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Network marketing is a business model that depend on one-on-one sales. It’s a business model that enables you to build relationships as your success is dependent on people and teamwork.

There are three kinds of network marketing.

One-tier, here you register with a company to sell their products and share profits with them.

Tier-two, you are allowed to sign up people and you would earn from whatever you are allowed to sign up people and you would earn from whatever your direct recruits bring in. it is also called direct sales.

Multi-level, is the platform that encourages you to keep recruiting as you would get paid on six or more levels. Some companies pay till the 12th generation of your direct recruits.

How can one differentiate between genuine network marketing and a Ponzi scheme?

A Ponzi has no tangible product or service to be exchanged. Network marketing companies, on the other hand, offers you a tangible exchange for your money. You purchase products or pay for services in exchange for your money. Also, in network marketing, there is no investment to be lost because your money was exchanged for goods or services; but in Ponzi, investors are only paid interest on their investment.

What are the benefits of network marketing?

Network marketing has a lot of benefits. For those looking to retire early, or looking for financial sustenance after retirement, network marketing is the best option. I, particularly, preach retirement. I am a crusader for retirement investment. We live in a country where the retirees are not properly taken care of by the government, unfortunately.

As individuals, we all need to think about tomorrow; to plan our tomorrow because nobody will take care of us, if we don’t take care of us now that we are still able to move around and work. The best way to plan our tomorrow is to look for that business that gives you a sustainable and reliable residual income.

Such that when you are old and retired and tired of running around, or even if you are healthy, there’s an age you get to and you’ll get tired of hustling. You should have residual income. Third tier, which is the multiple level marketing doesn’t end. Network marketing gives you opportunity to Meet People. You meet people in the network marketing that turn out to be like families.

They become good links to other things you have interest in. There are also the Flexible Working Hours. As a mom, no matter your age, you can be at home with your children and take care of them while still working. With network marketing, whether you are mother or father, you can successfully stop working nine to five and still earn a living.

There is also the travel opportunity. I like to travel but not alone. And when we travel as a group, you are surrounded by like-minded people. also, building your financial dreams, network marketing allows you to work on a platform that can help you work in a platform that gives you money and build your dreams. Its opportunity for those who don’t like the responsibility of having and managing staff, network marketing but work with a team, and yet not pay anyone.

How can one position themselves to benefit from this network marketing?

In network marketing, when you sign up, sign up with a leader who knows the way, who is charting courses in the business, and making waves. First, have a dream. Ask yourself why you are on this platform. Identifying your why makes it easier for you to identify your goals. Then, know what you want to achieve. Give yourself targets and timelines. Believe in yourself and work it.


  • For those looking to retire early, or looking for financial sustenance after retirement, network marketing is the best option.
  • Network marketing gives you opportunity to Meet People.
  • There are also the Flexible Working Hours.
  • There is also the travel opportunity
  • And many more

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