses and co-workers, society, the media, the church, government and corporations). Eventually we are so laden with clay that we forget that we are the Golden Buddha.

The secret to finding our Golden Buddha, our higher purpose, lies not in the future, but in our past. All we need to do is start “Persistently” chipping away at the clay and rediscovering those things we were passionate about as we grew up.

The Master Key System taught us to do this we must consistently apply the 4 habits of persistence…through our exercises: (DMP+PMA+POA+MMA). 


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8 thoughts on “MKE WEEK 14: Restore You Blessings

  1. Michael, thank you for writing about the Golden Buddha and reflecting on its meaning for us in the MKE. May you also have the most blessed new year of your life! Thank you for master minding with me! I love sharing this growing and this journey with you.


  2. Thank you for your thoughts about the golden buddha & awakening, and for your wishes and prayers. This was just beautiful: “Open your hearts and souls to abundance, laughter, and kindness this Holiday Season”! Happy New Year to you and your family Michael! 🙂


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