MKS-2: Celebrity Endorsements of the Business of 21st Century

25 Celebrities That Endorse Network Marketing

Total Global Sales The NFL: $9.5 BILLION Music Industry: $15 BILLION Video Gaming: $76 BILLION Movie Industry: $88 BILLION Natural Foods Industry: $90 BILLION Network Marketing: $178 BILLION

Did You Know? This industry PAYS about 40% in commissions to distributors from those $178 BILLION which adds up to Over 80+ Million people are involved in Network Marketing around the world! $6 BILLION/mo. $71 BILLION/yr. $200 MILLION/day


WARREN BUFFETT Billionaire Investor “The best investment I’ve ever made.”

BILL GATES American Business Magnet & Philanthropist “If I would be given a chance to start all over again, I would do this.”

BILL CLINTON Former US President “You strengthen our country and our economy, not just by striving for your own success, but by offering the opportunity to others. Your industry gives people a chance, after all, to make the most of their own lives. And to me, that’s the heart of the American Dream.”

HARRY S. DENT. JR Economist & New York Times Best Selling Author “The advantage of Network Marketing is the ease of entry, low risk, and low startup cost. Almost everything else has very high risk.”

BRIAN TRACY Motivational Speaker & Best-Selling Author “The future of Network Marketing is unlimited. It has probably made more millionaires of more people in more countries than any other form of business starting from nothing. There is no end in sight. It will continue to grow because better people are getting into it. It will become one of the respected business methods in the world.”

25 Celebrities That Endorse Network Marketing
  1. ROBERT KIYOSAKI Best Selling Author & Financial Literacy Expert “Network Marketing gives people the opportunity with very low risk and very low financial commitment, to build their own income-generating asset, and acquire great wealth. It has the potential to save the United States and the world, because it teaches people not to be employees, but to be entrepreneurs”
  2. JACK CANFIELD Best Selling Author & Success Coach “Network Marketing has been nothing but good for everyone I know who’s been involved with it, because they did it seriously. They played full out and they have been very successful. It is a constant barrage of success stories. I would get involved you can always test drive anything, the product, the service, the community. And then lean into it a bit, and if it feels good, lean into it a lot.”
  3. DONALD TRUMP Billionaire Investor & Best-Selling Author “If I were starting over today, I would make millions in the Network Marketing Industry.”
  4. JIM ROHN Motivational Speaker & Best Selling Author “Network Marketing is really the greatest source of grass root capitalism, because it teaches people how to take a small bit of capital, that is your time, and build the American Dream.”
  5. LES BROWN Motivational Speaker & TV Personality “Network Marketing has produced more millionaires than any other industry in the history of the world.”
25 Celebrities That Endorse Network Marketing
  1. STEPHEN COVEY Best Selling Author & University Professor “I think Network Marketing has come of age. It’s become undeniable that it’s a viable way to entrepreneurship and independence for millions of people.”
  2. TONY BLAIR Former Prime Minister of Great Britain “Network Marketing is a tremendous contribution to the overall prosperity of the economy.”
  3. BOB PROCTOR Chairman Proctor Gallagher Institute “I would go in Network Marketing immediately. I think if it did not exist, we should invent it. It is that good.”
  4. DR. IVAN MISNER Founder & Chairman, BNI – Business Networking Expert “I think that Network Marketing is a great way to do business today. It is very easy to get into the industry, and you can be self-employed and an entrepreneur.”
  5. ANTHONY ROBBINS Motivational Speaker & Personal Life-Finance Instructor “What’s beautiful about Network Marketing is that you’ve got all the benefits of being an owner but you do not have to worry about supply chain, you do not have to worry about accounting especially in the world we are today. There are really some great companies out there. Network Marketing is amazing.”
  6. MEGAN FOX Hollywood Actress AVON Endorser
  7. CHUCK NORRIS Hollywood Actor Max Int. Endorser
  8. MANNY PACQUIAO Filipino World Champion Professional Boxer Organo Gold Endorser
  9. CARMEN ELECTRA Hollywood Actress Global World Trade Endorser
  10. Dr. Eric Thomas (Hip Hop Preacher) Motivational Speaker, Author & YouTube Sensation
25 Celebrities That Endorse Network Marketing
  1. Sir RICHARD BRANSON Founder Virgin Group One branch of the Virgin Group that often goes unmentioned is Vie at Home, a network marketing company formerly known as Virgin Vie. Vie at Home made over $60 million its first year of existence.

