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Where Do You Want Your Life, Business, or Financial Roadmap to Take You?

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We’re guessing you are considering becoming a life coach, business coach, consultant, business owner or expanding your current income or profitability,

If you are ready to learn how to get more control of your income levels and lifestyle by working for yourself then this is your last chance for us to make a plan for that to happen. Read on to see how we can help you create a mid six figure business or practice.

“If We Accept You as A Client, I Personally Guarantee That You Will Achieve AT LEAST $100,000.00 In Income...

Or I Will Work with You One-on-One Until You Do.”

Book A Call!

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re thinking of becoming a business coach, consultant, business owner or expanding your current business profitability, and there are a lot of thoughts going on in your head.

You probably have a lot on your plate and…You Don’t Have Time for Some Long and Drawn-Out Pitch. So, I’ll keep this letter short.

Here’s the bottom line:

My name is Michael Kissinger and I’ve been advising entrepreneurs since 1980 on how to improve their businesses. I helped build a buisness that did $188 million annually. I taught in 3 California Universities and have helped or 5,000 small businesses across America. I coach and mentor a select few businesses on how to become highly paid in demand business coach, consultant, owner or expanding business owner themselves.

After spending more than 30+ years helping other people succeed, there is a good chance that I can help you get clarity on whether becoming a business coach, consultant, business owner or expanding your current profitability may be the best move for you…but the only way to know is to have a quick conversation with you.

Now-if “the shoe was on the other foot”, I’d be pretty hesitant to book a phone call with someone I don’t know.

So please realize this conversation isn’t a sales pitch in disguise or one of those “high pressure” calls that are disguised as “strategy sessions”.

So bottom line, in the event we determine (you and I) that you have what it takes to succeed, and that we are a good fit for each other, I personally guarantee your success.

Regardless of whether or not we work together, I promise you’ll get huge value right out of the gate.

Which is why I can confidently say…

Give Me 45-60 Minutes to See If I Can help You….And If You Think I Wasted your Time, I’ll Pay You $100 On the Spot.

There is no fine print. The purpose of this conversation is to determine if you have the ability to become a business coach, consultant, owner or expanding your current business and create at least a Six Figure income for yourself.

But you literally have to ask about working together. Otherwise, we won’t even bring it up.

I realize this may seem unusual, but I have found that you have to “demonstrate you can help people… by actually helping them” approach works quite well.

And if you’ve got a high desire to work for yourself or become a business coach, consultant, business owner or expanding your current business profitability, I do not believe there is a simpler, more lucrative, or more personally rewarding way to do it.

Which is why I’m perfectly willing to “risk” having to pay you $100 if you think your time was wasted.

Here’s Exactly What Happens on The Call

Like I said I have been advising Entrepreneurs since 1990. I’ve found that most of the time the reason a person does not succeed, or even get started in business, is because of one of three reasons.

  • They have family and friends that steal their dreams with misguided advice
  • They did not have a proven, reliable, predictable system to follow
  • They did not have the right coach or mentor to support them.

I can assure you that will not be the case if we work together.

It Works Like This

Step 1: Set the Goal

This is pretty straight forward. I find out exactly why you want to become a business coach, consultant, owner or expand your current business, the income you would like to achieve and what would be involved to help you achieve it.

Step 2: Get the Raw Materials

If you are like most of the people that I have trained, you have inherent skills that you have developed over the course of your life. Often, you do not even recognize you have these abilities.

We’ll discuss the core skills required to become a business coach, consultant, owner or to expand your current business and if you have these qualities.

For example, communication skills, organization skills, creating systems, being good with numbers, perhaps you are proficient online. 

Even having just one of these skills allows you to succeed in a certain niche in business coach, consultant, owner or expand your current business profitability.

Step 3: The ONE-STEP Action Plan.

The one step action plan is what makes this program so effective and so different to anything you have tried before. Instead of you needing to spend five years at university investing 100-250k to get a degree. I teach you our complete business process one step at a time. These tasks only require a few hours each week.

In fact, you will have your first client before you even start the initial foundation training.

No longer overwhelm, no more over work. No more shiny objects. No tricks.
Just simple steps that are based on our proven business business coach, consultant, owner or expanding your current business process.

This Simple Approach Is What Has Allowed Us to Achieve Such a High Success Rate with Our Clients!

In the event you choose to become a client, we literally guarantee results.

To be more specific, we guarantee to help you measurably grow your business coach, consultant, owner or expand your current business profits and keep working with you until you achieve at least $100,000.00 income or profit level.

Let’s Talk About My Guarantee:

Guaranteeing you will make $100,000.00 is a bold statement, isn’t it? Well, it might be for some but not for me.

And the reason?

I’ve done it over and over, time and time again, for people who I’m sure may have less ability than you do. And because the methods I use, the personal attention I give to each client, and the successes they achieve, I’ve never had anyone that has executed the strategies as I have taught them, not achieve that income or profit goal.

And the best part?

 It’s a rare exception that someone doesn’t achieve that $100,000.00 income goal in their first 6 to 12 months. We can talk more about you becoming a client after our first conversation … and only if you specifically ask about it.

For now, I’d like the opportunity to simply PROVE I can help you… by actually helping you for free. So, contact us and tell us how to reach you and we’ll help you set up a time that works best for you.

And remember … 

Remember… If You Think Your Time Was Wasted, I’ll Pay You $100 On the Spot. 

So, worst case scenario is you get $100 for having a quick and friendly conversation with me.

Best case scenario is that 12-18 months from now, you are enjoying running a mid-six figure business.

Regardless, ALL of the risk is on me … so contact us and we’ll reach out to help you schedule a time that works best for you.


Talk Soon,

Michael Kissinger

Phone 650-515-7545


P.S. Unlike some, we don’t claim to be a “miracle workers”. Like anything, if you want results, you must be willing to put the effort in to building your life or business.

So please, If you are not committed to creating at least a Six figure income and profit or practice in the next 12-18 months and you cannot find at least 6-10 hours a week to master these skills please do not apply.

Phone: 650-515-7545 — Email: mjkkissinger@mjkkissinger



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