MKS: Move from Paycheck Thinking to Profit Thinking!

Want Freedom and Security Beyond the 9 to 5 Lifestyle?

Want to Earn the Income You Want Doing the Work You Love!

  • Are you earning all the money you want doing work you love?
  • Are you dissatisfied with the work you do?
  • Do you believe that you can’t make the kind of money you want doing work you love?

Unless you’re blessed with a trust fund to pay your bills, it’s essential to devise a way for the work you love to provide an abundant income.

It is time to start reprogramming yourself for the wealth and fulfillment you deserve! Then you will earn the income you want doing the work you love and quickly find the happiness, freedom, income, and security that you’ve always been looking for but have never quite achieved.

If you’re ready for a change, MKS Business Coaching will challenge you to make powerful mental shifts that will change your thinking from someone who depends on a regular paycheck to someone who lives and thrives off profits.

You’ll be prepared for the success of entrepreneurship as you learn of a concrete system, strategy, tips, practical examples, and sound advice for making it alone.

MKS Coaching exposes the fallacies behind the once-reasonable expectation that working for someone else is your surest route to financial and emotional security. It then goes on to reveal: The emotions that hinder success in entrepreneurship and what you must do to minimize them while maximizing emotions proven to help you succeed.

Consider MKS Coaching is the collective voice of thousands of people just like you who have left the safe, salaried job to venture into the unfamiliar but exhilarating world of being their own boss.

Eighty percent of all businesses fail in their first five years! When you are facing down those kind of odds, you’d better know exactly what you are doing before you take the plunge.

MKS Business Coaches know that most small-business enterprisers are not getting what they want out of their businesses. And the chances are slim that they ever will — because the majority of business owners are missing the fundamental point: 

The sole and specific reason to build your own business is to provide you with a better life — and more of it. Period.

Great businesses take ordinary people and leverage them with extraordinary systems. 

MKS Business Coaches give you the practical know-how to build your own business system and to become a “Business Development Specialist.”

Success lies in the system!

MKS Business Coaches know that for a business to be prosperous it must function like a powerful machine. The type of business is irrelevant — a precise system of dynamic interplay between the connected parts should be in place. 

The well-planned system will, once started, chug along continually and predictably, transporting you to the better life of which you’ve only dreamed.

After all, your business should make it possible for you to do whatever you wish, whenever you wish, while continuing to produce exceptional results. . . without you! That is your fundamental goal — dispensability!

MKS’s refined business coaching techniques for entrepreneurs enumerate how to successfully build a business that will soar in both booming and sagging economic markets. You’ll learn to focus on the results, not the work, and to see your business as your product.

You’ll also hear MKS’s 7 Coaching Steps for Business Growth and Development

  • Development of Your Primary AimDefinate Primary Purpose
  • Development of Your Business Picture with a Positive Mental Attitude
  • Organizational Development through a Written Plan of Action
  • Retail Products and Services Development and Sales
  • Recruitment and People Development
  • Business and Marketing Follow Up and Follow Through Development
  • Business and System Duplication and Team Development

MKS Coaches will teach you to work on your business, not in it, to create and apply a perfect turnkey operation — a perfect money machine — that delivers predictable results, day after day, whether you are there or not.

The MKS Coaching techniques for entrepreneurs enumerate how to successfully build a business that will soar in both booming and sagging economic markets. You’ll learn to focus on the results, not the work, and to see your business as your product.

Work on your business, not in it, to create a perfect turnkey operation—a perfect money machine—that delivers results

MKS Coaching will prepare you for the success and the inevitable setbacks of entrepreneurship, while giving you a concrete system, strategies, tips, practical examples, and sound advice for making it alone. You’ll also learn how to:

  • Run your business based on what type of entrepreneur you are
  • Overcome financial difficulties and other obstacles
  • Mentally prepare yourself for success
  • Keep your energy up and perform in the midst of crisis
  • Position yourself to recognize and seize opportunities
  • Use modern technology to complete many business tasks more efficiently
  • Master your emotions, making them productive instead of having them working against you
  • Enhance your problem-solving and creative-thinking skills
  • Be a good boss to yourself

Thousands of other people have used the MKS Coaching system to create an abundant and happy life instead of just getting by, wishing and hoping it would change. 

Now, you too can Take Control of Your Life and start the business of your dreams, doing the work you love, or skyrocket the results of your current business to new heights exactly the way you want.

Here’s a fraction of what you’ll receive, learn, apply and earn with MKS Coaching:

  • Why a job is much riskier than being in your own business.
  • How to determine your true purpose so that you choose a business that expresses your own values.
  • How to minimize the emotions that hinder success in entrepreneurship and maximize the emotions proven to help you succeed.
  • How to incorporate the three ingredients necessary for effective change – Awareness, Acceptance, Action – into your everyday life.
  • The most powerful negotiating strategy ever used to produce win-win results.
  • How to launch your own business even if you’re currently employed or unemployed.
  • How to make the transition from having a job to being a successful entrepreneur in the business of your choice.
  • The language of success that stimulates you and motivates you to Take Action Now.
  • And much, much more!