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Build a more successful life and profitable business with these Steps.

Crazy To-Do List? Here's What to Tackle First | The Muse

Step # 1 Determine Your Definite Major Purpose -“Your Why”

You have probably heard people talk about this concept before.  Determining your “WHY” is very important. Your why is “WHY” you are doing your business.  

Maybe it is to earn an extra $500 per month so your wife can stay home with the kids.  Maybe your why is to earn an extra $1,000 per month to save for retirement. Maybe your why is to create a Plan B, so you have options a few years down the road. Review this to develop your DMP. (1) 1 – Definiteness of Purpose – Napoleon Hill’s Master Course 1954 (original audio) – YouTube

For example, whatever your “WHY” is, write it down on paper and tell us.  Read the Master Key System by Charles Haanel. Enroll in the Master Key Experience.

This will keep you going through the good times and bad times.  Without a strong “Why” there is a good chance you will give up and quit your business within your first 90 days.  Do not underestimate the power of writing down your “WHY” or “DMP”.

My Definite Major Purpose [DMP]

“To empower others and myself to generate massive waves of ABUNDANCE, PROSPERITY, HEALTH and LEGACIES prior to 2023 sharing my networking businesses with 2000 or more people and earn $560,000+ annually for them as independent business owners and myself. I am thrilled, joyful and grateful to be sharing my businesses with over 20,000 people by 2023, earning in excess of $560,000+ annually for my independent business owners, partners and family while living a healthy, abundant and prosperous life.”

Positive Mental Attitude - Injured! - Master-Athlete.Com

Step # 2 Develop a Positive Mental Attitude

The next thing you want to do in your first 90 days in your business is to develop a positive mental attitude and to set some goals for your business.  All people and businesses need a postiive mental attitude and goals to shoot for. review: (1) Napoleon Hill – Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) – RARE LIVE LECTURE – YouTube 

Personal Action Plan Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Step # 3 Develop a Written Plan of Action – Game Plan

Your next step is to develop your plan of action.  Think of this as your business building strategy.  Talk with your sponsor and find out how THEY build the business.

Check out a few different ways of building the business and pick ONE method that makes sense to you, that you feel comfortable doing.  Examples might include personal contacting, events, one-on-ones, Facebook, or anything else.

Your game plan should be simple and easy to follow. Ultimately, you want to come up with two or three activities that you must do every day to move your business forward.   An example game plan might be to prospect two new strangers, call three leads and follow-up with one person.

At a bare bone minimum, you should have 30-day, 60 day and 90-day plan and goals.  

Write down how many people you want to sponsor, what rank you want to be, how big you want your team to be and how much money you want to make.  Write all of this down on a piece of paper and share it with your spouse and sponsor.  This will be your guidepost, what you are aiming to achieve.

The Mastermind Alliance - NAPOLEON HILL - YouTube

Step # 4: Join a Master Mind Alliance

Regardless of how big or how small your goals are, you need to make a commitment to stick with a Mastermind Alliance.  Rome was not built in one day.  Good things take time.  This is not a get rich quick or way to make IMMEDIATE money (not in most cases anyway). Review: (1) Napoleon Hill – Your Mastermind Alliance – Rare Recordings II – YouTube

Make a commitment to stick to keep your Mastermind Alliance and to follow your game plan MINIMUM two years and preferably five years. 

If you have the attitude that you are going to just try it out or dabble with it, do yourself a favor and quit now. If you started any other type of business, you would not dabble with it. Making the decision to be consistent and stick with it is the best decision you can make.  Five years from now you will be glad that you did.  

Issa Asad Says Use These 5 Free and Easy Business Tools | Issa Asad

Step # 5: Get Your Business Tools

All business owners need tools.  A carpenter has their hammer, nails, tape measure and saw. As a business owner you should have some basic business building tools.  

