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Living in a world where women are increasingly in the wake of the dire risk of being grabbed, harassed, molested, and raped in front of a crowd, they must learn a martial art and prepare to protect themselves.

On the other hand, any women’s martial arts will work like a miracle on the road; if you have been trained in it for a long time, some types of martial arts will be more effective and more appropriate to you than others.



There is more than one reason why the Reitenbach Institute of Taekwondo should be the first stop for women wanting to start martial arts for self-defense.

Most martial arts rely heavily on striking and it is not feasible in reality to think a smaller woman can knock out a much larger man. Also, most attacks on females are hands on attacks like being grabbed, thrown to the ground, or choked.

Reitenbach Institute Certified Taekwondo covers all of these scenarios and more.

At the Reitenbach Institute of Taekwondo in a very short amount of time you will understand how to use self-defense-based techniques which you will commit to muscle memory.


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The Reitenbach Institute of Tae Kwon Do is one of the few, largest, oldest group of Olympic Style Taekwondo schools in the San Francisco Bay Area that is based on TRADITION and REPUTATION as recognized by the Kukkiwon, the World Tae Kwon Do Federation and the USA Tae Kwon Do.

It represents over 50 years of Olympic style world-class Tae Kwon Do experience headed by world renowned masters.

Working with the Reitenbach Institute of Taekwondo

  • You will Discover the Almost Magical Formula to Build Leadership, Honor, Confidence, Respect, Focus, Self-Esteem, Health, Fitness and Self-Defense in Yourself and Your Kid(s)!
  • You will Live an Active-Age Defying-Disease Free Life with Olympic Style Health, Wellness, Fitness, Tae Kwon Do, Personal Development Training & Coaching!

Would you like more information on classes and programs available at Reitenbach Institute? Please contact the school with your questions. Call 650-992-3939 Your information will never be shared or sold.


Reitenbach Institute of Taekwondo Staff Bios, San Francisco, CA | Martial  Arts School near me in San Francisco, CA

Reitenbach Institute of Taekwondo does not just have an advantage because of techniques that are designed for a smaller weaker person to dominate a stronger person. You will also get to inoculate yourself to the shock of an initial assault of being attacked.

Eventually women who train with Reitenbach Institute of Taekwondo will train with all different body types, sizes, and all genders in a controlled environment rolling/sparring.

You will be put under pressure out of your comfort zone to practice your techniques with a completely resistant opponent, developing reflexes and a mindset of weathering the storm for survival and to naturalize your training partner.

The confidence instilled from just being able to get to this stage even at a beginner level reduces the risk of becoming a target in the first place.

We can tell you of so many stories where ladies at our Institute have not been training long and were assaulted or threatened and were able control themselves emotionally to not freeze up but, to stand-up for themselves and set boundaries.


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Every Woman Should Add Taekwondo Martial Arts to Her Fitness Routine

Reitenbach Taekwondo martial arts can sculpt your body, sharpen your defense skills, and make you feel pretty freakin’ almighty. 

“Reitenbach Institute Martial arts help you learn powerful new ways to use your body,” says Michael Kissinger, a former US Army Special Forces Member, 4th Degree Kukkiwon Certified Blackbelt and personal trainer in San Francisco, who routinely incorporates Taekwondo into his Personal Development sessions with clients. “

Here is why you will want a piece of the action.

The benefits of enrolling in their classes include physical fitness, character development, and acquiring self-defense skills.

1.    It is cardio that is a cut above.

Expect to drip sweat as you are pummeling a heavy bag or flowing through fight combos-but time will fly by. “It’s constant movement,” Grand Master Reitenbach says. “You just lose yourself in it.” Plus, mixing it up on the mat is a low-impact way to reach high intensity. (Try this in Yoga or…) 

2. You will sculpt strong abs and lean legs.

You are not really chopping and punching with your arms. “A punch’s power comes from the core,” Grand Master Reitenbach says. “You also need core strength to stabilize your body when you kick; otherwise, you’ll fall over.”