Let us show you how to make the emotional and psychological adjustments required to become successful as your own boss, on your own terms. Then let us guide you with a step-by-step battle-proven system for doing just that.

Do this, and you’ll quickly find the happiness, freedom, income, and security that you’ve always been looking for but have never quite achieved.

We can achieve it together if you are willing to start your own business by becoming an MKS Independent Business Owner Partner to make money …

MKS Coaching empowers men and women to build successful independent businesses, providing education and mentorship from an association of successful business leaders across North America.

Start Your Business and Leave the Job Behind

Take the first steps to becoming a MKS Independent Business Owner Partner. Sell quality services or products that people use every day. We provide you with resources to get started quickly and run your business from anywhere.

Yes, You Can Be in Business for yourself, but Never by Yourself

Set your own pace to earn extra income—with our free education courses and the support of fellow business owners.

Three Ways to MAKE MONEY

Earn in three ways:

  • Retail margin from every product you sell.
  • Bonuses calculated from your business growth.
  • Incentives rewarded as you reach key milestones in your business.


Our commitment to quality products makes for happy customers and happy business owners. All services or products—nutrition, beauty, and home—are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, 


Education is built on the best practices of Independent Business Owners (IBOs). You learn on the go, anytime, anywhere, on any device—with more than 90 free courses on business ownership, selling and leadership.

Our education system is designed to help you reach your goals.

Is there an ID app?

As an Independent Business Owner, you have access to free courses, presentations, and podcasts to help you build your business. Login with your ID to learn on the go. This application “Road MAp” is only available to our Independent Business Owners in North America.


[1]: Before You Start Training

[2]: Learning Products Training

[3]: Selling Products Training

[4]: Making Money Training

[5]: Building a Team Training

[6]: Lead a Team Training

[7]: Manage Your Business Training

[8]: Build Your Business on Social Media Training

[9]: Master Our Website and Apps


MKS Business Coaching provides complete “turnkey business support solutions” for Independent Business Owners from meetings and function production including education, recognition and motivation to web applications and multi-media products designed to aid you in building a profitable business

It publishes and distributes books and audio/visual training based programs and coordinates seminars for clients in 35 countries. Members refer to themselves as “network builders” and are taught personal and business development and methods to expand their business network, including goal setting, prospecting, and “how to invite”.


We make it easy to work on your own terms. We provide you with resources to get started quickly and run your business from anywhere. Use your mobile device to order products, track sales, access free education courses and much more.

MKS Business Coaching Donates to Network of Caring

Network of Caring was founded as the philanthropic arm of Network 21, originally to help AIDS orphans in Uganda. Through enlisting the help of other IBOs associated with the organization, more than a million dollars a year is sent to that country.

 In partnership with World Vision, Network of Caring and affiliated IBOs have donated millions to the feeding, housing, and education of children throughout the world.

 World Vision has recognized Network of Caring and Network 21’s members as their largest corporate network of child sponsors.

 Together with Free Wheelchair Mission, Network of Caring has provided wheelchairs to the disabled in South Africa and Ukraine


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Since day one, our commitment to people has been unwavering. Our success is dependent on the success of our Independent Business Owner Partners and the confidence people have in our services products. Satisfaction will always be our goal, and protection – our promise. Learn more about our 100% satisfaction guarantee and customer service program.

Become a Customer

As a customer you can shop for all of the services or products you love as well as gain access to our Loyalty Program. This Program allows you to earn points for every dollar spent and access benefits and special offers.

To succeed on your own, it is essential that you adopt a self-reliant mindset and take charge of your time and life.

The MKS Coaching program can show you, step by step, how to achieve these advantages and many others. Success in your own business is easier than ever before, especially when you know the Secrets of Successful Self-Employment.



Sydney Reitenbach

Michael Kissinger

Phone 415-678-9965


Disclaimer Our vision is to help you bring your biggest dream into reality. As stipulated by law, we cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools, or strategies. Your results are completely up to you, your level of awareness, expertise, the action you take and the service you provide to others. Any testimonials, financial numbers mentioned in emails or referenced on any of our web pages should not be considered exact, actual or as a promise of potential earnings – all numbers are illustrative only, as I am sure you understand. That being said, we believe in you and we are here to support you in making the changes you want for your life and giving you methods, strategies, and ideas that will help move you in the direction of your dream.

DISCLAIMER: At the end of the training, we will be making an offer for people who want to take their study of the information shared to the next level and work more closely with us and our team on developing themselves. This is completely optional. The webinars lasts just under 90 minutes and if you don’t wish to partake in the offers, you can leave without any further commitments. We will be holding nothing back and you can take what you learn and implement on your own right away.

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