This includes business cards, a day planner, samples, information brochures, prospecting CDs and more. These tools will help you grow your business. Review: (1) What is Network TwentyOne? – YouTube  Do not be cheap in the tools department.  You want tools that can do the heavy lifting for you.  If you do not know what tools to get, ask us.  Ask us for a list of suggested business tools.

Step # 6: Plug into Systems

Your next objective is to get plugged in to the systems. This is more than a methodology of building the business.   In our case it is a system that has been proven for more than 30 years worldwide. The team has a training manual, a list, weekly calls, local meetings and more.  

Simple 6 Masterclass

[1]: The Key To The Vault?  Definiteness of Purpose

[2]: Converting Purpose to Written Plan & Positive Mental Attitude

[3]: Rejection-Free Recruiting; 90%+ Say Yes

[4]: The Big Money; Driving Volume and Teams 

Your goal is to plug in to this training. It is designed to keep you motivated, teach you the ropes, and help you get started right.

You might not use this system forever, but it is important to follow the system, especially if you have never done it before.  They will point you in the right direction.

Step # 7: Try Out the Opportunity and Products

When you first join the company, place a big first order.  Do not just order the minimum.  Try out a bunch of different products.  You want to find out which products you like best and how much you like them.  


Sell quality products that people use everyday. Earn in three ways:

  • Retail margin from every Amway™ product you sell.
  • Bonuses calculated from your business growth.
  • Incentives rewarded as you reach key milestones in your business.

If you only order one product you will not be very familiar with the product line. Order at least five to ten products your first order and try new products every month, for your first few months. See: Amway United States | Start Your Own Business | Become an Amway IBO | Amway United States

Doing this will help you build up your product story and it will give you a better understanding of how the products can help other people.   You get a 90-180 day money back guarantee so if you find a product you do not like just to return it and get your money back. You should also sign up for auto-ship.   It is a must do if you are really serious about building a successful business.

Step # 8: Schedule Your Business Hours
The next thing you want to is set scheduled business hours.  If you are like most people, you have a job and other responsibilities. That being said, if you want your business to grow you have to set aside some time to work your business every day, even if it is just thirty minutes a day.  Set aside a set time you can work the business.  

Do it during your lunch break.  Another option is to get up an hour earlier or stay up an hour later.  Make the time to work on your business every single day.  Success will not happen by accident.  Just find a set time each day that works for you and stick with that.

100+ of the Most Powerful Personal Development Concepts of All Time –  Invigorated Solutions
Step # 9: Work on Your Personal Development
The Master Key Master Mind Alliance

The MKMMA is about people like you and me giving an hour a day for self-discovery and improvement to change our lives. About MKMMA – MASTER KEY EXPERIENCE The Master Key System is an excellent personal development book by Charles F. Haanel that was originally published as a 24-week correspondence course in 1912, and then in book form in 1916. The ideas it describes and explains come mostly from New Thought philosophy. Review: (1) The Master Key System in 28 Lessons ( Complete ) – YouTube

Read books and enroll in automobile university.  Learn everything you can about the your life, business, the products, selling, marketing and etc.  Be a student of your life or business.  That is what successful people do.  They study everything they can about their life, industry, business, and they try to improve a little bit each day.

Make a commitment to read at least 15 minutes or 10 pages every day from the book of the month club.  While you are in your car (or truck) replace the radio station with training CDs and business CDs.  This will help get you success minded and will help you develop your skills. The quickest way to make more money today is to improve your skills.

Step # 10: Work With a Master Mind Alliance Partner

In most cases, you will start out working with your Mastermind partner.  (1) Napoleon Hill – Your Mastermind Alliance – Rare Recordings II – YouTube That is great.  Review: (1) The Power of The Mastermind (Napoleon Hill, David Hawkins) – YouTube

Find someone in your business who is successful and willing to help you get started.  You want a mastermind partner to help you during your first few months.  It really does make a difference.

Your mastermind partner will give you guidance and feedback.  They will help you grow and solve your problems.  They will teach you what right looks like in life or business.  

namelist | MQGem Software

Step # 11: Contact Everyone on Your Name List

[Linked In, FaceBook, Social Media]

One of your first projects in the business is to make your name list.  If you cannot come up with at least 100+ names, we do not think you are putting enough effort into it.  