Meanwhile, your legs benefit from all that kicking too: Firing up a kick takes multiple muscles, including glutes, hamstrings, calves, and various stabilizing muscles.

3.    There is a big mental bonus.

“Reitenbach Institute Taekwondo Martial arts are just as much about building character as about learning to fight,” Roberts says. “They reinforce being humble, disciplined, and respectful.” Those virtues translate to other areas of your life too, like fostering solid relationships. As Roberts says, “The benefits are beyond aesthetic.”

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Summary of Benefits

  1. A full body workout that builds a lean, strong body.
  2. Unleash new levels of confidence and self-esteem in all parts of life.
  3. Socialize, have fun, and build lifelong friendships.
  4. Protect yourself and your loved ones from physical attacks.
  5. Calm the mind, relieve stress, and handle any challenges.
  6. Develop powerful discipline and endless motivation to reach your full potential.




Whether you are in your early 20s looking for a new way to workout, in your 30s wanting to blow off steam after work or getting back into fitness in your 40s or 50s, we have got a place on the mat for you. At the Reitenbach Institute of Taekwondo, you are not just another membership number at a gym. You are part of a team that pushes you to succeed.

Nervous about starting something new? Do not be. Everyone in our Institute was a beginner at some point. You will have the total support of every student and instructor from day one.


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Whether you have not worked out in a while (or ever!), go to the gym every now and then or have run a marathon, our Kukkiwon Certified Taekwondo classes are made for all fitness levels.

No matter your starting point, simply tell us your long-term fitness goals and we will get you there. Because it is our job to get you fitter. To push you towards life-changing health and fitness through Kukkiwon Certified Taekwondo.


There are no egos or UFC wannabes at the Reitenbach Institute of Taekwondo. Walk through our Institute doors and you will be surrounded by supportive, positive students. And with our experienced instructors watching over every session, there is never a risk of getting hurt.

We have spent years building our respectful culture and safe learning environment. And we will never compromise it by letting egos or negative attitudes into our academy.


The Reitenbach Institute of Taekwondo teaches a modern style of martial arts for today’s world. Easy to follow and understand, there are no centuries’ old rituals, over-the-top etiquette or restrictive discipline that take all the fun out of learning new skills. Simply a relaxed, enjoyable, modern way of martial arts.


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CLASSESContact the Reitenbach Institute of the Class Schedule

Women’s Group Taekwondo Classes

Women’s Private Classes

Women’s Self-Defense Classes

Kids Taekwondo Classes

Kids Self-Defense Classes


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The Women’s Reitenbach Institute of Taekwondo Club

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Reitenbach Institute of Taekwondo Martial Arts Uniting Ladies and Families

Reitenbach Taekwondo club is for all women in the San Francisco Bay area and California.

The Reitenbach Institute believes that mastering the mind and body in a martial arts class can lead to success beyond health and fitness. Your career, family and other goals are all tied together to your wellness.

Martial arts is artistic movement, celebrating power and building mental strength and health. The joy of training, of perfecting techniques, and of building physical and mental confidence, can be lost in traditional male-dominated, hierarchy-driven, and competitive environments. We are a martial arts club for women, by women.

30 Minute-Free Introduction Class.  

Professional black belt instructors will teach you why this Olympic Style martial arts system is the best. You will discover new ways to compete with these Taekwondo moves.

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Your career, family and other goals are all tied together to your wellness. Learn basic strikes and grapples while developing a healthy body and mind. You will pick up on teamwork and leadership strategies that matter.

The Reitenbach principle of Taekwondo martial arts are for all shapes, all ages, all styles of learning and all levels of confidence. The Reitenbach Institute of Taekwondo club is built on respect and teamwork, where we study the philosophy alongside martial technique.

We learn, we teach, we work together. We support each other over every obstacle and through every challenge.

Join the Club!

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Contact: Grand Master Sydney Reitenbach or Master Michael Kissinger

San Francisco, CA 94132 

(650) 992-3939

50th Anniversary and Reitenbach Institute Membership Organizations

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