Having a name list of 50 to 100 people is better than nothing, but the bigger the name list the better.

If you come up with a big-name list, you should find plenty of people to become customers and distributors on your team.  Make it a point to contact at least five to ten people a day (from people on your name list).

Get through the names as quickly as possible.  This will help you get off to a great start.  When you talk to people lead with the opportunity and then the products. You will get less resistance and find more people who are interested.

Learn how to create a name list and how to contact your warm market.

Step # 12: Get Off to a Fast Start
Your goal is to get off to a fast start.  Remember, this will be the story that you share with other team members in the future.  You want to set the pace for your group.  You want to create some momentum in your team.

What should you expect in your first 90 days?   If you follow the advice mentioned above, we do not see why you should not be able to sponsor at least 6 to 12 people AND find five to ten customers within your first few months.  Yes, individual results will vary.  But we have never met anyone who was serious, committed and DID THE WORK that did not get positive results.

We have met a lot of folks who did nothing, and as a result, got bad results. Getting off to a fast start will position you for long-term success and will get money in your pocket quickly.

Be A Sponge. My Personal Learnings for a Successful… | by Jason Pohl |  Medium
Step # 13: Be a Sponge
Your goal is to be a sponge and learn everything you can.  Learn from your mistakes.  Learn from your mentor.  Learn from the books and CDs that you study.  
  • Realize that most people spend four YEARS in college learning BEFORE they can even apply for a real job.
  • Realize that most traditional jobs have an orientation and training period. Accept that you will need to go to School for your first three to six months in your business while you learn the ropes of the business.  

If you have never worked the industry or business before there will be a learning curve. Embrace it and learn everything you can.

Jeff Bezos Quote: “Work hard, have fun and make history.” (30 wallpapers) -  Quotefancy
Step # 14: Have Fun!
Have fun.  Do not take yourself too seriously.  Do not make your business high stress.
  •  Realize upfront that you have a lot to learn and that you will make some mistakes as you learn.  Look at each day and each experience as an opportunity to learn something new.
The Building Blocks of Business Plans | Tory Burch Foundation

Step #15: Understand this Earning Plan: [1]: How Much You Can Make. [2]: What You Have to Do and [3]: That You Can Do It!



Q12 PLATINUM                                   $56,298                                   $180,860

FOUNDERS EMERALD                        $123,243                                $790,415

FOUNDERS DIAMOND                      $561,447                               $2,876,495

Understanding How Money is Made

Time                     Persons               Legs at         Legs at           CEP        Pin     Monthly Sponsored           3%                 Functions                                           Income

2 years                 30           15                10                 75+       Ruby     $10-$12K

1.5 years             25           12                10                  50+        Q12        $5K

1 year                   20           10                   8                  40+        Silver     $2.5K

9 months            15           7                   6                 15+        Q-Silver $1200

6 months            10           5                   4                  10+        ELC        $800

3 months              5             2-3                2                    5+          LC        $250


  1. DREAMS +
  2. GOALS


Understanding the system

Strategy can be broken down into fundamental building blocks, one of which is CORE.

CORE is the first step in leadership and communicates to others that you can be counted on. We suggest developing habits of CORE as a foundation for your business.

SHOW THE PLAN Show the business plan at least 8 – 15 times per month

AUDIOS Subscribe to CEP (Continuing Education Program) digitally or physically and listen to at least one training audio daily

BOOKS Read at least 15 minutes every day from a book recommended by your coaching team

FUNCTIONS Attend all Network events: Previews, BBS, and Weekend Seminars

TEAM PLAYER Embrace and embody the three points of being a Team Player:

  • Counseling (personal coaching with your upline),
  • Edification (building up other people), and
  • No Crosslining (maintaining business affairs and concerns within personal LOS)

100% USER Utilizing the products as much as possible by generating at least 150 points in a month with a minimum of 50 points coming from registered retail clients

Building Your Business Daily, Weekly & Monthly Goals

Network 21 Recognition System – Vital Signs

CORE • 150 PPV (It is recommended that 50 PV is from registered clients) • Show The Plan (STP) 8 – 15 times each month • Subscribe and listen to CEP • Attend all group meetings (Previews, BBS, Weekends, Onlines) as recommended by upline • Be a team player (regular counseling, edification, no-crosslining)

Leaders Club • CORE • 12% (1,000 PV) Producer • 3 Frontline Registered • Registered on CEP • 5 registered for CEP

Executive Leaders Club • CORE • 18% (2,500 PV) Producer • 4+ Frontline Registered • Develop one Leaders Club Team • Registered on CEP • 10 registered for CEP

Quicksilver • CORE • 21% (4,000 PV) Producer • 5+ Frontline Registered • Develop two Leaders Club Teams • Registered on CEP • 15 registered for CEP

Silver/Gold Producer • CORE • 25% (7,500 PV) Producer • 6+ Frontline Registered • Develop three Leaders Club Teams • Registered on CEP • 30-40 registered for CEP

Pacesetter • CORE • Registered on CEP • Link one (1) + IBOs. Go Pacesetter every month between today and the next conference.

*Double Activities in Year 2 through Year 4:

[3]: YOU CAN DO IT –

YOUR Daily and Weekly Action Steps

  1. Meet two new people everyday  —  deadline: completed:
  2. Set up x number of plans a week — deadline: completed:
  3. Counsel with upline weekly — deadline: completed:
  4. Maintain CORE — deadline: completed:
  5. Set up x number of start-ups a week — deadline: completed:
  6. Find x new customer(s) a week — deadline: completed:

When you cultivate the habit of setting and achieving goals, it will mean the difference between accomplishing what is average and accomplishing more than you thought possible. If you don’t feel challenged, your goals are too small





1 THING I WANT TO GET BETTER AT: _________________________________

2 THINGS I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO: _____________________________

2 WAYS I CAN HELP OTHERS: _________________________________________

3 PLACES I WANT TO GO: _____________________________________________

3 PLACES I WANT TO GO: _____________________________________________


LEVEL                   CORE           GROUP              CEP        BONUS LEGS      ADDITIONAL

Leaders Club       Yes                1,000                    5             3+                          N/A


Leaders                Yes                 2,500                    15           4+                          1 LC Team


Quicksilver          Yes                  4,000                    20           5+                          2 LC Team

Silver/ Gold

Producer              Yes                  7,500                    40           6+                          3 LC Team


LEVEL                   CORE             GROUP                CEP        BONUS LEGS      ADDITIONAL


LEVEL                   CORE             GROUP                CEP        BONUS LEGS      ADDITIONAL

Building Your Business Tips:

  1. Recruit new members consistently. Just like you were recruited to the business, you will have to recruit members to…
  • Mentor your recruits effectively. If recruits are successful, you make more money, so you should be prepared to train…
  • Ask about our Success Systems.   This is an exciting way to build your life or business.  They focuses on Purpose, Vision and Goals, Recruiting Consciousness, Million Dollar Minutes, Demonstration of an Effective Presentation and Business Building


Final Thoughts Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock
Final Thoughts

There you have it. You will be succssful in this besiness because

  1. You Know How Much Money You Can Earn
  2. You Know What You Have To Do [Set your 4-month goal]
  3. You Know You Can Do It [Connect with mentor & strategize the next 4 months]

These are our best tips covering what you should do your first 90 days in your business.  We believe that if you follow this advice you will get off to a solid start that will allow you continued success in the business.

Remember, your first 90 days are critical.  

When you sponsor other people into the business their first 90 days are also critical.  Make sure you understand this game plan for yourself, and for your team.

Wishing you success,

Profit Builders Email Format | Emails

Michael Kissinger

Sydney Reitenbach

Phone 415-678-9965


Disclaimer: Our vision is to help you bring your biggest dream into reality. As stipulated by law, we cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools, or strategies. Your results are completely up to you, your level of awareness, expertise, the action you take and the service you provide to others. Any testimonials, financial numbers mentioned in emails or referenced on any of our web pages should not be considered exact, actual or as a promise of potential earnings – all numbers are illustrative only, as I am sure you understand. That being said, we believe in you and we are here to support you in making the changes you want for your life and giving you methods, strategies, and ideas that will help move you in the direction of your dream.

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